NXT Watch (September 20th, 2011): Broken Hearts and Broken Plungers

Another Tuesday…Another thrilling edition of what has become my favorite WWE program currently airing, NXT! This week, we had match numero tres in the Maxine/AJ series, as well as TWO backstage segments. That’s right, not one, but two! Can Maxine continue to assert her dominance as the top Diva in the entire company, (Yeah I said it, what you gotta say about that El Glamazon and K2?) or can our plucky, plaid geek goddess, AJ, finally get a measure of revenge in singles competition? Let’s find out!

The sound of a Saturday morning cartoon hits, as AJ (accompanied by green plaid this week) makes her way to the ring. We are shown a recap of last week’s events between the two ladies, but let’s be frank, you’re all probably singing along to AJ’s theme as it plays in the background anyways. From there, we head from the cartoons to the club, as the upbeat theme of the only diva who can strike fear in someone with a simple stare, Maxine, enters the frey.

As the bell sounds, the two circle around the ring and proceed to lock up. Maxine shoves AJ off and sends her flying into the ropes. AJ, showing her growth of knowledge from the previous two encounters, manages to kick Maxine in the jaw and run forward with a nice front dropkick. Once the two ladies get to their feet, it’s AJ who takes control with a shot to the face before Maxine eventually gains the upper hand and tosses the pocket rocket into the turnbuckle.

Maxine drags AJ to the center of the ring by the hair and channels her inner Katie Lea by snapping AJ’s back over the knee. (As if you weren’t already my favorite.) Maxine applies a chin lock that also digs AJ’s back into her knee, before turning it into a choke. AJ gets to a vertical base, before being tossed back down for a two count. Maxine grabs AJ’s legs and applies a beautiful Boston crab submission that also includes Maxine putting her boot over AJ’s head.

Maxine takes control by viciously slamming AJ’s head into the canvas. She goes back for the Boston Crab, but AJ rolls through with a sick near pinfall. Once both get to their feet, Maxine drills AJ skull first with a boot to the face for a close call. Maxine begins to bend AJ’s arms back in another submission hold, as the crowd starts to get behind their lovable nerdette. As AJ remains in the rest hold, Maxine begins beating her in the chest with brutal forearms. AJ then crawls over to the rope, but Maxine is quick on the attack.

From there, Maxine locks AJ in between the ropes and snaps her from the back of the head. In what I believe is an effort to lay down a challenge for Kelly Kelly’s Divas Title, Maxine begins screaming “COME ON AJ, COME ON” as she chokes her foe on the bottom rope. Maxine drags AJ to the center of the ring, but AJ kicks her off. She then locks in a choke hold, as the crowd continues to get behind their favorite. Maxine sends AJ into the turnbuckle, but AJ manages to dodge out of harms way and Maxine COLLIDES shoulder first into the steel pole.

AJ now begins to take control with a clothesline to the corner, followed by a running front dropkick. Maxine reverses an Irish Whip attempt and instead sends AJ flying, but AJ slides under the legs and drills Maxine with a roundhouse spin kick for a two count. Maxine shoves AJ off into the ropes and chops her in the chest, before setting up for the “Maximum Destruction” as seen last week. AJ blocks it however, and kicks Maxine down to her knees. From there, she runs off with an impactful shining wizard for the victory! AJ FINALLY GETS HER REVENGE!

We then head to the back, where Maxine approaches a love stricken, Hornswoggle. She snatches his homeade card to AJ before slamming it into his chest. She talks about how she’s surprised that he left AJ here last week all alone, because Titus kept her company. Maxine inserts that Titus woke up extra early to see how AJ really likes her eggs! Hornswoggle runs off, nearly in tears, as she keeps walking and approaches the team of Derrick Bateman and Tyson Kidd.

She smacks Derrick in the chest and questions why he wasn’t accompanying her to ringside during her match just now. Tyson manages to head out of the equation, as the two continue to bicker back and forth. Derrick proclaims that Kidd was teaching him secrets about the Hart Dungeon, to which Maxine rebuttals, asking what are they going to do? Go to Home Depot and get matching plungers since he ruined hers?!

Maxine tells him to get the big picture, and lifts his head from staring at her chest. She instructs him to look to her at eye level, because they are so close to separating AJ and Hornswoggle. She asserts how important this all is, before slamming him up against the wall and engaging in another patented Daxine Makeout session to close the segment.

Later on, we spot one half of the Chickbusters, AJ, scouring the hallway as she looks for her man, Hornswoggle. She does not run into the leprechaun though, for who does she spot sitting on a crate eating grapes? TRENT FLIPPIN’ BARRETTA, THAT’S WHO. One half of the former Dudebusters high fives the plaid Diva, and congratulates her on a good fight. AJ asks him if he’s seen Horny anywhere, and after much deliberation, Trent finally spouts out that he has not.

Titus O’Neil then runs up to AJ and proclaims how he thoroughly enjoyed watching her whoopin’ down on Maxine. She says how it would’ve been better if Hornswoggle was there, as Titus exclaims he saw him earlier and that the two need to patch things up. Titus says Maxine is full of games, and that he’s going to get ready for his match as she goes to find Hornswoggle. The two then engage in a hug together…just as Hornswoggle waddles up from behind. AJ goes to hug Horny, but he runs off, leaving our perky little princess in a distraught mess of sorrow.

Thoughts: NXT brings me my wrestling joy throughout the week. It features all the talent I love watching, but unlike Superstars, provides storylines as well as the in ring competition. Personally, this was my favorite of the Maxine/AJ series, and I loved Maxine’s Boston Crab type maneuver in particular. She has dramatically stepped up her game in the ring, and I think her matches lately are great to watch. I would like some variety though, perhaps bring over Aksana and Kaitlyn, or heck, debut Naomi while you’re at it. Overall though, AJ and Maxine continue to put on really entertaining bouts (that actually get more than a minute!)

The segments were hilarious, especially Maxine’s interaction with Derrick. I’m enjoying the storyline between them, but I called it since she came back, I see her ditching Bateman and joining forces with Tyson Kidd before it’s all said & done. I think that the plan is going to be how (if they ever do eliminations again) Derrick will eventually be cut, and Maxine will move on to someone who she feels she could take to the top, in Tyson Kidd. And from there, wrestling’s power couple will be formed.

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  • Jake

    FCW & NXT > RAW & SD

  • chrislandee

    I am totally into AJ’s theme now! haha

    • K2&NattieFan

      LOL me too!

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Maxine has the WORST ring gear ever.

    • dunk20


  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    maxine outfits well the bottom half are just awful..she should wear shorts..its hilarious to me that maxine has showed better ring skills then maryse.rosa & kelly..im hoping maxine goes to smackdown so she can feud with aj their because on raw i bet she’d get lost in the shuffle or be kellys jobber…

    another good match not as flashy as before but both have good chemistry & aj’s getting popular by the day..

  • Rhawk

    I’m REALLY liking Maxine’s sense in ring attire since her return to NXT! All 3 of the have been smoking! And so was the in-ring action, that Lionsault like Boston Crab was great, its jut such a shame she never competed like this down in FCW, or doesn’t anymore.

    Actually the Tyson-Maxine couple is a good call since he’s ALWAYS paired up with someone, plus he needs the voice to go with his attitude and all that, and Maxine might be just the person for him.

    • Rhawk

      excuse my reference, I meant Liontamer.

  • A.E

    totally loved the match,maxine really start to grow into me.she still have some flaws first what with really awful attires,what with the scream is she trying to conjure her inner kelly sorta annoying but it can be let it slide.because she seem to be working hard to improve.as far as aj fantastic job as usual jezz stupid wwe don’t use her full potential.

    • JamieKym

      Really? Because when she does scream, it reminds of dawn marie when she wrestled.

  • alexl467

    Since they were apart of the same stable in FCW I think that if Maxine ever makes it to either Raw or Smackdown the WWE should form a new Divas duo featuring her and Aksana. If they wanted to the creative team could conceivably use Aksana’s current flirtation / manipulation of Teddy Long as the catalyst for Maxine and possibly other developmental / NXT stars getting main roster status, the formation of the duo, and even the creation of a new mix male & female stable.


    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      that would be cool,no doubt wwe will miss it thou..

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Poor aj takes two beatings in one night lol….at least she won this match though. And she won with her shining wizard…and yes aj is getting very popular .. woot woot go aj future women’s champion…..not divas champ but since the women’s title is gone she has to settle or the divas championship

  • litafan2000

    I really like Aj and Maxine!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/BenxXROCKS katarinaw4ever

    WOW maxine got it all. since she returned im shocked of her ring skills. she is impressing me every week. and good for AJ got her victory :D

  • WWFoverWWE

    Maxine can play a good top heel, she can become like a molly holly type character. her wrestling skills still need work though, she relies too much on rest holds. But the potential is there

    I think this love triangle is where AJ has shined the best so far on the main roster. She didn’t impress me on NXTS3 or smackdown, but here she has my attention

    • gl83

      To be fair, this is really AJ and Maxine’s first real storyline in the WWE. NXT Season 3 was focused primarily on the Kaitlyn/Vickie/Dolph love triangle and the Aksana/Goldust angle, everything else such as the AJ/Primo angle and the Maxine/hornswoggle angle were just background filler. And Smackdown’s angle was just a bunch of random matches. This is the first time we see these girls getting backstage segments, and promos to build their feud, and both are doing a good job.

      Best Diva feud in the WWE, though that isn’t saying much.

  • JSciola

    And here I thought the Great Khali and Jinder Mahal storyline was 100% soap opera cheese.

    This is so much more, and I absolutely love it!

  • javiousmckenzie

    Ooh love Maxine ring gear now if those little undies or whatever were like bottoms the kind Layla used to wear ughhh that would have gave me everything! Loving this feud and there matches are on point, the crowd is really getting behind AJ. AJ and Maxine our future Mickie and Melina!

  • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

    I love seeing Maxine and AJ in the ring. Man these matches have been quite impressive. All of the NXT girls are good in the ring and on the mic. I really want all of them on the main shows. The Chickbusters are the most featured. Then Aksana and Maxine. Now we just need Maxine on the actual roster and Naomi to be called up

    • WWFoverWWE

      maxine being on NXT every week was her call up to the main roster. She’ll follow derrick bateman to whatever show he goes too after NXT redemption

  • perceval

    What’s it say when the rookies are far better than the Divas Champion in every way?

  • LadyGoDiva

    I actually like both AJ’s & Maxine’s ring attire. Maxine seems slighty different then the ones you see on the other Divas.

    But as for Maxine joining SD or RAW couold worry me because of how things are right now, don’t get me wrong that would be great but think about what they would do to her.

    I’m waiting for a Katilyn vs Maxine match to happen. Besides Katilyn was apart of NXT 3 and its fair to at least add her in a match against Maxine.

    • WWFoverWWE

      maxine vs. kaitlyn already happened on NXT. You don’t want to see it, I mean you really DON’T

      • Jake

        Their matches on FCW where better. Which took place after NXT…

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/LovableLittleRabbit?feature=mhum Megumi

    Maxine is pretty much my favorite diva now, which is really a shame. It just goes to show the rookies have been really stepping it up to the A-game.

    • dunk20

      It’s a shame she’s your favorite? Who cares if she’s a rookie? If you like her more then the others it’s all good.

      People care too much about credencials. Paradox much?

      • WWFoverWWE

        people always like the girls who don’t get pushed, and then when they do get pushed, they start complaining

        • shameronstar

          When Natalya was being pushed I didnt complain.

        • WWFoverWWE

          yeah but so many people did. I remember on diva dirt almost everyone crapped all over natayla’s title reign, calling her boring and uninteresting. People said stuff like “end natayla reign already, she’s not a good champion”

          It was bad dude

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/LovableLittleRabbit?feature=mhum Megumi

        My comment had nothing to do with that context of it being a shame. I meant it as a form of I think the veteran divas are really doing nothing lately to get me interested in them or to like them.
        I care nothing for her title, I just think it’s ironically funny.

        • bromero329

          shes becoming one of my favorites too. her and aj .


          top five divas at the moment.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    Nice Episode of Never Ending NXT ,and Now that the divas are in it and they get Backstage Segments, Good Storyline ,LONG MATCHES I really dont want it to end now . The backstage segments were funny also and a good addition ,I just wish we got this on Raw or on SD .

    Onto The match ,It was good .Glad to see AJ finally get a win and Maxine ,like alot of people have said ,has been really impressive since her return .The girl is the full package which is a good thing ,since we seem to be lacking those these days.

    • bromero329

      i was wondering why this nxt is sooo long and never ends. lol but i guess its a good thing.

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano MrMantastic

    Love Maxine since NX3!! She’s one bad bitch! And she’s hot as hell! Bateman one lucky MoFo lol
    AJ Lee is my girl tho! This chick kicks ass!!
    Love her style and love Maxine’s style. Maxi has improved a LOT she can carry a match n take mad hits! Plus she packs a tude that I digg!! She’s like a Melina without the abnormal flexibility or splits,

    I’m glad this isn’t on RAW or on “Mainstream”WWE..if they were…they would end up ruining AJ Lee, Maxine n Bateman, and the momentum they have going on at the moment…know what I mean? Hell I’m glad Kelly is on Raw. Let that chick take the 2 minute matches. Everyone else is safe.

    Aj Lee vs Maxine series
    And the Mickie James vs Winter series rock!!!!

    BTW its funny how Maxine goes to deep lenghts like photoshopping pictures and spreading lies just to break up AJ n Lil Basterd lol…its funny as hell man!! =D
    NXT rocks!

    Congrats to maxine last week on destroying AJ with the new finisher, and Congrats to AJ for returning the favor THIS week :)

  • Blonde Bombshell

    i love maxine!

  • bromero329

    maxine is f-in hot . IMO her and maryse are the two sexyest divas right now.

    and wow nxt is way better than raw and SD put together. if it was on tv it probably wouldve got good ratings . i do think hornswoggle is a waste on tv and pointless. doesnt even talk. shouldve been a real superstar.

  • http://www.youtube.com/RingVixens Teri

    It’s worrisome that women such as Maxine and Aksana have already surpassed Kelly and Rosa in terms of wrestling ability.

  • trishfan11

    Love Maxine. She’s very good as a heel – she’s solid in the ring and cuts awesome promos. Now, if she could ditch her present entrance theme for her FCW one and make sure there are no screw-ups with her wrestling gear (primarily the shorts), it would make her that much better.

  • chrisP

    No one praising Maxine should ever bash any other Divas for not using enough moves. I’ve never seen a wrestler use rest holds almost exclusively. I don’t know if she gets tired easily or what, but it is absolutely ridiculous. If she can’t handle a 5-minute match, don’t put her in them.

    • dunk20

      I still wonder the day when you’ll praise someone work. I remember when you complained about Eve looking exausted after her matches. Well isn’t this a sport? Ever watched real fights or been in one? Just try to fight with someone and see if you’ll look cool after just 2 minutes.

      Jesus kid get a grip.

      • chrisP

        “I still wonder the day when you’ll praise someone work”

        That’s because you disregard/ignore when I say that a match like Beth-Kelly was decent so you can complain about me not liking a match you liked.

        When did I say that about Eve? And you must not watch much wrestling because wrestlers constantly have matches of this length with only 1 or even 0 restholds used.

        • dunk20

          ChrisP, i’m not keeping track of what you say, but I know that since you’ve been a member here on diva-dirt you keep complaining and complaining. This match was good. Restholds are not a bad thing. If the match is 2 minutes people complain, if it is over 5 people bitch about restholds. Seriously? You are the most annoying member on diva-dirt.

    • totallynecessary

      “RESTHOLDS”….. hahaha…. It’s called technical wrestling…. SUBMISSIONS MANEUVERS TO BE EXACT. ChrisP obviously prefers that EVERY DIVA be nothing more than SPOT MONKEYS. The variety of styles is the backbone of a great division…. Im glad to see a technically-based diva who actually wrestles instead of doing 3 spots and claiming their the best of the best.

      • dunk20

        Couldn’t agree more!

  • queennattie

    I guess I am the only one who is always in LOOOOVE with Maxine’s outfits. Though yes, the bottom part is a bit… questionable I still love it all. The bottom reminds me of the old female wrestler’s attires lol.