Impact Write-Up (August 04th, 2011): The Champ Takes a Hardcore Hit

Hello again, my lovies. It has been a long week without you around and I shall tell you, I am happy this day is finally here. Last week, we got a show chock full of Knockouts action but this week, we’re coming up a little bit short. On this episode, we’ve only got one short singles match with a little bit of an abrupt end to the scene. Whereas, last week, we couldn’t blink without seeing a member of the Knockouts division. Either way, we’ve still got action to discuss and it is going to start with that singles match I mentioned. With the Knockouts Champion, Mickie James on commentary, it is bound to be entertaining. She makes her way out first in an adorable outfit, looking all spiffed up for her night off before Hardcore Justice. She struts over to the commentator’s booth and plants herself right between Taz and Mike Tenay, ready to call the action.

Out first is the “Queen Bee” herself, Madison Rayne. She’s back to wearing that awful beer wench attire, red or black is still horrid. That sash and crown are still in place and she makes no bids about screaming at the woman who took her title from her, in between waving to her adoring fans, of course. I love Madison. She is one of my favorite Knockouts ever but I really want to just take her shopping for new clothes. I mean, really, girl. We need to hit up the mall. For reals. Last to the ring, in true booty poppin’ fashion, is Miss Tessmacher. She is accompanied by her ever-the-wiser partner, Tara and they’re both displaying those new Knockouts Tag Team Championship titles with pride. They’re both looking fierce, Tara especially. Get it girl!

Tessmacher makes her way to the ring, playing it up as usual. She goes about her normal way while Tara watches in admiration until they can suck face on the apron. Oh yes. I went there. Tess, happy as a tick on a dog (redneck reference), spins around in the ring and Madison pretty much has a conniption. While Tenacious Tess is preparing to disrobe, Moody Madi’s head is about ready to spin off. This could get ugly especially since Earl Hebner tells Tara to pack up ship and sail to the back. Madison makes a giant show about wishing her well, sending her goodbyes all across the Florida coast. Talk about projection.

But while Madison is bitching at the world, Tessmacher is ready to rough it up. Not even a finger in the face can stop her from starting this match. She lays in the forearms and stomps Madison into the corner, backin’ that ass up all over Moody’s face. All the while, Mickie and Taz are talking about how to block that particular maneuver…


Back in the ring, Moody comes back with a claw to the mouth of Tenacious Tess and then slams her down in a very unceremonious manner. As if she’s nothing at all, Madison picks her up by the hair and just throws her across the ring like old laundry. Not once but twice. Moody runs off at the mouth, talking her trash and then comes off with something we haven’t seen in awhile. That leg-over, back-of-the-head humping, slam-in-the-face knee job business she does. I honestly wouldn’t know what to call it. I don’t think there is anyone on Earth that can come up with a name for it. If you do, please purchase yourself a treat.

However, in the classic slip-up, Moody Madison takes far too much time talking trash at Mickie and when she turns around, gets that old school roll-up from Tess. And she is not happy. Tessmacher barely has enough time to celebrate before Madison is on her, knocking her to the mat and wrapping those grubby paws around her throat. This is not something the champ can stand for. She tosses down her headphones and for some reason, takes far too long to hit the ramp. But it gives Angelina Love just enough time to run out from the back, clearly having forgotten to finish dressing. She was obviously trying to find the perfect outfit, ran out of time and just had to go with what she had on. That’s a valued excuse, right?

Either way, she nails Mickie from behind and slaps her face straight against the metal ramp. But bringing her to her feet is a mistake because Mickie fights back, getting one over on Angelina. That is, until Winter storms from stage right and just clobbers her. The crowd is making no secret in showing them how much they can’t stand them but do they care? Of course not. They’re all about setting Mickie up for the fall and do just that. Angelina holds Mickie’s arms and Winter, with the title, nails her Hardcore Justice opponent right across the temple.

Cue the music and let’s pretend we’re the champion for a moment in time. Only you’re not so you have to (legally) give the champion her title back. Why Angelina feels the need to keep talking smack, I have no idea. She probably can’t hear you through the pounding in her head. Duh.

I know we got a little short changed this week, in regards to the Knockouts but it was a pretty good showing. All leading up to the pay-per-view this Sunday. For those of you itching for more, check out what the champion, Mickie James had to say to Jeremy Borash about the attack after the show. She ain’t going down without a fight and from what we’ve seen from her before, you know it’s true.

Thoughts: Not a bad showing this week, despite the match itself only being about 2 and a half minutes long. But hey, we can’t have what we want every week. It all leads to Hardcore Justice this Sunday, where Mickie is taking on Winter for the Knockouts Championship. We’ve also learned that Sarita and Rosita will be challenging Taramacher in a return match for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. So if you felt jipped this week on Impact, be sure to tune into the pay-per-view and catch the wagon full of action. I’ll be there and we’ll find out if you will too so until that time, my lovies! xoxo

What did you guys think about this week’s Impact? Tell me about it!

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  • stephenpwwe

    Not the best Impact, but something is better then nothing I guess.

  • wl75

    How much I hope that picture comes true Sunday night- though I still think Mickie will win because she hasn’t had a long reign yet…

    • Nosferatu

      Me too. I want Winter to win, but my head tells me it will be Mickie. Winter looked good with the title on her shoulder.

      • Crazy_J

        I agree, she does look good with the title lol, I thought she looked good overall here.

  • WWFoverWWE

    some good news for the knockouts

    that heavy knockouts show 2 weeks scored a 1.3 rating. However this week the knockouts weren’t on for that long and the rating was a 1.1. So the knockouts are definitely the draw for TNA and maybe this will mean more knockout heavy shows in the future ^.^

    the match wasn’t good, but I loved the winter/angelina attack. All 3 looked beautiful

    can’t wait for hardcore justice :D

    • laqisha

      TNA should turn into All women wrestling show period!!!

  • Justin0422

    I liked impact this week. Even though it was a short segment. But hey, this is longer then what WWE gives us every week. XD

    • Justin0422

      Sorry for the double post -_-

      But I love Tessmacher, she has really grown on me! Definately one of my fave knockouts ^_^

    • Mystique(desi1999)

      Hey!No offense,but Why bring WWE in this?Thats messed up.

  • AdrianKanellis

    So much better than WWE segments and matches :)

    • Kessuki

      most definately. wwe is lacking right now. having the beth and natalya heel turns is one step forward and letting melina and gail go is 3 steps back.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Well not so good of a match but better than WWE so can’t complan, but the post match was good but really what was angelina thinking her outfit looked very bad but atleast she is not wearing thoes pants i am so sick of thoes but her wearing the skirt reminede me of her old days in TNA. Anyway i really want Mickie to retain i don’t think winter is ready and when she attacked Mickie it just looked so weak so i don’t want winter to win but it did look pretty good on he.

    And also i really see a faceturn from Angelina or just a turn in general she wants the tittle but Winter won’t let her pretty much so she might turn on her @ Hardcore Justice and than she can go on her own fued with Winter(which would be cool) or my biggest hope go help Velvet with ODB and Jackie and reunite TBP.

    Sorry it was so long just giving my views

    • VelvetLoveFan

      That would be really cool if that happends but I do have a feeling Angelina will turn on Winter!

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        Yeah i do so i really hope that willnhappen

  • Kessuki

    so looking forward to watching mickie vs winter at HJ. i reeeeally hope winter wins. #TeamBritish. also hope tara and tessmacher retain the belt as i dont think sarita and rosita have done much with their reign.

  • lazberg

    jeeziz madison with the caterwauling yowls, what is with so many screaming women wrestlers these days? the match was pretty mediocre, tessmacher is still limited in the ring and i was disappointed in madison. she can really work but she seemed cartoonish here, way too over the top. not to mention shades of wwe with her going from long reigning champ to a 2 minute match putting over a green newbie. worse, the entire match ended up being a vehicle to set up a beatdown of the champ in the ‘A’ program.

    the segment did what it was supposed to but the creative team didn’t do their best work here. scariest part of this was the bump mickie took on the stage. another few inches and she would have hit the corner of that 2″ metal riser and been really hurt. i cringed the first time and had to go back and look again to make sure she landed safely. that was too close, impact, who the hell designed that stage with metal projections like that? crazy.

    for the first time in quite a while wwe divas outdid the KOs in story, time on screen and in performance.

  • melina prez

    ok match but not as good as we have seen b4. And the post match beat down was ok.

  • Mystique(desi1999)

    Match was okay.And the beatdown was ok.But Tess booty shorts are not doing me any justce.And what the heck was Madison doing?One part of me wants Winter to win,but a bigger part of me wants Mickie to retain.But we gonna have to wait for hardcore justice and i can’t wait.