Layla Updates Fans on Her Injury

Former Women’s Champion, Layla, who’s been on the shelf for the past couple of months following an ACL and MCL tear, has updated fans about her recovery.

She writes on her Twitter page:

So I’ve been working hard at rehab shedding some tears also having some laughs! I’m learning to walk all over again but I’m walking. No crutches no knee brace yay!! Only 1month after surgery. So it’s time to go to the next challenge Pain :) thnx for all ur support luv ya. I predict I will heal fast just by having the right people around me Cody has been a blessing from the beginning @renida a positive charge. I will b more vocal about my rehab I will share my journey My song 4 this month of rehab “I’m learning 2 walk again” by the foo fighters.


Glad to see Layla is recovering nicely. She’s sorely missed by me that’s for sure!

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  • DIVAsupporter

    She heals fast… can’t wait for her return… she’s the only one I would love to see take the divas title from kelly…

    • NurseBetty

      People who work out a lot and stay in shape, depends upon the severity of the injury/surgery, tend to heal faster than others.

      I hope Layla gets better soon.

  • shameronstar

    Yea, I’m surprised Layla can do that much so quickly within a month after healing from an ACL tear. From what I seen in wrestling over the years ACL injuries seem to be very common and take around 6 months to heal from, so if she really is healing faster than the norm than great for her. Also, is Layla referring to Cody Rhodes because I’ve heard rumors she and him date in real life. I guess on Smackdown last week when Cody said he loved “chocolate” I can see what he meant by that;)

    • art

      i dont know its only a rumor so far..unless someone spots them holding hands or something no one will know..

      • LaycoolLove16x

        yeah they are dating goldust said on twitter, someone asked if codys got a girlfriend and he replied yes layla

    • davepower

      Werent they together at the WWE HOF?

      • art

        really wow. good for them..

  • DIVAsupporter

    layla injured with a ACL and a MCL
    sad how this divas who get injured are the one who’s about to get a good/huge push—- LITA, MELINA, BETH, LAYLA

  • AJ&K2Mark

    I cant wait until she returns. And it looks like it will be pretty Soon.

  • art

    i dont want wwe or lay too rush back no need too..
    Give her the 6 months too fully heal,recover,train her body & skill to be better than ever…i dont want her to re injury her knee if she rushes back…if anything wwe should give her an on air spot so fans can see her..
    shes one of the few divas who have the skill,personality & charisma so i hope she takes her time..

  • LaycoolLove16x

    iv missed layla, glad shes healing fast but i do agree with ART i hope she doesnt rush back, iv been reading reports that she wont be back uptill early next year but at the sound of her tweets she will be back faster than we expect. i wanna know how wwe are intending to bring her back im hoping the fanbase she got whilst in Laycool doesnt forget her shes a likeable character and id really like to see her in a fued with either melina or gail

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I cant wait until Lay comes back. I hope she uses her theme or gets a new one

  • _Bryan_

    I wouldnt have thought that I would ever say this, but i actually can’t wait for Layla to come back

  • WweRules32

    Im Glad & Really Happy That Laylas Injury Healing Process Is Doing good and cant wait for her to return have missed seeing her in the ring

  • GlamSlamFan

    I hope she comes back with a vengeance!
    This is also perfect time for WWE to come up with a new theme for her. A new theme for a new and improved Layla!

  • 04bia

    this is great news, i wish her well but i also don’t wanna see her rush back, i remember when melina returned from a torn ACL and she was a lackluster! so i hope layla takes her time and is physically ready.

    i’m also thinking how wwe will bring her back and what they will have her do? cos laycool was her real deal and thats were she got her success and thats how people got to know her. michelle won’t be around anymore even tho i would love to see face laycool!!! but maybe the hunt for the divas title will be good for her!

  • RR45

    I can’t wait until she comes back! Which will probably be at the end of this year…hmmm are we in store for another annual Survivor Series/Thanksgiving week Diva return? It sucks that its come to be a regular thing. I really hope she heals up good and doesn’t come back too soon. I remember I was scared for Melina last year when she tweaked her knee during her championship match.

  • Mike in Like

    So glad to hear she’s doing alright she is certainly missed on Smackdown! Oh and if it’s true she’s dating Cody which it seems that it is I think they make the cutest couple. Dashing and Flawless indeed.

  • layla1fan

    Awww glad layla is doing good. I really miss her. Ever since the retirement of Trish, Layla is the only reason I watch WWE TV. Though she’s doing better I hope she waits until next year to return (in-ring wise). But I wouldn’t mind an on screen role

    Also I want her to comeback after Kharma and fued

  • sanchezdiego96

    Yay for Layla! I cant wait for her return!!! I really hope she returns big and is put as top SD Diva.
    –BTW, awwww for the Cody mention!!

  • melina prez

    i didnt know she waz dateing Cody !!! Awww their sooo cute if u put them 2gether !!! Im also happy that my little english muffin is getting better ! :)))

  • B Fizzle

    She was what? Oh.

  • Wesley Romano

    Shes with rhodes? Whuuuuuuuuu…
    Dashing n flawless?

  • e.beautyy

    oh miss lay el !
    we miss youuuuuuu !

    so glad to hear she’s doing well. hopefully she’ll be back by s.s./ early september
    (& win that diva’s championship- give it back some sort of prestige)

    p.s. cody rhodes? ooooooh! lol thats adorable. i love it .

  • OvSeven

    Never big fan of Layla..

  • Valentine

    I’m looking forward for you Layla El, Btw Happy Belated Bday to her from Missing you and your funny character!!

  • WWEAddictful

    Layla must fully recovered… Look at Melina before… after her last injury.. she came back fast.. and she began to be sloppy that time.. but now Melina is so back!!!! I hope she gets a push