Exclusive: Pro-Wrestling: EVE Tag Team Championships & New DVDs on the Way

Lots of good news for fans of Pro-Wrestling: EVE as we have some exclusive scoop on the promotion coming out of our interview with promoter Dann Read last night on Diva Dirt Live. Due to technical issues last night with the audio, we have put together a text recap with some of the key points:

Tag Titles on the way | EVE Champion Jenny Sjodin will soon be joined by some new champions in the winners’ circle as Pro-Wrestling: EVE is introducing Tag Team Championships. Read tells us that there were plans to have a Tag Team Championship tournament on this weekend’s Internet pay per view, but “the belts weren’t going to get here in time”.

EVE vs Ice Ribbon DVDs are coming! | Fear not, young EVE fans. If you thought that the company has forgotten about its previously taped shows, they haven’t! Four yet to be released DVDs from EVE’s 2011 events are going to be on sale soon. The DVDs include the second part of the Pro-Wrestling: EVE Championship tournament filmed last April in which Britani Knight (FCW’s Saraya) won the title, and all three parts of EVE vs Ice Ribbon which were filmed last October.

“They’re in the duplication center now,” Dann told us last night. “They’re due to be at the EVE show this Saturday.”

So, there you have it! If you’re in Sudbury this Saturday to watch the No Man’s Land Internet pay per view live, you can be amongst the first to pick up the new DVDs. They’ll be available online shortly thereafter.

iPPV on DVD too | As well as the four unreleased DVDs, EVE is getting you caught up on your collection in a jiffy. The No Man’s Land iPPV will be available on DVD right after it airs! “We’ll be taking immediate DVD orders after the show, because it’s already edited, it’s already got commentary. There’ll be no delays.” Touch wood!

Check out EVE’s debut iPPV here at Diva Dirt on Saturday, February 18th at 7pm UK (2pm ET). Click here to order.

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  • thejoshifanx

    While there are not a lot of competitors I am excited to see the Tag Team Championship.

    I can’t wait to see Eve vs Ice Ribbon. I hope it’s on Click Wrestle.

    I am going to mention this in most Pro Wrestling Eve posts until it happens. I want Blue Nikita back! If you’re reading this dudes, please have her on your shows haha!

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

      Dann actually addressed your question on the show last night. He said she’s not really wrestling anymore.

    • thejoshifanx

      Oh wow, sorry, I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet as I’ve been at work.That’s EXTREMELY disappointing :( She’s one of my favorites and in my opinion one of the best. Wow. Well I wonder why, but I hope she still comes back someday. I love watching her wrestle.

    • thejoshifanx

      Damn Blue Nikita, Wesna. I am disappointed :P.

  • Rhawk

    very cool news, I’ve been waiting for word on the release for the part 2 tournamnet DVD. I’m actually shocked that no one mentioned the monthly training school in London and those Live Events, I’m still quite curious about those… oh well, we’ll see those soon enough I suppose.
    Also great news on the tag titles, and we already have a few teams established already. The Blossom Twins, The Glamour Gym, Aplha Female & Super Janey B, Jenny & April, maybe Nikki & Shanna, and maybe Becky James & Rhia O’Reily (If Becky returns that is… and she better!)\
    Things are definetly looking to be more interesting in the land of EVE, and I’m looking forward to it all. =-)

  • http://youtube.com/user/xblutoxic xblutoxic

    if there will be a tag team champions, i hope the blossom twins or the glamour gym are the ones, because both teams are awesome!!