The Weight Issue Affects Divas Too!

In this crazy celebrity-obsessed culture that we call life, we are always being presented negative images of women in magazines, on television etc. I’m sure you know all about it. Stick thin models, 90210 stars etc. etc. But this issue has never been something that’s ever affected wrestling because while some of them may not be the best wrestlers, all of the Divas have to be healthy, exercise and eat right. And even though they may slut it up in the wardrobe department, the Divas do for the most part represent a positive image of body shape for women and especially young girls. Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Natalya are just examples of a full figured Diva and not necessarily fat.

So while none of these Divas have anything to be self conscious about, there is one woman in WWE who is feeling rather self conscious:

In case you didn’t notice, on Monday’s RAW, WWE’s cameras only shot Stephanie McMahon from the waist/chest up. Strangely, there were absolutely no full-body shots of Mrs. McMahon. According to a backstage source, it was no accident as the production crew did so on purpose due to Stephanie’s body shape at the moment and because she was in somewhat of a form-fitting outfit on RAW.

WWE’s really particular on how they want their performers to look on television, as they don’t want to show them in a less-than-stellar light. As you all know, Stephanie gave birth to her second child this past July, a daughter named Murphy Claire Levesque.

This same camera tactic was done as recently as a few weeks before she gave birth when she made some on-camera announcements regarding the status of RAW from WWE’s Studios in Stamford, CT. Of course, Stephanie was quite pregnant at the time, but you would never know it from the way she was shot on camera as she was only shot from the chest up.

Anyway, Stephanie gained quite a bit of weight during her second pregnancy, which unfortunately for her, she hasn’t completely lost yet, hence the business suits and slimming black outfits, and why you shouldn’t expect to see her don anything too revealing in her latest on-camera role.

It’s pretty well known within WWE that Stephanie has had confidence issues in the past regarding her appearance, going as far to say that a rude fan sign at least in part influenced her to get breast implants, and once saying on-screen “that she’s no Torrie Wilson” and that one of the reasons America is so great is because there are different body types and images.

If I could give Steph one piece of advice it would be to embrace the fact that she’s not stick thin and present a healthy image on television, because she’s by no means fat. However, given that this is mainly pregnancy weight I can definitely identify. There’s a difference between being a little thicker or putting on some weight in general and putting on some weight during a pregnancy, so before people blast Steph for acting like a diva, take that into account. Women are far more consciencious of their post-pregnancy bodies than they would be if they’d just put on a little weight over Christmas let’s say. But from what I’ve seen, she looks pretty darn great for someone who just had a baby!

PS: Isn’t it somewhat endearing to know that the Billion Dollar Princess has flaws and insecurities just like us lowly humans lol?

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  • ashleigh

    I don’t think she’s fat. Fat or not, she has a gorgeous face!

  • Luis-Angel

    who cares if shes “fat”
    i agree with ashleigh she was a pretty face. =]

  • Stacey-Louise

    I actually don’t think she looks fat at all. While I was watching RAW (catching up on Youtube, though…), I thought she looked gorgeous.

  • Kristen

    She has had 2 kids. She has the right to have a little extra weight.
    No matter what steph is beautiful!
    And its better to have a little more weight htan a little less **Cough** **Michelle Mccool**

  • melinafan996

    I don’t think she’s fat and besides it’s just the weight form the baby she’s still a very beautiful woman

  • Marco

    its not like shes going to be fit she just had her baby.
    Some people are crazy!

  • amygirl

    The problem is that people are used to seeing these mega-movie stars and models having babies and then loosing all the weight in like two weeks. They don’t understand that these women have the time to work out 6-8 hours a day and have people monitoring their diets for them 24 hours a day and have people helping watch the kids… ect. (this isn’t a knock on them they get paid the big bucks to look like they do so it’s an important part thing for them to get back in shape as quickly as possible) In the real world it doesn’t work like that. Steph gets a lot of flak but she works hard at her job. I’m sure she gets help on the home front from Trips family or they may have some extra hired help, but she’s still on the road at least a few days every week and she has her other duties to contend with when she’s not on the road. She doesn’t have time, and probably doesn’t have the energy, to work out all the time when she does catch a moment to breath.

    Plus she’s never been a stick figure, which isn’t a bad thing in the slightest, she inherited the McMahon body type and there’s nothing she can do about that at the end of the day.

    I’ve always thinks she’s gorgeous and shes still is. More importantly than that she’s got a beautiful family and an awesome job, she should concentrate on those things and not on the haters out there that are going to hate her no matter what she does simply because her last name is McMahon and she’s married to Triple H.

  • KiKi

    She looks great to have two children, everyone can’t do it.
    It doesn’t matter how she looks to me, and like amygirl said, she’s never been a stick figure and looks great that way.
    So she’s full figured? So what? I mean society has people believing that all women should be skinny and that is certainly not the case. There’s no need for her to fit into the sterotype of being slim.