LuFisto Becomes First Ever NCW Femmes Fatales Champion

NCW Femmes Fatales has crowned its first ever champion: LuFisto.

The Super Hardcore Anime, who also serves as co-founder of Femmes Fatales, defeated Portia Perez in the finals of a tournament to pick up the belt.

Earlier in the night, Perez defeated Cheerleader Melissa while LuFisto defeated Kalamity to make it to the finals.

Stay tuned for full results tomorrow.

Congratulations LuFisto!

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  • Gregory

    Great, another promoter putting the championship on themselves…….

    Actually I’m just kidding. If the matches are great, then it’s all good. Congrats!

  • JoshiTom

    Im sure it was a great show!! Congrats to LuFisto on her win!

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    wow that’s stupid, so unfair.

  • bxradimus

    Damn. Portia beat Cheerleader Melissa?! Hmm, she must have pulled out every bit of Ninja she had in her!

    Awesome that Lufisto is the Champion! Congrats to her!

  • wildsnorlax

    “Damn. Portia beat Cheerleader Melissa?! Hmm, she must have pulled out every bit of Ninja she had in her!”

    I ain’t suprised Nichol Mathews pined Mschif at SHIMMER 29.

  • Mr_McKay_86

    Well done to LuFisto! No doubt she will be a fighting champion and know there are great matches to follow!

  • ItsRayVolution

    For those who think Lufi is the promoter….well let me just quote from her twitter

    “How many times do I have to say that I’M NOT THE PROMOTER OR NCW-FF?? I remember why I really didn’t want that freaking **** on my shoulder”


    It’s stupid to blame her for the title win. LuFisto, promotor or not (and she’s not, she only helps with graphics and contacting athletes), is one of the best athletes today and sooner or later she’s going to retire and this title reign for me it’s like a coronation of all the hard work she’s done on the indy scenes in the last 10 years. Stupid you to blame for this win. She totally desearved it

    Go LuFistoooooo!

  • The_JM

    from what i heard there was tricks by the ninjas i wanted melissa to win but lufisto deserved it too

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Well this was just a cheap way to get another accomplishment under her name i like her but this was still unfair believe it or not.

    • Melanie

      LaceyVonErichFan — LuFisto doesn’t make booking decisions, so it’s not a ‘cheap way to get another accomplishment’ because she didn’t put the title on herself.

      LuFisto has worked extremely hard in this industry and while she’s never been SHIMMER Champion, this is her big moment and it amazes me that people are sh*tting all over it.

  • Jack5326

    Congrats LuFisto, very apt that the final featured two canadian talents and I’m glad that LuFisto was rewarded for her hard work, she deserves it after her health scare!

  • ecwroh

    @Melanie: Yeah, that was exactly what i was thinking. Anyways, SUPER HAPPY! I am. Its awesome that LuFi is the champ & the very first one at that. AWESOME!

  • IronSheikFan

    Lufisto makes a great champion. Every wrestling company puts the person they can trust the most as champion. Lufisto fits the mold for NCW. It’s not like the promoter’s untrained girlfriend is champion, a quality and talented wrestler is champion.

  • Jennifer

    LVEF: STFU. Lufisto doesn’t make booking decisions as Melanie pointed out already. Lufi has worked VERY hard, she’s honed her body the past 6 months to get into phenominal shape, has come back from a potentially career and life-threatening medical condition, and EARNED the right to be FF’s first champion. It is in no way, shape or form unfair, and it is NOT just another way to put herself over.

    Haters need to sit down and shut up. Lufisto has earned this with every drop of blood, every bead of sweat, every tear she shed.

  • Bobby Burchill

    Why would NCW:FF put their brand new title on someone who they can not absolutely guarentee to be at each of their shows? It’s dumb to give the title to say Cheerleader Melissa (as much as I mark for her) when she works countless independent dates in the United States (keeping in mind NCW is in Montreal) LuFisto is a guarentee to attend & wrestle at every show unless injury occurs, and as a Champion, she will be the main focus of the show. Why do you think R-Truth was taken off Team Raw? He’s banned from Canada and thus couldn’t make the build-up Raw to Bragging Rights.

    It’s ridiculous to claim she doesn’t deserve it. She has worked insanely hard for years to entertain fans with not only her wrestling, but a solid gimmick as well. From what I understand, she doesn’t book the show, so please don’t give that excuse as to why she won it. The first champion is supposed to be special, why not the woman many already associate the company with? Who is an automatic 100% confirmed to be at each and every show?

  • Gregory

    @Bobby: Think about your logic for a second. If LuFisto is the only one who should be champion because she’s the only one who can be there each and every time, then there’s no real point to a championship, as there’s no drama since she’s going to retain every time. Really, they had several options as champions that would have been fine, because you can’t play a game of “what if.” And LuFisto as champion is just fine as well as I know she’ll have great matches, and make the event mean something.

    As for this booker thing, I really think the article should list a correction and apology noting that the website made an error and refered to LuFisto as a co-booker. You shouldn’t hide the error under the rug (there are other websites that have this wording BTW) and then complain about other commentators when their comments were based on errored information written here. Seeing as this site is the only one covering the show, as far as I know, I strongly believe that a lot of the negative things written by fans to LuFisto on Twitter, which caused her outburst, was based on the news article written here. I feel it’s the right thing to do (the apology, not the complaints to LuFisto.)

    • Melanie

      Gregory — Actually, I initially wrote ‘co-promoter’ not co-booker. There are differences between a promoter and a booker and no where did I refer to LuFisto as a co-booker, because I know she isn’t.

      I realised my mistake that LuFisto isn’t co-promoter and edited it out.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Woah calm the heck down jennifer, damn someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning -rolls eyes-. Also i thought promoters booked matches in the indies.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Also were not haters because of a misunderstanding because clearly no one hear said anything about her wrestling, looks,etc so you stfu, talking to me like you know me.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    *Here not hear -_-

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Okay now i can say she deserved it because i never said she didn’t i just thought it was unfair but i also misunderstood that whole promoter/booker concept because why would a promoter wrestling in there own promotion?

  • wildsnorlax

    I’m so happy 4 this woman who is still wrestling after that stroke she suffered last year.

    Its so stupied how TNA or WWE never looked at her.

    And she totally deserve the title.

  • Bobby Burchill

    “Think about your logic for a second. If LuFisto is the only one who should be champion because she’s the only one who can be there each and every time, then there’s no real point to a championship, as there’s no drama since she’s going to retain every time.”

    I meant for their inaugural champion xD sorry if I worded that wrong. I think it was smart to make your first champion someone you can count on 100% for every show, like SHIMMER did with Sara Del Rey.

  • John Hyperion


    There’s no “we” there’s only you. You come in a post assholish stuff in every indie wrestling post. You don’t watch it. You don’t care about it. You know nothing about it. You’re just a worthless troll.