Women of Wrestling Podcast Episode 6 with Jemma Palmer


The debut show of new European all women’s promotion Pro-Wrestling: EVE is now in the books, and your intrepid hosts Stew & Lee were front and centre. Not only that, but we brought recording equipment for our own post-show episode! We talked about the retirement of Jetta on the last episode, and on this show we grab a word with the woman who made her wrestling debut on the show, former UK Gladiator Inferno, Jemma Palmer. Jemma was kind enough to give us some time, and we had a chance to ask her about her WWE developmental deal, her training, visa issues, ambitions, and her thoughts after having her very first match. We also had unscheduled visits at the recording table by promoter Dann Read, who broke down some of his thoughts on the show, not to mention the evening’s main eventer, Sweet Saraya, fresh off an absolutely brutal hardcore war with Greece’s Blue Nikita.

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  • http://www.diva-dirt.com/womenofwrestling leeburton

    Sorry for talking at a million miles an hour. I was flying high on adreneline at the time.

  • Jack5326

    I didn’t listen to the Jetta show unfortunetly but I made sure I listened to this and it was a great interview. I really like Jemma’s attitude and the sound of her, I think WWE’s made a great choice in signing her. Great to hear english voices other than Diva-Dirt’s Melanie aswell. Overall, I really liked it, kind of makes me wish I went to EVE now but I don’t even know how far away it is lol! Maybe I’ll check the October show out. :)

  • theregoeskitty

    i like her already, she seems nice, I’m certain she will be like a English Beth phoenix or Victoria
    she gets extra points for having a playstation lol XD

  • bridget

    I was really impressed with Jemma (I always spell it with a G for some reasons) considering it was her first match and she was injured. I thought she did good. Great interview, she seems so nice and determined and passionate.

  • RadicalRhys297

    Gym TWICE a day EVERY DAY! Wrestling practice every weekend?! 0__o Now if thats not dedication then I don’t know what is. I already liked the look of Jemma before hearing about her in EVE but DAMN! Plus she has a Playstation so thats a bonus for me. xP

    Jemma Palmer for the FCW Divas Champion! (When she gets into FCW) =-)

  • xAzureSkye

    Loved seeing Jemma on Gladiators, I preferred her fiery hot red hair! Hopefully she makes it far with the WWE..

    Plus she has a PlayStation oh my god lol she’s cool

  • Jayd211

    lol @ everyone loving her playstation (big points for me too)

    but she sounds alot more dedicated then i thought she was thats really awesome this mite be on WWE’s first pick-ups that wasnt a model in a long while this could be a good sign now hopefully she can train just as hard once she gets into FCW which it sounds like will be really soon

  • KiZ

    She seems to be pretty dedicated to it which is real nice to see.

    All the success to her :)

  • shimmerwrestling

    Good job, guys. Hope you keep it up with the “post-game shows” in the future. :-)