In Video: Footage of New FCW Diva, Tamina (Sarona Snuka) in the Ring

I know we have all been super curious to see what Sarona Snuka aka Tamina can do in the ring given that her daddy is a Hall of Famer. Check out footage below of Tamina in a six-Diva match at an FCW event last month.

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Obviously, not the best example of her wrestling since she pretty much jobbed to Courtney Taylor but there you have it. I think Tamina is absolutely gorgeous — she has such a beautiful face. She may not be the same size as the other girls in FCW or the main roster but she has an amazing look that should get her far. I’m definitely hoping to see more of her, hopefully as a babyface though… I can see the fans getting behind her.

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  • ahlanthony

    tamina, naomi and liviana looks like a fierce and dangerous team.

  • PedroPedroso17

    she looks really comfortable in the ring. I really like her look, she seems so nice, so I think she should become a babyface somewhere down the road…

  • Looking Glass

    I’m not expected by the outcome of the match, if you think logically Tamina has been on television three times and not yet seen in the ring, Courtney, AJ and I guess to some degree Aksana are over with the crowd and therefore it’d be the best result for the fans (although FCW never seem/seemed to know what alignment Courtney was anyway) The match was weird, Liviana seemed to be the team leader with Naomi as the fiesty sidekick and Tamina as the muscle, nonetheless, I think Liviana is a great acquisition and I agree she might not be like the others Divas but her look is gorgeous. I mean if they give her more professional attire it’d be even better, but I think she’ll shine in the Divas title tournament.

    Speaking of which I found Tamina’s first two appearances on FCW TV, the first is around the Divas tournament, watch out for Tamina she’s right at the blank (its a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance)

    The second is with her clients, The Usos. Again, it’s not exactly great exposure, but still…

    The third is her accompanying Donny Marlow, another faction member.
    It also see’s the firtst initial sightings of Jamie Keyes as ring announcer.

  • Zephyr5326

    What a crap attire on Tamina, they need to give her something much more colourful instead of just a plain black vest and jeans.

  • JJ

    I’m guessing FCW haven’t made any costumes for her yet, hence why she’s wearing basic gym stuff. It’s nice to see a more full-figured lady in WWE, although for my money Naomi has the best body in FCW. All curves in the right places! As Bart Simpson (or Woodrow) says, she’s got a butt that won’t quit!

    It’s hard to judge Tamina from this match, so I’ll just say at least she seems somewhat comfortable in the ring. She nailed the “whoops, I nailed my opponent” look.

    Also, Courtney covered up that roll-up botch beautifully; you might actually think that was supposed to happen. It’s a good thing Tamina didn’t break her neck, that wouldn’t have been a good start to her FCW career!

  • Inferno

    Wow, i love how Tamina, doesnt have the ”diva look”, she is more like a beth phoenix look haha, and i agree you cant really tell, how good of a wrestler she really is from this video, however, it is sort of a tease, because now everyone wants to watch her and see how good she is, me personally i saw her match against Betsy Ruth is WXW and it was great, she is a very good wrestler and kudos, for WWE signing her,

    As far as the attire, that is what she wore in WXW as well, and the faction she is in, I can see it be a very big part of FCW and she will be in the FCW diva tournament yay :)

  • ahlanthony

    @ JJ excuse me! That roll-up courtney did was not a a cover-up for a botch or whatever! thats actually one of her moves! She also used that to tiffany!

  • theregoeskitty

    @JJ it wasn’t a botch it’s a move she does a lot, i think it’s one of her signatures but I’m not sure what she calls it

    Tamina looks like a good wrestler, she looks like another powerful Diva like Beth phoenix or Serena, i liked the bit at the end where Tamina and Naomi beat the ref up XD

  • Looking Glass

    As I mentioned before it’s a kneeling facebuster, she calls it the Hoe-Down, alongside the Chokehold STO it’s one of her signature/finisher moves.

    And yeah I hope they introduce new attire for her soon, this is obviously her existing attire from WXW. I mean Serena was wearing her indie attire for what seemed like years in FCW, by the time she got her new gimmick attire, she moved onto the SES.

    I wonder why Byron Saxton was the referee here? Oh well it gave them something to do post-match.

  • Gail Kim #1

    AJ, Tamina and Livianna are… HOT.

  • JJ

    @ ahlanthony & theregoeskitty

    In that case, I take it back; it looked awkward and Tamina looked like she could have gotten hurt. If it had been a botched roll-up it would have explained the awkwardness, and it would have been quick thinking on the part of Courtney.

    I like the idea of the move though; that variation of the chickenwing submission isn’t used much.

    Any update on whether Courtney’s gone or not?

  • Looking Glass

    It’s pretty likely she has, as much as people say ‘it might be an error’ it’s never happened before and it’s not likely to happen unlike they’re gone :( I think it might have something to do with creative diffculties, she was always being switched from face to heel after her love angle broke off with Alex Riley, then she was part-time wrestling and interviewing, it seemed like they were just trying to give her something to do. Shame.

    I agree, I’m a fan of Courtney/Beverly but I’ve always hated the Hoe-Down, the set up for it always looked awkward and slow compared to the little it acheives, it just looks like a slow built up version of someone slamming their opponents head on the mat. I much preferred her STO.

    Back to the match again, I pretty much said it all. I never noticed how AJ was underplayed in the match with Courtney getting the pin, to me Aksana is pretty much a liability in every sense at FCW, but maybe the fact AJ didn’t getting the victory is an indication that she might not be so successful in the Divas title tournament and that the value of the Queen of FCW crown will soon be null and void. Liviana playing team leader was a nice change, it made it seem like they’ve found some use for her other than being the GM’s lackey, she desperately needed some gimmick or character because she’s not the faster learner in the ring.

  • Teri

    This is the future of the WWE Womens division. And damn, it’s gonna be good.
    I honestly can’t wait until all of these women get called up and completely replace the current batch of girls. CAN’T FUCKIN’ WAIT.

  • Wonder_Lover

    Wow im impressed with Liviana, she took control. Also, Naomi Night loved seeing her. Tamina looks good as a newbie. Too bad for Courtney i loved her. Aj seemed weak in this match, same goes for Aksana.