Video Exclusive: Manami Toyota Legacy Award Presentation at JoshiMania Night 1

Last Friday in Philadelphia, PA, Diva Dirt inducted the second member of its exclusive Legacy Award winners’ circle — arguably the best female wrestler in the world, the iconic Manami Toyota.

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We were honored to team up with CHIKARA to present the award as part of JoshiMania Night 1, in the historic building formerly known as the ECW Arena.

Watch our exclusive footage of the award presentation below:


A big thank you to CHIKARA for their help. Please be sure to pick up JoshiMania on DVD. More details at

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  • TheJoshiFan

    That was so nice! Manami is amazing. Diva-Dirt is amazing! You guys rock for giving this to her. She really and truly deserves it!

  • shokko22

    David!!! I miss that guy

    • Yeah She Is Looking Good


      • xxQOXxx

        Me too. Why isn’t he on the audio’s anymore?

  • melina prez

    Such a sweet moment !

  • Hasnan

    I am soo happy that she got the award. I love her and I think she deserves more recognition. I hope Lita gets the award next time.

  • bxradimus

    Awesome! This is probably the most deserving woman of a Legacy Award.