ROH Recap (September 20th, 2010): Sara Del Rey vs Taeler Hendrix


After a mini hiatus, we are back with the ROH Recap! In this edition, ROH’s resident Queen of Wrestling, Sara Del Rey is taking on Taeler Hendrix, who hails from New England Championship Wrestling. Watch below:

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The match starts off with Taeler making the ultimate mistake by falling for Sara’s attempt of a handshake. Sara reels her right in, sending her to the nearest turnbuckle followed by a Coppo kick to Taeler’s head. Sara doesn’t slow down there as she begins to deliver vicious forearms to the face of Taeler. Sara then drags Taeler out to the middle of the ring by her hair where she executes a gut wrench back breaker. Thinking that Taeler is already done for, Sara kneels on her chest for a very cocky pin, but Taeler is able to get the shoulder up.

Sara wastes no time and goes back to Taeler’s hair and take’s her to the ropes, using them as leverage while still pulling on the hair of Taeler. Sara then steps out on to the apron, pulls Taeler’s upper body through the ropes, and begins to kick her viciously right on the chest.

Taeler tries to slither away from Sara, who continues to stalk and kick her before grabbing both of Taeler’s arms and bending them back in a submission hold. Taeler is able to work her way up to her feet, reversing the hold, and dropping down on her butt for a jaw breaker to Sara! Sara bends down, clutching her jaw while Taeler takes the opportunity to give Sara a dose of her own medicine by delivering a powerful kick of her own.

Taeler continues to feel the effects of Sara’s kicks from the earlier in the match and doesn’t recuperate in time before Sara knees her in the gut. Sara tries to Irish Whip Taeler to the ropes, but she reverses and hits Sara in the face with a spin kick, knocking Sara off of her feet for a bit. Sara quickly regains her composure and charges after Taeler, before being taken down by a elbow to the chest.

Taeler is on a wave of momentum and tries to get the crowd on their feet before climbing the top turnbuckle. She comes flying off with a double ax handle attempt, but is met with a stomach full of Sara’s boot. If anything was going to put a stop to Taeler’s momentum, that was it! The crowd (and I) begin to sense that the end is near for Taeler as Sara yanks her up and rolls her into a cross arm bar where Taeler submits within seconds.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This was a solid match, but it was a glorified squash. Clearly the message ROH is trying to send across is can anyone come into ROH and stop Sara Del Rey? Or atleast push her to the limit? I think they are going to bring in someone soon who will be able to do it. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jamilia Craft come back & making Sara humble. We shall see, but until then make sure you check out ROH’s sister promotion, SHIMMER (I’m sure you’ve heard of it) on for their newest DVDs.