SmackDown Spoilers: October 24, 2008

Check out the spoilers for Friday night’s SmackDown below:

Maryse & Natalya def. Maria & Michelle McCool in a tag team match. Jesse and Festus came out with a mariachi band, distracting Maria and Michelle. This allows Maryse a win via rollup.

Backstage, Michelle confronts Maria and asks her what happened out in the ring. Maria says she needs to find Jesse and Festus.

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  • Mace

    sounds better than what raw delivered, and smackdown is actually got storyline progression.

  • mah

    i know its out of topic but why thet even didnt let victoria replace natie n share the win…!!!

  • Luis

    sound like an intresting storyline line progression.

  • marco

    so glad maryse got the win
    so glad michelle lost :P
    this could also happen during maria’s title match

  • Cameron

    I agree with Luis, this is going to be very interesting, we can very well be seeing Michelle becoming a heel soon

  • thomas

    michelle = heel turn

  • Alana.G

    wow i’m surprised they’re actaully trying to build somehting between those two, It’s cool that they aren’t just blowing over Maria’s win thank good for Smackdown cause RAW really isn’t doing anything for anyone!It’s almost like it’s no longer a bad thing to be a Diva on Smackdown sense as of now its better in terms of Diva related things.

    lol does any one else think that ever sense freddie prinze jr joined the writing team on smackdown that thats why Divas have had better attention on that show then they have RAW lol random but hey might be true,

  • Kristen

    I totally agree alana about the freddie thing.

    If they turn michelle heel that will be 4 heels and 2 faces and then there is eve.

  • Larry

    It’s nice to see McCool might turn heel because being a face was’nt cutting it. Smackdown has McCool/Maryse feud and Victoria & Natalya against The Bella Twins. I’m not quite sure were Raw is going. I really wish both shows could keep fans intrested. Once Smackdown gets good Raw gets boring and vice versa.

  • Michelle

    There’s also the other Bella twin, Kristen. Anyway, looks like a good week for SD divas, and I’m REALLY hoping that this storyline is leading to a Michelle heel turn. :D

  • marco

    im sad why you ask
    torrie asked for her release during the greatest time for SD divas
    and just think she would be divas champion and not McSlutFacedHoBag

  • Tasha

    Seems like a good week for SD divas….But why can’t wwe start building some stories on RAW too???? It’s like when one show has divas match on PPV the other one stops all the stories till next month….that’s just stupid….