Natalya’s Uncle “Appalled” by New Flatulence Gimmick

WWE Diva Natalya‘s uncle, Smith Hart, the eldest son of Stu Hart, has taken to Twitter to express his dislike of WWE’s new storyline direction for the former Divas Champion.

In recent weeks, we have seen Natalya appearing to pass gas in backstage segments and then run off embarrassed.

Smith, elder brother of Bret and Owen, wrote that he is “appalled” by the gimmick which was given to her by WWE writers.

He said: “I am appalled by this ridiculous flatulence gimmick given to my niece Natalya.”

“Anyone that knows Natalya, knows she is a radiant and incredibly inspirational person deserving of so much more.”

Recent reports suggest, however, that the gimmick is here to stay.

Thoughts: Couldn’t agree more with Smith Hart’s comments.

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  • adifferentsame


  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Feel so bad for Natayla :/ She deserves better than this.

  • Lanoom


  • Williambitious

    I think he speaks for all WWE fans. This is fucking retarded.

  • art

    couldn’t agree more but this will now make it so she prob shits her self in a match….

    • Kaledrina

      didn’t somebody actually do that once?? like, for real? LOL =/

      • shameronstar

        I heard John Cena did because he had food poisoning!

        • Mr. Asstastic

          Stop, his butt is too cute. I do NOT wanna think about that when I watch his matches from now on, lol.

        • Lily

          I agree with Mr. Asstastic.

      • Raekon

        Vickie Guerrero farted on Kaitlyns back in their match on NXT when she dropped on Kaitlyns back from the ropes with her butt. ^_^

        You can clearly hear it. :p

  • A.E

    this is load of crap natie deserve better than this what i get it they try to entertainment there is but the public humiliation should be off limit weather it matter of weight issue or look issue i am afraid that they might end up using the fat issue with kharma as well so much for be a star talk about hypocrisy

    i give natie credit for swallowing her bride and doing it,and lot of fans including me are pissed of by it,hope natie leave wwe very soon like gail kim and tara because it’s not worth staying if she treated like crap

    • YeahBaby46

      ‘they might end up using the fat issue with kharma as well’

      Considering Jerry Lawler has been making fat jokes about Vickie Guerrero (Who isn’t fat) for ages now I’m banking on them using it against Kharma or giving her a bad Mark Henry ‘Sexual Chocolate’ type gimmick once her dominant run is done. If so it would be a real shame but the WWE has a horrible habit of humiliating its talented divas.

      Even during the Rumble Lawler mocked Cole for ‘being eliminated by a woman’. So much for the WWE shedding their sexism.

      • Jhonmarco

        I highly doubt WWE would do that to Kharma. They know she’s a star & will use her in the best way possible. The crowd reactions she gets speak tells the whole story. Besides WWE is apparently extremely high on Kharma & if WWE wasn’t serious about Kharma they wouldn’t have given her promos before her debut & still kept her under contract after getting pregnant & being in the rumble.

        • YeahBaby46

          I’ve seen the creative department screw up with the divas too many times to have any faith that things will be any different.They’ve had talented divas for years in Beth and Nattie but have no idea how to use them. Why will Kharma be any different?

          The WWE had a chance to make the division relevant again with the DOD storyline but dropped the ball big time. Kharma may be talented but until the booking team get themselves together (Which I don’t think is happening) the division will continue to struggle.

          Best case scenario – Beth – Kharma at Wrestlemania, Actual good feuds for the division. Beth, Natalya and Kharma top divas.

          Worst case scenario – Random Divas match at WM, Kharma, Beth misused, Nattie released. Horrible divas such as Aksana pushed as top divas

          What will probably happen – Short Beth Kharma match at WM, Kharma loses to Bellas, Nattie still with company but in middling feuds with unworthy divas. Kelly/Eve top divas

        • Jhonmarco

          I’ve seen non-wrestling fans take a look at Kharma & be amazed & want to see more. Beth & Natalya are both talented & are stars, but with Kharma it’s more apparent. Her size, look, & skill speak for themselves. The booking team actually showed they knew what they were doing with Kharma from her debut up to her goodbye speech. They hyped her up in a great way & was easily getting pops. The bookers have shown that with Kharma in the picture they’re willing to make the division worth a damn again. I doubt Kharma would lose to the Bellas, I mean I know this is WWE, but the way they’ve booked Kharma it’s not happening. Hell, before Kharma left she basically squashed Nikki Bellas.

        • YeahBaby46

          Maybe I have become hard to please but Kharma interrupting matches hitting an Implant Buster and leaving got pretty boring to me after the first couple of times. Admittedly the farewell speech (Including the Bellas part) was well done.

          If Kharma is set to squash everyone not named Beth or Natalya I question if that will help the division and its development as a whole.After Kharma beats everyone then what? Beth, Kharma (And maybe Nattie) can’t wrestle each other forever.

          This is the WWE where anything can happen. Vince is said to be high on the Bellas and I can see them being rewarded with a twin magic win over Kharma as a reward for virtual non-stop jobbing since dropping the Divas title.

          I like the optimism that Kharma will revitalise the Divas division but she can’t do it on her own. Good booking and other strong divas (And I don’t mean just Beth and Nattie) need to be used as well.

        • Jhonmarco

          Well that’s a main problem with fans these days. They say we never get a proper build to things & when we do it’s boring. IMO the squashes were great & tesed us of Kharma’s actual debut. We also have girls like Naomi, Saraya, AJ, & Maxine who are the future & are already great. Not to mention I’m sure WWE will solve this problem in due time. Good booking was always used for Kharma & with the future of the divas like Saraya I see no problem.

        • YeahBaby46

          Seeing the same thing over and over gets stale quickly.The Implant Buster was impressive first time but having it over and over? IMO the squashes were boring. Again maybe I am difficult to please.

          The WWE screwed up big with the DOD angle and have made their best overall diva wrestler (Nattie) look as weak as possible for no reason whatsoever. (Although that may well change) Beth seems to be getting booked strongly now but I really question what the booking team has been doing since Michelle retired.

          The past year for divas has been booked abysmally and whilst the talent is there (There are very few genuinely weak members of the diva roster) the bookers don’t seem to care and until they do I see dark times for the division.

    • A.E

      @YeahBaby46 and @ Jhonmarco it’s only matter of time before we know weather they gonna make the divas relevant or not but i am not gonna hold my breath on it because wwe have way of screwing up things ,that my opinion on it

      • Spideywebby

        WWE is gonna screw Kharma. It’s a matter of time. I bet that WWE is not going to know what to do with Khama after this mega run & they will start the ‘Fat Jokes’ all over again.

  • Roman

    Even though i am on board with the divas fans in saying Natayla doesn’t deserve this and she clearly doesn’t she can wrestle circles around Tamina(not holding anything against her), but at the same time i do feel that her uncle is probably gonna make it worse.

    • Jhonmarco


  • Caroline_Shea

    And plus, who the hell did Nattie piss off backstage for this to happen?

  • Piggie James

    Hmm.. Natalya was making Impact Wrestling/Hulk references on her Twitter (ie. Hulk appearing on Impact), so she’s clearly at odds with the company at the moment.

    I still have no idea what someone like Natalya could have done to offend anybody, but you only get a gimmick like this if the company wants to bury you. Either Vince McMahon is enacting his ‘revenge’ on the Hart family again by abusing Natalya or Natalya’s contract is about to run out, and they want to lower her potential value to other promotions if she chooses to leave.

    What I don’t get is why it’s always one of WWE’s top divas who gets bullied like this. First it was Mickie (who was released), and then Melina (who was released), and now seemingly Natalya. WWE’s loss anyway if she gets fed up with this treatment and leaves.

    • Jhonmarco

      Melina was never humilated though, buried yes. Her departure & jobbing in the company was partly her fault as she went on twitter to basically break kayfabe & say her heel character is just a character. That right there basically screwed her out of her ppv match & potientially becoming the #1 heel.

      • Piggie James

        Melina was clearly under strict orders to stay muted during her ‘mini-push’ early 2011. In my opinion, that was humiliation/bullying.

        She also never wanted to go heel, yet was made to (which at the end of the day is still her job and what they’re paying her for). But I don’t personally think what she did on Twitter was worthy of being punished to the extent that she was, even though Melina should have been aware about how vitriolic the company can be.

        • Jhonmarco

          She basically revealed to everyone that her heel act was just an act. While we all know that, it’s not very smart to just blurt that out on twitter. She should have known how WWE is at that point (having been with them since 2005). & they had good reason to want her to stay mute, because she’s known to pull stunts like this.

    • Mikas

      Natalya never really was a “top diva” unlike Mickie and Melina. She has been a jobber since the day she debuted, and her title reign was probably because of the Bret Hart hype, which was a big thing back then. But once that hype went away she lost the title and disappeared from tv again. Her only roles since then was “mentoring” AJ and Kaitlyn and being Beth’s stooge. She SHOULD have been a top diva, but its obvious that management never really considered her important, not even when she had the title.

      I doubt she will still be in WWE by the end of the year…3 months to go till the annual spring cleaning.

      • TheGamergirl22

        Yeah she was basically a replacement for Victoria.

        If she was the first to make Beth tap out or first to beat Kharma (cleanly) then she would be big.

        But it would be funny this year if Victoria/Tara and Natlaya both wins the belts this year.

        With Tara getting a title shot and Beth and Nattie breaking up

        But it would be great to see Natalya vs ODB or Winter

  • YeahBaby46

    Is this storyline stupid? Yes.
    Does Natalya deserve better? Yes.

    However some reports say that this gimmick is b eing used to help get Natalya over. How that will work is anyone’s guess.

    Considering Natalya has been jobbing to divas not fit to lace her boots in the past few months this gimmick suggests the WWE are trying to run Nattie out of WWE. However if this leads to a Nattie face turn (And her actually winning matches) and a feud with Beth then it may work out for her.

    Natalya can refuse to do such a gimmick if she wishes and I can’t imagine her sticking around (And making her own website) if she wasn’t ok with it.

    If I have to see a few silly backstage segments (Which is ultimately all they are) to see Nattie lift the Divas title off Beth (Or Kharma) than so be it.

    If this doesn’t work out for Nattie and she leaves then the divas division is done. Beth and Kharma can’t wrestle each other forever.

  • bromero329

    im pretty sure natalya doesnt want to do this stupid shitty gimmick.its just making fun of her. she obviously wont say no because then itll give her some heat and officials will treat her like shit. THEYRE already doing it anyways but still

    he has a point . its ignorant . its disrespect and im sure if bret would say something wwe would stop it. if they wanna put her over, just have beth do what mccool did with layla, get pissed for losing

    thats it and attack her

    • Spideywebby

      I’m pretty sure she have a choice to recontract with WWE or choose not too. If she continues to sign with a company who doesn’t give a damn about her, who can she blame? She can only blame herself.

      • nadirah432

        No not really!

  • RayneWoman

    Natalya deserves better than what she is being given right now, but come to think of it, since her flatulence gimmick started, Natalya has gained tons of support from fans all around the world. Was this the WWE had in mind?
    Best case scenario: Natalya turns face, stops jobbing, and gains the diva’s tile from either Kharma or Beth.
    Worst case scenario: Natalya’s contract time runs out and she is released.

    • YeahBaby46

      Was this what the WWE had in mind?

      You might be on to something there.

      Take Diva stuck in jobbing limbo.
      Give awful gimmick
      Nearly everyone feels sorry for said diva
      Diva becomes suddenly very over
      Instant face turn for feud with divas champion who needs someone to face
      Awful gimmick dropped after a few weeks..
      WWE hopes everyone forgets silly gimmick
      People still remember but due to good feud everyone is happy.

    • Krazyvickay

      Natalya’s always gotten support before the gimmick and most fans hate it because it’s juvenile and not even 7 year olds think farting is funny.

      • Kaledrina

        i agree. at least looking around diva devoted fansites and talking to other diva fans, natalya is well liked. do the majority, run of the mil wwe fans like her? she has the hart name so why not?

        if it was say.. ODB in tna given this gimmick, i think it would be okay ..well, not okay but understandable as she is pretty much a comedic character.. but natty doing it just isn’t right. she deserves respect.

        • RayneWoman

          I agree with all of you. Besides, it’s WWE, the same company who made Trish Stratus strip to her underwear and made her get on all fours and bark like a dog in front of a live audience.

  • Lily

    I still don’t see how WWE thinks people find that crap entertaining.

  • diva_luvr831

    I agree with him. There needs to be someone in the WWE to represent the divas better in the back. I think the lack of respect for the divas is ridiculous and I’m a dude. Why even put them on tv when they arent fully respected?

  • shannymac

    I seriously don’t understand why WWE is even doing this. It’s not funny and it’s not entertaining. It’s just gross, childish, and depressing. Kudos to Nattie for being able to deal with it, because I would have quit and cussed out every WWE official on my way out.

    I honestly don’t understand how any woman wrestler would even want to consider signing with WWE right now. They treat almost all of their Divas like absolute shit. It doesn’t matter how hard any of the Divas work, the moment they don’t live up to WWE’s ridiculous standards, they’re publicly mocked and/or buried.

  • Jhonmarco

    While I agree, he’s just making things worse.

    • shokko22

      How? With wwe seeing how this flatulence storyline is disrespecting the Harts, they will prolly end it.

      • Jhonmarco

        Because it’ll probably just get Natalya some heat due to his comments. Besides as history has shown taking your frustrations to twitter solves nothing & just makes things worse.

  • shokko22

    Someone needs to teach the wwe how to not bully their employees………… BE A STAR.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    its wwe what’s not to understand…

  • Matthew

    I just hope they don’t push her out of the company..
    It just reminds me too much of Victoria’s (Tara) last run in the WWE..

  • Jake

    It’s not that big of a deal.

    • Lily

      I’m not surprised you’re the one saying this.

  • Flitzy

    It’s a terrible gimmick, for sure, but if the juvenile writers just HAVE to do it, couldn’t they give it to Kelly Kelly and let those that can actually wrestle, you know, just wrestle?

    • natalyagailfan2011

      Considering that she has the stinkface that would make more since. But on a serious note, I don’t want any diva or knockout to have that type of gimmick/storyline. I don’t see how hard it is to create a good storyline for someone like Nattie. The writers are just lazy or don’t care.

      • natalyagailfan2011

        meant “make more sense” lmao!!!

  • Teri

    Like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if creative asked Natalya to accidentally take a giant shit in the middle of the ring during one of her matches.

    • natalyagailfan2011

      I would hate for that to happen, but I wouldn’t be it past WWE to that.

      • natalyagailfan2011

        I meant to say ” but I wouldn’t put it past WWE to do that.

    • Lily

      LMAO omg!

      • Michael

        First geuine LOL I’ve had on diva dirt.

  • natalyagailfan2011

    This woman is too talented to be put in such a crappy storyline like this. I don’t care if this does give her tv time. What does this do for her in the big scheme of things? Why is she made to look like a fool? Did Nattie or her family piss off Vince and Co? I wouldn’t be surprised if she is gone from WWE by years end. I’m “appalled” too by this shitty gimmick. Does anyone really find it entertaining to see a woman fart before her matches? I bet next weeks smackdown spoilers will say that Natalya farts in the ring during her match and runs backstage out of embarrassment. So much for Be A Star. This is bullying at its finest.

  • Kaledrina

    out of interest, what if because of this storyline, she becomes a sympathetic face?? aand say.. rosa or the bellas (whoever) start to bully her) think laycool and smelly kelly) and overcomes her, um, ‘problem’ and stands up to the evil diva bullies, therefore reinforcing the ‘be a star’ schtick?

    would that make people okay with it or is it still a crappy gimmick? if the outcome is a positive does that make it fine to grin and bear it??

    • Kaledrina

      ..apparently i have issues with brackets

    • A.E

      no is still crappy storyline for me the public humiliations gimmick shouldn’t be used ,there is a lot of way to entertain the fans get wrestlers over but public humiliation shouldn’t be used it simply disrespectful .

      • A.E

        specially with the whole be a star that make wwe big time hypocrites

    • natalyagailfan2011

      During the Blondetourage vs LayCool feud, the smelly kelly remarks really didn’t go over well. I mean who really bought the idea that Kelly Kelly smelled bad. Now if they had teased her for being a Barbie Doll like they did with the DOD storyline, I would believe it. Nattie farting to me makes no sense. If WWE really wanted to do a Be A Star storyline, they could have Beth target Nattie for constantly losing matches. She gets pissed at Nattie for making DOD look like a joke. Call her a loser, a hasbeen, and a disgrace to the Hart family name.Have Beth make Nattie feel that she is beneath her. This would make Nattie question if she still has what it takes to live up to her family’s name and keep the legacy going. This way we all get Beth vs Nattie for the Divas title. With Nattie getting her big payoff by beating Beth for the divas title.


    She Should Go To TNA

    • nitesaver

      So she can be paid half and be called a slut, whore and a skank.

      • Spideywebby

        Huh what do you mean by that? You mean there are people who called Tara, Gail, Mickie etc the Knockouts sluts?

        • Kaledrina

          i think nitesaver is referring to kos promos/storylines. you often hear the heels calling the faces skanks, etc