UK Newspaper Picks Up Tiffany’s Arrest/Suspension, Comments from WWE

UK newspaper, The Daily Record, ran a story today regarding SmackDown Diva, Tiffany‘s arrest and suspension with comments from WWE and an ‘insider’.

“WWE are aware of the situation and have taken appropriate disciplinary action,” says a WWE spokeswoman to the Record.

Meanwhile, an ‘insider’ in WWE tells the newspaper: “Taryn has been kept off the shows to give the authorities the required time to investigate.”

“The bosses see it primarily as a personal issue but they have to keep a close eye on the legal proceedings.”

“If she is not charged with any wrongdoing, she will be welcomed back.”

You can read the full article here.

For what it’s worth, Tiffany posted her first tweet since the story came to light on Friday, perhaps indicating that the worst of the storm is over.

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  • art1e

    good for her she has so much potential so i hope they keep her….

  • AjLeefAn

    Hope Tiffanys comes bac soon SD needs her bc even though i tired of seeing Lay-Cool and Blondetourage…Serena is gone & AJ nots going to SD yet!

  • fanboy

    Good to know… she just got a lot of fans and it wud suck if she was fired already

  • t-dogg

    So I guess they are waiting for the authorities to press charges.

  • mah

    i hope she comes back soon

  • DarknessRuler

    Phewwwww, their better be no more news outlets reporting this because the worst of the storm might just make a 360 and come back to haunt her.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    I don’t know what to say about this. I like Tiffany, but if Serena was released for the reasons people are saying she was, I find it terribly unfair. I mean Tiffany was promoting Summerslam when this occurred and she was actually arrested.
    Even if they drop charges, which they probably will, this will show even more how biased WWE is. I mean, we all know the difference between men and women in these matters, but now they will probably also prove how they treat Bunnies better than the normal looking girls.
    Or worst, how they keep one girl there because of who’s she is married with. I know that Drew is not a John Cena or a Randy Orton, but they probably were reticent on immediately release her because Drew (who management really like) would probably be pissed, which would bring a bad work environment.
    I know that I’m probably speculating and that someone is going to disagree, but screw it, is my opinion.

  • t-dogg

    @ DarknessRuler that would be an 180 actually

  • madslam2009

    Good that this thing is blowing over. Tiffany has a good future in the WWE if shes proven innoncent

  • EyeoftheTiger

    It’s a giant load of bull crap that she still has a job after people Rhino were fired for less in the past plus look at what happned to Serna this weeks she must be screwing someone in management

  • t-dogg

    @EyeoftheTiger how is this remotely comparable to the Serena situation or Rhino’s dismissal for that matter.

  • AjLeefAn


    you cant compare the two…Tiffany may have been promoting summerslam bt not at the event she was at.she was at the playboy mansion with wwe being pg they is no way she was promoting there…and what happen between Tiffany & Drew is their business.Serena actions from what i read is that she was warned multiple times of her actions and did not stop.this is Tiffany’s first time ever being in trouble im pretty sure if something like this was to happen again she would be released in the spot bt dnt make it seem like the two situations are the same bc they are not

    im a huge serena fan btw bt if what has been said is true she should have just slowed down on the partying so hard… wish you the best serena tho

  • melina prez

    hope u come back soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bananaleaf24

    dang serena must’ve killed someone in order to get fired faster than tiffany.

  • t-dogg

    @ bananaleaf24 *facepalm*

  • layglamacool

    @Ana_Nattie_rules like the report said wwe sees it as a personal matter, so why would they fire her if she isn’t going to be charged. But if she is charged then she should be fired, i do not think it has anything to do with the color of her hair because that is just ridiculous.

  • Billy James

    Well, I’ll agree with most of you that Tiffany’s situation is totally different from Serena’s but I can understand why Ana_Nattie_rules feels like the WWE is being unfair. If the WWE is going to hold a Superstar or Diva to a certain standard then all Superstars and Divas should all be held to the same standard. I’m not going get into the whole Serena release deal, already done that and stated my opinion, no need to rehash it because Serena was release and it’s a done deal. I definitely see Ana_Nattie_rules’s point about some Divas getting preferred treatment of other Divas because who they are dating or married to. I personally think that if Michelle McCool got in trouble with the law in the same situation that Tiffany is in, Michelle wouldn’t be suspended. As the old saying goes, it’s who you know.

    EyeoftheTiger brought up a great point about Rhino. Rhino was released over a heated argument with his ex-wife during WrestleMania weekend which tot eh best of my knowledge Rhino was never arrested. No one every said that has done this in the past and Rhino got no warning like Serena; Rhino was released. Now Tiffany was arrested, that’s a fact and she was not released.

    Personally in my opinion, Tiffany should have been never suspended in the first place. What to the old saying innocent until proven guilty? It’s not like Tiffany was arrested for robbing a bank or killing someone. It just seems like nobody in WWE management has a brain these days. Either that or Vince McMahon is letting someone else run the WWE. I’ll let you all figure out who I’m referring to.

  • t-dogg

    Billy James please not this again how are people being hold to a different standard here? Serena and Tiffany are in two totally different situations so how can they be held to the same standard? Sorry but some of you guys are coming across as real cry babies.

    I’m sick and tired of people like EyeoftheTiger and yourself bringing incidents from as far back as 1999 to justify your silly point. The Rhino incident happened FIVE years ago pre-Wellness and when WWE was a different company. The incident happened at the Wrestlemania hotel at Wrestlemania after party with press around quite the difference from the Tiffany situation. Despite you saying that Rhino didn’t get a warning he in fact did get a warning for his drinking. Unlike Tiffany Rhino got in the face of Linda McMahon and didn’t seem too apologetic for his actions not seeming to care about being fired.

    Guys please get over the jumped hate boner for WWE. WWE warned Serena over the course of a number of months over the consequences of her actions (giving her a number of chances btw) and she didn’t listen. Simple as, she made her personal choice and somehow it is WWE’s fault in the eyes of a lot here. Simply staggering.

    Im down right begging people to use their brain here.

  • Jack5326

    I hope Tiff can come back betetr than ever, if Drew isn’t pressing charges, that should be the end of the matter.

  • Billy James

    T-dogg, what do you not get, it’s an opinion. What are you a journalist or something? Assuming that you’re not then you are expressing your opinion just like everyone else. First off I said I agree with most of everybody that Tiffany’s situation is different from Serena’s. Two, I didn’t even go into Serena’s situation expect that i said that I had already express my opinion and that there was no need to rehash it because Serena was release and it’s a done deal. Rhino was fired for a public argument not for drinking.(check out at wikipedia) Third, and which in my opinion (let me say again so you’ll get t-dogg; OPINION!) if you read what I said, I didn’t think Tiffany should have even been suspended. Yes, she was arrested but it’s not like she committed murder or rob a bank. It’s a private matter that the WWE should have not gotten themselves involved in the first place in private between Tiffany and Drew in my opinion.

    t-dogg, if you are sick and tried of people making comments that you do not agree then don’t comment and go somewhere. The way you write your comments, you come across as being condensing. I’m sure you don’t mean to come across that way. I have tried to be nice and respectful to you in my comments. Not once have I said your opinions were wrong, all I have said is that I do not agree with you. Telling people use their brains and calling people cry babies is not the best way to state your case. People are using their brains to express their opinions. You make great points in your comments but because the way you talk to people on Diva Dirt, they tend to not to want to listen to what you have to say. Just try to be nicer ok.

  • t-dogg

    Sorry but this is a public comment board where opinions are discussed and debated. You can hide poorly thought out arguments by stating it is your opinion all you what. But your opinion isn’t of much value if it can be easily debunked to the point irrelevancy by others. Sorry but it is hard not to be condescending when a lot of posters here don’t even attempt to use logic in their thinking. Sorry but some posters do come across as cry babies as they look to find any reason to bash WWE. I did begin politely posting on Diva Dirt but only to be met with a lot posters have either ignored my posts, questions put to them and on occasion told me to shut up. All I wish is that we could have a discussion where people use facts and logical in their posts not tantrums and half baked conspiracy theories.

    I’ve yet to read a single reason how Serena and Tiffany’s situation is remotely comparable in any meaningful way. As well as a reason why Serena’s release was unfair when she was given multiple warnings/chances either. But neither factor will prevent another silly rant blaming WWE being posted when really they should blaming Serena for her lack of maturity.

    Where did I say that the only reason that Rhino was fired was for drinking? Please read my posts. Also Wikipedia is hardly a great primary resource.

  • Billy James

    t-dogg, now you’re being a jerk! My opinion is just as valuable as yours or anyone’s elese on here. I did read your post and you said and I quote “The incident happened at the Wrestlemania hotel at Wrestlemania after party with press around quite the difference from the Tiffany situation. Despite you saying that Rhino didn’t get a warning he in fact did get a warning for his drinking.” Those are your word not mine. It’s like you want to piss people off. You’re being rude and either you don’t see it or you don’t care. I’m speaking only for myself so please read very carefully t-dogg. Do not reply to my comments and I won’t reply to yours because you have shown you’re not going to treat me with respect. OK!

  • t-dogg

    Im not being a jerk for say an opinion based on facts and logic is superior to one that is based on bias and heresay. Please explain to me how that this isnt the case? As to think differently is low level thinking IMO.

    “The incident” I was referring in that post is the domestic he had in the hotel. Again I didnt say that his drinking was the only reason. The only reason I brought up his drinking was that Rhino was already on thin ice with management as he received a warning for his drinking BEFORE the domestic happened. To debunk you claim that Rhino didnt receive a warning. In essence Rhino was on his final warning before the domestic incident at the hotel. In contrast to Tiffany I havent read anything to the effect that she has been warned about her conduct in the past.

    How am I not treating you with respect? Im looking for you and others to post in a more inteligent manner thats all. In asking I am operating in the belief that you and (mainly) others can do so. So how is that disrespecful?

  • Billy James

    t-dogg, you don’t get it and never will. I see why some people tell you to shut up. Because you’re disrespectful to them and want to pick fights. Not everyone is going to agree with your opinion You say want debate and welcome it but no matter what people say you keep putting them down because to your way of thinking. I have read people’s post that made good points but you keep belittling those people because they don’t fall in line with your way of thinking.

    So you can get it t-dogg here the official Webster’s Dictionary for the definition of the “opinion”

    Opinion: A personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty

    Opinion has nothing to do with logical because we don’t all think the same. Again, for myself to don’t reply my comments and I won’t reply to yours. That’s means don’t reply to this! I know where you stand and you’re not going to changed and be respectful to me

  • Billy James

    To everyone else, sorry for getting off track of the subject.