In Video: Mickie James on “Daybreak” in the UK

Former Knockouts Champion Mickie James is currently on a media blitz in the UK and appeared on breakfast television this morning on ITV1’s Daybreak.

Watch her below:

Thoughts: Great publicity for Mickie and TNA in the UK. I don’t think I’ve really seen wrestlers on shows like this in the UK for quite some time, so it’s a big deal, especially for TNA as usually it’d be WWE stars on major national shows.

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  • Acer

    Glad Mickie’s showing us some love in the UK!

  • wl75

    I’m of two minds about this- the exposure is great, and Mickie did well….but I mean, they have a British KO in Winter, and she happens to be the current champ..I don’t even think she’s doing this media tour, which seems odd, since you’d think it would be natural to do that…

    • Jordan

      Of the Knockouts, Mickie James and Christy Hemme are the only household names. Winter isn’t, not even as Katie Lea Burchill. They aren’t looking at America or English, or if you’re a current reigning champion.

      • samtherofl

        Jordan, You seem to be forgetting that no one is women’s wrestling are household names, apart from of the WWE girls from before 2006.

        • perceval

          But, among current active women wrestlers, Mickie is the biggest. Having both Trish AND Lita as who passed the torch to her put her in that position.

          That’s even caused her to be identified WITH that Era by a lot of fans. When we see those Attitude Era vs PG Era debates, both sides tend to throw the Ruthless Aggression Era in with the Attitude Era. I expect that from Attitude Era supporters, but even the PG Era advocates often describe Mickie and Melina as Attitude Era Divas. You’d think they’d want to claim as much talent for the Era they’re supporting in these debates as they could. :)

        • BillyGP

          Mickie is a big name and probably is a house hold name she the most over behind Trish and Lita

        • bluejay

          In reality the biggest household name during the Attitude Era was Sable, Chyna . They had the biggest appeal and marketing during that time and at the time they were big WWE was all over the place in terms of commericalism.

          Trish on the other hand was a big name but she did not cross markets like Sable and Chyna.

        • perceval

          @bluejay. By that, you mean she turned down Playboy. Sure, it would have been a nice financial payoff, and would have generated the same level of publicity for the company that the two previous top Divas posing did. She said she didn’t want to be known as “that girl who was in Playboy.”

          But, long term? Not doing Playboy made her more marketable as a brand in 2011. Sable, meanwhile, ended up as her claim to fame being “that girl who was in Playboy,” while Chyna ended up being known as “that girl who was in Playboy, then became a washed up druggie, then started doing porn.”

    • perceval

      Hell, even beyond the Knockouts, Mickie’s the most famous active woman pro wrestler in the world, today.

      • bluejay

        Mickie James is possibly the most popular woman wrestler in all of pro wrestling not just WWE and TNA.

        Trish and Lita were just WWE names so they are more sports entertainment.

        Mickie on the other hand can go anywhere she wants in pro erstling business but she is that big of a deal and very resepcted.

        People did not know the legacy Chyna, Trish and Lita left behind once they retired. I am pretty sure that once she retires people will see the great things she has done.

        She is almost approaching legendary status

        • perceval

          Mickie mark that I am, claiming she’s more famous than Chyna, Trish, or Lita ever were is flat out false. Trish and Lita were “more sports entertainment”? What do you thing Sports Entertainment is?

          Sports Entertainment is just a term Vince McMahon came up with for the New Jersy Senate to make the case that pro wresting shouldn’t be regulated as a competitive sport. There had always been the threat of legal issues if it was proven that match outcomes were “fixed.” Believe it or not, that used to be an issue for pro wrestling promoters. Just being open about how they did things took care of that.

          And why IS Mickie as well known as she is? Why does she make the money she does in TNA? Her work in the indies? Nope, it’s her WWE run she’s known for, just like Trish & Lita. The Knockouts Division was initially created out of Jeff Jarrett’s and Dixie Carter’s attempt to lure Trish out of retirement in late 2006.

          And really… Mickie’s main rivals in her current storyline have a lesbian vampire gimmick. TNA isn’t exactly about being wrestling “purists.”

        • Raekon

          No matter what happen with sables or chynas life after, BlueJay is right by saying that sable and chyna were the biggest ever.

          Sable as much as I hate it and as much as I disliked her attitude towards the business and for the fact that she will never be considered as a wrestler for me, saved the company at a time in which things were looking bad for the WWF.

          Chyna brought something we never had in wrestling before and she put a mark in there as a woman that opened the way for many women in the wrestling business as strong females that wont take a shit from anyone.

          Compare the pops she got with any pops of trish or others when they entered and you will see the difference. The pops that chyna got get only randy and rocky nowadays.

          If you also compare her return in TNA a few months ago and compare the pop she got there with the pop that got trish when she appeared before wrestlemania, you will notice that Chyna still was wanted while the trish stratus time was over.

          Now let lita appear in wwe and you will see how crazy people will go about her instead.


          She had to do with chyna, hardy boyz and was unique like Chyna, Ivory, molly holly, jaqueline and jazz was back then instead of trish taking over for sable as the pretty face that got pushed into her first title when she was barely able to wrestle yet(same thing they did with michelle later too).

          Chyna was also in the company at a time that the working conditions, payment and contracts wasnt as good as they were in trishs time in which she got everything she needed and got pushed to heaven.

          Thats why also several wrestles (chyna included) created the video back then in which they complained about the industry and stood up for themselves and the business for a better industry in which the wrestlers of today got to benefit from.

          So no matter what chyna or sable or anyone else decided to do with their life now, all the power to them.

          No everyone had certain business connections and support like Trish so they can pursue the careers she is pursuing.

          Nothing against trish and all the best for her but overrating her the whole time is unfair.

    • Popo Amascual

      I would like to take this opportunity to say that it’s about what the DIVAS/FEMALE WRESTLERS left behind for the WOMEN’S DIVISION in the WWE.. (though off-topic)

      you had Sable who saved the flat-lining division but she couldn’t wrestle.. thus, her representation of the division was not that credible..

      then there was Chyna.. who did not want anything to do with the women’s division because she wanted to build only herself.. thus, the division was buried..

      Lita didn’t want to be women’s champ because she was popular already.. though that may be true and admirable that she wanted others to be popular through the belt.. the belt means more than that because the holder of it actually represented the division.. Lita only wanted to be with the Hardy’s..

      Trish, on the other hand, though she may have been champion way too many times than what others claim she deserves, she at least put the division somewhere: and it was higher on the card.. she shared the spotlight.. she made her opponents credible threats and the matches became more brutal.. the story-lines were epic (yet creative didn’t have faith in other divas in carrying other stories while the feuds of Trish was happening).. that’s why Trish always ended up back on the title feud when she’s out of it for a month or two, because the other divas couldn’t make the fans care..

      • perceval

        Exactly. Trish elevated the Women’s Division and therefore women’s wrestling in North America from a novelty like midgit wrestling to an upper card draw. Without Trish, there’d be no TNA Knockouts or Shimmer.

        Also, working a program with Trish made one a star. Lita would be known today as Matt Hardy’s former girlfriend and valet rather than one of the all time great woman wrestlers if not for her matches with Trish. Molly Holly, Jazz, Victoria, Gail Kim, Mickie James, and Beth Phoenix all made their names from either debuting with Trish, being put over by Trish, or both.

        By contrast, name one person who ever benefitted from working a program with Sable or Chyna. It was more a matter of recovering your career FROM working a program with either of them.

        And, again, that much vaunted crossover success of Sable and Chyna? They posed for PLAYBOY. Period. That was the extent of it. It wasn’t a case of Trish not ACHIEVING that, because she turned down repeated offers. She chose to forgo the short term Flash in the Pan benefits of posing for Playboy for the long term benefits of NOT doing it. So, yeah, where the three women went from there does count. Trish and Lita are what every woman in the business aspires to be. Beth and Nattie call them “the original Pin-up Strong.”

        Which brings us back to Mickie James (not to mention on topic). Why is Mickie the top active woman wrestler? Why does she command six figures a year? What MADE Mickie? It was one program with one woman in one promotion. And no, it wasn’t the one with Trinity in the early years of TNA.

        Hint: The Mick Kick is a direct homage.

        • Raekon

          Lita was already over with the crowd at her time with chyna and her time with the hardy boyz.

          That was at times in which trish could barely lift a leg or even be considered as a wrestler.

          Chyna and Lita were getting reactions and big pops from the crowd at that time in which barely anyone knew or cared about Trish so doing as Trish was the god of all is exaggerating by lenghts.

          Don’t just put her on heaven saying that she saved everyone and their grannies or that she made Lita or the division popular only because you are obviously trish fans.

          Watch behind the curtain.

          As about the comment that Chyna didn’t care about the division:

          She did care, she didn’t wanted the womens title because she didn’t wanted to bury the division as the strongest and undefeatable woman in it.

          At the end they gave her the belt but there was no woman there at that time that could had looked strong enough to “beat her” and thats why she didn’t wanted it at the first place.

          As about the playboy stuff, almost every diva/woman was asked for it back then and it doesnt matter if they did it or not.

          Mickie was a stripper before she entered wrestling and she were she is? A great wrestler and very popular.

    • Popo Amascual

      I didn’t say Lita or Chyna were not over with the crowd.. I know that they were MASSIVELY popular.. they got LOUD pops.. And never did i claim that Trish was the god of all.. i simply made it clear that she CARED for the women’s division..

      It has been reported that Chyna wanted to be outside the women’s division because the divas during her time were out of her league.. i understand that because she had a bigger body.. but she did this for her own reasons.. which is why MEN jobbed to her.. She wanted to be put on a pedestal.. but she didn’t want anything to do with the divas.. so what if she was bigger? you don’t have to beat her clean to get a feud with her.. there were stipulation matches that could’ve made it possible for a Chyna to be defeated.. Look at Beth Phoenix, Kelly wins constantly via roll-up.. the only thing bad about their rivalry is that the story-line is not well represented.. In the case of Chyna in the women’s division, there were was Lita.. their match was very believable.. Ivory beat her several times.. Jacqueline was still there too.. so we can’t say she didn’t have competition.. she PLAINLY wanted to be known in WWE history as the diva who was believable as a competitor in the men’s division..

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Mickie looked beautiful ! As Always :)

  • JaiiO

    I was so excited this morning when I watched on TV, i was so pathetic I was like jumping out all excited -facepalm- But she did it well, TNA don’t care is Winter is English they need to promote themselves with there more “famous” faces.

  • BillyGP

    Winter is German. Plus like said Mickie is a BIGGER name and more well known. So send the name who people will know to do Promotional work.

  • art

    she did really well..

  • samtherofl

    1. Great that MJ gets to appear on such a known show.
    2. Daybreak’s getting real desperate.. Don’t see it lasting much longer.

    • Kaledrina

      LOL on number two. it’s disgusting when you research how much money was put into making that show and how many people lost their jobs on gmtv for THAT to be on tv. =/

  • Kaledrina

    it was great to see her on my actual tv for a change! i’ve always found it a shame that guests rarely get over 5+minutes on shows like these but gad she got the exposure :)

    good luck to anyone meeting her at her signing tomorrow :)

  • BillyGP

    Damn Mickie busy cuz this weekend she got shows in the states also no time off for Mickie.

  • Mickie-DT

    That’s my girl!! :D Its great knowing that she’s having fun with everything especially since she’s been working hard.

  • Raekon

    Good job and good talk Mickie! Lots of success for her! :)