New Diva Action Figures Unveiled at Comic Con: Beth, Kelly, Melina & Michelle

WWE and Mattel has unveiled the first ever Diva doll as well as slew of new action figures at this week’s San Diego Comic Con.

Beth Phoenix becomes the first Diva to get her own doll created by Mattel, who also produce the Barbie dolls.

New action figures include Kelly Kelly, Melina and Michelle McCool.

Check out all the pictures below. Full credit to The Pop Culture Network.

Thanks to Peter for the tip off.

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  • ebmich

    If they really wanted to make money off the Divas, they would use that Mattel deal and make some Barbies. Who cares if a bunch of people on the internet whine about who degrading or embarrassing it is. It can’t be any worst than the few times they give promo, character, or fued time that turn out to be bad.

    I know my 4 year old niece would love the Bellas and Gail ones because she thinks they are so pretty. haha

  • ohiofan1

    Am I the only one that thinks Beth looks like Barbie with that hair? Loved the attire they chosed though.

  • mahsitti

    Wow, it that a Beth Phoenix Barbie [like] doll?! So awesome, gonna have to get one if its not too expensive. I collect action figures and toys (mostly Japanese and designer vinyl) and my Michiko Ohmukai doll is one of my favorites in my collection.

    They should do a Laycool double pack. I actually think the Jakks Melina looked more like her, but the rest of the Mattel ones are so much better its ridiculous.

  • ebmich

    It doesn’t surprise me that the Mattel ones look better. This is a company most famous for creating dolls. Like I said, there’s money to be made if they just make the Barbies. Or “Diva Dolls” or something. Little girls will want them if they are pretty enough.

  • MikeChrisH

    The figures look terrible but the Beth doll looks amazing!

  • Bryan

    The Beth one looks like a Barbie with that hair & such, Don’t really like Melina’s one because of how they did her face… Michelle’s looks good & Kelly’s looks great as well. But i really like the attire they chose. :)

  • The_Eric

    i dont collect any action figures, but i just might have to run out and pick up the beth phoenix doll…it looks amazing…

  • Jake

    That Beth “doll” looks more for collectors than something playable because she has no bendable parts. If that thing does well, Mattel might start making WWE Diva barbies.

  • Felipe

    Beth’s looks awesome, the other ones are meh.

  • Teri

    Omg, Beth’s action figure looks so pretty!

  • Jack5326

    Beth’s looks amazingly accurate, and they picked her best attire to date, the one she wore when she defeated Michelle for the Women’s Title. I would have totally wanted that when I was 10, I only ever had one Diva figure which was Trish, she beat a fair share of the men though lol!

  • Toby

    Well I’m not into collecting dolls lol but I think I’m gonna go get the Beth & Michelle one.

  • Alex

    OMG Beth looks so good in doll form they need to make one of those dolls for every diva. Diva figures just don’t look good like the men’s figures.

  • ChrisRiddle

    While the others would be considered ” Action Figures” Beth would officially be considered a ” doll” I think they all look great. Melina looks better then in the prototypes and Michelle and Kelly both look GREAT.

  • Eric

    I do have a few Barbie dolls (shocker) and Beth will look pretty sitting next to Cyndi Lauper Barbie and Sporty Spice doll on my shelf.

  • MickieFan226

    I like the way Beth came out, but what’s with her hair? It looks like hair you’d see on a Barbie doll lol. Kelly’s face came out good but that’s it. I’m sorry but Melina & Michelle look terrible lol. Michelle’s mussels are to big.

  • Gail Kim #1

    Gail Kim please………………………………………….

  • Glen

    I want them!

  • melina prez

    Beth looks great with the hair and i LOVE Melina i am soooooooo geting hers