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In a special “birthday edition” video blog posted on her official website, Michelle McCool has stated that while she has no current plans to return to the wrestling ring: “I don’t plan on coming back any time soon,” she said. However, she hasn’t ruled out a LayCool reunion outside of it.

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* Women Superstars Uncensored announced that they have formed a working agreement with Montreal’s NCW Femmes Fatales. The agreement will include talent exchange (to take place after WSU’s 5th Anniversary show in March), recognizing each others’ world champions, and carrying one another’s DVDs at their respective shows. Check out the press release from Femmes Fatales’ Facebook page below:

[notice]WSU and nCw Femmes Fatales have reached an agreement that will help both companies to continue to grow and establish themselves as two of the best all-women wrestling promotions.

First, there will be more talent sharing between the 2 promotions, which will bring some of WSU stars to Montreal in the near future. This already started with Mercedes Martinez being a regular in Femmes Fatales, but this is only a sparkle of what could happen… And this also means that some of FF wrestlers will make the trip to WSU. This opens the door to some dream matches that nobody could have thought before our announcement today.

Also, nCw Femmes Fatales recent DVDs will be available for purchase at WSU shows starting on March 3rd, an same things for WSU DVDs that will be available in Montreal starting on March 10th.

Keep following @WSUwrestling and @nCwFF on Twitter, on Facebook (WSU Wrestling and nCw Femmes Fatales) or on our websites ( and for upates on our partnership![/notice]

What are some dream matches you guys would like to see?!

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Kana won the SMASH Divas Championship from Tomoka Nakagawa on January 19th, 2012 at SMASH‘s “We are SMASH” event in Shinjuku, Japan. The match, which was 12:30 in length, was won via a modified cross arm-breaker.

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Announced for CHIKARA’s show on February 26th in Long Island is Sara Del Rey vs. Saturyne. Not much is known about Saturyne at present – she has previously wrestled on Wrestling Is Fun!’s debut show back in November, and on the JoshiMania shows in December. She was most recently a part of the CHIKARA invasion of ROH:

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Rain will be auctioning off a date with herself (and April Hunter) as a means to raise money for The Children’s Hospital. She is making it possible to enter the draw more than once to try and win. For more information, check out her Tweet on the matter.

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Maryse has been removed from the WrestleReunion show taking place on January 28 in Los Angeles due to an unfortunate – yet simple – misunderstanding between the promoter and her agent. While she will still be doing all of her signings, autographs and pictures during the day on Saturday, she has been “released from any obligation of attending the live event Saturday night”. (Source)

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Former WWE Diva Chyna appeared at the Adult Video Awards last week in Las Vegas. She was sadly reported to have been incoherent, displaying strange hand gestures and expressions and had an ‘unsettling glazed-over look in her eyes’ on the red carpet, with many suspecting that she was under the influence of something. We’re hoping it’s not true. In what may be… positive news for Chyna fans, she did win the award for ‘Best Celebrity Film’. (Source)

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