Exclusive: Wrestling’s Newest Siren Reby Sky Speaks on MTV2?s Lucha Libre USA

Allow us to officially introduce you to wrestling’s newest siren: Reby Sky. This 23-year-old bombshell is best known for her work as a model — credits include Playboy — but she’s also a huge sports fan, particularly pro wrestling. Reby has already dabbled in the industry, co-hosting Sirius XM’s Busted Open every Wednesday, but tomorrow night she begins a new journey as backstage interviewer and commentator for MTV2’s Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors.

With the premiere of the new series just 24 hours away, we caught up with Reby — who, quite wisely, is a fan of Diva Dirt *cough* — to get all the scoop on her exciting new role! Read all about it below…

How did you get involved in Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors?
I was covering an indy wrestling convention in New York and got the chance to interview Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak of WCW, WWE). In the interview he told me about his experience wrestling in Mexico and gave me the scoop on his newest project: a lucha libre show for MTV2. A few weeks later, I got an email from a producer over at MTV asking me to fly in for an on-camera tryout, saying Marco had recommended me for the show. Needless to say, I was shocked! I actually cancelled an already booked trip to Paris for the tryout and thank goodness I did, because I’m so excited to be on board for this show!

What is your role on the show?
I’m a backstage interviewer and color commentator for the matches.

In your own words, as a fellow wrestling fan, what can we look forward to with this show?
Definitely a different pace of action. It’s nice to see more than just a little tease of the high-flying lucha libre style for a change. The guys genuinely have a passion for the business and that comes through in their matches. I follow a lot of wrestling and have never seen some of the things these guys can do. With rudos, technicos, chicastars, minis and everything in between (exoticos!), there’s something for everyone to enjoy and plenty of surprises to keep you glued to your TV.

We know that Awesome Kong and Rhaka Khan will be part of the series. What can we expect from them and what was it like working with them?
Man, you guys really do know everything! It was such an honor working with both ladies. I’ve always been a huge Awesome Kong fan and Trenesha (aka Rhaka Khan, now Tigresa Caliente) is amazing both on the mic and in the ring. They’ve both got a really solid work ethic so it was awesome being able to learn from them in the locker room.

Will we see some more women’s wrestling and female wrestlers on the show?
Female wrestlers are an important part of lucha libre so you can expect to see a lot more female wrestlers coming into the show. All I can say is that you will definitely be surprised!

How long have you been a wrestling fan and what got you hooked?
I’ve been a fan since ’97, when a friend of mine brought me along to a Raw show in New York. At the time, I didn’t know much about wrestling, but after the show, I was hooked. Being a 12 year old girl, the storylines are what really got me at first, which is part of what I miss about the Attitude Era… the really juicy stuff.

What products do you watch at the moment? (WWE, TNA, ROH etc.)
All of the above! If I’m not working, I’m training and if I’m not training, I’m watching wrestling… it’s become my entire life. I only got into ROH in the past year or so, although I’ve been watching WWE and TNA for years.

Who are some of your favourite female wrestlers?
Gail Kim is my absolute favorite. She moves like she’s weightless in the ring but she’s so tough, it’s amazing to watch. I wish we saw more of her nowadays.

Likewise, any favourite women’s matches?
Victoria vs Trish Stratus, the hardcore match at Survivor Series.

Have you any aspirations to step into the ring yourself?
I would love to… I’m training right now, so who knows!

Any other wrestling projects we can look forward to seeing you in?
I’ll be working as a manager in a few indy shows with CTWE (Connecticut Wrestling Entertainment) and you can hear me every Wednesday from 2-4pm ET on Sirius XM satellite radio on the pro wrestling show, ‘Busted Open’ (Sirius 125/XM 241).

Finally, where can our readers follow you?
Big news is always on my website, RebySky.com first or you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter. On air: ‘Busted Open’, Sirius 125/XM 241 every Wednesday from 2-4pm ET. I love callers, so feel free to call in and talk wrestling with me at 866-522-2846! Don’t forget to check out the premiere of Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors on MTV2 at 10pm ET and catch the show every week on MTV2 & MTVTr3s.

Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors begins tomorrow night (Friday) at 10pm ET on MTV2.

Check out some pictures of Reby from the show below:

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  • ozzyv

    She sounds like a genuine kind of gal. I won’t be following the show since I don’t get MTV2 and I’m hardly home anyway..hence MyCliq/YouTube/and DivaDirt Mobile-My 3Best Friends!–but I wish them well. And great pick! Gail Kim is an amazing wrestler! The best female wrestler in WWE today!

  • DarkMaverick87

    Wow! She really sounds like she knows her stuff. Even the way she talks about the business, she clearly is a part of this for the right reasons. It’s refreshing to see a cookie-cutter-model type be so genuinely interested in wrestling, long before she ever got her opportunity in the business. I am a fan already.

  • ebmich

    Your soon to be Divas’ champion. haha

    MTV2 sucks tho.

  • Kaledrina

    she sounds uber genuine and i think it’s great that she actually knows what she’s talking about.. so often people are hired to fulfill her kind of role that don’t know an awful lot about wrestling. it’s also great to hear that she’s training to wrestle.

    hopefully it finds it’s way on youtube or something as i’m not sure if it will ever air in the uk, and if it does it’ll likely be a good year old lol.

  • seasons-of-love

    She’s beautiful, and yeah, it’s nice to see someone like her break the stereotype and prove that not all models who enter wrestling are clueless about it.

    That’s a good way to describe Gail Kim too…’weightless in the ring’. It’s so true.

    I’ll make sure to check this out. Like Kaledrina said, it probably won’t be shown in the UK, so here’s hoping it makes it way onto YouTube or somewhere on the internet.

  • JJ

    Beautiful girl, who seems very knowledgable. This was a nice little interview.

  • theregoeskitty

    Rhaka khans outfits look as crazy as ever lol
    she seems very passionate about wrestling, and she’s gorgeous so who knows maybe we’ll see her in the WWE one day

  • appleman58

    Oh I’m so excited DivaDirt is going to have this on the site I might not follow Shimmer or Ring of honor that closely but I do follow Asistencia Asesoría y Administración. I’m so happy its coming state side because my Spanish is worst than Rosa’s and I only understood like every 5th word they said on website. I just hope they have a Reina de Reinas tournament because kong would kill it. But I do feel bad about the felmale talent they seem to be leaving behind, So far I’ve seen Rain, Sexi Star ( my fav she’s like there version of Maryse she walks to the stage spraying perfume on people cause they stink to her it cracks me up) the trailer had Jennifer Blake in it but no Faby Apache or Cynthia who are good in the ring but not the best looking girls I hope they make it on the show.

  • Jake

    it’ll probably last one season like WSX. Hopefully WWE will pick her up once the shows flops (if it does).

  • litafan2000

    She looks like Trish Stratus a little bit. lol She sounds like she has passion for wrestling

  • RumbleQueen

    this show is going to be huge in texas and onthe west coast their womens division is second too none

  • Jennifer

    Most exellent. I get MTV2 so I can follow this. It’s refreshing to see a woman who’s a model coming into the business have real knowledge of the product. She sounds intelligent. And if they have a spot for women’s matches, so much the better. I do hope Rhaka got better since leaving TNA, I always liked her look and wanted her to succeed.