Year-End Awards 2009: Most Improved Wrestler

2009 is now over and we are celebrating with our second annual Year-End Awards. This year, we have had thousands of votes as you have voted for the top Divas, Knockouts, matches and moments of 2009!And now it’s time to reveal the winners.


The nominees are:

* Daffney
* Eve Torres
* Layla
* Michelle McCool
* Taylor Wilde

Continue for the result:

And the winner is…

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  • BulgarianAngel

    Eve is a wrestler? Didn’t know that

  • MickieJamesFan07

    I like Eve, but she is the least improved out of the others.

  • Hassam

    yakh stupid fans only voted cause eve is beautiful this is not beauty contest stupid fans

  • litafan123

    she brely wrestled since she was drafted and even on smckdown she didnt show that much improovment from her first match against michelle to the last one with natalya, i think michelle is the most improoved because she keeps getting better and better in the ring no matter who she is wrestling the match is always good

  • Rhawk [Thee AJ Styling, Torrie loving, Diet Coke consuming maniac]

    It was either her or Layla for me so I’m happy she won it. =)

  • Johnyfaction3

    Her Progress from her first to her last match in SD was awesome!

  • xxChristinaxx

    Layla should have won.

  • Hunt-A1

    Though i feel Layla was most improved but
    Eve Torres is no doubt a worthy winner :D

  • PedroPedroso17

    LOL! Layla is two steps above Eve, and she was a member of ECWs stripping group. Eve is like Rosa with some flashy stuff, not that good of a worker, but in the end, she has improved.

  • T1theinfamous

    Eve has improved alot but she didnt improve as much as Layla and Michelle McCool. I’m actually really entertained when either of those two are wrestling……not so much with eve

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Lay Lay all the way peeps!

  • bluejay

    Taylor Wilde in my opinion is the most improved wrestler she has came a long way and she is miles ahead from the other girls including Michelle.

    Michelle’s wrestling style is very bland

    Taylor on the other hand knows how to move around the ring and she has a good combination of submission,technical and lucha moves. Great combination to have.

    Taylor does it for me

  • Mel

    lamo stop hating just because your fave didn’t win! Get over it! Eve’s improved a lot and had she stayed on SmackDown she would’ve gotten even better. Sadly RAW isn’t using her right.

  • C-Ray

    You’re a smart person, Mel. All five of them (IMHO) could have easily have one this, but apparently there were those that felt that Eve just had a better improvement in 2009. Nothing wrong with that. Were they right? Don’t know, and for this award, does it really matter? It IS an OPINION award after all.

    Congrats to E-V-E on the award. :)

  • shannymac

    I was about to say that Michelle should have won, but her improvement has been more about character development. She was already good in the ring, and so were Daffney and Taylor. Eve and Layla were the only two who really showed a big improvement, and both could have easily won this. Congrats to Eve!

  • Christy Hemme Fan

    I like Eve but she is the least improved I think Taylor Wilde is the most improved out of all of them

  • Mikas

    I voted for Taylor Wilde, she made great progress since her debut in TNA. I remember all the anti-Taylor comments on Youtube in the past right after she got involved in the title. But those people are silenced nowadays.

    But the votes were from before the Piggy James storyline. If i had to vote again i would probably vote for Michelle. For the first time in 5 years she is starting to develop character, and even her promos are finally starting to go somewhere. And although she isn’t the best technical wrestler in the business, she rarely botches anymore (at least not more than other wrestlers) and has found a good style that fits her heel character.

  • Lee

    As a BeliEVEr, I am very happy to see this.

  • Anca

    Oh,come, she hasn’t wrestled a match since months. And I never liked her. TAYLOR WILDE deserved this.

  • stchick

    some of you are some lousy haters, thanks hassan for assuming we voted only cuz she’s beautiful, the others are beautiful too, yes tolerant opinions, NOT!

  • SereneAndTranquil

    Taylor Wilde or maybe Daffney. I mean this award could’ve been given to Daffney simply because it takes a lot to take the crazy bumps that she has taken.

  • KellyEve

    Taylor should have won that