WWE to Release Divas Swimsuit Calendar

WWE is set to release what looks like a steamy new swimsuit calendar for 2011! The all new, original calendar will feature bikini shots of our favorite Divas, a far cry from the usual patch-work calendars using pictures that we can just see on WWE.com.

The cover of the calendar sees Michelle McCool take top billing, while Eve Torres, Rosa Mendes and Kelly Kelly are also pictured. They all look gorgeous!

Check out the full cover below.

Thoughts: It’s great to see the Divas finally get an original piece of merchandise and I think this calendar will be a big hit as it reminds fans of those old swimsuit magazines the WWE used to put out, which many miss. It’s interesting that this is coming out now with Linda McMahon’s campaign about to end (although this looks pretty PG a la Sports Illustrated). Perhaps this could be a first step to doing those magazines and more swimsuit-esque stuff in future.

Thanks to Greg for the tip.

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  • Bourne2Fly

    Michelle takes top billing…of course.

    Living in CT, Linda’s losing by a fairly large margin, I’m certain that after the Senate campaign, even if she comes back to win, we will go back to PG-13 stuff, this being a sign of things to come.

  • ChrissyL

    I think swimsuit stuff is boring.

  • fanboy

    WWE shouldnt make the girls look so tan… theyre as orange as the jersey shore cast..

    I wonder why Rosa is in the cover… not like any of the ordianry fan knows her… and I really hate that tatoo of hers…

    Michelle looks great …as well as her shoes …. she’s like those female body builder …

  • fanboy

    I’m glad they werent wearin one piece swimsuits…
    And I dont think its right to make a calendar with girls wearin bikinis… cause girls cant really wear bikinis the whole year … especially during winter…

    Miss the times they wore Lingerie… but damn pg rating

  • wl75

    “although this looks pretty PG a la Sports Illustrated”

    Have you seen the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue the past few years? They’ve gotten pretty racy..

  • ryanmvs

    yay! no one peiece!

  • daemonicwanderer317

    Why Michelle? She is a heel and she isn’t the best swimsuit model they have (Maryse probably is).

    But glad that the ladies are getting something new.

  • Bourne2Fly

    Because Michelle is “champion” and the wife of UT.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    DAYYUMMNN! Michelle’s tummy is SICK! I wish I had a tummy that was that fit.
    She just has one of the fittest bodies in the Divas division.

  • mva85

    They all look great!!! rofl @ some comments.

  • Bourne2Fly

    They all do look great, they usually do :P

  • Marlon Eric

    Michelle McCool looks like a friggin’ statue. Her being the wife of UT has nothing to do with it. She belongs on the cover.

    One can ask the same for Eve. She’s the WWE Favorite right now for some reason I don’t understand, but either way she looks decent.

    And/or/why Rosa is on there is debateable. I would’ve used that slot for Maryse/Alicia Fox/ – someone with diversity or another recognizable face – Melina.

  • blackjack

    Eve looks the best here her body is ….DAMN! Nuff said..I’d take out Rosa and add Maryse though.

  • http://reallyrealawesomeinc.weebly.com crazyinsane11

    The cover…might just be the most airbrushed image I’ve layed my eyes upon 0_o

  • Jayd211

    i like the cover i think all the divas look good but i woulda replaced rosa on the cover with maryse

  • Jayd211

    :( no nattie, melina or tiffany on the calender (im assuming this was shot before her legal trouble)

  • http://reallyrealawesomeinc.weebly.com crazyinsane11

    TBH, I think Rosa looks the hottest…Maryse is pretty overated in the looks department IMO.

  • Jamal

    I’m sorry, but they all start to blur after a while, looks wise. Pics of the same type of woman over and over and over again gets boring. I wish WWE would get a little more diverse. Guess I should be happy with the bones they throw us with Beth and Nattie.

  • spiffy

    hopefully the divas will get to cheap plug it on tv like every other superstar’s merch.

  • RedHotVixen

    Dont get me wrong, I think all the ladies on the cover look stunning. But they all look the same to me. I would have loved to see a bit more diversity. Puting Alicia Fox, Melina, Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly on the cover would have been far more eyecatching and would have shown people that all the Divas are beautiful, not just the bronzed blondes. You know you have problems when you can barely tell Michell McCool and Rosa Mendez apart.

  • Aksana

    Why is Rosa and Kelly sucking in?… their both skinny anyway. I think Eve looks stunning, i’ve always thought Eve had the best body out of all the Divas.

  • donnie darko

    They all look great, McCool reminds me of Stratus from the 06 NYC shoot.

    – RHV – I agree. They should have Gail, Melina, Kelly and Fox on the cover. They’re all hot and diverse, as is the WWE Universe; so it makes more sense business wise. But anyway, I love McCool’s body here, she’s hot!(They’re all hot..)

  • mikeparis18

    Michelle looks beautiful but I’m suprised they didn’t use Maryse in the promo.

  • vonVile

    Who’s that little boy on the far left? :)

    Its a shame they don’t do Divas magazines any more.

  • Lunatik

    Why are they all the same color?? Orange is not cute…They should have went with Alicia, Gail, Layla, and Kelly Kelly for the color…