Royal Rumble in Review: Eve Rocks the Rumble

To say last night’s Royal Rumble pay per view was random would be an understatement. Within a course of a week, we had gone from Natalya vs Melina to Natalya vs Lay-Cool and now to Eve involved as well. So confusing. It’s enough to make you need a stiff drink.

Under the guise that we are going to have a two-on-one handicap match, Lay-Cool make their way down to the ring with Michelle McCool this time looking extra flawless. (Sorry Lay!) The Divas Champ is out next and we are ready to go…. Not so fast.

That dastardly GM’s laptop (this isn’t Raw!!!) rings and we get the announcement that this will now be a fatal four-way match with another Diva involved. Cue gasp as we all think ‘OMG AWESOME KONG’… eh, way to get your hopes up. Beth Phoenix? I mean, she does have singles victories over both Layla and Michelle in recent weeks… eh, think again. Eve Torres’ music hits. Oh.

Eve, who has barely been involved in any storylines or in the title picture for several months is the last minute addition to the match. Of course, simply from her entrance we should have realised she was going to win. Why else would you inject her into the match? More on that later.

Anyhoo, the match gets underway and we have a Diva melee! Michelle and Natalya on one side and Layla and Eve on the other. Where to look?! This match could get problematic. Michelle now switches to Eve and Layla to Natalya. Michelle’s got Eve in the corner and Layla throws Nattie into the ring post. Lay-Cool use some team work as Layla throws Eve to the wolves (well, Michelle) for a clothesline. They then switch positions with Layla hitting the clothesline this time. Lay-Cool then hit Eve with a double front-first leg-sweep in an attempt to mangle that pretty little face, before taunting her.

Michelle runs Eve out of the ring and in the corner, Natalya is getting back to her feet taking down both Layla and Michelle with clothesline. She seemingly has Layla in a big swing position but Michelle sneaks up behind her and gets a kick for her efforts. Natalya then slingshots Layla into Michelle, which ejects the latter from the ring. Natalya goes for a pin but McCool — being a friend or being advantageous, you decide — pulls Layla out of the ring.

Natalya joins them outside of the ring where Layla hits her with a hard clothesline, sending Natalya’s head against the floor. Insert cartoon birds here.

Back in the ring, McCool can see Eve climbing onto the apron and runs at her, striking her with a vicious knee and sending her hurtling back to the floor below. That’s why she’s Miss McCruel!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Lay-Cool face off! The two Divas stare down each other unsure whether to strike, after all there can only be one champion. A very cool teaser.

But before they can make up their minds, Natalya grabs Layla’s legs from the outside of the ring as Michelle seeks retaliation by kicking her through the ropes. The action gets fast now as Eve sneaks into the ring and rolls up McCool but Layla breaks it up. Natalya enters the ring now with a big discus clothesline on McCool as Eve hits a dropkick on Layla. Michelle is tossed out of the ring by Nattie as Eve squares up to the champ, putting their babyface bond aside in pursuit of the butterfly.

Natalya sets up Eve for the Sharpshooter but Layla comes running at her with a punch, before stumbling over Eve and falling atop her. You know what’s coming… double Sharpshooter! The crowd pops big for that one but the fun is soon broken up by Michelle who hits a perfectly executed kick to Natalya’s head. Her kicks are always so vicious and believable!

McCool attempts to pin Eve but she kicks out. Eve then rolls Michelle into a small package but it’s broken up by Layla, who then hits a vicious Lay-Out on Eve. With Eve laid out by the side of the ring, Michelle McCool — once again displaying her cunning in-ring psyche — hits a baseball slide taking her out of the ring leaving the match to just three competitors.

Lay-Cool walk into a double clothesline from Natalya, followed by individual clothesline. Nattie then picks up Michelle for a big sit-out powerslam followed by a pin attempt but shock horror, Layla breaks it up. Layla and Natalya exchange forearms before Nattie picks her up and rams into the corner and hits a discus clothesline on her in the corner. Natalya picks up Layla on her shoulder and at that very moment, Michelle comes running at her with a big running boot but catches Layla instead. Uh oh!

Natalya uses the distraction to roll up McCool but she kicks out. McCool goes for a kick but Natalya catches her leg and pushes her out of the ring.

Meanwhile, Eve is back up and sneaks into the ring, tossing Natalya out. Seeing Layla laying in the corner, she senses the opportunity to hit a gorgeous moonsault. The referee makes the three count, but doesn’t see that Michelle has Natalya rolled up for the three count too!

Eve wins the Divas Championship and Michelle is screwed. Cue awkward moment…

Eve looks confused, Natalya looks confused, Michelle looks pissed and confused. And God knows that we as fans were left confused.

Eve’s music finally hits after what seems like the longest two seconds ever, confirming her as the new Divas Champion with the referee raising her arm.

So Eve is the new Divas Champion much to the shock and dismay of everyone…? From a storyline standpoint, it was bizarre to see Eve even included in this match because as mentioned earlier, Beth Phoenix has more of a case with singles victories over both Layla and Michelle in recent weeks. Even Melina, who has been feuding with Natalya, would make a little more sense.

What’s clear is that the storyline up until last night didn’t matter. Instead, last night’s show saw many random angles — not just for the Divas, but the men too — setting up storylines for the upcoming months. Eve is definitely a favourite amongst WWE officials and extremely well-liked backstage, so it seems to me that this could be a case of them wanting to push Eve in the biggest period of the WWE calendar: the road to WrestleMania. And with the questionable finish, where Michelle McCool seemingly had the match one too, it could be that WWE are leaning towards Eve vs Michelle (and Layla to an extent) in the coming months, possibly at WrestleMania 27.

As for the match, I had two different reactions to this match. Watching it live, I thought the ring work was extremely strong from all four girls but the match had little flow and seemed to be all over the place. Watching it back a second time, I thought it worked much more enjoyable and seemed to flow a lot better. Highlights include Natalya’s double Sharpshooter, Eve’s breathtaking moonsault and of course, that Lay-Cool face-off teaser was just superb. An enjoyable match, despite the shock outcome.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Elsewhere, following the great backstage segment between Gail Kim and the Bella Twins last Monday on Raw, we saw some continuation last night at the Rumble. I guess this made up for the ‘WTF?!’ moment just seconds before.

Gail Kim and Daniel Bryan are seen all lovey-dovey before Josh Mathews gets a quick interview from him. The Bella Twins appear, flowers in hand, and give the pair a faux-apology for their actions last Monday. However, the apology soon turns into the twins taking some sly digs at Gail. It all pops off when Gail — shock horror! — gets their names wrong, calling Brie ‘Nikki’. Brie slaps Daniel Bryan which results in Gail hitting her hard with the bouquet of flowers. The two Bellas wail on Gail (ha!) as DB tries to break things up. Caught in the fray, Bryan gets hit with another hard slap from one of the twins. Daniel tries to protect Gail but ends up scratched and clawed by the Bellas as the WWE officials try to break things up. Well that was fun! A lot of fun!

Speaking of random Diva moments at the Rumble, Kelly Kelly — who’s supposed to be tangled up in a storyline with Drew McIntyre — found herself involved in the World Heavyweight Championship match between Edge and Dolph Ziggler? Why? God knows.

Skip to the 11:00 minute mark

But with Vickie Guerrero on the apron getting in Edge’s face, Kelly appears out of nowhere, pulling Vickie off the apron, slapping her and mounting her with a Thesz Press. Well, okay then. Hopefully WWE will explain this in some way on SmackDown this coming Friday. Perhaps Edge, figuring Vickie would try to get involved, paid her off to come help him out? We’ll see.

On the whole, last night’s pay per view delivered a lot of random moments and one big WTF. But regardless of where you sit on Eve’s title win, it was actually pretty fun Diva-wise.

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  • Teri

    I actually thought last night was a really fun night for the divas. Kelly randomly beating the crap out of Vickie Guerrero, Gail backstage brawling with Nik & Brie, and a fantastic fatal fourway matchup with Eve picking up the title for the second time in her career. Albeit the event was super random, I loved it.

  • Teri

    Oh, I TOTALLY forgot. The Layla/Michelle staredown was GLORIOUS.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    last was a good night for thre divas, loved the match, loved the backstage brawl, only thing that would have made it better was Kong or Beth, but anyways it is begin reported that Kong is backstage at Raw tonight :) i am hoping that there is a battle royal tonight for #1 contender ship and then have kong destroy them all

  •!/jayd211 Jayd211

    yeah i agree with @Teri

    i think WWE pulled the belt off of Nattie cuz they painted themselves into a corner with her character wise they built her up as this unstoppable face and had no heels on deck that could stand up to her i mean she hasnt been pinned cleanly by anyone in over 3 months even back to before she was champ. they need a face that the other heels can at least be competitive with

    plus i think if they are bringing Kong in to go straight after the butterfly belt they’d want someone that hasnt been built up as a super strong competitor for Kong to squash for the belt i.e. Eve then they can have Nattie or Beth chase for the belt

  • art1e

    EITHER Kelly is turning heel & gonna help drew or maybe she’ll turn him face?? did anyone else want Kaitlyn to run out it would have made sense with their history???…vicky sold that Thesz Press thou really well even if kelly botched that slap…

    i liked the match i think it could have been less clotheslines & more moves but it was still good..
    i liked eve’s & laylas outfits as well plus the crowd was involved which is good.

    i really liked the bellas with gail i was like oh shit brie took gail down hard lol..

    the ppv of random diva action LMAO..

  • seasons-of-love

    Yay, time for another boring ass Eve title run. Honestly, she makes Michelle McCool look charismatic.

  •!/jayd211 Jayd211

    you kno even with the randomness i cant remember the last time the Divas had that much time on a PPV they had a 14min match segment, a back backstage segment with a brawl, and a brawl between two women during the World Heavyweight Championship match. even if the booking was awkward the Divas are becoming more prominent

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    Michelle & Layla’s staredown was the highlight of the match.

    Anyway, Eve winning the title was a smart move by the WWE and i’m not saying that because i’m a fan of hers but because WWE want to leave Natalya/Kong for the future because they first want to build her up and not push her all the way to the top. She’ll dominate Eve & then Natalya will step up to her or so like she isn’t scared of her. It would make sense then have Natalya look like a plush toy for Kong.

  • 04bia

    i agrer art1e, i do think kelly might turn heel, cos kelly seem like a hypocrite, she disses mcintrye for beating people but she does the same so yh it maybe a heel turn for kelly. also why in the world was she involved in edge’s match?

    anyway about the match, it was decent the TLC tables match was waayyy better but this was very good aswell so im a happy face ;)! i thought the laycool staredown was great you could hear fans in the background going wild they really wanted them fight. imagine how it would be if layla and michelle really feuding! fans would love it, its a must see!

    also about eve, ive got no problem with her winning BUT i tho beth would have been the more appropriate choice but its ok, i think theres obviously a reason for eve winning, its probably gona lead to a feud between LC and eve!

  • crazymixedboi

    eve being a part of the diva’s championship match is surprising.i honestly would’ve expected them to have had beth,melina,or awesome kong.then again,i feel like eve being on commentary that one night with melina during natalya’s match against maryse might have given us a hint of eve being a part of a feud over the divas championship sometime soon.

    kelly kelly coming out during the world title match was ransom as well.she doesn’t have anything to do with edge,dolph,or vickie
    im glad that they’re building up this feud with gail kim and the bellas.this seems to be the only diva feud that makes sense.

  • Anna Rose

    I think Brie being so aggressive lately is showing that her and Nikki both have the same aggressiveness.

    & Gail isn’t a very good actress. :|

    Congrats to Eve, I’m sure she deserves it, whether people think so or not, a lot of the superstars say shes a good worker.

    As for Kelly, I really don’t understand how she “doesn’t like people who take pleasure in beating up others” but she goes and “beats up” Michelle, Layla and Vickie. Its all very confusing. I would love to see her as a heel though.

  • GlamazonKimFan

    I am so happy for Eve, strongly believe she has the perfect package of an impressive moveset as well as the likeability factor! Agree with Jayd211 I think Kong will go straight for the belt and going for Eve is the perfect scenario.
    WWE are not going to push Gail Kim, so Eve is the go to girl as regards a spunky pretty face. It will be a Kong/Christy or Beth/Candice scenario which I must say have been two of my fave female feuds.
    Then Beth will go after Kong in a battle of the amazons. Lay-cool are gonna break down and feud with eachother.Sadly Nattie looks like she is gonna have to join Melina in the backseat. Bad times!! Like Ive said before too many divas not enough storylines (or belts now) REINSTATE THE WOMENS TITLE!!

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Michelle & Layla’s stare down was the best part of the whole match!

    Well I cant complain Nothing is gnna change , so I will just live with it….Eve as Divas Champion , maybe she will have a better regin than last time. Although Im really Hating the fact that she is champion…right now….

  • K2hollax3

    Kelly makes me so confused at the moment, she comes out and attacks vickie..Maybe on this friday night smackdown vickie gets so pissed off at kelly that vickie makes her verse Awesome Kong.

    And eve did alright, we will just have to wait and see what happens on raw.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Also I do suppose that Eve winning the Title opens more door for the Heel Divas. Melina , Alicia , Maryse , Lay-Cool , Tamina. It even’s the odds out more….so maybe this was a good thing we will have to wait and see

  • shannymac

    Not to take anything away from Eve, because I really like her, but I only see one logical reason for her win. WWE has never been one for being subtle. I fully expect Kong to debut either tonight or in the coming weeks and be pushed straight to the title. WWE needs a “weak” champion to feed to her. Beth or Nattie vs Kong are money matches, so WWE has to put them off until Wrestlemania. Kong will come in as a heel, so Laycool (and Melina) are out too. Eve is over enough that people will accept her as champ, but still not seen as in the same league as Nattie, Beth, Michelle, etc.

    My prediction is Kong comes in, has a squash match or two, then sets her sights on Eve and the belt. Eve will put up a good fight, but will be no match for someone soe strong and experienced. Kong continues to look unstoppable until Nattie and/or Beth (my money’s on Beth) step in to take her down.

    Hey, at least we Divas fans might finally get a solid WM match!

  • Anna Rose

    @K2hollax3 Kelly getting squashed by Kong….

    I love the girl but I would LMAO if Vickie did have Kong come out and face her. Kelly would poop her pants. Rather, shorts. Lol

  • shannymac

    Also, I just hope that WWE gives Eve at least a little time to shine with her title. I think she has a lot of charisma and does seem to being striving to be the best she can in the ring.

  • sanchezdiego96

    This whole night was just random.

  • K2hollax3

    @Anna Rose , haha LMFAO! I do love KellyKelly but honestly Awesome Kong will squish her like a bug! LOL

  • Anna Rose

    @K2hollax3 in the process she should squash Vickie, sending a message to everyone backstage.

  • Kellybug

    Cheer up Eve dislike-ers, this is the perfect setup for Kong to come in and totally destroy her. Then the focus will be on Kong/LayCool/Nattie/Beth, a slightly different variation of the same storyline that’s been going on since Nattie won the belt.

  • melina prez

    Random but good i think and i think the crowd was great.

    Maby Eves run with the title will lead her @ WM 27 against Melina.

  • K2hollax3

    @Anna Rose, now THAT i would like to see, but with vickie gone, who would run smackdown? lol

  • BillyGP

    Kelly will remain face but have a attitude like Velvet does in TNA.

    Eve winning is better then Laycool winning the belt yet again. The moonsault was great also Eve is underrated she has trained and it shows.