Impact Wrestling Spoilers: December 29th, 2011

Spoilers for the December 29th episode of Impact below.

* TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Gail Kim and Madison Rayne come to the ring and call out Tara & Miss Tessmacher. Madison says after last week if they screwed with Madison, they would both be fired. Madison says they are both fired. Sting comes out. Madison says there’s no need for him to come out. He says Karen was VP of the knockouts, not here. Madison has no power. Sting tells Gail that she will be defending the world title against this woman tonight. Mickie James comes to the stage.

* In the main event, Gail Kim defeated Mickie James to retain the Knockout’s Championship. Lengthy match. Mickie had the match won, but Gail went to the outside. The referee went to check on her and a masked woman (believed to eventually be Melina) came in the ring and hit Madison Rayne’s finisher on Mickie. Gail came back in the ring and made the cover. (Source)


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  • _Bryan_


  • velvelove

    There is a lot to cover!

    1st ive ALWAYS wanted melina and madison in a stable together
    2nd why not use one of her own finishers(i guess to hide the reveal)
    3rd thank you TNA for the main event status for the KO’s and thank you for not playing games with the belt and keeping it on Gail

  • DivasHQ

    i hope so i want to see melina in tna and maybe win it at a ppv iin a fatal 4 way

  • Lily

    It’s too early to have this feud main-event TNA but either way this episode seems exciting but we have to wait 2 damn weeks!

  • Williambitious

    Wow!!! Thank God for TNA cause the WWE has become lackluster. I’m glad they’re main eventing…. But I don’t want to see Melina in TNA.

    • LadyGoDiva

      The TNA had a great year in 2011 as for the Divas which almost had it until Kharma got pregnant but it always seems like the Knockouts have it better then the Divas.

    • mariah.

      I agree. Melina in TNA just means another Knockout getting back burnered.

  • HeyChrissy

    !!!!!!! Excitement!I haven’t felt excited about women’s wrestling in idk how long,lol

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I really do hope its a new girl coming, such as Melina…. and not just somebody making a heel turn secretivly lol. With Melina in TNA, and Gail & Madison seeing a loty of in-ring action as of late, presumably Melina would be too… Meaning more faces are needed on TV weekly, rather than every other.

    So, this looks like a win win situation, however…. how the HELL do TNA afford all this talent!

  • laqisha

    Yay :) no deadle Horishima roll ups XD

    I really hope the masked woman is not another Ex.Diva please let it be somebody from the indies *fingers Cross*

    • jen07201

      Okay what is a Horishima roll up?

      • Yeah She Is Looking Good

        It’s sarcasm, as in WWE recently the roll ups seem to be like this ” deadly finisher” , lol.

        • jen07201

          yeah especially with k2 winning the title that way I think it is the deadliest finishing maneuver.

    • BillyGP

      well to bad it probably is Melina who allow to work.

      • laqisha

        How about maybe not………ever heard of the beef she had with Brook Tessmacher and also she disrespected Angelina Love once.

        • number1AngelinaLovefan

          Yeah but i think they worked that out

  • Lanoom

    I don’t know why we’re getting excited, they’ll just cut it from the broadcast.

    …What, this isn’t WWE? Disregard me.

  • Bhentoooot

    what kind of finisher? I hope its not Melina.

    • jen07201

      Why not? It would be awesome if she came to TNA?

  • Anthony

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not a bad thing if Melina comes to TNA. The only thing is that it’s getting to be a little ridiculous that once a Diva gets released TNA goes right after them. I wish they would get more creative.

    Also, if it actually is Melina, I hope she comes back as the old Melina with her cool outfits and awesome attitude. I wasn’t a fan of Melina’s attire and attitude that she was rocking before she left WWE.

    Last thing, I promise lol I love the fact that TNA makes Knockout stables. It’s a great touch.

    • JillianHallTNA

      Not true. If TNA signs every diva who got released why they didn’t sign Jillian Hall already?

      • jen07201

        She got pregnant that’s why probably

      • Anthony

        Thank you JEN07201. Jillian got pregnant not that long after her release. I think I also remember her saying in her Diva Dirt interview that she wanted to focus on her family too. She was newly engaged. But for the most part TNA tries to get them as soon as their 90 days are up.

        • jen07201

          Yeah she is an awesome competitor and she could pull off TNA.

    • laqisha

      As much as I respect TNA I agree with you….Why not sign some SHIMMER/WSU main eventers??? I want to see hardhitting matchs on impact.

  • jonboi

    i dont care if TNA signs every ex diva because at least they get to show they can last longer than 2min and TNA is giving us great matches storylines and we all bitch about WWE 2min matches so to me who loves the womans matches im loving TNA at the moment so so what if its ex divas or indies girls as long as they get great matches thats all that matters. ITs a pity they dont use more indie girls but TNA need big names so the company can draw the fans and make money so in that ex wwe stars are gona bring in the money and thats what its all about . BTW please if it is melina have her feud with a knockout born and bread after this mickie gail story line i think every ex diva who turns up always have a match with another ex diva because they have worked well together in the past. HUGE RANT OVER LOL

    • Mikas

      But the thing is, the knockouts dont generate money for TNA. People like to watch them on free tv, but they arent going to pay $35 for a ppv just to watch 5 minutes of knockout action. And they dont sell merchandise either. The number of people who watch TNA just for the knockouts are a minority. So they dont “need” to sign bigname ex-divas. Longterm it would be better to invest in their own talent. Notice that Winter, ODB and Angelina are barely used anymore and Jackie is gone again as well. This is just a repeat of the time Roxxi/Alissa/Hamada/Taylor werent used anymore. I have nothing against Melina, but i rather have them focus on Winter and Sarita.

      • Juan

        ODB was just used in the guatlet match, street fight and next weeks spoilers. Jackie isn’t a knockout any more, contract expired, and idk about Toxxin but her Boyfriend isn’t with TNA anymore. Winter was used all year, give her a break!! As for Angelina, she’s a 5 time KO champion in 4 years time that’s why TNA isn’t using her that much. Personally I feel like Melina adds to the Knockout division plus its more diversity as she’s a Latina :)

  • CRosario2010

    Melina in TNA… I wonder how thats going to work out. But I have 2 questions; 1) why is she gonna have a Tara-like gimmick and 2) Why did she use Madison’s finisher? I am actually excited to see what she does in TNA. And I wonder if Gail will drop the KO tag team belts to Melina & Madison that would be an awsome heel team. Can’t wait to see this in 2 weeks.

  • jen07201

    If it is Melina there is going to be a lot of screaming with her and Madison on the same team I don’t know if my ears are capable of taking so many screams. Anyway it would be awesome if Melina did join TNA and she feuded with Mickie it would be freakin awesome. They could do so much more than they did in WWE and it would be an awesome feud for 2012. I still remember the matches they had in WWE they were intense they both showed great passion in their matches and now they could be even more intense in TNA. Wouldn’t u guys love to see Melina vs Mickie in TNA?

    • MNM4ever

      I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MELINA VS MICKIE AGAIN!!! dream come true. i really really hope its melina

  • Shan

    Ok I’m ready to freak out. If Melina heads over to TNA I am officially watching them every week!!!! Goodbye WWE!

    • jen07201

      @ SHAN Nobody would blame you because TNA has better storylines and doesn’t just develop a single storyline but many and it gives more chances to its knockouts. It will be more interesting

    • DaudWWE

      Me too, but only knockouts hehehe.. Melina ruleez!! :P

      • jen07201

        yeah she does i was hoping she would come as a face but her heel character is one of the best

  • LadyGoDiva

    The second year in a row we’ve seen the KO’s main event iMPACT. But was it neccessary? Not really their needs to be more buildup to this feud.

    As for the “masked woman” could be Melina or not. Its funny how when a Diva gets released by the WWE and goes to TNA they get appreciated and get used more. What a shame how WWE is not really getting the “big picture” we’ve had enough and we want women’s wrestling back in the WWE.

  • Raynex

    I really don’t like Melina in TNA, TNA is filled with ex- diva’s. What’s with the new talent, indy talent. There are so much more women’s wrestlers around. Business wise it might make sense, but the only true knockouts in my eyes are Velvet, Angelina, Madison and Sarita now. Too many ex- diva’s!

    • NurseBetty

      Angelina was actually in WWE developmental territory DSW.

      Velvet had a tryout with WWE on HEAT.

      The only one’s the never stepped foot onto WWE are Madison, Sarita and Rosita.

      • laqisha

        And Traci Brooks

        • number1AngelinaLovefan

          Not true Traci Brooks tried out for WWE with Beth Phenix but Gail made it instead when she 1st debuted

    • GailKim95

      Actually the KO’s division came from the original 10 that were in the gauntlet to determine the 1st ever KO’s Champ so the true KO’s are Jackie Moore, Traci Brooks, Salinas, Awesome Kong, Christy Hemme, ODB, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Gail Kim and Roxxi. So the TRUE KO’s that are left are Christy (even though she is retired), Angelina, Gail, Velvet, ODB, and Traci.

  • MattyM

    I hope its not another new knockout we already have 5 knockouts who aren’t used

    • mariah.


  • KevinSW

    Please god no, not this buck tooth mediocre wrestler. I swear.

    Ugh…Melina in TNA is death of Knockouts Division….I’m done with the Knockouts if this woman is in TNA.

    • Jamesgangforever


    • Jamesgangforever

      also I don’t blame you though, I love Melina while in WWE, but for some reason I don’t want her anywhere near TNA.

      • KevinSW

        Because Melina is Trash…that’s why.

        Crappy wrestler, overhyped…and just annoying to watch pretend wrestle

    • GailKim95

      Thats really harsh, what did she ever do to you?

  • candicefan

    omg shut up everyone who complains!! i mean we get great story lines and matches and you ppl still complain. Comparing this to what the divas are currently doing its AWESOME :) cant wait

  • EveTorres25

    3 weeks in a row and still no angelina love and velvet sky…..
    So the mystery woman will be a heel…..Currently we only have 4 face knockouts in mickie velvet tara and brooke and like 10 heel knockouts,not proportional at all:P

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    My UserName Speaks For Itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jen07201

      I like your username they are two of the best competitors and they make an awesome tag team i wish they would form a team and win the tag titles.

      • Jamesgangforever

        I would also love for them to be a team. It would be epic. Those two are the perfect enemies and friends. Weird.

        • jen07201

          yeah they are like best enemies and best tag partners its weird but they make the best feuds and the best team I think mickie and melina should be the new m&m it would be epic but it would be awesome if they feuded first and then team

        • EveLover

          I agree with you guys :)

        • jen07201

          who u think is better mickie or melina

        • EveLover

          Are you asking me ? lol ,If so ..I say Mickie ,she is my all time favorite & shes just amazing …BUT melina is not far back .

        • jen07201

          I believe that they somewhat a similar style and they both have that passion and intensity in competing and winning i think that is why their feuds are so good

        • EveLover

          I agree. Honestly ,Melina can work as the heel & Mickie as the face and vice versa . They just have that spark/chemistry that just makes the feud interesting. And they have potential as a team also ,like you said above. They’re just amazing ,tbh.

          I dont want to compare them with these to ladies but I feel the need to .. Mickie & Melina are like Lita & Trish . Enough Said . One way or the other ,their matches will be epic ,their promos will be flawless ,& the feud will turn out amazing.

        • jen07201

          Yeah I think its a good comparison mickie and melina are the trish and lita of modern wrestling they are both great heels i mean i absolutely loved psycho mickie she played it so well and i know melina plays such a cool heel just like trish and lita could back when they were wrestling. Both melina and mickie can throw a badass promo I mean their mic skills are just great and when they go against each other its fury and passion for competition and they reflect it when they fight with and agaist each other. These girls are just plain good whether they are heel or face they make you love them either way.

        • EveLover

          I absolutely agree. I love Psycho mickie & I hope tna just turns her psycho one of these days ,Im still waiting. And I think These two girls bring out the best in each other. I believe every wrestler has that oponent that just brings out everything in them. Like trish was to lita , Beth is to Kelly ,Natalya is to Eve ,AJ is to naomi and so on ..Mickie and Melina are the perfect rivals & best friends ,there is no doubt about that.

        • jen07201

          Why do u think melina would help gail if supposably they ended feuding i don’t find the sense in making them friends again. What i liked about the rivalry between melina and mickie is that they both made each other looked good they had the chemistry that many don’t in the ring. They had been feuding since OVW so it would be intresting to see their rivalry continue in TNA where they are allowed much more. I really wish its melina that attacked mickie. Hey who do u think mickie would go psycho on if she ever turned heel?

  • crigginz

    Hmmm…. Tara, Mickie, Gail, Winter and Melina all deserve glory, but as each one debuts the one before gets buried. As well as the girls like Maddy, Angelina, Velvet, Sarita and ODB who get buried even further – borderline jobbers. I think there is too many ex-divas in TNA now. Melina IMO has had her time and tbh. her bad attitude is probably what blew it for her and her boyfriend! So I wouldn’t like to see deserving girls who left WWE for unfair reasons (mickie, serena, tara, winter). And plus this storyline with Karen and her bitches is getting too big if anyone knows what I mean?

    p.s. no hating coz i dissed melina, i love her but tbh she messed her career up with the trish wrestlemania bs.

    • jen07201

      Actually they were thinking of putting kelly kelly and trish stratus with jomo they never said anything about melina since k2 was getting pushed at the time towards the championship and she had a feud with vickie and laycool

  • Superstar77

    Why does Mickie get another title shot but Velvet can’t get a rematch at all?! I don’t like that or the fact that she and Angelina or once again abscent from Impact.

    • jen07201

      I believe mickie put more of a match with gail than velvet did plus the fans liked it so they continued it so they also needed someone for the attack and possible debut of melina like gail had done with velvet. I don’t think they wanted to repeat the same thing twice with her.

    • Kaledrina

      kayfabe wise, it could always be that karen didn’t want to give velvet a rematch.. and as sting was calling the shots in karen’s absence, he was fair enough to give mickie another shot?

      • jen07201

        Yeah because mickie and gail really pulled of a match that was cool and i would love to see a mickie vs melina vs gail kim for the knockouts championship

      • Superstar77

        I don’t care what the storyline reason is Velvet should get another shot at the title. She shouldn’t have lost it in the first place.

        • jen07201

          u don’t like mickie i take from ur comments

  • koshiro

    Isn’t there a possibility of being Madison herself, with a mask? (and if it’s showing hair, a wig?) =P

    I mean, I really like Melina.. but I think that there are a lot of KOs in the division now, and most of them are not being used (ODB, Velvet, Angelina, Winter, Sarita, Rosita, Toxxin).. so to add another one, doesn’t look like a good idea.

    If they at least changed the KOs Tags Championship to TnT hands, they could have a feud with another pair.. and more Knockouts would have chance to shine..

    Anyway, it’s great to see that they are putting on great matches, and Mickie and Gail are on the Main Event!!! =D

    • Kaledrina

      i agree with you.. like, as much as i love gail and it feels so normal her being back in tna, i still think it was too sudden for her return, so anybody else new showing up.. aiyiyii.. there’s just no space.

      • mariah.

        Agree 100%. They need to start using the girls they have. It’s borderline disrespectful to just disregard the talent you have in favor of a “former star.” It’s a slap in the face to those who have been loyal and worked their asses off for you. That’s my opinion though.