This week on SmackDown, Natalya takes on the vivacious Alicia Fox in singles action. Can Alicia keep her streak alive with another win over Natalya, or will Nattie make Alicia cry? Check out the match below to find out:

Out first is Alicia, who seems to be moving in fast forward, as she damn near runs down the ramp. Perhaps there is some cryptic promo that needed running? Anyhoo… Natalya comes out next, with a box of tissues in tow. Natalya taunts Alicia for a bit, but Alicia locks her in a headlock, kicking off our match for the evening.

Natalya manages to fight out of the hold and toss Alicia into the corner, but Alicia counters with a sunset flip. Alicia tries her best to take down Nattie, but the third generation Diva stands her ground and stomps on Alicia’s midsection. Natalya stays on top of Alicia, locking in a painful looking abdominal stretch. Alicia fight her way out of the submission, only to be slammed down to the mat by her hair. Ouch…

Natalya rolls up Alicia from behind for a near-fall, but Alicia comes back with a roll up of her own and gets the upset victory and a huge chunk of Nattie’s weave.

Post-match, Alicia gets on the mic and says that Natalya is “so synthetic, it’s pathetic” and that she was “outfoxed”, before celebrating. Natalya tries to attack Alicia, but Alicia sees her coming and lays her out with her somersault leg-drop. That looked like it hurt. ;/

Good match from these two ladies, but my question is: where is the division going? Who’s being pushed? Kelly? Alicia? Maria Menounos? It seems like ever since Beth vs Eve at Vengeance the division has been at a standstill. With TLC right around the corner, WWE better work something out quick if they plan on putting a title match on the card at all.

In other news, Rosa Mendes showed off her dancing skills as part of her new found partnership with Epico and Primo. Enjoy:

Well, that it for this week’s Redux. Let’s hope the blue brand gives us a bit more to talk about next week.