SmackDown Watch: December 26, 2008

The Divas of Friday Night SmackDown are here to give ‘Boxing Day’ a brand new meaning! Going out with a bang in 2008, watch as Michelle McCool defends her Divas Championship against Maryse with Maria as special guest referee.

Like any good season finale, a lot of old storylines are tied up and this week’s SmackDown certainly made the start of ’09 a whole lot more interesting for our blue-brand beauties! Check it out below:


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  • Marco

    This is like the longest match in SD diva history! So glad they gave divas a good block of time! :D
    FINALLY Maryse gets the title!
    She’s deserved it ever since she got her first shot at the title.
    Great wrestling and I LOVE the ending!
    Maria’s pain gives me entertainment :D!

    Also YAY FOR CANADA! they cheer for Maryse! :)

  • Manda

    I think Michelle kind of overdid it at the end with trying to make her point as a heel, beating up on Maria. She’s either one hell of an actress or there’s some sorta grudge there, lol

  • TaylorJade

    LOL, Manda, yeah I thought the same thing. I was sitting there like, “Is this ever going to end?” I wish that some of that time was used for a longer match.
    And I am glad that Canada cheered Maryse.
    All in all, it was good. :)

  • Manda

    Maryse definitely deserved more attention as the new champ than what she got, too.

  • Lee

    I thought the beatdown was painfully slow. It was as if Mae Young was involved as slow as Michelle was attacking.

  • Mace

    That was a good match! congrats to Maryse – she definetly deserved it, it was also great the crowd was into the match.

  • IvyofHeavens

    LOL @ Marco! Her pain was entertainment. :D
    And I think Michelle just has jealousy issues with other divas taking her spotlight, on and off camera.

  • KiKi

    LMAO @ Marco!
    FINALLY, Maryse has won the Divas Championship, LOL!
    Maryse made me laugh how she kept telling Maria to shut up but she was a good referee.
    That beatdown that Maria received looked like it hurt.
    Two questions remain: Who is the next challenger for Maryse? Will Maria get revenge against Michelle McCool?

  • melinafan996

    I think Gail might debut and be the next challenger

  • Luis-Angel

    hopefully they dont make it all about Maria and Michelle
    and forget Maryse is the champ
    maybe they will tie it in altogether =D

  • Rob

    Given the past chemistry between Michelle and Maryse I am surprised the match wasn’t faster paced. The ending segment with Maria did go on for much longer time than I expected as well. Normally Diva matches are no where near the length these were. I don’t see Michelle making friends with anyone though. Yes she’s a heel but that doesn’t mean she’s going to back maryse. I think the best thing to do is have her be someone who isn’t friends with anyone but is only interested in getting her title back any way she can. I just can’t see her all of a sudden becoming pals with Maryse, Natalia and Victoria.

  • VakhoMcCool

    Michelle will retain real soon

  • KiKi

    Maryse has new championship photos up on and she looks great!
    The title looks good on her might I add.

  • ashleigh

    I’m glad that the title went to Maryse and not Maria =]. I enjoyed the match and the beatdown at the end was good too although it was a bit slow for my liking. I thought Michelle would’ve got really into beating Maria up and started attacking really fast but she didn’t (obv). I think I’d have liked Michelle beating Maria up a lot more if it was faster paced but all and all I enjoyed it =D.

  • CC

    Maryse getting the title and maria getting her ass beat made this great. xD

  • luckyse7en

    I agree with the post match beatup being a little overdone, but I loved it still. :D

  • Christi84

    Maryse rocks and she makes the title look good. Michelle’s beatdown was good but way too long, kinda like a match more than a beatdown.

  • mah

    gr8…maryse is the champ,wht a start for the 2009 year agree with u mel
    also mccool is much better heel now there will be a new comer or another heel/face turn

  • Nicole x


    it’s a Maria vs. Michelle MV.
    the editing was great, the meaning of the song was awesome.
    The whole thing seem so real.
    Team Mccool ! ftw.

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