SmackDown Redux (December 17, 2011): Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…

This week on SmackDown, Natalya takes on the vivacious Alicia Fox in singles action. Can Alicia keep her streak alive with another win over Natalya, or will Nattie make Alicia cry? Check out the match below to find out:

Out first is Alicia, who seems to be moving in fast forward, as she damn near runs down the ramp. Perhaps there is some cryptic promo that needed running? Anyhoo… Natalya comes out next, with a box of tissues in tow. Natalya taunts Alicia for a bit, but Alicia locks her in a headlock, kicking off our match for the evening.

Natalya manages to fight out of the hold and toss Alicia into the corner, but Alicia counters with a sunset flip. Alicia tries her best to take down Nattie, but the third generation Diva stands her ground and stomps on Alicia’s midsection. Natalya stays on top of Alicia, locking in a painful looking abdominal stretch. Alicia fight her way out of the submission, only to be slammed down to the mat by her hair. Ouch…

Natalya rolls up Alicia from behind for a near-fall, but Alicia comes back with a roll up of her own and gets the upset victory and a huge chunk of Nattie’s weave.

Post-match, Alicia gets on the mic and says that Natalya is “so synthetic, it’s pathetic” and that she was “outfoxed”, before celebrating. Natalya tries to attack Alicia, but Alicia sees her coming and lays her out with her somersault leg-drop. That looked like it hurt. ;/

Good match from these two ladies, but my question is: where is the division going? Who’s being pushed? Kelly? Alicia? Maria Menounos? It seems like ever since Beth vs Eve at Vengeance the division has been at a standstill. With TLC right around the corner, WWE better work something out quick if they plan on putting a title match on the card at all.

In other news, Rosa Mendes showed off her dancing skills as part of her new found partnership with Epico and Primo. Enjoy:

Well, that it for this week’s Redux. Let’s hope the blue brand gives us a bit more to talk about next week.

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  • Kaledrina

    alicia’s already suffering from having another finisher she rarely hits correctly =/

    i really want her to be pushed, though. it’s about time, to be honest and they do kinda seem to be going that direction? it’s so hard to tell, wwe seem pretty schizo at the best of times.

  • Lanoom

    If there’s no match by now, there won’t be one…

    To think, last year we got a table match.

    • Juan

      Because TNA gave us a Steel Cage Match between Mickie and Tara. Maybe we should of hoped for a ladder match in TNA that way WWE would try and one up them again

    • mariah.

      I hope there will at least be an in-ring promo like Elimination Chamber earlier this year. Wishful thinking at its best, but maybe Lita will be involved and ACTUALLY get physical with Beth and Natalya. There were reports that she was open to doing more with WWE and then there was the rumour about the former women’s champion coming in. Maybe her Slammy appearance wasn’t just another quick cameo, but rather the start of one more feud for Lita. The fact that she never layed a hand on Beth and Natalya could mean something. Yeah, I’m obviously just praying for anything at this point.

  • missawesomeness

    what next kelly attacks beth with a face wipe ?

    • NaomiNightfan2011

      Of course not!

      Kelly’s just gonna smack Beth’s ass and give her a stinkface.

      • Jamesgangforever

        both comments are hilarious

        • trishlita

          oh no beth is goin to low blow one of the divas look out

  • shameronstar

    Poor Natalya! She lost the match AGAIN, got a big chunk of weave taken out, got beat up, and she cried afterwards:(

  • dah-dah-dah-diva

    OMG Foxy please bring that charisma every week and get those fans behind you girl!

  • Tamms

    It was an okay match TBH. I mean we have seen it time and time again and its the same result everytime. I am getting quiet bored with the same matches on Smackdown all the time. If its not DOD vs Chickbusters is Alicia vs Natalya. Im really just bored of Sd at least on Raw you get a change every once in a while with the heels either DOD or The Bella Twins. And WWE Might wanna take a hint and not zoom in when someone misses their finisher. Then post a digital of it on at the same angle. I dont know Alicia with her finishers reminds me of Candice with hers. They cant seem to hit them

    • 04bia

      raw is no different, its always kelly and eve, against DOD. nothing special too. both brands are on the same boat.

      • Tamms

        but at least on Raw the heels change every once in a while. Its tiredsome watching Beth and Nattie on Sd every week in the same match.

  • xhz056x

    good god rosa is fine!!! im so glad she finally found her spot in wwe cause clearly she was never going to hold championship gold. im glad shes even getting involved instead of just clapping. i picture her to be sort of like a melina MNM type heel

    the match was good bw alicia and natalya. i still hate alicia’s theme though… and of course (as usual) i wish it couldve been longer but there was talking so i cant complain. at first i thought alicia completely missed natalya when she did her leg drop but on second look it seems she knocked her right at the top of her head! ouch! and why do both of their weave’s come out whenever they fight lol

    as for TLC… if we get a match it’s gonna be alicia and there wont be any special stipulation…. thats my guess! but i really have no idea where this division is going… im starting not to care about it so god help the male fans who dont even normally care for the womens wrestling. theyll never invest interest in these storylines if maria menonous is gonna keep pinning our top powerhouse champion!!

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    This division is just lost…..

    I enjoyed the match though and the segment nice to hear Alicia on the mic.

    • trishlita

      it feels like the molly vs victoria matches that would never end but atleast they were fun to watch

  • 04bia

    tbh it wasnt terrible, the match itself wasn’t bad, yes it was short and could have been better. we’ve seen nattie and alicia deliver some great matches and this match was a let down but im happy that after they got a PROMO! we’ve not had many of these so thats a positive. im very happy that foxy is getting a push, she deserves it, IMO shes one diva that has the whole package, charisma, mic skills and in ring skills, fans like her as well. so why shouldnt she be pushed?
    Im not too happy about nattie losing all the time, i mean i feel DOD has bought her down, shes strong as hell, so dominant and making her lose just makes her look weak.

    also rosa has finally found something to do! so far im liking the team of primo epico and rosa it should be an interesting trio.just get rosa on the mic and have the group cut promos, we’ll see how good she can be.

  • gl83

    Someone said it a few weeks ago, that they were more interested in the development/storyline between the Chickbusters than they were in the feud between Kelly/Eve/Alicia and DOD, which is just sad when you think about it. The Division really is in limbo. I expect Alicia to get a title match soon and then lose to Beth. It seems WWE is waiting on Layla to return, much like in ’08 when they dragged Beth’s title reign out with a bunch of filler until Melina returned.

  • adifferentsame

    Finally, a face Diva with some semblance of wit to counter the heel. Alicia Fox has got all the goods, just needs a more consistent moveset. Personally I love her look.

    • norisclouds

      Yea she just has to get cleaner in the ring and she’ll be fine. That botch at the end could have been bad, but I’ve always liked Alicia she has a lot of personality and character.

      • adifferentsame

        If they could script more segments like this and have her work lengthier matches (all but fable in today’s Diva climate) Alicia could develop into a little superstar. She’s easily more appealing than Kelly or Eve given half the spotlight.

        • Cookie

          true that alicia fox is going to be star hopeful & plus she have more of personality than kelly kelly & eve torres,one of the best female wrestler we have in wwe today & the future. i hope the building her story line to win diva champion. she desver it two divas champion.

    • Teri

      Agreed 100%

  • norisclouds

    Ouch that botch. But it wasn’t too bad from the looks of it, just got her forehead and luckily not her nose.

  • stephenpwwe

    Omg…. Rosa got more TV time then the Diva’s match…. :O

    • Aksana

      Never, ever thought i’d see/read this.

    • Raekon

      She was on superstars this week and the two weeks before aswell. :)

  • chrisP

    The post-match segment was edited. At the taping, Alicia, after hitting Natalya with the flip legdrop, covered her for a pin even though the match was over. I read that it was pretty funny as Charles Robinson and people at ringside just looked completely confused.

    • adifferentsame

      Oh dear…

    • SteveSteve


    • norisclouds

      Oh man…

    • ShinyTwaatGun

      Lol you can totally see her start to go for the cover after she hits it, then they cut to that random shot of the audience haha.

  • SteveSteve

    I enjoyed this. Loved alicias personality. I just really liked it alicias so pretty (:

  • LadyGoDiva

    Their were some parts in the match that were good but no Divas match at TLC is disappointing because with last year, maybe we’ll get a divas segment.

    I am finally relieved that the WWE is using Rosa Mendes. Even though she’s not wrestling she makes a great manager/valet.

    My guess is that the reason that nobody is the number one contender for the title is because maybe the WWE is waiting for Layla?

  • Bethinho

    a stupid match where the only purpose was to make Natalya more of a joke and foolish than she already is.

  • Juan

    This match was pathetic!! Seriously has everyones standards been set so low that something like this counts as good?? And that promo was just bad -_- I miss Trish, Lita, Melina, Torrie, Molly…etc atleast they could cut a descent promo! Althoug Alicia Fox is definately charismatic she has along way to go to match those other women I mentioned!

    • Air-Bourne

      All the names mention above are understable besides Torrie Wilson, because she was decent in the ring at best but she was very bad on the mic. Alicia has the skills and the personality and it now looks like the crowd are starting to get behind her so hopefully she’ll finally get a big push as the division is severely lacking in top tier divas.

      • Ryan

        You should see the promo where Torrie is talking about her dad and calls out Dawnmarie saying where she plans on sticking her shoe…IT WONT FIT!!

        Awesome! Torrie was better than decent in 2002-2005 then she went to Raw and went downhill..

        • Air-Bourne

          I was a fan of Torrie’s when she was feuding with Dawn-Marie but i never felt that she was championship material, Torrie only impressed me in her final year and it’s a shame that she had to retire. One promo doesn’t make someone good on the microphone, she wasn’t horrible by any means but most of the time she just wasn’t believable.

    • TheGamergirl22

      Yeah it was so corny (not the it’s so bad it funny corny). But Alicia does have the most personalty out of the 3 but like her better a heel. Her promos where better.

  • Garouix

    What the ‘F’ was that? : |

    I’m SO sick of this formula. They’ve taken away so much credibility from Beth and especially Natalya, it’s really upsetting. What could have initially been a good angle for everyone, has turned into Beth and Nattie being a big joke as far as writing is concerned. Nattie is the best pure lady wrestler (better than some of the men too) they have and she’s the universal jobber…

  • Lily

    Alicia Fox did very well on the mic. She talked the way her character would talk.

  • Pipe_bomb1

    Nice match that is taking this feud no where

  • Ryan

    haha no offense divadirt but you guys standards are either VERY VERY conformed and distortedly low by now with all this crap wwe has fed you over the years or you guys are just being optimistic and counting the change =)

    Cause this match was a waste lol…without NXT divas have no purpose in wwe really..just coast thru n make their money baby!! Make it Happen!

    • Jhonmarco

      I definitely feel they sugarcoat it & try to stay positive. Better to stay positive, than negative imo. Kharma, please return you will save this division! You gotta wonder how the division would be if Kharma never got pregnant.

      • Ryan

        Or if McCool had never left =(

        • Jhonmarco

          I’m happy she’s gone, if she was still here the division would revolve against her.

        • Ryan

          Against her is right..from what I hear a LOT of the divas werent happy with her if not MOST of them

          I loved McCool. Her matches were solid, divas got to wrestle more. And actual storylines. Big fan of Michelle here =)

        • Jhonmarco

          I’d like it more if she at least thought to give another divas a chance to shine, I mean she sure could influence the people backstage enough so why not push the other girls that way?

        • Ryan

          Wasnt so much the was that she got a push but she worked hard and made the other girls shine big time too!
          Eve Torres in debut match..Bella Twins..Maryse Maria Melina even Layla! Natalya is and always was n still is awesome but with Michelle she had some GREAT matches! N became known

        • Jhonmarco

          She worked hard & was a great wrestler but she had zero charisma. If anyone was pushed that hard & had no personality, they clearly had an influence backstage.

      • Cookie

        you know Michelle McCool the one who brought up making another belt for the divas? So the divas wouldn’t just have to fight over one but have chance get another belt like the guys. Did you know her & layla & divas wrote every story line? But the mickie james no one wrote that one but the dumb ass writers. She help so many divas even Rose i wish the wwe never made rose jobber she’s really good wrestler.I know i can’t change you mind but 2008-2010 was the best year for divas..

        • Misaki Ohata Fan


        • Jhonmarco

          She accomplished all of that which I respect & admire, but the fact is every storyline on smackdown from 2008 to 2010 revolved around her. From her feud with Natalya to Maryse to Melina to Mickie to Beth to Kelly to Beth/Natalya, etc. It got to a point where it was overload & look where we are now. No diva has a defined charecter, except for maybe Alicia Fox & AJ. Why didn’t Michelle use her influence in favor of other girls? She’s gone & now we have a division full of bland charecters due to her always being in the spotlight.

        • Ryan

          Thanks Cookie. =)
          Yeah I cant change your opinion on Michelle JohnMarco its cool tho my dude I mean im a huge fan of hers always have been but I fact is fact and she didnt squash anyone. She actually brought the best in them, she in a way reminds me of Trish Stratus. When Trish had influence she used that influence for the benefit of the womens division. Healthy things that made sense and shes said so herself..a polite way to tweak what the writters do. Meanwhile someone like Maryse who its been reported was a favoite of Vince McMahon therefore got a HUGE push. Yet she never did anything relevant to really bring out the other girls. Then again Maryse was on RAW which was a bad place to be a diva n Michelle was on Smackdown Undertaker territory aka THE BEST PLACE TO BE!

        • Jhonmarco

          Agree to disagree I guess :) but nothing against McCool I commend her for putting 2 people over on her last night. She didn’t have to get that beatdown from Kharma, she easily could have said she doesn’t want that. I tip my hat off to her :)

      • GetFoxy

        wouldn’t kharma comming back be worse because everyone one would just get squashed by her. (no pun intended) the matches would be a hell of a lot shorter. but at least there won’t be roll ups.


    Did anyone else noticed they sctually announced what the surprise is during the match

    • Cookie

      i did can’t wait :D

  • MNM4ever

    what a pointless match once again from wwe. How can that even be called a good match, it went for one minutes. I can only imagine how upset alicia and natalya feel about trying to get a story through in that amount of time. Luckily I really love alicia and her character; shes so damn spunky!! :D but i thought the whole storyline has gone really childish lately lol

  • shannymac

    WWE really needs to figure out what they want to do with the Divas. I cannot for the life of me understand why they seem to want to make Beth and Nattie look so ridiculous and useless. They’re the two strongest and most accomplished women on the roster, yet they only rarely get to show that off.

    Plus, there’s no consistancy. Around this time last year, Nattie was coming off of a title win in which she beat both members of LayCool in a handicap match. Then she and Beth beat them again in the first ever Divas table match. Now Nattie can’t win a singles match to save her life and Beth gets pinned by a TV personality.