Video Exclusive: Amy Lee Talks About Becoming WSU Commissioner & Melina’s Opponent at Breaking Barriers 2

In the latest video exclusive from Saturday’s WSU Breaking Barriers 2 show, we talk to WSU commissioner Amy Lee about her first show in charge, Breaking Barriers 2, and what it’s been like so far being part of WSU management.

Check out the video below:

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  • MNM4ever

    she is hilarious!

  • Londonboy

    I would love to see Sara Del Rey in WSU she is one of the best wrestlers in the world.
    And its nice to see Amy Lee get so involved with her new job i always liked her .

  • jim462

    Londonboy I would love to see SDR is WSU but got bad news for you I asked WSU Promoter Sean Mccaffrey about why he didn’t get SDR in WSU and His exact words were Sara Del Rey wont commit to wrestling full time in WSU she likes to wrestle all over which i understand she makes more money and wrestles all kind of different styles keeps herself fresh and ready for any type/kind of match