In Video: Daffney vs Taylor Wilde on TNA Xplosion

Earlier this week, we wrote about a possible heel turn for Sarita based on her actions on the first episode of a newly relaunched Xplosion. Well, you can now watch all the Knockouts action from the show below — and there’s a lot of it!

We kick off with a video package featuring Daffney and Taylor Wilde:

Follow the cut for the match and backstage segment:

Sarita & Taylor Backstage

Daffney vs Taylor

So, it looks like Xplosion is now TNA’s equivalent to Superstars: giving the Knockouts more time than they would have gotten on the main show. I really like the emphasis put on the Knockouts with three segments dedicated them on this shoiw. It’s a shame we can’t get that on Impact anymore.

The match itself was fun and fast paced. Both Knockouts did a great job. As for Sarita… hmm, I’d definitely like to see her and Taylor feud. If there’s going to be a weekly emphasis on the Knockouts on Xplosion, then why not storylines of its own too? They could build a whole mini-division simply for Xplosion with Daffney, Taylor, Sarita and Hamada aka the Knockouts I actually want to see. Looks like Xplosion may just become my TNA priority over Impact.

In the meantime, what did you think of the match? And do you think Saritaylor are headed to Splitsville?

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  • gmosoto

    “Mas vale porque estoy harta”
    oh my sarita, that quote would hunt you!

  • Bobby Lea Burchill

    The most effort put into the knockouts all year is on Xplosion rofl.

  • ohiofan1

    I thought that Daffney promo was creepy and funny. As for the match, it was ok as it was just used to buildup Sarita’s heel turn. But I still have a big problem with Taylor Wilde. It has been two years and she still has the red,white, and blue titantron, yet she is canadian which makes no sense. Also will Taylor Wilde ever get a finisher. I know some people will argue her german surplex is her finisher, but she rarely uses it. Most of the time when she wins a match, it is by a rollup.

  • Toby

    It’s sad that the fans could honestly care less about Taylor & Sarita. Two of the best in TNA and the fans would rather watch TBP. Nice going TNA. Oh well hopefully Sarita & Taylor leave TNA when their contracts expire.

  • Kaledrina

    hmm.. not sure about a heel turn now, after seeing it. the seeds are definitely there if they do wanna go ahead with it but it came across to me as if sarita ws just looking out for taylor – much like how in a tag match, the illegal face partner would sometimes break a pinfall. speaking of pinfalls, it looked like taylor wanted to kick out after daffney hit her with the chain.

    i kinda wish the commentary team was always like this. not sure if it’s ‘cos it was on xplosion or if it was jeremy borash’s presence, but to see a ko’s match commentary actually focused on the in-ring action is rare these days. i’ve always blamed taz for that as don west (as annoying as he is) was always pretty focused on what was happening inside the ring. also, valerie is so much better at announcing than jb. it didn’t sound like she was stopping for breath like it does when he’s doing it.

    again, after watching it the heel turn doesn’t seem as likely and i hope it isn’t as tna are too short on tag teams. hopefully this is just a feud that results in a partner for daffney. a repackaged rosie, resurfacing hamada or even a returning tara would definitely fit with her.

  • Kaledrina

    okay, i know i typed too much already but i just remembered that they taped another match with this trio for xplosion as well? hopefully we get to see it after it airs (assumedly) next week..

  • TRiSHA

    Taylor’s finisher is the german suplex
    and a lot of cool looking rollups.

    I can’t wait to they make Sarita a heel.
    Sarita vs Taylor that match
    would be awesome.

  • theregoeskitty

    i love Daffney’s character XD i can’t believe she was talking to a grill

  • Skylar

    wish taylor turned heel not sarita sarita looks to nice to be heel

  • Macho Madness

    Does Xplosion air in the US now??

  • Kaledrina

    “Does Xplosion air in the US now??”

    i don’t think it does. this was recorded off british tv, though. the logo is the extreme sports channel’s one.

  • Looking Glass

    ^ I think so, since its relaunch, which by the way has a horrible new logo. Eurgh whoever designed that needs firing.

    Back to the actual wrestling aspect, Sarita should count herself lucky she wasn’t in WWE, a girl can get fired for fluffing their lines. Still Sarita’s been in TNA a year and this is like the third segment I’ve seen her it, so underused and so talented, I’m glad they’re actually using their absences to work into a storyline with Sarita being fed up, I’ve always said they should turn her, but seriously I just think this is more Sarita trying to get the team back on form, otherwise there’d have been more friction between her and Taylor.

    Its not often a match can seem longer than it is, I really enjoyed it, though the chain bit seemed really rushed and awkward, but still, I liked the fact Taylor won for once. One sticking point, is that it didn’t seem to be like as full on as they could’ve gone, Taylor and Daffney have extensive history, I would’ve liked to have heard commentary reference it, or the two to have like had a proper scrap. It seems like TNA doesn’t reference history unless its gone on Impact that last week, which always annoys me, which takes me to my next point, they talked about Daffney being injured and even shown it in bad taste, so why no mention of Rosie Lottalove? The poor girls already been dropped from a great enough height, it just seems she was some cheap gimmick for laughs.

  • dunk20

    “Mind your own business”

    Daffney is superb. She’s the most interesting ko/diva of the current rosters!

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Great segments! See? THIS is what TNA should be doing, showcasing great female talent unlike any other on television. The match wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t bad either, and it served it’s initial purpose.

  • Looking Glass

    Yes! I don’t know because I know the whole Daffney gimmick, but she’s one of few that can carry on doing the same thing without getting stale (maybe its because she’s underused) but I just love what Daffney brings, I hope they don’t water her down like they did with Victoria in the WWE when she just became ‘Vicious’ and not crazy anymore.

    Also I loved her voice in the first segment, it was so Elpheba/Wicked Witch of the West like, all she needed was a crystal ball, broom and some flying monkeys.

  • madslam2009

    They should go for a heel turn with Sarita. It gives both her and Taylor more T.V time amd keeps a steady feud going that doesn’t involve the title. The only feuds we see knowadays involve the Beautiful People or the Knockouts Title. It would be a nice change of pace.

    The match was a bit sloppy but decent. I don’t think that it being on the internet is all that bad. Alot of people check out TNA’s website so alot of people are aware of there problems. And I was surprised at Daffney’s popularity. I know she gets behind the crowd but they were so happy to see her back that they were booing Saritaylor. I’ve never seen that before.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Awesome Segement and Match! I dnt think Sarita is turning heel it would be nice though to see her and Taylor fued , but then they will just b breaking up a Tag Team and then the Tag Team Titles will just be handed to the most Random Team ( Daffeny & Hamada) I was always amazed of Taylor Wilde’s unquie ways of pin manuvers!

  • Luis

    great segment and great match!
    im glad the Knockouts are getting more in-ring time.
    im also glad that there maybe a feud between Sarita and Taylor its be nice to see in the ring and than again its give them something to do.

  • Jennifer

    Liked the match & the fact there were plenty of promos for the women. Shame this isn’t happening on Impact, and more of a shame that the US doesn’t air this program on some channel!

  • Macho Madness

    ahhh okay…I was wondering if it aired here in the US and just not where I live?? or something…when they said they were revamping it I though that it was going to be added to the thursday night line-up here.

    I asked the same question on youtube, and the response I got was that Spike hasn’t decided what date they are going to air in the USA…so apparently they are planning on it…which is pretty sweet.

  • Macho Madness

    JB isn’t bad as an announcer, but damn SoCal Val is not a very good ring announcer…I’m all for giving her more to do, but ring announcing doesn’t seem to be the awnser haha

  • Billy James

    I thought that the match was pretty. I think I only saw one blotch move even if it was a blotch. I like the fact that match told a story. One of the better Knockout matches in a while. From the interviews to the promo and then to the match; it was great. It’s good to see Daffney back in the ring. I love Daffney’s promo; Daffney really puts 110% into her character. I’m into women with lots on tattoos especially covering their upper or lower arms but to say that Daffney is sexy. I can’t explain it but I guess it’s like Taz says; “Daffney is zombie hot”.

    I thought the interaction between Sarita and Taylor was good also. The comments that each of them were saying to each other setup the possible heel turn nicely. I do think that it would be better for Sarita to be the heel rather than Taylor. I don’t think I could take Taylor seriously if she turn heel. However, Taylor turning heel would be something that nobody would expect. Now that Xplosion is going to be airing on Spike TV, hopefully we’ll be able to see good match like this one.


    Christy Hemme should Ring Announce on TNA Xplosion, not So Cal Val.

  • NatKatieFan

    As you said it was a nice fun match, I wish they could of commented on taylor’s and Daffney’s past. I thought the promos before were good, added a bit more to the match.

    I would like a sarita heel, it’s not like she’s a bad heel but she just wants better for her tag team

  • Jack5326

    Well even though there was a bit of storyline progression, I hated every segment. The first one was a bit short and crappy, the 2nd one had line fluffing and I just thought it came across as forced, and I do NOT like Sarita as a heel. Her high-flying style is not reminiscent of a Heel, whereas whilst they are booking Taylor as a high-flyer, she is naturally just an excellent technical wrestler and she would the one more suitable as a Heel.