News in Brief: Michelle McCool on Possible Return, WSU & Femmes Fatales Team Up, Chyna Wins Adult Movie Award & More

Some quick news bullets:

In a special “birthday edition” video blog posted on her official website, Michelle McCool has stated that while she has no current plans to return to the wrestling ring: “I don’t plan on coming back any time soon,” she said. However, she hasn’t ruled out a LayCool reunion outside of it.

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* Women Superstars Uncensored announced that they have formed a working agreement with Montreal’s NCW Femmes Fatales. The agreement will include talent exchange (to take place after WSU’s 5th Anniversary show in March), recognizing each others’ world champions, and carrying one another’s DVDs at their respective shows. Check out the press release from Femmes Fatales’ Facebook page below:

[notice]WSU and nCw Femmes Fatales have reached an agreement that will help both companies to continue to grow and establish themselves as two of the best all-women wrestling promotions.

First, there will be more talent sharing between the 2 promotions, which will bring some of WSU stars to Montreal in the near future. This already started with Mercedes Martinez being a regular in Femmes Fatales, but this is only a sparkle of what could happen… And this also means that some of FF wrestlers will make the trip to WSU. This opens the door to some dream matches that nobody could have thought before our announcement today.

Also, nCw Femmes Fatales recent DVDs will be available for purchase at WSU shows starting on March 3rd, an same things for WSU DVDs that will be available in Montreal starting on March 10th.

Keep following @WSUwrestling and @nCwFF on Twitter, on Facebook (WSU Wrestling and nCw Femmes Fatales) or on our websites ( and for upates on our partnership![/notice]

What are some dream matches you guys would like to see?!

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Kana won the SMASH Divas Championship from Tomoka Nakagawa on January 19th, 2012 at SMASH‘s “We are SMASH” event in Shinjuku, Japan. The match, which was 12:30 in length, was won via a modified cross arm-breaker.

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Announced for CHIKARA’s show on February 26th in Long Island is Sara Del Rey vs. Saturyne. Not much is known about Saturyne at present – she has previously wrestled on Wrestling Is Fun!’s debut show back in November, and on the JoshiMania shows in December. She was most recently a part of the CHIKARA invasion of ROH:

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Rain will be auctioning off a date with herself (and April Hunter) as a means to raise money for The Children’s Hospital. She is making it possible to enter the draw more than once to try and win. For more information, check out her Tweet on the matter.

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Maryse has been removed from the WrestleReunion show taking place on January 28 in Los Angeles due to an unfortunate – yet simple – misunderstanding between the promoter and her agent. While she will still be doing all of her signings, autographs and pictures during the day on Saturday, she has been “released from any obligation of attending the live event Saturday night”. (Source)

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Former WWE Diva Chyna appeared at the Adult Video Awards last week in Las Vegas. She was sadly reported to have been incoherent, displaying strange hand gestures and expressions and had an ‘unsettling glazed-over look in her eyes’ on the red carpet, with many suspecting that she was under the influence of something. We’re hoping it’s not true. In what may be… positive news for Chyna fans, she did win the award for ‘Best Celebrity Film’. (Source)

That’s the news for now. Which tidbits have got you talking? Tell us in the comments…

  • Kantrell

    Chyna..looks..well umm … *sighs*
    you see what drugs and alcohol do to you?
    I’m very disappointed how chyna turned out..
    WWE or TNA need to help her before its to late.
    Up there looking like a steaming HOT blazing mess


    • perceval

      WWE tried to get her in Rehab, but she said “No, no, no.”

      • _Bryan_

        Actually, there are no reports that WWE wanted to send her to rehab. In fact, Chyna has been very vocal about the WWE not paying for any of her theraputic expenses when she atteneded a psyhc ward and mental health clinic last year. According to her, the only thing they have given to her in relation to it is a $1200 check, when all her expenses are about $ 20 000. I find it funny when they jump at the chance to ‘help’ Sean Waltman (not dissing him or anything), say hes recovered (i think), hire him, and then hes arrested again for possession of drugs

        • perceval

          “According to Chyna…” Chyna says a lot. Remember just last year, according to Chyna, she didn’t have a porn vid coming out. That was just some rumor those websites were spreading. According to Chyna, she’s never had any substance abuse issues. Waltman said otherwise about the company offering her Rehab, and, if you’ll notice, making the offer has been standard policy, as we saw last year with Matt Hardy. But, as we’ve seen, it’s up to that person not to relapse after they’ve been through the program.

          According to Chyna, she was raped in college by members of the school’s football team. According to all school records and everyone else who attended the college at the time, the school didn’t HAVE a football team. According to Chyna, Killer Kolwalski didn’t help her get in the WWF. According to literally everybody else in the know, he did. In an interview just earlier this month, according to Chyna, she set up chairs back when the WWF was a small promotion working high school gyms. As the interviewer pointed out, she didn’t join the company until 1997, over a decade after Hulkamania had moved the WWF into the large venues. I guess she didn’t expect the interviewer to know this stuff and expected him to take what she said at face value. It was a funny exchange…

          Interviewer: Are you sure?
          Chyna: I was THERE!
          Interviewer: Are you SURE?

          Face it. The woman lies. A lot. She can’t even keep her stories straight. She denies that she was unwilling to drop the Women’s Championship, then during one of her Twitter rants she goes on about how horrible the company was to want her to drop the Women’s Championship (And, if you’ll recall, the whole storyline going into the showdown with Lita OBVIOUSLY was setting up Eddie to interfere on Lita’s behalf..

          Back when she first left the company, she said it was over money and the fact that they wouldn’t job Rock and Austin out to her and make her WWF Champion, since, according to Chyna, she deserved it as the biggest draw in the company. When that didn’t get her the public sympathy she expected, she started her “Steph stole my man!” routine she’s been running with ever since (And everybody else is lying, of course, when they say her psychotic behavior drove her man off. She was a perfect ANGEL. Just ask her). In the same interview she started the “Steph stole my man” thing, she announced she was starring in TWO major film productions: Terminator 3 and Wonder Woman. Hmm, what happened to those? I guess those studios must be part of that vast conspiracy that’s out to get her.

          Or maybe, just maybe, she’s delusional and a chronic liar. It’s not the substance abuse and trainwreck behavior that really caused me to lose so much respect for her, at least not alone. It’s… Could the woman just TRY to be a little honest just ONCE? With herself if no one else?

        • norisclouds

          @PERCEVAL you took the words out of my mouth. That is why I keep going back and forth on Chyna. It’s not just that she says one thing and someone else says another, it’s that CHYNA says one thing and then another. I’ll speak on one thing where that I’ve read a lot about from a lot of different wrestlers: Lita was pretty open about being annoyed with the way Chyna handled that last match, and was just thankful that JR really put her over in his commentary…and just “throwing the title in the trunk of her car and driving off” doesn’t sound like a responsible honest way to handle title exchanges. It sounded more like she got upset they told her to drop it and went home with it.

          What’s more–she changed her story about this a lot, from the time period in 01 when she first left all the way up to today.

          She has problems and she’s never faced up or owned up to them.

        • _Bryan_

          According to Chyna, she NEVER denied doing a porn with Vivid. i feel like im repeating myself here, so please read carefully. her PR said no outright because it would reflect badly on her, and did not ask chyna herself. When Chyna was asked herslef she never denied it, and when heard about how her PR manager responded to its truth, fired her.
          Chyna has stated many times she has had mental problems, she will be the first one to tell you, look at her youshoot. In terms of substance abuse, we dont know for sure, however mental problems can often look as such and people parade around screaming she is a drug addict. Why would she admit admit mental issues and not drug issues?
          As far as the rehab goes, there is still no evidence they did and i have never heard waltman say she denied it, but i would like to see that if its true. in any case, it seems she felt she had more of mental problem than drug problem.
          As far as the rape story, i heard Sean Waltman talk about it, and it did happen just perhaps not as she recalls it. Again, it was not the football team, it was the hockey team, and they had one. So that piont can finally be settled yeah? cool.
          I heard that Chyna met Triple H in a hotel where she was doing some kind of appeaance and Shawn Micheals immediately wanted her for Triple H (he was boring). As far as school gyms, its actually very possible this was happening. The wrestling world was just coming out of a major depression (91- 95) and really only picked up after the screwjob. According to Jim cornette, house shows were doign horribly, and its very possible that they atteneded small places to conduct these because of the lack in intrest.
          As far as dropping the belt, she didnt have an issue (well according to her again) and Lita actually had a problem losing to her – i never recall her twitter ant about the championship but again; show it to me and id respond.
          when Chyna left the wwf – there were BARELY any interviews with her, and she couldnt even discuss her leaving the WWF that early anyway. the whole scenario is very confusing and both sides do not add up. If she left because she wanted a huge contract, dumped the belt, then why did it continue for 6 months? it seems to me that negotations began and soon or before that time (Lita’s match), the relationship got out and all hell boke lose – from there it becomes unclear. if She wanted the WWF championship im sure they would have just let her go then and there. it doesnt make sense to me and i would loe to hear a in depth explanation from both sides as to what happened. I have never heard her say she was the biggest draw in the company – but she was definetaly the biggest female draw. she was in the top 6 for sure.
          @ norisclouds – what does lita say exactly? i havent heard her go into detail about the subject – and the whole leaving with or without the belt doesnt make sense, because others say she left it in the back and went home. and then the wwf says something else, and then chyna says something else.

        • perceval


          So, you’re saying that the Vast International Conspiracy to discredit Chyna runs so deep and has been running so long that the company was doing shows in high school gyms while she was there and NOBODY has ever mentioned it? EVERYONE, including the people who attended these shows, has covered up their existence because they’re ALL in on the Conspiracy?

          As Kelly Kelly would say, COME ON!

        • _Bryan_

          @ perceval
          so i see you only disagree on one thing, something which no one can really prove without having been there. i said its very possible, not definate that it was happening. 97 is only remebered for the screwjob. early 97 wwf was getting their but kicked by wcw. i wouldnt say its a giant conspiracy no….

    • LayTorres

      Nobody can really help her now. Shes completely messed up. I mean look at her. It will take her a really long time to recover.

  • Raekon

    Even I’m sad that Chyna didn’t got to get into wrestling again but rather took that way of adult movies entertainment now, I’m happy for her that she managed to be successfull and even get a award for it.

    Saturyne is very interesting and I really hope I will get to see her wrestle in the near future cause from what I know so far she shows great potential and does great in the ring.

    As about Michelle, she should stay out of wrestling and enjoy her life now.
    Coming back to have 30 seconds matches definately won’t satisfy her nor will satisfy anyone else.

    • Raekon

      Was trigger happy. x_X
      It’s great to see WSU and nCw working together! :)
      I hope their cooperation will help both companies greatly so we can see lots more of them and maybe even get them on tv in the near future. :)

  • Marshy

    Look at Scott Hall,I mean WWE have send him to Rehab even though he is not under contract with them,but they send him to Rehab,the same thing should be done for Chyna,get her and send her to Rehab before she becomes another causality of Pro Wrestling,wrestlers who have died under the age of 50.

    • perceval

      The problem is, all they can do is make the offer, which they have over the years. They can’t force her to accept it.

      In Chyna’s head, there’s never been anything wrong with HER. No, it’s always just been EVERYBODY ELSE that’s been unreasonable and horrible. SHE has been a perfect SAINT and completely professional in her behavior. She is in no way responsible for anything bad that has ever happened in her life.

      • _Bryan_

        because you know whats going on in her head?…

        • perceval

          It’s evident in everything she says and does. I also don’t know everything that goes on in Matt Hardy’s head, but, based on his words and actions over the years, I can safely conclude that the guy has some serious issues.

        • norisclouds

          She’s given interviews where it’s obvious she doesn’t think she really has a problem.

          Any rehabilitation counselor will tell you that “surrounding yourself with positive people” is not enough to truly recover from your addictions, and WWE offers a comprehensive rehab program that addresses physical, mental and emotional issues. As policy, they pay for it for every former employee. I’d be really surprised if as embarrassing of a PR nightmare as Chyna is, WWE never made her an offer.

        • _Bryan_

          @ perceval – i havbe never heard her say theyre is nothing wrong with her, in fact she accepted there is, and she still needs therapy. she admits she has/had a mental problem. she has been abused for the majority of her life – so cut her some slack. of course she needs to accept some of her own mistakes – but getting over the problmes around her was the first step. i dont know whats going on in her head and no one else should try to know either. lay off the harsh judgement. just because her issues are in the limelight everyone feels they understand and think shes doing everything wrong, when they dont.
          @ norisclouds – shes given plenty of interviews where she said she had/has a problem – youshoot. i would be surprised if they didnt either. however, if you havent noticed they try to keep away from her as much as possible, and not offering her rehab wouldnt be so unfitting

    • shannymac

      The problem is, no one in the world can help Chyna if she doesn’t want to help herself. Even if WWE or someone else could force her into rehab, she wouldn’t get better. She’d just go right back to her old ways as soon as she got out.

      • Raekon

        Anyone ever put some thought in it that she could had been like that due to the heavy medication she has to take and not because of drugs?

        • _Bryan_

          i watched some interviews of her at the avn awards, and she seemed fine to me. ‘glazed look’ doesnt automatically signal trainwreck, its not like she was flashing or stumbling or anything….im giving her the benefit of the doubt, and i really hope she hasnt fallen off the bandwagon

  • TehKardashianKing

    I want Michelle to come back… since the division pretty much dead, this could DEFINITELY help them ’till Layla comes back… and once shed comes back, I want a LayCool reunion!!! Flawless??? I freaking hope so.

    I don’t care about Chyna.

  • 04bia

    chyna looks eh… i cant believe how much she has changed, and i dont think we’ll ever see her in wrestling ever again, not in wwe atleast. but what ever, if adult movies make her happy then so be it, its her life and good for her to win an award, thats all im gona say.

    about michelle, i dont see why she can’t return, shes still young and lets b honest ever since michelle left the divas division has been a mess!! it sux, atleast when michelle (and laycool) were around, wwe actually took interest in the divas.we had promos, great feuds, lengthy matches, tag team tables matches and since michelle left, we get none of it.

    i do hope to see a laycool reunion, this time as faces!!!!!!

    • GetFoxy

      i want laycool back but the gimmick doesn’t work when they are faces. you can’t be a complete and utter biotch and be a face unless of course you are joan rivers.

  • thejoshifanx

    So excited for the WSU & NCW partnership! I’d like to see
    LuFisto vs Jessicka Havok
    Kalamity vs Jessicka Havok
    She Nay Nay vs Jessicka Havok
    She Nay Nay vs Mercedes Martinez

    I’m glad the Kana won her SMASH Divas Championship back, but I don’t get why it was put on Tomoka Nakagawa. I would have prefered Syuri to win it, which I’m sure she will eventually. I hope that their next match is aired on TV in Japan so I can watch it online. I love Syuri!

    While I like the CHIKARA vs ROH thing, I don’t think it’s going to amount to much. Maybe Saturyne getting beat up, that’s about it haha.

    Definitely excited to see SDR vs Saturyne. I’m sure Sara is going to welcome her to CHIKARA ;).

    • thejoshifanx


  • Matthew

    The sooner Chyna disappears off our radar for good, the better.
    I lost a lot of respect for her doing adult movies and she seems to be just going downhill.

  • perceval

    Something to consider regarding Chyna, especially when you take into account Sunny’s history of being a trainwreck, herself…

    Was it a generational thing? Because, when you look at the generation of Divas that came after the Sunny-Chyna generation, they came out fine. Lita, Trish, Molly, Stacy, Torrie, Jazz, Victoria, Gail… The only scandal they have between them was the Edge affair, and thanks to Matt’s behavior in recent years, no one blames Lita for that, any more. No addictions, no trainwreck behavior…

    Was that just an especially professional and grounded group of women?

    • Kessuki

      i dont think the women back then were all troubled, i mean Jacqueline, Terri Runnels, Madusa, Luna (RIP) all turned out fine.

      • perceval

        Luna Vachon died of an overdose. Not what I’d call turning out fine.

        • Raekon

          Luna died under the painkillers and pills she were taking so she can go a little bit more pain free through the day.

          It wasn’t heroin or something.
          She had a heart failure and the medication she was taking was because of her head, neck and other injuries she suffered through the years.

        • perceval

          She was snorting the stuff. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t following instructions.

    • norisclouds

      Well, they always said they were very close to each other. It’s possible that they kept themselves grounded, and most of them were very serious about wrestling as a business, so I guess they did everything possible to keep themselves on the straight and narrow.

      • perceval

        Yeah. It’s not like ALL the previous generation were messed up. But notice the ones that came out fine from that previous generation, like Jacqueline, Ivory, & Sable when she returned, got on great with that next generation.

        • _Bryan_

          that last bit isnt true. torrie and sable had huge altercations in the lockeroom where sable would constantly say how better her playboy did that torrie’s (even though chyna’s blew hers out of the park lol). also, ivory didnt really get along with lita as well as some, if not most, of the model girls as she would always be put with them. and who knows about jackie..

  • art

    i feel for chyna….shes unstable in an unstable environment which will only lead to afew endings…..

    • art

      oh btw Michelle should never came back,it will all be about her & her boring personality….no thanks. kharma & layla can come back but Michelle should try & develop a personality…..

      • LayTorres

        Dont be so harsh, Michelle doesnt want to come back maybe because she wants to continue her teaching job and start a family with Taker. I understand where she is coming from. I will miss her faithbreakers.

        • art

          its true thou…she is boring.

  • xXGeo910

    Like Michelle would. It’s not really the right time. But Chyna, what happened!!! You were the greatest wonder in the world now you’re the greatest porn star. Remember kids Drugs do a lot. But whatever if Chyna’s happy so be it.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    You all know that if Michelle returns, her influence could help give time to the division. As much as anyone would like to deny that she has this “power”, it’s true. When she was in WWE, she was given all the story lines and TV time (just think being a mentor, invading Raw, winning all the titles, and even unifying them). As much as I’m not a fan of hers when she was doing all that, I admire that she gives the girls time plus she can wrestle the hell out of anyone. Like some has said though, it’s probably not the right time. If she returns though, I will welcome it (but may hate on her again lol).

    • LayTorres

      And not to mention she pitched the creative really good ideas which the current divas are not even bothering to do. I hear Laycool was Michelle’s master plan.

      • hado

        She did not have the “power.” Lol. I like to put it this way, If I were a writer in the WWE and was writing storylines for the diva’s division and seeing McCool is married to Undertaker, she might not ask or appear to what all this TV time, but since she is married to him she is going to be our top diva. Maybe you meant that, or you meant she damned it, but if you did, I am sure she didn’t.

    • Jhonmarco

      One problem, the division would revolve around her. No thanks, Michelle stay retired. (no offense to her/her fans)

      • Raekon

        Fully agree with @JOHNMARCO.

        As about the comments that the other divas didn’t bothered to pitch in ideas, they actually did and do but no one cares because they dont have the undertaker as back up which is one of the best friends of triple H and very high with vince mc mahon.

        LayCool were mainly successfull because of Laylas crazyness and charisma. If it were michelle alone it would had been a failure.

        Check how dead the crowd was towards Michelle the years before and you will see what I mean.

        Even she couldn’t get a proper reaction, they kept pushing her and pushing her to heaven.

        Other divas didn’t got a real chance because she had to be the “top”.

  • bromero329

    eeeeew at chyna.what used to be a sexy thing is now ugh

  • Lily

    Who gives a flying f*ck whether the division revolves around McCool or not? I rather see her never ending push then to see Eve, the Bellas and K2 be pushed. The division needs her right now. You can’t keep the title on D.O.D forver and no one else is deserving of that title except for Layla and Kharma but they are out right now while AJ still needs a few more years. At least with McCool there comes storylines and time and don’t forget a match on every PPV.

    • perceval

      It’s always been good for the Division to have a strong central figure for it to be built around, a woman who is going to get and keep the crowds into what’s going on in the Division just by being there.

      Granted, Michelle wasn’t as good in the role as Trish and Mickie were during their Eras, but she kept the fans interested in the Division. Beth works best the same way Victoria did for Trish, and Beth herself did for Mickie, as the main foil, the arch rival.

      The Diva on the current roster with the most potential to be that center, the one with the right combination of talent, charisma, and the ability to really connect with the fans and make them care, is AJ Lee.

      • art

        ^Add layla & kharma to that list….i think maxine could be a top heel as well…

        • perceval

          I mean the one who can be the Trish or Mickie, the central attraction. Kharma is great, but she’s not going to be the Trish or Mickie. She’s the Bull Nakano/Victoria/Beth Phoenix for the Madusa/Trish/Mickie to play the scrappy underdog against. That was her role in TNA with her feud with Gail. It was “How can little Gail Kim possibly overcome this monster?”

          The planned storyline for last year was for her to put Beth in that scrappy underdog role. The big twist was that her ultimate target wasn’t Kelly, that the cute little blonde doll in the promos was going to represent how Kharma saw Beth.

          You’d think the writers who came up with that, which would have been one hell of a storyline, could have come up with a Plan B after Kharma wasn’t available.