In Video: Sara Del Rey Has Words for Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed

Just days before her big tag team match up with Daizee Haze, Sara Del Rey had some words for their opponents, Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed. Watch below:

Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze will be taking on Kong & Saeed this Sunday at Chikarasaurus Rex in Philadelphia.

Del Rey will be a guest on the latest episode of the Women of Wrestling Podcast tomorrow, exclusively at Diva Dirt.

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  • BC757

    Sara Del Ray looks kinda sexy with barely any makeup

  • BC757

    looking forward to seeing the results of the match, i have always wondered whether or not Sara Del Ray has had contact with WWE

  • PedroPedroso17

    I love her so much, great look, amazing work ethic, ruthless showing of agression and power, she’s definetly the whole package. I only wish WWE could sign her and not give her the Gail treatment, not holding my breath tho…

  • Diva Power

    aweee isnt that cute shes going to get knock the heck out by awsomeeeeeeee kongggggggg

  • Ayzali

    !!! Any Del Rey news is amazing news!! I can’t wait to see them face off in Illinois. Easily the highlight of my wrestling show year yet!

  • John Hyperion

    Eric and myself will be at the show, enjoying the awesomeness of Haze, Death Rey, Kong, and Melissa. Now you can hold your breath for WWE to deliver comparable awesomeness, or support the companies, like Chikara and Ring of Honor, that are doing it now!

  • Jennifer

    John: Trufax. Utterly jealous of you & Eric. :P But at least I get to see Del Rey & Haze tomorrow! *Squee* Excited!! LOVE both Del Rey & Haze.

  • Ayzali

    @JohnHype totally agree!! I’m so excited for the upcoming show! Glad to see so many people who are truly passionate for the indy scene!

  • TheeB

    So effin exicted, I cant wait for this match! Being there in person makes it more awesome!
    <3 the Death Rey

  • laqisha

    I think Sara del Rey will get better treatment in wwe cuz she ain’t tna exsuperstar.
    we all know she’ll get Alissa’s flash treatment in tna cuz I can tell cuz anglina love squashed her in the house show few days ago.

  • imj1995

    I’ve always thought del Ray was beautiful and talented beyond measure. What makes me scartch my head is how wwe isn’t all over this beautiful womens wrestler she’s basicially the full package beauty,talent,skill,technique,etc.

  • Rashanti

    I expect WWE not to sign her based on the standard they like to go by these days. However,
    it is frustrating that TNA, a company that prides themselves on being a true alternative in womens wrestling, have not tried to sign her when she’s crossed paths with them twice at house shows in NJ.

    What’s even more bogus is their excuse for not bringing her in. They don’t get her character while at the same time they had people like Black Reign and Judas Mesias (sp?) on their roster.

    Anywho, Im looking forward to reading Eric’s and John’s reports from the show on Sunday and I’m counting down the days til I see y’all at SHIMMER!

  • leeburton

    Funny you mention the TNA and WWE thing… she addresses that in our chat with Sara on the Women of Wrestling Podcast coming up later today.

    She also talks about Chikarasaurus Rex, how the BDK are like the Power Rangers, and her average daily workout. It’s enough to make you weep.

    By the way, follow us on Twitter…

  • SnDi

    I watched this last night when it was posted on her twitter feed… it’s always so hard to take Sara seriously when she cuts promos because the woman is just. So. Darned. Cute. Oh well… she makes up for it with pure ferocity in the ring, heh. Get em, Death Rey, get em!

  • Harley

    She looks gorgeous here. This is what I like about women like SDR and MsChif, they’re pretty but they don’t let that get in front of their in-ring skills. I’ve actually seen MsChif outside of her character (minus the makeup and all.) She actually has that look that can easily be tweaked to fit the “diva mold.” And judging by this video of SDR, I’d say she can do that as well. But they never went for that. I find that somewhat admirable.