NXT Rookie Spotlight: AJ Lee

NXT season three kicks off next Tuesday night, but before that, we’re helping you get acquainted with the cast of NXT 3! Today, we look at AJ Lee, who will be paired up with WWE Superstar, Primo.

23-year old AJ, real name April Jeanette, was signed by WWE last spring. Prior to WWE, she had been working on the independent circuit as Miss April. AJ primarily worked in the New Jersey area for Women Superstars Uncensored where she was one half of the WSU Tag Team Champions at the time of her signing. Since joining WWE developmental, she had been going by the name AJ Lee and is the current Queen of FCW after defeating Serena for the crown on an episode of FCW TV.

Check out some of her work below:

AJ Lee vs Natalya

Defeating five other rookies should be no problem for AJ, as here she is hanging in there move-for-move with perhaps the most talented female wrestler in WWE, Natalya. Yeah, baby!

More after the cut:

AJ Lee vs Serena (Queen of FCW)

AJ became the Queen of FCW back in February, defeating recently released Diva, Serena, in a hard fought bout.

How about another?

AJ Lee vs Naomi Night (Queen of FCW/FCW Divas Championship Unification)

This match aired just last Sunday and received a positive review from our Steven.

Oh and here’s a taste of her promo-cutting ability…

To see some of AJ’s pre-WWE work, visit ClickWrestle.

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  • Kaledrina

    i don’t want to overrate her before i see her on wwe tv, but i’m really liking aj.

    i don’t know how rigged (if it is at all!) nxt is, but i can see her going all the way and winning it. perhaps the final match being her vs aloisia.. total david and goliath.

    the only thing i don’t like is the name change. aj lee seems to roll off the tongue a bit better than just aj. of course, the pairing with primo isn’t ideal either, but considering how dismissive people are of lay-cool and they still managed to win the past season, i guess it is less about the pros and more about the rookies themselves.

  • Jack5326

    She is awesome. Not only is she good looking and talented in the ring, her girl next door/hot nerd character is pretty good and even though she is with Primo, I look forward to seeing her on NXT. As someone said in the previous threads about NXT, I think Primo has been paired with AJ to further his character, and they obviously believe that AJ has the talent to be able to do that. I can see AJ and Aloisia being the final two, with AJ winning the series.

  • spiffy

    I am so marking out for AJ.

    I think she’s got the It Factor and is the total package. I like her wrestling. She’s got great personality and will be great on the mic. Plus she’s hot, probably surpassing Maryse on my list. She’s tiny, but that just adds to her cuteness. If she’s a face, her small size will play big into her underdog role against the taller divas. If she’s a heel, the Queen will shine (especially without a monotone Southern accent like Mrs. Taker. Real Talk!).

    I don’t think having Primo as a pro is a negative. I think he’ll shine in their promos together. How many people thought LayCool was a bad match for Kaval? Now kook how that turned out. Besides, AJ’s moving to Raw/SD after NXT regardless of her finish. I can’t wait.

  • spiffy


    She’s still AJ Lee. Watch her NXT video promo.

  • http://www.evetorres.net Pedro

    @Spiffy they might refer to her as AJ with out the Lee though. Even though she said Hi I’m AJ Lee. If the Lee was official it would have been in her name when they posted her & primo together

    Same thing with Naomi. They mentioned her as Naomi and that’s it but on her intro she said Naomi Night.

  • spiffy

    It’s really no big deal. They rarely use Jillian’s last name anymore. Same with Natalya. And once in a while Striker will even say Layla El.

    If they didn’t want Lee or Night, they would have taken it out of their promos. WWE owns the trademarks to the names anyway.

  • M-m-m

    If you’re doing these in order, may I request that you skip Aksana’s matches and just post every episode of the Aksana show? There’s only four or five anyway as far as I can tell. Or maybe a couple and then random story segments she featured in? Her ring work doesn’t really paint the rosiest picture but damn, what a character that woman is.

  • melina prez

    aj is amazing i hope she wins nxt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Williambitious

    I wish you knew how proud I am of AJ. She’s from my hometown of Union City, NJ! I really do hope she wins because we’re not known for anything special (except being the most densely populated city in the U.S)

    I know she has what it takes to be the next WWE Diva. Go AJ!

  • xfrenchTKO

    ^ Agreed. I’m not from Union City, but I am from Jersey and out state isn’t know much except for “The Jersey Shore” show and being “That state next to New York.” So, I hope AJ can do Jersey proud!<3 I see her making it far, but you never know. Aloisia, I think is big competition for her. And, Aksana already has her fanclub of people on youtube, along with Naomi — so if it isn't a fixed competition, it can be ANYONE's game. I definitely think these will be the final four seeing as I don't see Jamie or Maxine making it far. I'm just pulling in for Aksana, Alosia or AJ!<3

  • layglamacool

    @Kaledrina i don’t think the show is rigged but the officials have favorites so they can still control the win/loss records which does have an effect on how people see them.

  • imj1995

    I’m so glad they WWE didn’t screw her body up with implants. Girls without them look way better. In my opinion.

    I like AJ Lea she’s so spunky. Her wrestling is always Flawless and she seems so light in the ring. I see Maxine going home first. Then Jamie Keys. After that Aksana. The final three should be Isis,Naomi,and Aj Lea.

    Also if Aj is playing heel on FCW does that possibly mean she’ll be playing one on the main roster or later in NXT?

  • http://www.youtube.com/xDivatoxicV3 MiPiMafia

    I’m just abit worried though. B’cos FCW let’s the girls do some great matches. but with WWE.. it’s just move-for-move. So i hope let dont water down AJ to a moveset i.e what kelly does.. 2 clotheslines, head scissors, hurricanrana then a dropkick.

  • TheeB

    AJ got this, No real competition for her.

  • Bobby Burchill

    I obsessively love her. That promo was awesome, as are nearly every match she has in fcw.

  • layglamacool

    @Bobby Burchill im sorry but that promo was awful, she was trying to hard and did not come across genuine. She makes a horrible heel but an amazing babyface.