Exclusive: Angela Fong Talks About Her Time in WWE as Savannah, Her Release & More!

It’s been just over a year since Angela Fong was released by WWE, despite being one of the most promising girls to come out of their developmental system, FCW.

Coming to terms with her release and moving on, Angela is ready to open up about her time in WWE and FCW, as well as about her release. We talk to Angela about her training, working as a ring announcer on ECW and NXT, whether there were plans to integrate her into the Divas division, her eventual release and more on her time in WWE.

Plus, Angela also spills about declining a TNA tryout, as well as her current projects including the XFC Cage Dolls and her recent trip visiting the troops in Kosovo.

Listen to the interview below:

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  • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

    Great interview! Nice to hear from Angela. She’s right about the wrestlers usually expecting to be released, even the fans can see it coming. I don’t think anybody saw her being released. I really liked her work down in FCW and I’d like see some more wrestling from her. As long as she’s happy doing whatever she does!

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    The WWE is pretty crazy for releasing her, she was good at it and loved it. It’s hard to find people who love what they do and will put their all into it and this was obviously the case with Angela. I bet she would have continued to improve in the ring too and could probably be a really good and popular Diva by now.

  • Matt

    Always good to see Angela still at least somewhat connected to pro wrestling. She was the rare outsider who took to it just as strongly as Naomi has and it’s a shame her ability went to waste.

  • Rhawk

    I was literally looking up Angela the other day attempting to purchase a SLammer Ladies subscription just to see some of her in-ring matches that she was in recently, but I didn’t caus its money involed of course, and then loe and behold, here’s an interview with the lovely Miss. Angela.

    Great to hear from the woman either way though, can’t wait to hear from her in Ground Breaking Pro Wrestling, since she is their champion right now. Hopefully she ends up in more places, I mean it would be nice to see her in the WSU possibly, considering the likes of Jillian, Kristin, Jazz, Serena, those past WWE divas are there now, it wouldn’t hurt to see Angela being inolved with them, even though she WON’T beat Mercedes in a good decade or so. x-D or maybe even ECCW is that still has a womans divsion (or if the brand is still alive for that matter). I’d mention Shimmer, but I doubt she’d appear there for some gut reason.

    By the way Diva-Dirt, your next exclusive interview request… DAFFNEY! Make it happen! ;-)

  • DarkMaverick87

    While listening to the interview I watched some of Angela’s matches (muted) from FCW on YouTube. Between hearing her passion and watching her in-ring work, I couldn’t help but shake my head continuously. WWE completely dropped the ball. Angela had all the potential to become the next huge breakout diva.

    Angela, if you are checking back to this page to look at some comments on your interview, please know that WWE fans want you back. Don’t give up. Contact management again about a return. The women’s division needs you.

    • Rhawk

      With the way the divas division is right now, you’d seriously want Angela to return to WWE only for them to do absolutely nothing with her? Brilliant logic! Thats not saying she shouldn’t return if THEY RANG HER (never the other way around), but I doubt she’d really benefit from ringing them up other than to sound desperate for a place to get the extra pay-check, and not for the fact that she wants to return because she actually LIKED working there!

      • DarkMaverick87

        Dude, calm down. I’m just being supportive. And when it comes to the women’s division I try to be optimistic since that’s the only way the company allows us fans to be. Otherwise, why do any of us continue to watch at all.

    • Marshy

      Of course we the WWE wrestling fans wants Angela Fong to get a second chance,cause we have felt for two reasons that she should be brought back that one if Daniel Bryan can be bought back from being release for what he has done when he was with the Nexus than so should Angela/Savannah and she didn’t do anything wrong that would encounter a release and two it wasn’t right and fair to release someone who wants to be here and who actually enjoys their job and who takes her job seriously that we could had finally seen her wrestle in the WWE.

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Wesley Romano

    Shes the reason I started watching Angela Fong

    Well Actually i was scooping Gail Kim FCW vids on Yuotube n saw Serena vs Gail Kim im like WHOOOOA!!
    Then like i fell in love with Mia Mancini and started digging her up Mia vs Angela was AWESOME!
    Angela n Mia became my favorites and the reason I started caring for FCW!
    I thought OVW at times for the girls was shit and so was DSW but FCW was really good
    specially digg the palm trees lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

    She’s right, its completely unfair how WWE would sign and push girls who didnt want to be in the buisness over her, its ridiculous, i wouldnt mind seeing her in TNA (and i dont say that about anyone) she deserves a second chance

  • Marshy

    Angela should had be the one who should have received the push and should had been on NXT as a Rookie instead of Jamie Keyes who didn’t want to be there as Rookie or as announcer nor did Ashley Valance;that is like putting a six year old child who doesn’t want to be up on the stage and starts to cry or an eight year old who has very much stage fright over a nine year old who isn’t afraid to perform,cause she has been performing upon the stage all of her life. WWE should had said “Sorry Angela Fong errr Savannah,we had made a huge mistake,so we are offering you another contract”. WWE would never says “I am sorry”, if the wrong person gets release from contract.

  • Marshy

    We could have had in the WWE an Asian Connection with Lena Yada, Savannah, Gail Kim, and Sonia that they could had been the female version of Kaientai.

    • davepower

      What a stereotypical group of jobbers?

  • Marshy

    Well they would be much different than their male counterparts,cause they got talented since WWE are not planning on hiring any women wrestlers from Japan nor any from the Far East,so Why not hire some who are already here? There are other races of wrestlers and Divas in the WWE that are jobbing to other wrestlers whether they are doing a stereotype or not.

  • art

    its so awesome too hear how much she loves it because not many girls wwe hires do..Angela doesnt even look like gail id never confuse either of them…

    wish wwe would fire the girls who dont have the drive & dont improve & keep girls like Angela who have the passion who actually want to be their too WRESTLE..

    • Jake

      They do. Like Angela said, the ones who don’t want to do it end up quitting. Also agree with Angela when she said it’s not a good idea to put two girls together in the ring with the same level of skills. Which is why Kelly/Bellas is failing big time. They work so much better with girls like Beth and Nattie.

      • art

        theirs “divas” like maryse who doesnt improve & i think she really doesnt care…kellys another one who hasnt improved much but shes gotten better since shes been in the company maryse hasnt…

        i think we all know girls with little experience in the ring together just leads too disaster…

        • chrisP

          “theirs “divas” like maryse who doesnt improve & i think she really doesnt care…kellys another one who hasnt improved much but shes gotten better since shes been in the company maryse hasnt…”

          Who the hell are you to say someone doesn’t care, especially when it comes to Divas who stay with the company for years even though no one would blame for quitting over WWE’s pitiful use of them.

        • art

          @chrisP IF maryse cared she’d train & BE doing more,which she hasnt i meant also care to train to wrestle…shes shown ZERO improvement…shes the worst female wrestler in the company & one of the worst sellers as well….

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsquaredshaun Maury V.

    I remember watching Angela back in 2008 in FCW and she was pretty damn good. Her psychology was top notched and she was a beastress in the ring! It makes me wonder why they didn’t let her wrestle… I guess Johnny Ace has a one Asian limit. That and/or he didn’t want someone that actually loves to wrestle go out there on a show and “take up television time”.

    • davepower

      Or she had a rep as a partier to the extent she was kicked out of a number of colleges. WWE doesnt just get rid of someone with all the great notices she got in developmental and how good looking she is.

      Typically really good interview from this site.

  • chrisP

    “@chrisP IF maryse cared she’d train & BE doing more,which she hasnt i meant also care to train to wrestle…shes shown ZERO improvement…shes the worst female wrestler in the company & one of the worst sellers as well…”

    No, that would be Rosa Mendes. Maryse’s selling is fine, the idea that has shown no improvement is ridculous if you’ve actually watched her objectively, and how the hell do you know what she does in her free time? God forbid someone that lives in California isn’t working out at FCW. Your dear Rosa recently moved to Vegas and therefore is no longer training at FCW, even thought she desperately needs since she’s still considered too terrible to put into the ring for more than seconds at a time, but you’ll never bash her.

    • Looking Glass

      Wow, really? Rosa’s probably the best at selling there, given she’s always the one to take a beat-down in nine out of ten matches she’s in. Plus have people forgot about Kaitlyn? Then again as soon as anyone mentions how bad she is in the ring we get a frenzy of “she’s really muscly and built like a wrestler.” yet somehow, she still can’t wrestle….

      Nice interview, shame to hear she doesn’t want to go back right now, I’d love to see her in future and god forbid TNA could be a good stepping stone for her. However, I think for most young wrestlers these days, if you’re gone from WWE, you’re gone from wrestling. It seems to be a pattern that older and indy wrestlers carry onto other promotions and TNA.