WWE.com Follow Up Story to ‘That Article’, Comments from Eve and Bella Twins

Capitalizing on yesterday’s drama surrounding the “Does the Divas division need saving?” article, WWE.com now has a follow-up featuring comments from Brie and Nikki Bella, as well as Eve Torres.

The article states: “That was until WWE.com ran a feature that, in the eyes of some WWE Divas, gave unnecessary credence to the battle cry of Beth & Natalya. Outraged over the piece, Kelly, Eve and The Bellas took to their Twitter accounts on Sunday afternoon to voice their displeasure. When WWE.com caught up with them in Columbus, Ohio hours before Raw was set to go live, the Divas were still furious.”

Eve told the website: “The truth is people who have not been in our position and are not here living the life we do have no idea what we go through as Divas.”

“They lump certain Divas together as ‘model Divas.’ The truth is, I was never a model. I have an engineering degree. I can be somewhere else, but I chose to be here and I chose to fight for the Divas division every week.”

Meanwhile, Nikki commented: “I think what first set us off was saying that the world cringed when Brie won the [Divas Championship]. Actually, no they didn’t — at all.”

Brie adds: “People can’t stand the fact that, yes, we were models, but now we can kick anyone’s butt in the ring. That’s pretty much what it comes down to.”

Brie then goes on to claim that she and Nikki have worked harder than Beth and Natalya. “We’ve actually worked harder than them, because we didn’t come from a wrestling background.”

You can read the full article here.

Thoughts: No doubt that this will do little to calm the tensions amongst the Divas and from the fans. In fact, it could fuel it even more. By continuing the drama on Dot Com, I would hope that they’re turning it into a storyline and capitalizing on the fact that everyone is talking about the Divas. Are these comments a ‘work’?

What do you think about the Bellas and Eve’s latest comments?

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  • JSciola

    I… I like this so much.

    Long live the new Kayfabe!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    This is just all storyline wise … LoL I cant even really take it seriously but hey I will enjoy the drama though…

  • http://twitter.com/memosoto memosoto

    actually Nikki is right, Brie winning the tittle was so cool

  • Ed

    “We’ve actually worked harder than them, because we didn’t come from a wrestling background.”

    Actually, Beth & Nattie having wrestling backgrounds means they’ve worked at this their whole lives, you dumbass. Try thinking before you speak next time.

    • JSciola

      You just proved their point. They don’t have the background, so they had to work twice as hard to even make it to where they are.

      • stefanie

        But they’re not where Beth & Natalya are. Unless you mean in the WWE, which they didn’t get to with their wrestling skills. Beth & Natalya have worked the hardest, especially since Beth was wrestling in high school with all boys. The “training” that the Bellas have come no where near what Beth & Natalya have. Natalya is apart of the Hart family for crying out loud.

        • Raekon

          Of course they are not on the same level, they started years later and had to learn everything from scratch as rookies while Natalya got the training and guideance she needed from her family in the first place.

          Beth spent her rookie years in the indies in which things are running different aswell so in some terms it was easier to reach the level she did cause in wwe you get dropped into the “cold water” and its rather a learning by doing experience.

          So it’s normal that the bellas or other divas like them have to work double as hard and for that what she is saying its true.

          Most of all since you can’t compare the training FCW gives you while you are on the main roster at the same time traveling (see Kaitlyn as example) with the training you receive as a third generation diva from your whole family OR as a indies wrestler like Beth, that can learn from veterans in a more “relaxed” environment and with more time in your hands to improve.

      • squared.circle

        Harder to prove themselves as wrestlers, maybe, but they by no means have they worked harder than Beth or Natalya. Beth worked her ass off in the indies and Natalya trained in the Hart dungeon (as said by Stefanie). I’m sorry to say, but FCW doesn’t even compare.

        “so they had to work twice as hard to even make it to where they are.”

        I would argue that their sex appeal has a larger role to play in the Bellas being where they are today. Hence being “model Divas”…

    • Melina&Mickie4ever!

      Jeez did really have to call her a dumbass ? Its not like she really thinks that you know…Scripted , she reads what she has to say…you could have left the dumbass out….Sheesh!

  • LDGisHere

    Right-on ladies, sticking up for yourselves!! I’m so sick of this anti model Diva attitude as of late. Have people forgotten that Trish Stratus, Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler all started off as models before they began wrestling??? And here they are the Diva/female wrestlers that the standard has been set around. How the hell does THAT work??

    And while we’re on it, I’m over the negative attitude towards bootie popping and stink faces. Were people asleep during the attitude era when The Kat and Terri Runnels were giving stink faces, bronco-busters and stripping for the crowd? Oh, and winning the oh so coveted Women’s title.

    I find it to be super hypocritical that now-a-days sheep are jumping on the bandwagon of dissing Divas who come from modeling backgrounds or who do “sexy” moves in the ring, all the while building up Divas of the past who did the same thing. It’s all so stupid!

    Like Eve said, she could be doing something else, my god the woman has genius I.Q. and a degree in engineering. I don’t think she would be around if she didn’t truly love the sport! Honestly, couldn’t ALL the “model divas” be doing something else? Like, uh, modeling?? They choose to wrestle, they choose to live that life and risk injury and endure the blatant disrespect from fans for a reason. But sheep will be sheep and will follow only the opinions of whatever the dirt sheets tell them. Right now it’s an anti pretty Diva opinion. Over it…

    • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

      To be perfectly frank, the Women’s title was regarded as an effing joke until SMH won it & brought it to the forefront. It was a lot like now, where people would forget the belt existed, was rarely defended on PPV & if it was, it was a throwaway match. When Steph won it, fans suddenly cared about their precious Women’s title & clamored to get it off of Steph & that’s when it became “coveted”.

      Like I’ve said before, the blatantly sexual moves/attire smack of desperation in my opinion. It’s like you know you can’t get support any other way. You can be gorgeous & still bad ass. But if you NEED to booty pop & stinkface, then you know you can’t connect with the crowd.

      • MickieJamesFan07

        Mostly all of the wwe divas past and present have used sexual moves of some sort. Lita would constantly take off her shirt and her thong was always showing, Mickie James has grabbed Trish’s boob at NYR06 and her crotch at WM22, Melina’s spilts, Torrie’s stinkfaces, Maria’s bronco busters, Jillian smothering opponents with her breasts, etc. WWE tells the divas to do these things and the audience eats it up.

    • Shan

      I would really like people to stop using the whole ‘they were models to before wrestling’. They were FITNESS models. There is a HUGE difference. Excluding Stacy who was famous mostly for her legs and Torrie who’s role was for eyecandy, the other ones who got big were fitness models. For the last time; fitness models. In case I haven’t made my point; fitness models differ from regular models in that regular models have to look pretty or at least be able to sell clothes or whatever. Fitness models have to work out, be toned, and are in general athletic. You cannot lump them in the same category.

      That said, the girls work hard and kudos to them. I respect them for their hard work. I do not respect them for their in-ring ability. When or if they get better, I will acknowledge it.

      • Takeshi Miike

        As far as this venue is concerned model and fitness model is essentially the same when a slight bit of tone is all it takes to differentiate. A Fitness competitor is what is vastly different.
        examples: Torrie Wilson, Aksana and Kaitlyn – who btw carried it over the most both aesthetically and the only one practical-use wise.

        well said on that last paragraph

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Eve bugs me so much “Who doesn’t want to see Kelly’s butt in people’s faces? It’s so great!” really? I thought maybe she was gonna join the DoD with her comments about not being a model ever but then she lost me. 

    The Bellas make a lot of good points while continuing the catty girl character. In a sense, they do have to work harder to be taken seriously. I mean, even here Kelly & the Bellas could wrestle a 60 minute iron woman with springboard moonsaults, an exchange of counters that rival Malenko/Jericho  & a sick table spot & they would be pissed on because Nikki wore purple & not green & Kelly curled her hair. Meanwhile AJ could botch all night & get praised for showing up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Kelly fan & I think AJ is fun but I think a Diva’s background can hinder them. Alot of people pissed on Trish for her background & she shut their mouths. So did Layla & Michelle. Let’s stop pissing on where they came from & see where they go. 

    I can see both sides. While Beth & Natalya are definitely the role models of this feud, not all “model” Divas are shaking their asses in people’s faces, so they shouldn’t be lumped together & treated as one entity. 

    • Blonde Bombshell

      so true. people always seem to find something on Kelly/Eve to talk trash about, even when there’s nothing to complain.

    • FrankNFurter

      Yeah it’s the same with Naomi as well. Most fans don’t want to believe that her and AJ are at the same skill level. They tend to put AJ in the same category with Kharma and Natalya. All because of a little Indy background.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricMVx ElectricMVx

      I agree completely, people think that if you came from a non wrestling background into WWE you are useless, and that “model turned wrestler” doesn’t work. Trish, McCool, Victoria, Candice all beg to differ, everyone has to start somewhere, Beth & Natalya weren’t born with amazing skills, they had to learn.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    WOW I soo thought eve was a model LOL. There goes to show I dont know everything about my favorite diva… But Anyways ,Im wactually LOVING this .The only thing Im waiting for is a FREAKING PROMO WWE ! Come on make it happen ,you got GOLD in your hands ,USE IT !

  • MickieJamesFan07

    “I think what first set us off was saying that the world cringed when Brie won the [Divas Championship]. Actually, no they didn’t — at all.”

    Really Nikki?? Cause I certainly did!

    anyway, I love how Eve said that with having an engineering degree, she could be anywhere else but chose to be in wwe and fight for the division.

  • A.E

    dear divas if you wanna prove everyone wrong that you work as hard as the actual wrestlers do don’t botch,wrestle seriously.and prove us wrong that you are ,ore than just pretty faces trish did that,michelle did that,layla did the same,and for crying out loud even brook from tna is improving a lot.

    • MickieJamesFan07

      Even actual wrestlers botch and are sometimes sloppy not just the model divas. Its always funny to me how the model wrestlers, who are expected to not be any good by some fans are the ones that get the most shit when they do make a mistake but if a diva with the backround of someone like Beth, Natalya, Gail and Melina do, its no big deal.

      • A.E

        dude the actuall wrestlers do botch from time to time,but the model wrestler most of their matches full of botches.and it’s a miracle when one of their matches a botch free zone.

        • Raekon

          “dude” you comparing matches that are like 10-15 minutes long with diva matches that are 1-2 minutes long.

          Put some of your precious wrestlers in such rushed matches and see what happens and how often, then come back and comment again.

          In my opinion you are exaggerating by a lot.
          If you wanna see botches go watch cena or the botchfest named Sin Cara

        • A.E

          Raekon when a wrestler is put in a short match they pull it off ,tna did it once that was in mickie james vs madison rayne no 1 contender was really short but the girls make the best of the time they have had on tv.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    Poor Girls :(

  • http://vetaj.blogspot.com NurseBetty

    I keep forgetting Eve wasn’t a model.

    • Valese

      Yeah it’s hard to believe cause she’s soo pretty & smart too- I would’ve never guessed she had an engeering degree.

      • http://vetaj.blogspot.com NurseBetty

        No… its probably because she keeps getting lumped into model category.

        Plus the diva search thing kinda did it in for her.

        • Raekon

          yep, its because of the diva search that every girl that attented got marked as a model.

          The current division with their work prior to wwe:


          – Eve (dancer for the national basketball association)
          – Bellas (soccer players and world cup twins in promotional work)
          – Kelly (Swimwear Model)
          – Maryse (Model)
          – Beth (Wrestler)


          – Layla (dancer for the national basketball association)
          – Rosa (Business study and acting)
          – Tamina (Basketball and Wrestling additional to humanitarian work)
          – Natalya (Wrestler)
          – AJ (Film & Television Production major)
          – Kaitlyn (Soccer, Bodybuilding & Fitness Champion)
          – Alicia (Model)

          So as you can see the only Divas that were really models (even some of the others did some modelling at parts too), are Kelly, Maryse and Alicia.

        • French.One

          Model diva is usually used as an opposition to wrestling divas (those who have wrestling experience or belong to the fighting/crafty world).

        • Takeshi Miike

          yeah going into the company NOT as an indy/developmental wrestler but a model contestant (Diva Search) is kinda fairly damning. Funny, enough, without the influx of “up and coming (non-$ drawing)Divas ” as Bella put it, I think the number of non-wrestling wwe entrants is the majority, iirc.

        • http://www.youtube.com/user/ElectricMVx ElectricMVx

          Wasn’t Alicia a wedding planner?

        • Katie

          If you’re going to write out what Diva did before WWE, make sure you get it right. Prior to what Rosa, AJ & Kaitlyn were doing, Rosa & Kaitlyn were also models and AJ was in the indy’s.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/LovableLittleRabbit?feature=mhum Megumi

    The diva community is one of the worst communities to be in. People claim the superstar community, or “casual” fans, are ignorant and rude when ours is almost ten times worst. Most of the people are petty and immature, and don’t know how to accept an opinion or a remark.

    Natalya botches it’s okay, everything is good, it’s a mistake. Brie Bella botches and the world is falling, the whole match sucks and it was terrible and slow. Simply because some are better in the ring than others that automatically means everybody that likes the “model” divas aren’t wrestling fans and don’t care about anything but looks.

    Please. I like Maryse as I like Beth Phoenix. What are you going to do? Nothing. I’m a real wrestling fan, and I can like whoever I want. No matter if she’s a “Model” diva or a “real” diva. Nikki has just as much of a right to have respect as Natalya or Beth, because this is an even playing field. People in the world are equal. I don’t think Kelly is a good wrestler, but I think The Bellas are. But simply because the Bellas were models they’re automatically put in the same league as Kelly? Really? I think ODB is sloppy and I think Beth is great but because ODB can put on simply a decent match she’s called a good wrestler in the league of Beth?

    It’s ridiculous. Some people need to grow up.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

      ? ( I had to write that :D )

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

        Gahh I meant a “<33" Not a ? -.- smh

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/LovableLittleRabbit?feature=mhum Megumi

        Haha. (:

    • A.E

      as with all do respect ,wrestlers botch occasionally from time to time but these girls proved they could care less cause most of their matches they botch all the time ,so if they want to prove everyone wrong learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them again which well make them better wrestlers in the future,but they do the same mistakes over and over again.feel free to prove me wrong.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/LovableLittleRabbit?feature=mhum Megumi

        I can’t point out one mistake that happens over and over again besides Kelly not being able to run the ropes. Do you have any for me?

        • A.E

          you have eve i may look at it in way and you may look at it in another but the way i see it she doesn’t seem to connect properly with her opponents.especially with the dropkicks and have

          two very green wrestlers wrestle each other and their match turn out to be a disasters aka tamina vs kelly one of the too many example.

        • Takeshi Miike

          Alicia Fox has only been able to hit her finish right on Kaitlyn and even then one time it coulda been a botch cuz she kicked her in the head on the axe kick upswing!

    • Jhonmarco

      THIS. :)

      • Valese

        Tamina vs Kelly wasn’t a disaster. It was just awkward. If you wanna se a disaster i suggest the infamous Mickie James vs Gail Kim match from 2009. Not a complete disaster just the ending, worse than any “model” botch.

        • Raekon

          Gail had gotten a concosious(sorry I don’t know how to spell it :p ) in that match, thats why the ending was bad.

          Mickie went for another move before her finisher but gail was standing barely on her feet not knowing where she even was out of dizzyness.

          That’s why Mickie pulled her finisher fast and pinned her to finish the match before Gail got transfered backstage.

        • Harley

          @VALESE: LOL. The lengths you go through to defend Kelly are laughable. Too bad your selective vision does not shape reality regardless of how much it favors your delusions.

          As for you mentioning the Gail and Mickie match, I actually agree. It was a bad match. But it was bad because Gail made a mistake off the top rope; a high risk move that didn’t pay off quite well. It wasn’t bad because Gail and Mickie were poorly trained, apprehensive and uncommitted.

          But now we go to a real disaster: the Kelly and Tamina match where, once again, Kelly’s half baked locomotion has heavily dampened the ENTIRE match (not just one moment.)

          Finally, I find it to be quite funny that you would bring up that ONE match out of many matches when you previously called me out for bringing up the one moment when the crowd actually cared enough to chant “same old bullshit” at a Kelly Kelly match.

          Your simple minded hypocrisy is hilarious, child. Absolutely hilarious and pathetic.

        • Valese

          @HARLEY- I’m sorry all i read was “LOL” and that was about it…. Your boring; so i’m just going to ignore you.

    • French.One

      Natalya botches it’s okay, everything is good, it’s a mistake. Brie Bella botches and the world is falling, the whole match sucks and it was terrible and slow.

      There is a difference between botching a dropkick when you do “dropkick/run the rope/stinkface/asslap” and bocthing a dropkick out of “dropkick/butterfly suplex/powerbomb/sunset flip”, if a diva tries harder stuff it’s ok to be kinder don’t you think ?

      Simply because some are better in the ring than others that automatically means everybody that likes the “model” divas aren’t wrestling fans…

      Wrestling is about wrestling, and wrestling is what happen in a match which happen … in the ring.
      If you like Kelly only because you like her character, try watching vampire diaries.

      Nikki has just as much of a right to have respect as Natalya or Beth, because this is an even playing field.

      Nobody here disrespect Nikki or her work, we just judge what we see, and what we see is poor wrestling abilities.

      simply because the Bellas were models they’re automatically put in the same league as Kelly? Really?

      The bellas are better than Kelly but from what we see their wrestling abilities are limited which ranks them in the model league.

      • French.One

        It seems forgot a “*”

      • French.One


        • art

          when has nattie EVER botched???..i cant name anytime she has..i havent seen the bellas botch either… ive seen kelly botch numerous times thou…

        • shameronstar

          I hate to rain on the parade, but Natalya had botched an attempted jack hammer on Alicia Fox once on superstars.

        • art

          it wasnt botched it was awkward…it still landed just not right because alicia swung her legs around…or sloppy it wasnt botched..

  • squared.circle

    I think Eve and the Bellas are right in defending themselves, however, a critical analysis on the downward spiral of the DIvas Division has been a long time coming. Diva fans and general WWE fans have been complaining for years, and it’s about time people gave it attention. Although I believe a lot of the blame lies with management, it’s a good tool for storyline progression. Keep it coming!

    • French.One

      Although I believe a lot of the blame lies with management
      The management team is the one who need to give explanantions.

  • Shan

    Frankly I could care less where they come from so long as they get the job done well. As much as people pitch a fit about how we’re hating on the ‘model divas’ (which I never understood, I always just called them those other women) the truth is when compared to the others who’ve worked almost their whole lives at this they just don’t measure up. Even then they’ve been some who said ‘forget that’ and worked their butt off for recognition. Michelle was hated on and she stepped up and big booted her naysayers in the face. Layla got scrappy and is turning out to be quite good at submissions and an interesting character. Alicia just surprised us all as she came out ready and rearing to go. Heck, even Eve is impressive even though for some reason she just doesn’t connect with many people.

    My problem comes when Kelly (who I heard is utterly sweet in person and as such like her outside the ring) gets the belt and is nowhere near the same level as Layla who debuted at the same time. It’s annoying. And for the love of peace will she stop with the stinkface!?!!! I hated it when Rikishi did it, I despised it when Torrie did it, I sure as hell am not a fan of that as a legit wrestling move on Kelly! At least with Rikishi it was believable as seriously damaging. With the divas it just makes you wish the offender would get kicked in the behind for doing it.

    Now all the ‘model diva’ lovers out there don’t take this as some up in arms speech. I’m just stating my opinions. It’s not about them being models. It’s about them delivering in-ring a match that makes you want more. Sadly, I have yet to see a match where Eve, Kelly, or the Bellas have done this no matter who they were up against.

    BTW anyone else notice that Rosa, Alicia, Kaitlyn, nor A.J. were brought into this? I mean, Kait actually modeled and Rosa and Alicia by all rights should be in this same mold. Just a thought.

    Ok I’m done with my rant now.

    • Raekon

      Kaitlyn was a soccer girl like the bellas and even in a national womens team.
      She started bodybuilding with 14 and took on competitions before she modeled as a fitness model for a few photoshootings.

      I guess she got rather left out because she is a hybrid diva that stands between Beths type and Kellys type.

      The reason they left AJ out is obvious since she isn’t comparable to the “modelike divas” but rather to a small young girl.

      They didn’t involved Rosa for the plain reason that she is a heel currently and the main jobber of the division.

  • Kaledrina

    natalya was born into a famous family – hard work to get into the wwe?

    beth phoenix had molly holly pay her wrestling school fee and put in a good word for her in wwe.. hard work to get into the wwe?

    • JSciola

      Ehhhhh…. not quite the same thing, IMO.

      Molly may have provided financial support, but Beth still had to do the heavy lifting with the actual training.

      Listen to her art of wrestling podcast. Very insightful.

      • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

        Natalya, one could argue that she got a free ride into WWE on her last name but Beth certainly worked hard through the indies & the like. Of course, the Bellas worked hard as well & used some moxie to get on the roster. Mickie James used a similar tactic & was praised while the Bellas were considered ungrateful hoebags. I don’t think their background should be held against them. A Diva shouldn’t be declared goddesslike because she has a famous last name or were in the indies. Otherwise you’d be writing off a lot of talent. Lita was a stripper who had valeted for less than a year before joining ECW & had been interested in wrestling for 2 years before winning the Women’s title. Should she had been written off? By today’s standard, yes!

        • Takeshi Miike

          WTF on that comparison example; where’d u get that?

          “valeted” DON’T include training and working at any level of match, much less packing up meager means to go train in a different country at least by 1998, making a start count before winning the title neary 2x as long as that.

  • Jhonmarco

    I’ll guess I’ll give my 2 cents on this. Personally I don’t mind models in wrestling at all, they’ve given us some great women. With that said I’ll always appearciate the wrestlers more because I’m 100% sure they WANT this. Not saying the models might not, but we are certain that girls like Beth, AJ, and Natayla want to be in wwe to wrestle. About the models, I wonder why people expect better than “just getting through” matches if wwe doesn’t. Why should they put effort, when wwe doesn’t? Kelly gets through matches, and why wouldn’t she? They gave her the title, which is them saying kelly you’re the best in the division. Keep it up, keep up the but slaps and stinkfaces. And another thing about these stinkfaces or booty pops, I find it sad that the crowd reacts to that but doesn’t react to decent moves like when Eve used her cross armbreaker, you could hear crickets. Booty pop, crowd goes nuts. -_- The division’s been dead for years and I’m glad this is becoming a storyline, like the Cena/Punk storyline :)

  • chrisP

    Since when are good work ethic and good work the same thing? Not going to names but if this is how a lot of these girls wrestle and/or talk on the mic when they’re busting their ass to get better, I’d hate to see what they’d look like if they were lazy.

    • chrisP

      *Not going to name names

  • beliEVEr

    I’m going to mimick a good point that was made. If Beth or Natalya botch a move. It’s okay and they’re forgiven. If Eve or Brie mess up a move, all hell breaks lose and they cannot “wrestle a match” properly. Also, if Beth is in a match with a “model Diva” such as Eve, Brie, Kelly or whoever and a move goes wrong, rarely does the blame ever get put on the veteran. In fact, I always, 9/10, see the blame gets put on the “model Diva” for the mess-up. It is a double standard. And a lot of people don’t want to own up to it. Oh, but Eve botches all the time, Brie botches all the time, blah, blah. Please further describe “all the time” because I see Beth go out there and be just as sloppy and she takes no heat for it. People need to remember that these girls, all of these girls, are wrestling live shows every night – Anything can go wrong. Not to mention, though their matches have gotten a bit more lengthy, they’re still rushed. They all do what they can do in that amount of time. Even the best of Divas mess up their moves. Lita was far from pitch perfect with her moves, but she’s respected because she was a risk taker. Trish, as much as I love her, messed up too, but she’s respected because she still worked her ass off. Eve and the Bellas do work their asses off. For people to just write them off, is ridiculous. Compare these girls from where they were to where they’re now. There is progression. They mess up, but who doesn’t? As much as I love Michelle McCool, she worked her entire career on Smackdown. Her live Pay-Per-View matches were great, but if you look at her matches on Raw, they weren’t her best. Raw isn’t an easy show to work. Beth messes up too. I don’t even feel like tonight her and Eve worked that great of a match and you can’t just be biased and blame it on one side.

    Also. I realize that Eve isn’t a model Diva. I only put her in that category, because it won’t stop people from still putting her into that category because she came from the Diva Search. In all honestly, I don’t think it should matter where you come from. I’m proud of Eve (and the bellas) for standing up for theirselves. But it’s obvious this storyline goes way further than kayfabe. All I’m saying is, if you’re going to look down on Eve, or the Bellas when they botch. Don’t be so quick to try and forgive Beth or Natalya when they do it.

    • art

      i actually call out who ever botches the move..like when layla went through eve’s move faceslam thingy i cant recall the name of the move anyway most people were blaming eve & it was clear layla was the one who went through it sloppy & i called it out…
      another good example was that botch beth did on rosa & everyone blamed rosa & all she did was try & jump when it was clearly beth…

      i dont ever recall nattie botching at all..but if she did like beth its not as often as the “model” types so i think thats peoples way of thinking…

    • Takeshi Miike

      “…because she came from the Diva Search. In all honestly, I don’t think it should matter where you come from.”

      oh hellz yeah it should matter; cuz
      1. It proves one was intent to wrestle. They’re taking bumps and other realities BEFORE getting on worldwide tv (if they get the chance) even starting with WWE develop shows that. The Diva Search essentially reverses the order, and doesn’t mandate sufficient conviction from the start.
      2. Saying it doesn’t matter demeans the indy world hardship and what was gained and sacrificed there.

  • trishfan11

    Good to see the divas showing some fire. But it is increasingly looking like its a work. I loved Eve saying that she’s got an engineering degree and could be doing something else but she’s here because she loves it. Nikki saying that no one cringed when Brie won the title is ignorant on her part. There were definitely people that cringed when Kelly won the title too.
    What Kelly needs is a good amount of training so that she can be more believable in the ring (at least learn to run the ropes properly) and she needs to eliminate the butt slaps and stink face from her arsenal. These moves may get a reaction and look good once or twice but unless she does a few other moves (rather than the 3-4 ones that she does currently), it looks ridiculous. I believe that the Bella twins are good workers and can have decent matches if they aren’t required to carry anyone in matches. Eve is good and, although she can miss a few moves now and then, can be pretty innovative in the ring. Beth and Natalya are the best workers in the divas division at the moment. AJ and Maxine are good workers and Naomi is better than both of them and most divas on the WWE roster (she might be the most athletic of all the current divas). Aksana and Kaitlyn have improved in-ring wise (from what I have seen of them in FCW). Tamina and Rosa need to improve quite a bit – at least Tamina has the powerhouse thing going for her. Alicia is really good at performing moves and selling. Maryse, although not an exceptional worker, can have good matches and her charisma and personality make up for any shortcomings she might have in-ring wise. Layla has gotten very good and should be solid when she returns. Kelly, Rosa and Tamina are the only ones on the current roster that need a bit more training.
    So, most of the current divas are capable of putting on good matches (great matches if paired with the right opponent). The real issue is, the divas need the WWE management to believe in them. WWE needs to invest sufficient time in the divas. Set apart 10 minutes (at least) on every show for the divas (those 10 minutes shouldn’t include Vickie Guerrero talking to her “clients” or entrances). Have someone (its Goldust now, I believe) go over what the divas want to do. Encourage them to come up with their own ideas and storylines. Make sure feuds have a proper backstory and they don’t fizzle out in a week or two. That, in my opinion, is what is currently lacking and what WWE needs to realize. There are fans of divas wrestling and we would like to see them have proper matches and storylines, not some half-thought out idea that was concocted 3 hours before the show or a two minute 14 divas tag match.

    • Raekon

      The main problem is that wwe things that no one or barely anyone cares about the divas.

      I think the whole ankle they take with that is to even test the waters and see if there is enough interest from the audience so they can decide if they should invest more into the division or rather let it the way it is till it entirely dies.

      On the other hand they are looking tna having high ratings with the knockouts and that bothers them since people comparing the knockouts with the divas after all.

      The division is a good one but wwe needs to give them feuds, stories and things to fight for and STOP using them to put cole over with his stupid interruptions.

      The womans belt needs to come back and I wouldn’t mind to see the womens tag team belts coming back even they got dropped back in 1989 either.

      I agree with everything you said except of two things.

      Rosa doesn’t need extra training, all they need is to put her out of the jobber status and let her use her moveset on the main roster.

      Even she doesn’t have to go back to fcw, she goes back whenever she finds the time to help rookie divas and to train further aswell.

      Kelly has reached her maximum potential and can’t go any further because she is stuck.

      Stuck because her max potential comparable to other divas is only around the middle of what the other divas can do.

      However, she can still use everything she has to put up some good matches but she needs to bring back her old moves she doesn’t do anymore or very rarely and drop the stinkface, buttslap and the stupid “turn me around till you drop yourself” headscissors move that looks horrible.

  • French.One

    CM Punk twitted a few days ago : “So wait. The divas are mad about an in house article on wwe.com that is potentially designed to garner them attention/TV time? Awesome.”

  • LayCoolAddict

    Im not annoyed at the person that wrote the truthful article on how lame the diva’s are now im mad because the Bella Twins think they worked harder than Beth and Natalya! so stupid! their just frustrated because they know when their released they wont get into another wrestling company and then they’ll be forced back into modeling whereas Beth and Natalya would be welcomed by any wrestling comapny.

    • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

      Again, they’re in character. What was she supposed to say “oh I suck so badly, boo me, fire me?!”

      Nikki made some excellent points about having to work harder because they didn’t come from the indies or from a wrestling family. They have to overcome the stigma of being “models” & to many Diva fans, nothing they do will ever be good enough.

  • LayCoolAddict

    Also i think Eve is a strong, beautiful woman who should’nt be grouped with the likes of Kelly Kelly and the Bellas!

  • Harley

    I don’t believe that the number of botches are indicative of how bad a wrestler is. I have never seen Kelly botch her finisher but it usually looks weak because of the usual way she does it. I rarely ever see her botch the head scissors but it’s not that good because the transitions are often very slow (though that has begun to improve.)

    If we’re going to judge a wrestler based on skill. I firmly believe that people should also consider how crisp, smooth and well-simulated their movements are instead of just counting botches. This is what differentiates Kelly from the likes of Natalya.

    And for the record. I do not understand why the Bellas and Eve are being lumped with Kelly. Those three wrestlers at least tend to look smooth as supposed to Kelly. The snapmare variations of the Bellas, for one, are good indications of how solid they are because they suspend their legs in the air. That’s not that easy to do.

    And no. I do not hate Kelly. I actually think that she’s very pretty and marketable. But I find it rather vexing that people would say she is a good wrestler because she rarely botches. Give me a break.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/xVxDivaGlossxVx XoXoBarbieDivasXoXo

    Why do people think this is fake.?

  • NY32986

    Its like when Christy Hemme & Trish feuded in 05, Trish was the heel wrestler and Christy was the babyface Lingerie Pillow Fighter…..hmmmm who would the casual fan cheer? The 2 experienced wrestlers or the Divas that pander with their booty pops and attempting for “Sexy” Points?