In Video: Trish, Lita, Stacy & Torrie in WWE’s “Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century”

Holy nostalgia, Batman!

A quartet of the most popular Divas of WWE years past, Trish Stratus, Lita, Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson are honored on WWE’s Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century DVD which was recently released.

No doubt, the four Divas were amongst the most popular Divas of the noughties, but WWE’s omission of certain other Divas — such as Molly Holly and Victoria — will likely cause much debate amongst fans.

Nonetheless, it’s great to see any Diva highlighted and it’s really interesting to watch Superstars of today discuss the former stars’ legacies in WWE.

Watch below:

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  • stephenpwwe

    I’m happy about this. When I thought of Diva, I thought of Trish,Torrie,Stacy and Lita I don’t know why I just did. A lot will complain but I’m happy about this.

    • Rhawk

      I couln’t have said it better myself. When wrestling was hot all those years ago, when ever someone or myself mentioned he word ‘Diva’ with WWE, 1 or more of those 4 women would ALWAYS be mentioned.

      • stephenpwwe

        Thanks :D lol

        • Lita-Sault-666

          Definatly agreed with you here. These were the stand out 4 of the naughties. As Melanie mentioned, there were other greats during this time, but these we’re the biggest Divas around.

          Great Memories of these four <3

  • davepower

    Are we going to have another one of our sensible Lita vs Trish debates?

    • litafan2000

      Why? Both are on the DVD and there is no reason to debate.

      • davepower

        You havent been Divadirt much have you? For some reason they are the Bret vs Shawn of the divas. Mind boggling.

        • litafan2000

          I actually do come on here quite a bit, however I do not post on here much. :)

        • Lita-Sault-666

          Usually, the Lita & Trish fans dont have a problem with any news related to one or the other, its an arrogant comment someones posted berating one of those names which kicks everything off

        • Lita-Sault-666

          The four divas featured on the DVD are four of the best. We can all think of many more who could have just as easily made the title, but I’m rather happy that we got four th, I only expected Lita & Trish.

        • jonboi

          i think lita fans feel let down by the wwe who for what ever reason she has not been rewarded as much as trish has and trish fans feel because shes a 7 time champ and hell even when wwe do dvds about divas the present divas always say trish is great when its about lita the wwe send in two divas to boast up lita. What im saying is th wwe choose lita at first to be the golden girl but once the neck injury happened trishs star got brighter. wheather your a trish or lita fan we all know lita would have held the title 6 times just the one below trish. im a lita and trish fan i started watching wwe when i say a blonde hair chick throw a red hair babe through a table so i love them both but alas litas the one i took to from day 1 trish from day 2. so there are some fans of them both out there not many on this site lol

  • litafan2000

    I’m not surprised by Lita and Trish , but I’m shocked that Torrie and Stacy made the DVD. I would have put Victoria, Molly and hell even Mickie James. But your right these four were the most popular.

    • Raekon

      They obviously left out many of the others that were as popular because they are in other promotions or in bad terms with them.

  • davepower

    Liked Nattie capping it off.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I think they chose the right 4. All the comments were nice and I think accurate. I loved Striker calling Lita the anti diva she was and that was an awesome thing.

    • RangerDeon

      SAME! Because she was. She didn’t dress or act like the other “divas”, but she looked HOT and she was amazing.

      • jonboi

        she always said she hated the term diva she classed herself a wrestler by the edge story line is when she became another diva such a shame

  • RangerDeon

    YES! This is accurate (although Molly and Victoria and Ivory and..I could go on, they all deserved to be a part of it because they were the ones who made me fall in love with the WWE divas. AND TERRI!!! I almost forgot)

    I love that Stacy and Torrie Wilson made it. They were the it. Yes, Stacy wasn’t a Trish or a Lita, but she held her own in the ring and played her part as the valet/part-time wrestler so well (like Terri) and I’m glad she was included. I miss her. I miss her theme song and her walk and her entrance.

    I MISS LITA SO MUCH! I kept rewinding back to that diving hurricanrana. I loved that move so much. They should use it more. I think Gail does it on occasion (I’ve seen her do it on Alicia on superstars).

    I think if the divas were given proper time, they could be the thing we gush about in 10 years as the “best of the era” because they’re talented but not used right.

    • jonboi

      it was a mixed tag gail was in with alicia the divas cant hold another diva flying off the turnbuckle for the ranna lita its only males gail & lita have done the ranna on unless its from the ring you know like the one KK uses now

  • Rhawk

    The right 4 were chosen, during the time all of these 4 women were in WWE, all of them made an impact to the word ‘Diva’ in the WWE. Of course others such as a Mickie James or Beth Phoenix could have been considered, but thats for another generation, and from their generation, I adored all of these women, good or bad.

    Kind of funny they picked the 4 women who were mostly involved with he WWE/WCW/ECW Invasion angle, I can remember their Trish & Lita VS Torrie & Stacy match as if it were yesterday. ^_^

  • katarinaw4ever

    AND STACY all together!
    and lol what happend to kaitlyn hair xD

    • Straight Edge Mattie

      I know i thought the same thing either her weave got wet or she got into a fight with alicia

    • javiousmckenzie

      Chile didnt she look like she just came from a bar fight

    • Raekon

      Though the same thing about Kaitlyn when I saw her in the first sentense. =P
      Happy she is in there showing that she was actually a big fan before she entered the division and that she has the heart and passion for it along with the skills and talent to back them up. :)

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Lita and Trish definatly deserve this spot for sure :), and at first i was thinkin Sable and Ivory should have been the other two, but after i thought of it more Torrie definatly deserves to be there

    stacey is the only questionable one

    • stephenpwwe

      I agree. But it is what it is I guess.

    • Envy

      Stacy got equal amount of pops as the main event superstars back in the day so that’s probably why she’s included.

    • Raekon

      I agree. Ivory however is not “liked” anymore because of her comments so I guess is the reason why she was left out along with Jazz, Jaqueline and others that are in other promotions.

      • davepower

        Either that or they significantly less popular or had shorter runs.

  • DarkMaverick87

    No, these are the right four. No doubt about it. Lita and Trish need no explaining. Stacy was one of the most refreshing and exciting valets in her time with the company. And Torrie carried SmackDown!’s women’s division and grew to become a key SD! Superstar regardless of gender. She was the it girl on SmackDown!. Although I love Molly and Victoria, WWE never really built a division or a facet of the company around either of them. This isn’t the Greatest Divas of the 21st Century DVD. It’s men and women. These are the right four. To have more than these four would make their accomplishment mean less.

  • art

    Lita the anti diva & set the level for the divas of today..100% true no other diva will be lita..she set the standard for women in the wwe if not for all women wrestlers…shes just amazing. her moves her style & her look i love that about her..the most popular & iconic woman in wwe in over a decade…
    stacy really did nothing she was popular but nothing special besides she had long legs & didnt have implants..
    torrie was & is stunning probably the most beautiful diva ever,she had one of the best bodies of the women..the only thing is wwe held her back by gimmick matches & she didnt get a chance to show how good she actually was because of an career ending injury..
    trish showed a model could be an all rounder shes the standard wwe wants but their not gonna get another trish because she was a fan she wanted to do it & had the drive..

  • BillyGP

    My question is if Mickie did not sign with TNA would she be on this DVD since she is as popular as these four women.

    • art

      i reckon both mickie & tara would make the dvd if they wherent with impact..

    • WWFoverWWE

      they are continuing their legacies in TNA, if you can’t appreciate that, then you’re not real fans of theres

      • art

        i am a real fan, a real fan would want their former company to show respect to what they did their…

        • WWFoverWWE

          who cares, it’s just 4 minutes on a DVD. Knowing the male fans, they’ll just skip over the diva parts like they always do

        • art

          im sure they wont because fans at least remember lita to give her a pop in a 3 second appearance…

      • BillyGP

        wow im a real fan specially of Mickie i was asking a question since we all know how Vince is. Plus i would not skip through the diva part of a dvd.

        • art

          wwfoverwwe was talking to me lol..i just think they over do their comments hahahaa..
          real fans wouldnt skip their favorites..

  • WWFoverWWE

    no offence of stacy should not be on there, she shouldn’t do anything

    kaitlyn has just earned HUGE points with me by saying trish was the best diva ever, but kaitlyns hair is :P

  • DarknessRuler

    THE TOP Divas

  • Billy James

    Trish and Lita really do deserve to be on DVD as they really some great wrestling moments in the decade. I don’t think that Torrie or Stacey should be on the list as they have moments that really left an impact. Ivory and Molly Holly most definitely should be on the list as they had some great matches during their time in the WWE. I understand why Victoria AKA Tara and Mickie were not on the list but after they retire, they need to be added to the list as Victoria and Mickie had some super moments in the WWE.

  • LlamaWhisperer

    LOL I love Kaitlyn.

    “She was hotter than Barbie– If that’s possible” :’)

    • Raekon

      Hehe! ^_^
      I love her humour and sarcasm most of the time too. :)

  • seasons-of-love

    It was a nice video, but the highlight was undoubtedly QUEEN MELINA. o_o

    Kaitlyn’s ‘humour’ is on a whole new level of terrible btw. Just saying.

    • TrishMelinaFan

      Melina definitely added the needed voiceovers along with Matt Stryker. More people need to love her!

    • Raekon

      I agree on Melina.

      When it comes to Kaitlyn, we already know that you don’t like her at all so its normal that you won’t like her humour additionaly. :p

  • RR45

    That was really cool. All four are deserving. It was nice to hear what some of the current Divas and Superstars thought. I would’ve loved to hear AJ talk about Lita. I saw a pic on her twitter where WWE filmed AJ crying and hugging Lita. It was pretty surreal. LOL at Kaitlyn haha.

  • andagain

    Those four are the biggest stars to come out of the division, and they’re the four top women of the 21st century. While Molly and Victoria were great workers, they weren’t the biggest stars. Omitting Stacy and Torrie in favour of them would be silly.

    And the “Stacy and Torrie didn’t do anything” comments are ridiculously ignorant.

    -Was a big part of the Invasion and the Alliance
    -Managed several Superstars, such as the Dudleys, Scott Steiner and Test
    -Took some incredible bumps like the table spot and the steel cage to the head spot
    -Was involved with many big feuds
    -Was incredibly over
    -Had mainstream appeal
    And of course, was well known for her legs and her cutesy girl next door appeal.

    -Was also involved with the Invasion/Alliance
    -Managed/was romantically involved with several people such as Taijiri and Billy Gunn
    -Also took some big bumps
    And just like Stacy, she was incredibly over and appealed to the mainstream too. She posed for Playboy and was a big name.

    Despite people here being biased towards “real wrestlers” and against “models”, Torrie and Stacy were huge parts of the business and did a lot in establishing the Divas division. They were over and people loved them. You don’t have to be an active wrestler to do contribute to the business.

    • art

      chair shot LOL…torrie was a wrestler by the end of her career..i have nothing against models turned wrestlers as long as they put in the effort..

    • Raekon

      At that time with the dudleys, all the divas were put through a table.
      Even May Young went through a table and much harder than any other diva because she let bubby go with her through a table from the ramp to the bottom.

      In most divas cases like Stacy, Bubba actualy broke the table with his butt so the impact for the divas were less.

      As far as I remember only Lita took it fully but I’m not sure anymore.

      Stacy was still only a successfull valet/manager that learned how to take bumps and used like 3 wrestling moves in the few matches she were involved.

      I’m not saying she didn’t do anything but I would had put a other diva in her spot instead that did more.

      • andagain

        You really don’t understand how it works, do you?

        • Raekon

          I really do understand that you are putting Stacy more over than she was only because she got more pushes than other Divas.

          Check how over Kelly Kelly is and you will see why.
          In each and every promotion everyone gets to see her face for years.

          Even she didn’t got pushed for the title, she was always representing the face of the divas division so it was normal that people would get more attached to her than other divas in comparison that were more talented or had more in ring skill.

          I don’t mind Stacy, nor do I have anything against her, for what she was, she did a good job.

          All I’m saying is that if some of the divas that weren’t included were not in bad terms or in other promotions currently (like Mickie or Victoria as example), the fourth spot would had gone to a other diva and not to her.

          I mentioned the tables and the dudleys only because you pointed it out as if it were something special that only she did at that time. ^_^

  • LadyGoDiva

    I can understand why Lita and Trish were on the list but wth with Torrie and Stacy honeslty ever found them the most talented but can see why by beauty and in other cases Stacy’s long beautiful legs.

    Agree all the way with what Striker said about Lita being anti-diva. Was all about performance not like anything that either Torrie or Stacy was. I know that AJ. Gail, Naomi and even Raquel can do some of Lita’s moves. My main favorites are Litacarana and the Litasault.

    I hope that next time WWE release more DVD we’ll see other Divas besides Trish,Lita and etc. Still hoping for the History of the WWE Women’s Championship on DVD. {crossing fingers. lol}

  • Jake

    All of the women in that era were amazing but those four were the most popular and the greatest Divas of the 21st century. All four of those girls became more than just “wrestlers”, they became household names and really did set the par high.

    As for Divas like Ivory, Jazz, and Molly. They were great wrestlers but weren’t really big names. Most of Molly’s time in WWE she was just there. 2002-2003 was the only time she was at the top. Jazz wasn’t in WWE long. Ivory was a top Diva in the late 90s-early 2000s but after that she was just another one that was just there.

    Mickie and Victoria? Maybe. They were very popular but I don’t think they were all that mainstream.

  • Aksana

    I was quite happy to see what the Divas had to say on the 4. I mean sure, they were most likely told to say that. But, it’s very nice to think that the Divas really do look up to these 4. They’ve all made there own impact on the WWE over the years whether it be for there wrestling (Lita & Trish) or it be for there popularity (Torrie & Stacy). Obviously, the list of other women who could be featured in this DVD is endless. Molly Holly, Victoria, Jazz, Ivory, Jacqueline, Mickie James etc. However, these 4 will be known as THE Divas.

  • TrishMelinaFan

    Definitely four of the best. Of course there are many many others. Jazz, Ivory, Victoria, Molly, and even Dawn being some missing names that would’ve awesome to see.

  • Taylor

    I’m happy they end with the best, lol. I liked Kaitlyn’s and Natalya’s comments about Trish being the best and being irreplaceable.

    To be quite honest, I don’t exactly agree with Matt Striker in regards to Torrie Wilson starting the “smart, sexy, and powerful” trend. I think that was Trish. And the “hotter than Barbie” comment… Well, I think Trish and Sable were the most beautiful girls the WWE ever had.

  • BillyGP

    Sorry no offense to Molly,Jazz,and Ivory but they was not big stars talented yes but not big stars.