In Video: Torrie, Lilian & Candice’s Final Tough Enough After Show

The final episode of the Tough Enough after show:

Listen to our interview with Torrie, Lilian and Candice

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  • Williambitious

    I wanna watch it but I can’t see it on mobile. Sigh… Guess I’ll wait for later.

  • MajidK

    im sad that its the last episode they are hilarious :(. gonna miss TLC

  • Rhawk

    No more Tough Enough. Sad Face. =-(
    No more TLC Afterbuzz. Tear face. =-‘(

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Well i love this show but i am really sad this is the last show but hey who knows wwe may still continue tough enough

  • AMB Cloud

    I’m really going to miss TLC :(

  • xXGeo910

    They better make another season I love TLC!

  • Kim099

    My favorite DIVA of all time Torrie Wilson