Diva Legends Immortalised Once More?

Last week, WWE announced that they are working on a new video game, Legends of WrestleMania featuring some of the most historic stars of WWE past. Diva Dirt is already speculating which Divas, if any, we would like to see on the game! Who wouldn’t love to see Trish Stratus once more immortalised for Xbox or Playstation? Here’s our guide to some of the top Divas from years past, that deserve to be “Legends of WrestleMania!”

  • Trish Stratus
  • Lita
  • Sable
  • Chyna
  • Torrie Wilson
  • The Fabulous Moolah
  • Miss Elizabeth
  • Luna
  • Sunny

Is there anyone else you think should be added into the mix? It’s unsure if there’ll even be room for the Divas, but we think that the above have contributed vastly to WWE over the years and at WrestleMania and most importantly – are legends in their own unique ways.

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  • Erin

    I’d probably prefer to have the older Divas in there – the ones that haven’t been in the video games for a long while or at all.

    Torrie, Trish, and Lita seem too recent to be called “Legends” in my eyes.

  • Jane

    I agree with Erin

  • CODY


  • Kelli

    Well since Torrie, Trish and Lita are gone now they should be on it. Maybe Gail Kim too. And Jacqueline and Molly Holly. They should most definently be on there. Oh and Ivory.

  • Melanie

    Kelli, I would love Molly on there but I went for the obvious names I think WWE would pick. I don’t think they’d choose Molly, Gail, Jacqueline unfortunately.

  • Brittany

    Well, since it’s called Legends of WM, then the only two I can really see as female legends are Sherri and Miss Elizabeth. I’d love to see them in a video game. As for the others, I find them a bit overrated (Lita and Trish), so I wouldn’t put them in.


    Sherri, Moolah, Miss Elizabeth, Sunny, Sable and Wendy Richter should be in the game.

    It would be funny if they got Cindy Lauper

  • Tom

    Moolah, Sable, and Trish are who I see def. making it.

  • Tom

    And maybe Lita as well.

  • wwedivafan

    I think this might be a male only wrestling game. Maybe some divas might make the game, but I don’t see Torrie, Trish, or Lita making it. Its sounds like a game for the older wrestlers – it just depends on who is on the male roster then I can pick what divas will make it.

  • Michelle

    Mae! Mae! Mae!

  • http://www.torrie-w.com Doug

    I’d love to see Torrie make one last video game apperance. Since It’s Legends of WM, I could picture it. Each time Torrie has been active @ WM, she’s won, which makes her worthy in my book.

  • Michael Moody

    I think though she had a bad exit Madusa aka Alundra Blayze should also be in the game.

  • Women of Wrestling

    Ok hears my list of Woman

    Bertha Faey

    Alundra Blaze

    Mae Young

    Fabolous Molloah

    Nicole Bass


  • Tina

    I think that women in the games are great but theres nothing for them to do no storylines i mean Look at Chyna she faught men it so sad that that women even ones u make cant be in the season yes i can make there gender Make but its not the same

  • Pat

    Ur Right its not the same any more i play attitude it so much fun when u get hit with a wepon and when u make a big fat girl and she jumos over the ropes and squashes u