SHIMMER Volume 37 Taping Results Live from Berwyn, Illinois

SHIMMER returns to Berwyn, IL this weekend to tape Volumes 37-40 in its DVD series. Diva Dirt’s Cryssi, Eric and Steven are on hand bringing live results:

SPARKLE (pre-show)
* Bonesaw Jessie Brooks def. Jett Riley with a double underhook DDT.

* Brittany Force def. Rhia O’Reilly. Force pins Reilly with her feet on the ropes.


* Kellie Skater issues open challenge which is answered by MsChif.

1. MsChif def. Kellie Skater via Desecrator.

2. Mena Libra def. Courtney Rush with a bridging Samoan drop.

Interview with Christina Von Eerie. She says she really happy to get a chance to learn from Sara Del Rey and Cheerleader Melissa. She’s interrupted by Del Rey, who proceeds to beat her up all the the way to the outside of the arena.

3. LuFisto def. Tomoka Nakagawa with the Downward Spiral.

Mercedes Martinez promo. She vows to defeat Madison Eagles and become the new SHIMMER Champion.

4. Regeneration X (Allison Danger & Leva Bates) def. Jamilia Craft & Mia Yim. Regeneration X are wearing Dr. Who inspired outfits. Regeneration X win via Lungblower/Lovelace Choker combo on Craft.

Backstage interview with Melissa. She says she deserves a shot at the title since she beat her last volume. Madison Eagles interfers and tells Melissa to work her way back into the title picture. Madison vs Mercedes is announced as the main event.

5. Christina Von Eerie comes out and says she’s excited to be at SHIMMER. Von Eerie then calls out Sara Del Rey for a match. Von Eerie wins via countout after Del Rey misses a capo kick on the outside. Post-match a brawl ensues. All of the referees have to come out and break it up.

6. Cheerleader Melissa def. Athena with a Kudo Driver.

In another return, Rebecca Knox returns to a standing ovation. She says she will not return as a in-ring competitor, but as a manager. She then introduces Saraya and Britani Knight.

Saraya and Britani cut an amazing promo. Saraya and Britani make an open challenge, which is answered by Nikki Roxx and Ariel.

7. The Knight Dynasty def. Roxx and Ariel via DQ, after Saraya tried to hit Ariel with brass knuckles and Ariel grabbed them and got caught hitting Saraya with them. The Knight Dynasty has crazy heat from the crowd. Maybe even more heat than the Ninjas.

8. Serena Deeb def. Daizee Haze via spear.

9. Ayako Hamada def. Jessie McKay with the AP Cross.

Next is the Canadian Ninjas vs Misaki Ohata and Hiroyo Matsumoto for the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship.

10. Ohata & Matsumoto def. the Canadian Ninjas to become new SHIMMER Tag Champs. Roll-up after the Ninjas miss the Funky Cold Medina.

11. Madison Eagles def. Mercedes Martinez via Hell Bound to retain the SHIMMER Championship in a match that went all throughout the crowd. Martinez exits to a standing ovation from the audience.

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    That sounds like a huge opening match up. Already looking forward it


    Mena Libra has been very impressive considering the fact she only debuted one year ago into Pro-Wrestling. Great to see Courtney Rush making her debut for SHIMMER all the way from nCw FF


    Can’t belive LuFisto made it. I’m so happy she’s there to prove herself once again

  • Rhawk

    So we have ANOTHER debutee in the land of SHIMMER is it? And Courtney nonetheless, I’ve been hearing more and more of her ever since I saw her appearance during the Angela Fong championship match at GBPW when she became their first ever Ladies Championship. Of course then she was PJ Tyler, and since she changed her name in… nCw FF was it, or WSU is she there? Either way I though it was just for them, but it looks like its for everything now.

    Either heres hoping she had a great match and only good comes from her, along with the other women who wrestled so far tonight and those who’ll continue through the weekend. Oh and ps, random dream, but how wicked would it be if Angela Fong joined the SHIMMER roster, I mean she’s still taking indy wrestling seriously, what with GBPW and that SLammers website with the custom matches she’s in. That would be the best. ^__^

  • WWFoverWWE

    too bad madison won’t be at shimmer, she can’t commit to it due her being a big star in TNA and her character in shimmer is totally parallel to her TNA character

  • Rhawk

    @WWFoverWWE – I agree, heres hoping we get to see one infamous Scream Queen there though. ;-)

  • abwiz74

    Memo to Kellie Skater: Stop issuing open challenges.

  • xxQOXxx

    Christina with the win on her debut(Count Out) on Del Rey. I’m excited for this volume all ready.

    Athena v Cheerleader Melissa too.

  • xAzureSkye

    who are Mena Libra and Courtney Rush? I have never heard of or seen the two before.

  • xxQOXxx


  • Rhawk

    Rebecca Knox… R U SHIZZING ME?!? =-X This is a total shocker, I know she’s a manager now, but in time we just might see her return to the ring, and damn will the roof be blown off the building when that happens. But still, who better to partner her up than with the Knights, as if they were epic enough already. This is only the first of 4 tapings is it over the weekend? Or 2, either way I’m already feeling giddy and the show isn’t even over yet! >=-D

  • JoshiTom

    Sounds like the ladies are tearing it up in Berwyn!! Hope Mercedes FINALLY gets the SHIMMER Championship!!

  • JoshiTom

    Saraya and Britani are going to take SHIMMER by storm!! Can’t wait for Knights vs. Ninjas!!

  • xAzureSkye

    Rebecca Knox returns & the Knights are now in SHIMMER, safe to say i will be buying this edition of SHIMMER when it comes out on DVD & this could be one of the most exciting Volumes in quite some time.

  • Rhawk

    Finger’s crossed that Mercedes DOESN’T win the title, not until she ‘eventually’ loses the WSU Championship. Love Mercedes and all, but other women deserve the spot more than her, to try and get them over like when we all know Mercedes is great. I’d say women like Hamada (not been in the main title picture), Melissa (even though she’s a SHIMMER regular she deserves a proper title reign as champion), LuFisto (Lord knows she’s paid her dues for a title run in SHIMMER), possibly Serena Deeb (not win the title yet, but it’d be fresh to see her chase the belt a little),


    I don’t think Mercedes Martinez is going to win the SHIMMER Championship at all, don’t worry

  • WWFoverWWE

    i hope we get a new shimmer champion, not serena deeb as I want her in TNA. Madison rayne is the only woman to hold a title in shimmer and a title in mainstream womens wrestling, so thats a nice bragging right for her lol

    i think it’s cheerleader melissa’s time, she’s been there forever and hasn’t even won the tag title, but I hope she and msichif win those together

  • Rhawk

    @WWFoverWWE – Nah not MsChif & Melissa, MsChif & DAFFNEY I reckon, Team Scream ftw! >=-) But I do agree Melissa’s overdue a Single title reign though.

    Also random notes, NINJAS VS Knights, NINJAS VS Regeneration X, or Knights VS Regeneration X would be epic tag matches. Maybe have all 3 in a triple tag title match, that would be something to see.

  • Mikas

    Nice to see Lufisto back, was already starting to worry we wouldnt see her again in Shimmer. And also great to have Rebecca back, even though she is only a manager this time.

    I think this is shimmer’s strongest lineup sofar.

  • FlyByTre

    sounds great

  • Mikas

    i hope we get a new shimmer champion,

    Thats too soon. There are too many big names left for Madison to defend her title against, so having a new champion already doesnt change a thing. Especially now that Madison is making more appearences in the US she is a great champion to represent Shimmer.

  • Rhawk

    I hate mark spamming, but I had a feeling this taping was going to be great… but nowhere near this good! Might actually purchase my first ever SHIMMER DVD when I get a part-time job to buy it, and when I have clearance to use it. x-D

    Glad Hamada was there as well, all I’m waiting on is Daffney, but I doubt it’ll be on this taping, maybe tomorrows perhaps? =-P

  • xAzureSkye

    @Rhawk they are taping two Volumes tonight and two tomorrow so possibly Daffney will be in Vol. 38, or you never know she could make an appearance in this Volume

  • Rhawk

    Thanks xAzureSkye, had a feeling it was four cause there were 4 tapings last year I believe… either way, she better be there, else the sheeps in my dreams will seriously get messed up. ;-P

    Also no disrespect to Misaki Ohata and Hiroyo Matsumoto, but I hope they don’t win the tag title tonight, that belong to The Knights, Regeneration X or Team Scream. >=-)

  • Spanner82

    i’m quite disapointed with the result of the tag title match :(