In Audio: Celebrating 5 Years of Melina

Today, April 14th, marks the five year anniversary of three-time Women’s Champion and one-time Divas Champion, Melina in the WWE. Five years ago, Melina along with Johnny Nitro (now John Morrison) and Joey Mercury  made their debuts as the formidable team MNM, taking SmackDown by storm. It’s been a long road for Melina who has had many feuds, title reigns and memorable matches, but today she stands as one of the top Divas in the WWE.

To celebrate Melina’s five year anniversary, join Melanie and I as we look back at some of Melina’s most memorable moments over the past five years, plus we are also joined by a special guest.

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  • shawn

    i’m so happy. i rember this day. watching smackdown for the first time a day before my b-day. seeing this beautiful diva do her entrance and talk on the mic. melina was an early birthday present to me. she is one of my favorite divas. along with candice, mickie, beth, michelle, gail kim, alicia, layla, natalya and of course eve. melina i thank you so much and i love you for everything you do.

  • TJGlee

    It was a good audio show.
    I think you should do more but only on the divas that have been in the WWE for a long while e.g. Mickie, Michelle, Jillian as they have been in the WWE for more than 4 years.

  • RedHotVixen

    Not in years has there been a woman quite as honest, passionate and feisty about wrestling. Melina is more than Sexy, Smart and Powerful. She is what every female wrestler should aspire to be. She has a great wealth of knowledge, but still feels that she is learning everyday. She has a heart-warming respect for her peers male or female, young or old. She approaches her wrestling the way I want to approach life: with joy, love, skill and dedication. Thank you, Melina. Thank you for dazzling us with your grace and talent. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person. We all miss you in the ring, but when you make your triumphant return we know that it would have been worth the wait. WE LOVE OUR PAPARAZZI PRINCESS!!!

  • charlierogue26

    Melina didn’t win her first title in the Falls Count Anywhere match. She had won it two weeks earlier and had her first defense in the FCA match.

    Other than that this was a great podcast! Great Job!

    • Melanie

      charlierogue26 — Whoopsie. Bad memory, I guess.

  • seasons-of-love

    I’ve been waiting on this for a while, haha. Just about too start. I’m sure it’ll be great, because honestly, where you could you go wrong with this girl?

  • molly4ever

    I hope she turns heel again. She is a perfect heel. But I guess WWE has enough heels for now.

  • Alex

    that was so good.
    Melina is a lovely person and has entertained me personally all these five years and hopefully lots of years to come :)

  • HoorahMonster

    I loved it! Melina is such an amazing wrestler is almost crazy. I never new you knew her, well I only started checking out Diva-Dirt in the last month so I didn’t acctually know you guys had the power to get ANY wrestler until I saw the video of Layla an then heard Kristal, then Maria an Now Melina its just great she had such a good run in WWE so far an I swear the day she gets released is the day the WWE Diva fans stop watching WWE all together!

  • JuicyJuiceBox

    My favourite early Melina moment was the promo she cut on Torrie Wilson in their first encounter together. I remember that clip because, of course, they both looked amazing but also, because if you watch it, Torrie really towered over Melina, yet here Melina was talking her down. Completely flawless. She plays a real awesome bitch. That whole feud told alot because she went over Torrie twice in back to back matches and considering how SUPER over Torrie at the time, to have an unknown diva that realistically we couldn’t care for come out on top over her says ALOT.

    Melina said exactly what I was think in that really she came in at the end of something. Trish and Lita were on their way out, Victoria as well..and it is really fun and sad at the same time to think what the Melina of today could’ve done with all three of those ladies.

    Thank you DD. Melina sounded so touched. She’s just so awesome in how much she puts into everything. Her interaction with the fans on Twitter makes you wonder why she cares so much, because nobody has kept that dialogue with their fan base like her. Do this again DD please with other divas. It doesn’t even have to be for anniversaries of debuts. Homages here and there would be cool.

  • litafan123

    congratulations on a amazing 5 years to melina cantw ait for her to return,

    it is also Amy Dumas (LITA) 35th birthday today!

  • MisterMacabre

    I love Melina and i’m so proud of her accomplishments!
    I can’t wait to see her back in the ring tearing it up!
    Thank you Diva Dirt for everything you do for us fans.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    Great podcast!!! I really enjoyed this one. Melina seems like such a sweet person. Her feud with Mickie James was my favorite diva feud and I really started to like her cause during that. Their feud at Backlash is one of my all time favorite matches. I hope you will do the samething for Mickie James on October 10, it will be her 5th year anniversary too: )

  • Amy

    She’s just a genuinely sweet person and this was a nice treat for her 5th anniversary, thanks DD!

    The audio quality gets a little too low sometimes, I couldn’t hear some of her answers :(

  • seasons-of-love

    Incredible. Honestly, the best thing I’ve seen/heard on this site so far (and there’s been some great stuff). I mean, the retrospective at the start was great, because I’m a pretty big fan and I can relate, but the interview at the end just sealed the deal. I’ve seen quite a few Melina interviews, but she’s always seemed quite reserved and shy. Super-sweet, but kinda held back. But here she just opened up, and you could feel every word. She’s just so passionate about what she does, and everything she said was incredibly well put. Haha, I think I started to well up at the end. :S

    But yeah, incredible. Thanks so much DD, and thanks for all the memories Melina! Favourite wrestler ever.

  • seasons-of-love

    Oh, and I think this should get the top spot on the main page of the site. :P

  • The Crying Light

    Melina is probably one of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE right now. I have a lot of favorite moments involving her.

    The very first was actually a pretty obscure one. It was during a tag team match that I think involved Mickie, Victoria and Maria. This, I think, was during the time when she was starting to get pushed as the next contender to Mickie’s title. It was the time when she debut the Extreme Makeover. I liked this moment because it was the first time when she showed the uniqueness of her style–the odd blend of brawler moves matched with ones that show off her flexibility. I liked that.

    I also liked her Backlash match with Mickie. That was actually the very first time I’ve ever seen anyone use a leg nelson and I have to say that until now, it is still one of my favorite submission holds.

    Thank you, Melina. ;)

  • tre804

    that was a great interview please do more interviews like this thanks erin and melanie

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Another amazing interview! What a week…Melina and Maria. Thanks!!! (Looking fwd to the Beth podcast so we can all celebrate the beautiful Glamarous Amazon and her special achievements)

  • ChaCha

    I love Melina! She is such an inspiration and such a beautiful person, so crazy talented too!

    Thank you for 5 years!

  • ChaCha

    I’m only right at the beginning, but already it’s such a trip down memory lane! She is so so talented; she can make you hate her, make you love her, honestly she’s such a great wrestler, thank you so much for doing this :)

  • Nessalina

    Fantastic lil interview, I’m so happy she agreed to do one with ya. She’s amazing and so sweet and humble, she definitely deserves her position in the company.

    My personal fav moments of Melina are the I Quit match and her debut with MNM.

    Congrats on 5 years Mel! x

  • Toby

    Another wonderful interview. Here are my favorite moments of Melina’s career.

    2005: Melina vs. Trish Stratus feud.
    2006: Managing Johnny Nitro; these two were amazing together.
    2007: Melina vs. Mickie James feud & their match @ Backlash.
    2008: Melina vs. Beth Phoenix @ One Night Stand.
    2009: Melina vs. Michelle McCool @ Night of Champions

    I loved the whole idea of this. I hope you guys do these topics for other divas who have been in the WWE for awhile.

  • ChaCha

    She has the sweetest voice ever omg :’) I love her so much! She’s so sweet, I hate it when people are like “Ugh, she’s such a bitch.” Listen to this and we’ll see what you think.

    It would be cool if you did one for Michelle, she’s been with the WWE for a long time too and she’s improved hugely since she got signed. Definitely a good rise to the top to document :)

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    This was amazing. I was praying at the start that Melina would be the guest but I wasn’t sure due to the whole “Kelly being removed” interview earlier on. It was so nice to hear her talk, and she’s seriously the nicest person I’ve ever heard. I can’t believe that someone this nice and this sincere could play a character that was so good at being the polar opposite. Melina is such an amazing person, and this podcast was one that is my favorite moment at Diva-Dirt. Thank you ladies for doing this and thank you to Melina for getting to speak.

  • MickieFan226

    I really enjoyed this podcast. It was great! :D

    Melina has had such an interesting time in WWE so far and it will only continue to grow when she comes back. Her best matches were with Mickie, Beth, & Michelle. A fatal four way between those four Divas would be epic!

    July will be Jillian’s 5 year anniversary & October will be Mickie’s 5 year anniversary as well. I hope you guys will do this kind of audio with those two Divas, even though Jillian hasn’t had the best career in WWE. She still deserves the respect.

    Anyway, the ending was great! I was so happy to hear Melina at the end. She sounds super sweet. It’s awesome that you know her personally, Erin! Maybe she will come back as a heel by the way she said it at the end? Who knows! ;)