Wrestlicious Exclusive: Josie (Former TNA Knockout Sojo Bolt) on Joining Wrestlicious, Her TNA Run, Working with Current Divas, Return to OVW & More

Last week, we announced that former TNA Knockout Sojo Bolt aka Josie had signed with Wrestlicious and now today, as we gear towards the premiere of Wrestlicious TakeDown tonight, Josie tells us all about her decision to join the new all female promotion. Josie talks to us about how she joined the company and the character she’ll be playing. Plus Josie gives us some insight into her time with TNA as Knockout Sojourner Bolt, what it was like working with some of the current WWE Divas in OVW when it was a developmental territory and talks about her recent return to OVW.

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Wrestlicious TakeDown premieres on tonight at 11pm ET on Mav TV in America, Bite TV in Canada and will be streamed simultaneously online at www.bite.ca/wrestling. Episodes will also air on America One on Saturdays at 11.30pm ET. For syndication, check your local listings.

Additional reporting by Melanie.

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  • Looking Glass

    I was so glad to hear about this article, Josette Bynum/Sojourner/Josie has always been one of my favourite female wrestlers and I’ve followed her ever since her early years in OVW. As much as I slated Wrestlelicious to begin with, I’m glad Josie’s managed to land on her feet after TNA and taken on work with her return to OVW, her championship win over there etc.

    I can’t wait to hear more from her, great interview, one to tick off the ‘want’ list.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=726354725 Evan

    lol @ him trying to convince her to join shimmer

    but anyways i was never really a fan of hers but now that she’s joining Wrestlicious I’m really starting to like her.. I feel the same way about Ric Flair too didn’t like him in WWE but lurv him in TNA

  • Mikas

    I dont really see her in Shimmer, just look at the current roster. It was already stacked -before- the Joshis, Hamada and Sarita were announced. And Daizee/Madison are also back from injury. Every taping some of the Shimmer girls are left out because they just have too much talented people. And although Josie isnt a bad wrestler, since her last Shimmer appearance she got passed by a whole new generation of better wrestlers. But i’m happy for her that she landed at Wrestlicious, as a big fan of Kofi Kingston, i’d love to see a female version on Wrestlicious ;-)

  • Looking Glass

    I sort of get the picture from her that she didn’t want to slag TNA off too much having left on good terms and I’m not surprised she didn’t realise her achievements as much as she should have, most of her title opportunities were short ones used to fill the void of an Angelina or Tara match. I remember it was mentioned she was going to get a push against Angelina until Tara was hired, sacrificed like Sarita. Like I said though, good for her, it shows a true wrestler and true talent to be able to land on your feet like she has. I’d really like to see her in WWE, I doubt it’d happen because WWE is like a time bomb as far as age is concerned, but I just think she has natural talent and charisma that would up the anti over in the Diva division.

  • Kaledrina

    she has a great attitude and outlook on life.

  • BobAnthony

    Wrestlicious website down for maintenance. Looks like it’s getting ready for a change!

  • love

    o m g scorching hot interview and she iz 1 of my ( d e w = s l = l = t r l b d = d ) favorite female wrestlerz and she iz 1 of my idolz i hope 1 day she can be a tna knockout again : love :

  • love

    o m g im ( d e w = s l= l = t r l b d = d ) so excited about diz interview i forgot too say in my 1 comment dat i want more audio interveiwz a s a p : love :