Raw Redux (July 11th, 2011): There’s No Difference Between Malnourished And Malnurtured, Right?

Oh, except according to Dictionary.com, Malnurtured is not really a word. Oh Brie Bella. If my face were an emoticon, it would be the frown face one.

Yes, it’s me. Not only am I the resident Khaleesi of Diva Dirt Live, I’m also your Raw Redux writer, at least for this week. I’ve overthrown Steven, high-jacked his Redux, and now I ‘m going to grace the minds of each and every reader with my opinions of what went down this week. You’re absolutely on the edge of your seats, aren’t you? It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written one of these thanks to the lack of action of SmackDown, as well as, an out of town trip on my part. Forgive me if it isn’t up to my usual low standards. I’m just giving you all fair warning.

We all follow the Bella twins on Twitter, right (twitter.com/thebellatwins)? Earlier in the night they teased that they were going to reveal the truth about Diva’s Champion, Kelly Kelly, which I reckon was their way of building heat for the Brie versus Kelly title match this Sunday at Money In The Bank. It followed a match featuring the rarely seen Diva known as Melina, who took on the champ. There is also a random guest appearance by Eve Torres. Lets take a look at how everything went down, shall we?

Raw comes back from break with Melina in the ring, playing to the crowd. If you’re anything like me, you were shocked by this (not to mention overjoyed, estatic, happy, insert other adjective here…), and the moment was cut short when they switched to the Bella twins over at the commentary booth. Brie, and Nikki Bella, are being their wonderful selves. We have all the makings of an epic Diva segment, right?!

Kelly comes to the ring, all smiles, proudly displaying her championship. The Bellas start letting the snarky comments fly, and once Kelly gets in the ring and finishes posing, the bell rings. Melina takes charge with a quick snapmare to get Kelly down and slams her foot in the back of the champ. Melina crosses Kelly’s arms and pulls them back and begins to try and wear down 2K. While Kelly is screaming bloody murder, the Bellas start to make comments about how skinny Kelly looks.

Kelly is able to fend off Melina and take her down with a series of clotheslines. Melina ends up tossed in the corner and Kelly nails her with her round-off/slam her body into her opponent combo, and then to further humiliate the five-time former champion, Kelly slaps her own bum and calls for the stinkface. Melina is forced to eat a face full of 2K backside. She rebounds from Kelly’s offense completely horrified and attempts to subdue the spirited blond. It doesn’t work and Kelly puts Melina down with a reverse neckbreaker. She goes for a cover but Melina kicks out.

Both girls make their way to their feet and Melina manages to double Kelly over with a kick to the gut. Kelly downs down and Melina backs up, uses the ropes for momentum, and goes for a kick to the skull. Kelly ducks it and once again Melina proves her flexibility to the world. She lands in a very uncomfortable split and unfortunately, she is slow to get up afterward. Kelly beats her back up and Melina ends up on the receiving end up 2K’s finisher. The champ gets a decisive three count this time, as well as a respectable victory.

The Bella twins are not happy by this outcome and they cut Kelly’s celebration in the ring short. Nikki and Brie make their way to the ring, microphones in hand, and call for the crowd to pay attention to what they’re about to say. They tell Kelly that since her match is over, she should probably go find some food because Kelly’s whole one meal a month diet just isn’t healthy. They claim that Kelly’s skin is just crying for attention, saying ‘feed me, feed me’ and they ask the cameraman to take a close-up of Kelly’s face. They say underneath ‘this painted on, clown face, weave head’ is someone who desperately needs to invest in some Pro-Active.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pro-Active, it’s an acne fighting solution that is popular here in the ‘States and endorsed by celebrities such as Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson.

Nikki says that Pro-Active did wonders for Katy Perry (yes, she botched it) and Brie adds that Kelly isn’t a teenage dream, she’s just a malnurtured nightmare.

The twins congratulate themselves on being mean girls and this prompts Kelly to defend herself. She attacks Brie and begins beating her down but Nikki is quick to come to her sister’s rescue. The twins are able to double team Kelly and apparently their double team is the worst double team in the history of double teams! Kelly is crying like she’s being stabbed and luckily for her, Eve comes rushing the ring in this impressive pair of heels to make the save.

It doesn’t really work out for Eve, sadly. She is able to take care of Brie, but Nikki is right there to put the sexy Latina in her place. Eve eats the Bella finisher and the twins leave the ring having the upper-hand for this Sunday’s match.

Pretty standard match between Melina and Kelly. It certainly one be on anyone’s list of favorite matches (it’s not like it was Melina v. Alicia) but it wasn’t bad. Kelly is good at what she does and tonight was no exception. It was amazing to see Melina on Raw despite the fact anyone with half a brain could figure out she wasn’t going to win. The post-match shenanigans is where things got a bit dicey. The Bellas, who are usually solid on the mic, flubbed their promo and it’s a shame because they play mean girls so, so well. The beatdown was well down, even if I’m still a little confused as to why Eve keeps coming to Kelly’s rescue. Part of me hopes that Eve helps Kelly retain on Sunday and then turns on her, securing herself as the top rival for Kelly’s title. At least there would be a bit of a backstory.

Raw wasn’t great this week, but it wasn’t bad. We got a lot of build-up for a pay-per-view match which is highly unusual so kudos to the ‘E for that. Normally our Diva matches are announced last minute so having this one set and announced in advance has been nice. I look forward to Kelly and Brie, which should be the blow-off match between the two, and I’ll be curious as to wear everything goes from there.

Oh, and how amazing were Vickie and Dolph tonight?! Boy do I miss them on SmackDown. They always made my Friday nights just a little sexier. Here’s their segment featuring a cameo from Drew McIntyre and Vince McMahon simply for your viewing pleasure.

Alright, that’s enough from me now. Until next week because Steven sucks Friday (I hope…), Cryssi out!

Yes, I still jack my goodbye from Ryan Seacrest.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    Okay match .The promo was okay ,even though the bellas didnt say some words correctly .The beat down got me thinking maybe eve will be on kellys corner at MITB and like cryssi said help kelly retain & then just beat down kelly & FINALLY turn heel :).So Im kinda looking foward to the championship match at MITB.

  • seasons-of-love

    Melina not getting a proper entrance was tragic. I can deal with her losing, because it was always going to happen, but I can’t ever remember Melina being relegated to the jobber entrance spot in a singles match. Never.

    The match was alright. Better than most one minute Raw matches imo. Kelly sort of changed it up, and that split kick (missed or not) never gets old.

    The Bella promo was AWFUL. I mean, I usually think they’re pretty bad, but like I said in the other thread, this was on Alicia Fox levels of terrible. Hungry piranha anyone? It was honestly like some unused Lay-Cool promo from 2009. Unused for a reason. And let’s face it; when you make Lay-Cool look good by comparison you know you’re in bad territory.

    Vickie is amazing.

    • Raekon

      Melina probably had her entrance but since they had televised this one, they cut the entrance for time purposes. :/
      I laughed on the hungry piranha. ^_^

  • Lanoom

    -“Kelly is good at what she does and tonight was no exception.”
    Standing around, looking pretty, and being a nice spokesperson, yes. Being a compelling face character and wrestling, no.

    -“The Bellas, who are usually solid on the mic, flubbed their promo and it’s a shame because they play mean girls so, so well.”
    LayCool played the “mean girls” well. The Bellas are generic Diva heels. They have the exact same character as Alicia Fox and heel-Melina (coincidentally, face-Melina has the same character as Kelly.)

    Also, Eve keeps coming to Kelly’s aid because, hey, generic faces stick together. This isn’t the first time its been done, man or woman, and it’s not really illogical.

    Sadly, that’s the whole Raw Diva main event scene, the one that’s getting time on the PPV. It’s as deep as a kiddy pool and as interesting as watching paint dry.

    I can only hope Eve turns heel and it’s not just generic “I’m mean and gonna talk about your physical appearance” Dive heel.

    Is there ANY way to get this title on Smackdown? Jeez.

    • Lanoom

      Also, Cena “flubbed” his segment of the (still awesome) end promo.

      Bellas are bad on the mic.

    • Lanoom

      You know what, I’m gonna take back my comparison between Alicia Fox and the Bellas, given she’s been that “fierce” heel on Superstars.

      And I’m gonna take back my comparison between Melina and them. The feud she developed over Twitter and Superstars with Gail was at least an effort.

      Bellas suck.

  • corndogagenda

    “Malnurtured” (not to mention, whatever the hell R-Truth said) is the new “Undefined”. Even on the mic, botches happen.

    As far as match, eh. One of the problems I have with Kelly is she seems to telegraph almost every single damn move in the ring. If you watch carefully, you can almost see her brain churning as she replaying the entire match in her cranial cavity. It annoys me, and what something annoys me, I want it to stop. For example, Kelly’s title run. I want it to stop. Another example, her screaming. Dagnabbit , I want it to STOP. I’ve never been so happy to see Eve in my life.

    To be fair, IMO Kelly was “at her best” (or at least getting there) when she tangled limbs with Flawless. I saw a fire in Kelly I had never seen before. She was still rigid and calculated – but she seemed much more confident in the ring. So, thank you, Michelle McCool.

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    Decent Match, Kelly Is Doing Very Well As Champ Shes On A Victory Roll, As For The Bellas Promo God Awful, They Are Terrible And Thats Why I Never Like Them Even As Faces Or Heels I Just Simply Never Liked Them, But One Things For Sure Eve Again Coming For Kellys Rescue For The 2nd Time Their Must Be An Upcoming Storyline For That Perhaps At MITB, I Do Hope K2 Retains The Belt At The Pay-Per-View And Have A Long Reign As Champion Rather Than 70 Days Like The Other Divas.

    • art

      kelly hardly ever loses so shes most of the time on a victory roll…

      • Jake

        Wasn’t Kelly Layla and Michelle’s personal jobber last year? The year before that wasn’t she loosing to Beth, Maryse, and Alicia left and right? She only had sporadic wins over three years and title shots and pushes that led to nothing.

        • The_JM

          She had a mini push last year, but that was it. This year is where she is really winning more often.

        • art

          @Jake kelly still beat layla & michelle at times & other divas as well..

  • art

    kellys awkward neckbreaker made me laugh its a neckbreaker its easy to do…ALSO kelly stop screaming omg like stop its more annoying than her generic look ok..melina didnt even have the move locked in & kelly was screaming like she was about to have an orgasm…kelly get a new finisher?? that leg drop crappy fameasser looks so weak & stupid…kelly & her clown make up BAHAHAHAHAHAAAA the bellas made me laugh even if they screwed up afew lines…

    • lazberg

      i’ll agree that the screaming has to stop but it isn’t just kelly. screaming seems to be the thing to do these days. melina’s howl was usually well placed in the context of her matches but with kelly yowling and the other women all screeching i want them all to stop. though i will say that the champion nails on chalkboard in my opinion is still madison. she hits an upper register that is piercing and painful and she is pretty relentless. impact has a more in your face sound mix than wwe so thankfuly the helly yowls aren’t quite as present but still. i miss the days when daf and mschief’s screams were signature.

      • art

        LOL madison voice annoys me as much as kellys but impact isnt on in australia anymore from what i know so i cant hear her lol…

        isnt it only kelly & melina who do yell in wwe??..i just hate the screaming its so annoying & im glad theirs mute…

        • Raekon

          Yep its the two of them.

          Gail is screaming when she does some of her moves aswell but its far from being annoying.

          Maryse screams a lot too but mostly when she gets beaten only and that not the whole time.

          Melina does it mostly before she hits her finishers but also in some of her moves.

          However, Kelly is the most annoying because its like entering the ring, starting screaming through the whole match, leaving the ring in the meantime. -_-

          She also exaggerates A LOT. One kick aaaaaaaaahhhhhh, one punch arghhhhhhh, another kick eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk. <_<

          As far as I know, Melina does it a homage to the women of the japanese wrestling aswell (they scream often).

        • art

          gails scream aint AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..their im about to do an awesome move lol…

          yes kellys is just WAY over the top & not needed to add anything to the match…i can stand melinas because its not everymove not the whole match plus melinas screams dont sound like nails down a chalk board…

        • lazberg

          the kelly screaming that drives me silly is the screeching of “come on” over and over. somebody should “come on” and put a sock in her gob.

  • The_JM

    Decent litttle match here, kelly showed a few new moves. I don’t get why people are so offended that melina jobbed to kelly, I mean kelly’s the champ and if she will improve at any point, she can only do that with girls with more experience, not the bellas or eve or alicia. the bellas promo was cringe-y, they made laycool look like heat magents. (no offense to laycool fans) Setriously though, that was pretty bad. who writes these jokes anyway, they were quite lame. i look foward to eve/kelly, but at the same time it won’t help either improve a lot. i just pray kelly does some wrestling this sunday, please prove to everyone you canw restle or at the least run those ropes correctly ;)

    • The_JM

      *can wrestle

    • xXxUniquelyiXxX

      Exactly what I’m saying.

    • art

      i dont think kelly will run the ropes right regardless if its a ppv or raw lol..if she will improve LOL

      • The_JM

        Eh, I’m trying to stay positive about the match. Seriously though I love kelly but she’s gotten worse and it’s quite sad. The Kelly from 08 was great, even hardcore indy fans were getting behind her. Now she relies on cheap pops with stink faces and butt slaps. With her having the title she doesn’t really need to improve because its wwe telling her hey you’re the best cause you have the title, so keep doing your thing. She’s perfect for wwe though, as they’re not all about the wrestling and more about entertaining. Cena=Kelly, CM Punk=Nattie Neidhart. The point is that if kelly wants to improve she’ll do it cause she genuniely wants to not cause she has to.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    well at least, it was a good build up to the PPV match between K2 and The Bella Twins. :)

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/BenxXROCKS katarinaw4ever

      Yeah, and i think that Eve will be in Kellys corner

  • jeffhardy88

    so, the promo of the bella twins, it’s not the best promo of this two divas, but unlike you, i really like them cause they have mic skill and enough in-ring skill!

  • 04bia

    i tho the match was not great, it was just an “ok”. not happy with kelly as champ, ive tried to see her as a serious competitor but i just cant, the screaming isnt helping either, i mean what was the need to scream so loud at the end, the bella’s were barely hurting her. lol! melina jobbing? well tbh im not surprised shes been jobbing for the past year, another loss doesnt hurt her, but melina losing to kelly is unbelievable tho.
    btw i have nothing against the bellas, but im not feeling their “mean girl” characters, its just like laycool, the skinny and fat jokes doesnt work well for them. the promo was terrible and fans didnt care. laycool, no matter how annoying, were able to get heat and deliver their lines perfectly without botching. they also had very good mic skills. the bellas have a long way to go to reach laycool.

    about eve, i would love to see her turn heel, imo i think she needs a change and tbh shes better than kelly, so hopefully we see a heel turn for her,

    also get the damn divas title on smackdown, nattie alicia and tamina deserve and opportunity!!! its not fair the divas title is only being kept on raw!

    • jeffhardy88

      i love bella’s characters, they are great and i hope that nikki win, in a short time, the divas chmapion! Alicia is not great, she is the worst diva and wrestler in wwe, and i hope she will be fired soon!

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

        Another Mark ?????? Oh Man :/

        • jeffhardy88


        • jeffhardy88

          i see wrestling in all component, in my opinion the bellas are great

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

          The bellas arent great .Melina ,Natalya ,Gail ,Beth ,AJ ect. Are great. Bellas are okay ,theyr getting better but theyr FAR from great .

        • B Fizzle


          Can you reevaluate your username and gravatar and revel in your hypocrisy?

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

          Did I say that eve was great ? Noo .I like eve & I know shes not great, as you can see I didnt metion her in the list above ,but I know eve will be great in the future because she has potential & so do the bellas .

      • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/roberto.kenu Kenu91

        Alicia what???? but did you see her match against Natalya? you’re blind really

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

          Oh God ! This doesnt involve alicia ! I KNOW SHES A GOOD WRESTLER & HAS ALOT OF POTENTIAL . But It involved EVE And The BELLAS.

  • French.One

    The review was better than the match.

    I thought summerslam would end kelly vs the bellas feud, but I read a comment once saying that this could actually be the start of the feud between kelly and the other bella twin…

    • UncleCuc

      As SCSA would say, “Oh Hell No!”

  • UncleCuc

    At least wwe is giving some people mic time that don’t usually get any. Not only the Bellas, but Evan Bourne and Kofi got some promo time. None of them were very good, but they’ll only get better if given a chance.

    I’m about sick of Kelly as a character, she’s turning into a female Cena with even less ring skill. For as long as she’s been in wwe, she really hasn’t improved very much. Kelly/Brie at MitB is going to be a 3-5m filler match; hopefully once Brie’s rematch is out of the way, Kelly can feud with, and drop the title to, someone who can put on decent matches.

    They taped Beth v Maryse for SS last night. SS has had the best diva’s matches for most of this year, hopefully this one will continue the trend.

    One more thing, I thought the diva’s and tag champs were supposed to be on both brands. When was the last time we saw Kelly or Otunga/McHennig on SD! as champs?

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    The Only Good Thing about Raw was Melina’s Return…..I guess they ddnt 4get about her..or just remembered..

  • xXxUniquelyiXxX

    Melina jobbed to a weaker competitor, Jillian Jobbed to a weaker competitor, Fabulous Moolah jobbed to a weaker competitor. Moral of the story is; EVERYONE JOBS AT ONE POINT AND TIME.
    Kelly is just a phase, she will hold the title for a year, i’m guessing… fight back for like a month with whomever won it then vanish.

    Okay, so her wrestling isn’t 100%. Question is… Who’s is now? Who better than a Vet like Melina to Help carry her through a match? I don’t care what anyone says, I think the two put a decent match on last night . I see nothing wrong with her neck breaker she preformed, i must be blind (insert smart ass joke here).

    Giving the Bella’s a mic, was like two cars colliding and slamming in to a tree. The Skinny jokes sucked; “Your skin is screaming FEED ME KELLY, FEED ME.” Wouldn’t it be her stomach screaming that? Or “Proactive worked wonders for Kelly Kell- uhh Katy Perry.” “Malnurtured.” If i was Kelly, i would’ve went to the local library, got a dictionary came back & then slapped them with it..

    • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/roberto.kenu Kenu91

      if Kelly should puts on a match like this on PPV I would ask my money back, and trust me it’s possible, c’mon she’s a champion!!!! always the same thing, man she doesn’t look like a credible champion

  • wl75

    Maryse would have a slight problem w/ the Bellas Proactiv comments, since she’s done commercials for it…

    But the Bellas are trying to be the new LC….Just. Not. Working. Maybe it’s time to split them up- K2 wins at the PPV, Brie blames Nikki, Nikki slaps Brie. Nikki doesn’t have to make a full face turn- a tweener would be perfect.

    • silverink-25

      Actually I hope that the Bellas stay heels and that Eve turns on Kelly after she helps Kelly retain the title. Then they should have Eve do a promo on RAW, talking about she hates both the Bellas and Kelly, which would either make Eve a tweener or top heel.

  • Krazyvickay

    Overall the match was ok but the promo ouch. I’m sorry Nikki I like but really how the hell do you botch Katy Perry. This also means Kelly will retain on Sunday and I’m guessing Eve turns heel(finally).

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    Ok match, I liked Kelly’s attire. I think Eve is turning Heel for some reason. Nice segment with Vickie and the two Sexiest men on the Planet.

  • BillyGP

    sick of people complaining about kelly scream when melina does or did the same thing yet no one complains. kelly looked amazing and did well in the match despite what some say.

    • seasons-of-love

      Melina’s always been screaming though. It’s part of her character, and has been since the days of Primal Screaming outside the ring during MNM’s matches.

      Kelly just starts howling the moment someone touches her. It’s stupid. And for the record, I quite like K2. Just ditches the screaming.

      • seasons-of-love


      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        You ever listened to Melina scream ? Then go listen to how Kelly Kelly screams then tell me which you find most annoying….

    • bortman

      melina scream is much more realistic and really integrated to her character and story of the match.

      kelly, she just scream for no reason and she sound like she getting rape on her ass or getting bloody murder.

      • The_JM

        Besides screaming WAY too much during the beat-down kelly’s screams never come off any more annyoing than melina/layla’s. At times, I think little things like screaming or waving her hands up or saying come on quite loud is a good way to try to get a crowd reaction. Not to bash other divas, but sometimes the divas hardly acknowledge the audience like they’ forget 15,000+ people are in the arena.

        • bortman

          wrestler like melina, layla, beth, natalya acknowledge the fans by giving them a good worthy match. they dont need to give the fans some cheap cheesy wave.

    • art

      seasons-of-love “Kelly just starts howling the moment someone touches her. It’s stupid.”…i agree she has the most annoying scream/howl ive ever heard….

    • TheBeautifulPeople.

      Kelly screams for no reason even when she’s fighting that person..

  • http://www.freewebs.com/randomvidsinc joeyesrojo

    Call me crazy but I’ll support this match just because Kelly used a neckbreaker instead of a bulldog!

    And Melina sold the hell out of Kelly’s finisher despite how poor Kelly’s execution was.

  • http://looklet.com/user/132409/looks desi1999

    Well the match was okay,but i’m going to tell it how it is.First Kelly.She is the champion but she still does those baby moves she used to do before being champ.What kinda of champion does a stinkface??!She said she was going to make everyone proud but she has been doing the same thing in every single match and it makes me sick!If you want to prove people wrong and show you can be the champion,then get better in the ring and stop all that dang screaming!When she did the K2 to Melina,she was screaming and when the Bellas attacked her,she was sceaming like she was being beat up by 10 oompa loompas.And whats up with Melina?Did they forget she was on their show?But when i saw Melina in the ring,i got all excited.But sadly she loses(of course).Because Kelly is champ and she is the golden girl and Kelly never loses.Now the Bellas.They weren’ bad on commentary and they not that bad with the promo although the did messed up a couple of words.And why does everything have to be about looks when it comes to divas?Why can’t Brie just want her title back?And last Eve.I like Eve and hopefully she turns heel at MITB.And that was all i had to say.I am not trying to put Kelly down,it just makes me mad that things with the divas division is not doing good and Kelly is not improving.But maybe,just maybe after MITB she gets better and shows alot of people wrong because i think she has potential to be one of the best divas ,but she isn’t using that potential.But it was good to get my opinion out=)

  • mpezza

    Thank you for at least mentioning Vickie’s segment! The usual recapper never does, and it annoys me. (:

  • DAFereldan91

    My goodness,what a terrible match.And I see Kelly Kelly is awful as usual,still doing her annoying signature screams.To me,Kelly Kelly is beyond hopeless…

    • art


  • beliEVEr

    The title match is this Sunday right? Pretty decent way for them to set up the title match and I think the spot for Kelly’s title victory has been officially secured, if it wasn’t already obvious enough. It’s an unwritten law that the Diva gaining motivation going into the PPV is usually the one to lose it. I guess, it’s suppose to be a surprise or something, but we all know what’s going to happen. Anyway, like many others, I’m hoping that Eve with be in Kelly’s corner and then turn on her. It’s the best, possible solution to do with these four girls so that it won’t seem completely random but still a “suprise” to the universe.

    As for the match, I think it was pretty decent. Only thing that really turned me off of the match was Kelly’s constant screaming that she does. It gets louder and more dramatic every week and it’s really hard to focus on anything else, everytime she does it I’m just like o.O okay, Kelly. Melina did well with Kelly, but the match was too fast paced and both the girls looked lost. Kelly made it too obvious she was going through the steps and didn’t have a ‘flow’ to it, and Melina got lose toward the end of it, running to the wrong set of ropes. But still decent none the less.

    The Bellas promo, IMO, was good. A lot of people are going to get on them for the Katy Perry thing, but the Bellas have put on good matches in the past, and pass that minor mishap the promo went pretty good. I like the Bellas on the mic, they come very natural the majority of the time. Eve coming in to save Kelly, was bleh. Same old same old, great seeing her but I don’t know. I just hope this will lead to a heel turn for Eve and then Kelly/Eve.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Kelly is just lost cause, it’s clear getting better is not a priority to her. As for melina, well her career is pretty much heading into enhancement talent zone

  • The_JM

    something i did like about this segment/match was how for once they booked the bellas as strong heels. and i like how melina dded some sparkles to her plain black outfit, it looks nicer :)