Diva Dirt’s 10 Wishes & Predictions for 2011

It’s time once again for our annual wishes and predictions for the year ahead! This is one of our favorite year-end traditions here at Diva Dirt. Catch up on last year’s here.

Now, let’s get stuck into this year’s wishes & predictions, shall we?

2011 Wishes
* The Divas Tag Team Tables Match was cool and all, but how about we use that as a stepping stone to really amp it up with the women’s division? More unique matches, more emphasis on storylines and most importantly, more time for the Divas.
* Please, please, please WWE, use Awesome Kong as the star attraction we know her to be. Don’t turn her into a punchline for Santino and/or Hornswoggle.
* TNA, how about some diversity? We no longer have any African-American Knockouts, or Asian Knockouts. This makes kittens weep.
* I believe I speak for everyone when I say Gail Kim deserves a push! Let her talk some more, let her wrestle some more & give her a title feud.
* No more stupid title switches, TNA. No more laying down, no more lockboxes, no more reversing decisions. The amount of ridiculously short and meaningless title reigns in 2010 was through the roof. Get your act together with the Knockouts Championship.
* Sarita for Knockouts Champion. Just sayin’…
* Natalya vs Beth Phoenix would certainly appease a lot of fans. It’s a WrestleMania dream match for many, but Divas and ‘Mania is a lost cause… any pay per view will do.
* Make Winter a top Knockout! I’m talking title feuds, pay per view matches with Mickie, Angelina, Tara etc. Make her the star that WWE never did.
* Main roster spots for AJ and Naomi, pretty please.
* Oh and finally, ROH, we hope you develop a regular women’s division on TV and pay per view and give opportunities to the women not in WWE and TNA.

2011 Predictions
* Title reigns that are inevitable: heel Melina as Divas Champ and Mickie as Knockouts Champ.
* Lay-Cool will be headed to Splitsville. Say goodbye to the flawless BFFs.
* Serena will join TNA.
* At least one big departure per company. (Melina? Layla? Tara? Mickie James?)
* WWE will sign at least one other recognisable independent name to go along with Awesome Kong.
* TNA will axe the Knockouts Tag Team Championships.
* Natalya will continue to be one of the top babyface Divas in WWE for much of 2011.
* Eve will also be pushed once again in the top babyface spot, but will she be able to hold onto that spot this time?
* Babyface turns for Layla, Maryse and Tara.
* Heel turns for Angelina Love, Beth Phoenix and Winter.

Share your wishes & predictions in the comments!

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  • MickieFan226

    2011 WISHES
    – More air time for WWE Divas.
    – Better storylines/feuds/matches for both Divas/Knockouts.
    – Dear WWE, push Gail Kim!
    – Give the Divas a REAL match at WM. I don’t care what it is, anything but another mess for the 5th year in a row.

    – After WrestleMania, I see LayCool breaking up, and having a nice & long feud over the summer.
    – Rosa Mendes will be released.
    – Title Reigns for Melina at some point, same for Mickie.
    – WWE won’t use Awesome Kong correctly, REALLY hope I’m wrong though.
    – Serena/Jillian will both join TNA.

  • Valese

    I hope Kelly Kelly gets a push. Hopefully even a title reign.

  • MickieFan226

    For some strange reason, I kind of agree with you Melanie. I don’t know if I see Mickie staying TNA for a long period of time. It depends on her contract and how long it is but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s not in TNA by this time next year.

  • darkangels

    2011 predictions tna ko’s tag titles will be drop and replace with single title kong wwe brings back the women championship for smackdown kong wins it mickie or tara leaves tna taylor wilde go to the wwe serena signs with tna ROH still won’t have a ladies division and kong awesome bomb one the divas though the ring now thats a safe prediction lol!!

  • ryanmvs


    “* TNA, how about some diversity? We no longer have any African-American Knockouts, or Asian Knockouts. This makes kittens weep.”

    My predictions :
    Angeline Love vs Mickie feud.
    Serena and Jillian signed to TNA.
    Tara announces her retirement after a hell of a match between Mickie James, Tara wins.
    Velvet becomes a Valet for MCMG (I wish…)
    Sarita interfers in a match between Mickie and
    Angelina, therefor somehow becoming KO champion.
    TNA sign Independent Wrestlers (I.e Christian an Jennifer)
    Cookie , Christy , and Daffney released .
    Wwe goes TV-14.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    (wish list)

    -WWE sign at least 2 indy wrestlers a year but this year they signed about 5. So hopefully they start hiring indy talent on a regular basis. Maybe more veterans then rookies.
    -Awesome Kong ‘kills’ kelly kelly, the bellas and maryse.
    -Alicia gets a small 1 month push.
    -Melina should wear her old attires & get highlights.
    -WWE push Kong like TNA pushed her and tag her along w/ Maxine.


    -Rosa will be released by the end of summer in 2011.
    -Angelina will be 7 time KO champion by the end of the year in 2011.
    -Daffney will quit TNA.
    -WWE will hire probaly Taylor Wilde.
    -Naomi & AJ will get called up to the main roster.
    -LayCool will break up.
    -Beth will become divas champion.
    -Sonia will become Queen of FCW & Kaitlyn will become FCW divas champion.
    -WWE will sign an experienced women wrestler from Tough Enough.
    -NXT will have it’s first ever mixed season with 3 women & 3 men.

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    forgot one thing under wishlist, “push GAIL KIM as champion w/ kong being the challenger!’

  • Spike7000

    2011 Wishes
    – Madusa returns and has a storyline regarding of still having the old school Womens title
    – Push Gail Kim
    – An actual Divas match at Wrestlemania
    – Awesome Kong has epic matches with Beth, Natalya, Melina, Tamina, Gail, AJ, Naomi, Sonia, and Michelle
    – Sarita wins the TNA Knockouts Championship
    – Familiar faces from the old generation of WWE Divas returns
    – More Unique matches and time for the Divas
    – ROH gets a regular Womens division
    – The WWE Womens title gets brought back

    2011 Predictions
    – WWE signs just a few familiar faces now with Awesome Kong on the Divas roster
    – LayCool splits up
    – Christina Von Eerie, Jennifer Blake, Serena Deeb, and Jillian Hall sign with TNA
    – TNA retires the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles
    – One big departure from either WWE or TNA
    – Alicia Fox and Caylee Turner form a tag team
    – WWE releases Rosa Mendes and Bella Twins
    – AJ Lee/Miss April, Naomi Night, Sonia/Su Yung join the Divas roster

  • vonVile

    2011 Wishes:
    – Daffney becomes Knockout Champion. She deserves it!
    – No more >2 minute Diva matches.
    – WWE future endeavors; Bellas Twins, Kelly Kelly, and Rosa.
    – Gail Kim returns to TNA.
    – WWE doesn’t give us another lame Divas match at WrestleMania.
    – Smackdown vs Raw 2012 doesn’t lock Divas out from certain matches. If I want Divas in a First Blood Match I should be able to do it.
    – Taylor Wilde signs with the WWE.
    – Christina Von Eerie signs with TNA.
    – Mickie James and Tara do Shimmer events. I want to see them face; Sara Del Rey, Mercedes Martinez, Daizee Haze, MsChif and Cheerleader Melissa.
    – Shimmer gets syndicated on TV.
    – TNA/Spike TV starts to air Xplosion.
    – TNA starts paying Knockouts a good wage.
    – Diva Dirt starts focusing on AAA. Best women’s action the site isn’t reporting.

    2011 Predictions:
    – Kong won’t last 6 months in the WWE.
    – Michelle McCool will have another year burying the Divas division.
    – Cheerleader Melissa will become Shimmer champion.
    – Vince will always try to one up Knockout division.
    – Sarita will be Knockout champion.
    – TNA rebuilds Knockout roster to former glory.


    Wishes – Kelly Kelly gets paired with Chris Masters or John Cena. WWE resigns Tiffany. New Divas Champions ex K2, Gail or Nikki Bella. See Jamie or Taylor in WWE again. Eve gets drafted to SmackDown with Maryse. Michelle turns back face. All Divas vs. AwesomeK fued. EPIC!!!!!!!!

    Predictions – WWE signs two more Divas. Mickie or AwesomeK wont be working in their respective companies by this time next year. Naomi is a heel on SD. LayCool splits up. Heel turns for Beth, Angelina, and Winter.


    Oh and Aksana to the main roster and Rosa gets a push.

  • angelbaby09

    2011 Wishes

    Daffney gets a push.
    Layla turns babyface.
    Michelle does not be pushed to the top of the division (seriously give other divas a chance)
    Beth vs Kong; Beth vs Nattie
    Mickie turns heel
    More diversity in the KO divison
    More women who actually know how to wrestle, WWE.
    Maryse breaks away from Ted .
    No KOs or Divas get injured (I know this is almost impossible but a girl can dream, right?)
    2011 Predictions
    Kong will not last through 2011.
    Mickie will take over the KO divison
    Madison becomes a babyface
    WWE will continue to put divas in 2 mins matches; until the KOs show them up again.
    Sarita will be KO champ
    KO divison will become the dominant women’s divison
    WWE will contin

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

    2011 Wishes:
    – Push Gail Kim
    – Divas Tag Team Belts
    – Daffney Becomes Knockouts Champion
    – WWE Signs Cheerleader Melissa
    – WWE Signs Taylor Wilde
    – TNA Signs Serena
    – Sarita Becomes Knockouts Champion
    – Aksana Gets Called up to the Main Roster

    -Layla Turns Face
    -Mickie will with Knockouts Championship
    – Gail Will Leave WWE
    – WWE will release Rosa
    – Daffeny will Leave TNA
    – Beautiful People Breakup
    – Awesome Kong will become Divas Champion
    – Maryse To Smackdown
    – Eve Truns Heel
    – WWE Signs Taylor WIlde
    – TNA Gets Rid of Knockouts Title Belts
    – Beth will be Divas Champion
    – Michelle McCool will become Divas CHampion
    -Lita will Return (or Make appearances)

  • GailKimFan09e

    2011 Wishes

    -Please WWE Push Gail kim !!!
    -Please TNA Push Daffney !!!!

    2011 Prediction

    -Babyface turns for Maryse,Layla, Alicia fox, Daffney and Tara
    -Heel turns for Beth Phoenix, Velvet Sky, Eve torres, the Bellas
    -Up coming stars in:
    WWE: Aj lee, Naomi knight and Awesome Kong
    TNA: Serena, Jillian hall, Christina Von Eerie
    – at least one Past Diva or Former Knockout will return to their Brand for a one time storyline..

    and the BIG ONE ……….

    TNA INVADES WWE!!!!! THE KNOCKOUTS TAKE ON THE DIVAS, but let me just say that this doesn’t mean the end of tna, its a One Time deal Storyline wise, solely fan based Gift given to use from Vince and Dixie…….

  • fanboy

    like all the wishes and predictions Melanie…

    *Kelly Kelly to improved as much as Layla has
    *Alicia as face or maybe just make her win matches
    *Tamina as heel again.. need more heel divas

    *Naomi as heel… :(
    *Kaitlyn to be pretty decent in the ring
    * Michelle’s visciousness coming back


  • fanboy


  • LaceyVonErichFan

    What the hell is with people saying Kong won’t last in WWE? If they signed her that means they want her for a reason. She has done so ‘many’ things that could of provent her from WWE hiring her but they still did. Many of you, have said that kong would never be hired by WWE but where is she now? So stop with all the negativity, you guys act as if WWE is so predictable. Gail has been w/ WWE for 2 years and if the predictions from 2009 were true then gail would have been released by then but she hasn’t so just stop.


    They have only kept Gail so she could stay away from TNA. And @LVEFAN werent you one of the ones who said WWE wont hire her????

  • CRosario2010

    2011 Wishes

    Awesome Kong Wins IC title or United States title

    Diva match at Wrestlimania: Awesome Kong vs Beth Phoenix in a First Blood match

    AJ Lee vs Katlin vs Naomi story Line

    Divas Money in The Bank match

    Taylor Wilde to WWE

    All Divas in Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Including Awesome Kong

    Sarita as KO Champion

    TNA signs Serena

    WWE Signs Alissa Flash/ Cheerleader Melisa

    Divas in the RAW or Smackdown main event in a 15 min match

    TNA bring in Female wrestlers from Shimmer and Japan and actually have a Tag-Team division

    TNA Signs Christina Von Erie and Sara Del Ray

    WWE signs Athena and Daziee Haze or Alison Danger

    2011 Predictions

    Awesome Kong debuts on WWE by attacking Gail Kim. Then they use TNA in there storyline like TNA used WWE

    WWE smartens up and saves the Diva Division

    Winter vs Velvet Sky Feud

    Christy Hemme vs Cookie

    All Divas in Smackdown vs Raw including Awesome Kong

    WWE makes a women’ s Tag-Team division and brings Indy women wrestlers

    Rosa Mendez goes back to FCW

    Michelle McCool Face Turn

    Undertaker and Michelle become a Tag-Team. Like how Undertaker and Sara (His ex-wife) were.

    Mschif signs with TNA

    KO Champion Make over

    The BP break up

    Lita and Trish return!

  • LaceyVonErichFan


    Nope, i said that they were interested in her and eventually would sign her and when she got arrested i was a bit doubtful but never said they wouldn’t sign her.

  • UncleCuc

    Wish: WWE books Kong like they did Umaga.
    Prediction: WWE books Kong like they did Festus.

    Wish: WWE gives the divas significant airtime and good angles on RAW and SD!
    Prediction: More random tag matches on Superstars.

    Wish: Lita and Trish come back.
    Prediction: It’s never going to happen.

    Wish: TNA continues their recent focus on the KOs with several feuds and angles running concurrently.
    Prediction: They’ll run out of ideas by March at the latest.

    Wish: Ted JR and Maryse break up and each goes on to greater success.
    Prediction: Ted JR and Maryse break up and Ted is stuck in midcard hell while Maryse jobs to every babyface diva on the roster.

    So I’m a cynic.


    Ok whatever anyway

  • vonVile

    What the hell is with people saying Kong won’t last in WWE? If they signed her that means they want her for a reason.

    The problem with the WWE signing Kong is than they’re PG. This means she can’t face men. Then there’s the problem of her in the Divas division. She’s weighs over 2 times that of the nearest Diva. Nobody is going to believe a 100 pound Diva will be able to take her down. Yes, it worked in TNA, but they put out an effort to. The WWE can’t even put effort in their tag division, so don’t expect much with them using Kong. They’ll will just bring her in, have her feud with Beth or Natalya and after Kong loses get released.

  • Ed

    2011 Wishes:

    -TNA finally get off their asses and sign Jennifer Blake.

    -Jennifer Blake & Christina Von Eerie debut in TNA as a tag team with their Las Gringas Locas gimmick from AAA and win the Knockout tag titles before…

    -…TNA eliminates the Knockout tag titles.

    -TNA come to their senses and stop trying to make Madison Rayne a top star.

    -In her WWE debut, Awesome Kong powerbombs Kelly Kelly through the ring.

    -Sarita wins the Knockouts title.

    -Awesome Kong vs. Beth Phoenix on PPV. 15+ minutes. No handcuffs, no restrictions. It’ll never happen, but it’s fun to dream.

    -A push for Gail Kim.

    -An end to the ridiculous Kaitlyn-hate on this website. Seriously, people, youtube her FCW matches. She’s getting better, I swear.

    2011 Predictions:

    -Melanie stops fighting against that overpowering urge in the back of her mind and finally joins the Kaitlyn fanclub.

    -#ColeMiners4Life becomes the top trending topic in the world.

    -LayCool finally break up after their humiliating defeat at the hands of… TEAM ROBOT HANDSHAKE!!!

  • http://maryse-unlimited.net/ litaluva06

    Lay-Cool Splits
    Layla turns face (:
    Maryse either leaves Ted and turns Face (: or Maryse leaves Ted for The Miz and either they both turn face, or remain heel and become the most dominate couple since Lita & Edge.
    Michelle continues to do what she does, MAKE HISTORY!
    Awesome Kong absolutely DOMINATES!
    Kelly Kelly gets pushed more but doesn’t win a title.
    Alicia Fox gets the same as Kelly.
    Eve gets pushed again and drafted to SmackDown!
    Gail Kim gets a title push/run.
    Natalya stays top face
    Beth Phoenix perhaps turns heel towards the end of summer/the year
    AJ to RAW Naomi to SmackDown!
    Bella’s either fired or separated, one to RAW & one to SmackDown!
    Melina top heel on RAW/Champion
    WrestleMania will be good no matter what!
    Lita appears at WrestleMania, if not returns part time.
    Rosa becomes a little more active, putting over/used as a filler.
    Tamina and Santino continue throughout the year.
    WWE hires Taylor Wilde
    WWE hires Alissa Flash
    Lita as Guest Hostess <3 (:
    Lita & Trish return again and have a good segment

    Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, AJ, Rosa

    SmackDown! DRAFT PICS
    Maryse, Gail Kim, Eve Torres, Nikki Bella, Naomi, Awesome Kong