In Pictures: Poster for Trish Stratus’ Movie ‘Bail Enforcers’

Take a look at the official poster for Trish Stratus‘ feature film debut, ‘Bail Enforcers’. The 7-time WWE Women’s Champion is front and center on the artwork and looks phenomenal!

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Thanks to Frank for the tip off.

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  • RR45

    Wow Trish looks really hot in this poster!

  • Toby

    God she looks amazing.

  • Eric

    I want to marry her.

  • Theregoeskitty

    <3 Trish, she looks amazing in that poster

  • justbringit

    I’ve seen this picture already, but who cares, she looks gorgeous. I think Trish is really going to surprise people with this movie, at least as far as her performance goes. Would not be shocked at all to see her get more offers in the future. She’s got the “it” factor for sure.

  • Justin0422

    That looks so cool. I can’t wait to see this it’s going to be awesome! And I know Trish will do well she is pretty much good at everything lol. TRISH <3

  • Soapguy

    Really, Eric? How would Kaval feel about this?

    Seriously, though she absolutely gorgeous and looks like a complete badass.