Chyna to Play She-Hulk in Adult Movie

Former WWE Diva Chyna is about to go green for her next ‘movie role’ — a pornographic parody of She-Hulk.

Vivid Entertainment, the company behind Chyna’s porn debut and her upcoming wrestling parody porno, made the official announcement last week that she’ll next be tackling the green superhero in her third movie for them.

A press release reads:

[notice]Chyna plays She-Hulk aka Jennifer Walters, cousin of Bruce Banner, best known to most of the world at The Hulk. When her emotional state is sufficiently high, she is the strongest woman in the world. She has been a member of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Heroes for hire, the Defenders, Fantastic Force and S.H.I.E.L.D. She-Hulk is also a highly skilled lawyer who has served as legal counsel to several of the superheroes when needed.

Joining Chyna in “She Hulk XXX” are Gracie Glam, Lexie Belle, Jennifer Dark, Nicole Aniston, Alexis Texas, Mark Wood, Alec Knight, Alan Staford, Ryan Driller, Dale Dabone and Eric Masterson.

DISCLAIMER: She-Hulk: A XXX P-rn Parody is a PARODY MOVIE. She-Hulk ® is a registered trademark of Marvel Characters, Inc. The video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated Marvel Characters, Inc. or any person or entity affiliated with it.[/notice]

Chyna won an AVN Award (think porn Oscars) for her adult movie debut last year in “Backdoor to Chyna”. She is next set to feature in a wrestling porn parody featuring a bevvy of male porn stars portraying past and present wrestlers including Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Iron Sheik and John Cena.

Can you say, “CHYNA SMASH?”

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  • moogle

    ngl, I googled every one of the other porn stars to just to see who’ll bone Chyna….

    • numero47

      So did I!!! Lol

      • AdrianRay

        Any lookers?

        • numero47

          Let’s just say it is something I would watch =-P

    • shannymac

      LMAO, I did the same thing.

  • JJ

    Before the judgement police come along, I’ll say if this makes her happy more power to her. She could actually make some good money from this (the movies and appearances) if she is careful.

    I don’t look down on porn stars. I look down on rapists, murderers and all the people who do terrible things in life. Just to put things in perspective before people act like this is the worst thing in the world.

    • JJ

      Dude love your comment! And your name lol but seriously I totally agree with you. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Melina&Mickie4ever!

        ^THIS!!!!!!! ^_^ lol

      • Blowbangfan

        I also completely agree with both you guys. JJ and JJ. There’s also a top porn producer names JJ who owns his company Jules Jordan Video. Perhaps one day we can see Mickie James unleash herself for JJV once she hangs up her wrestling boots and laces up the hooker boots…

  • Jhonmarco

    LMFAO! Oh, Chyna girl get it the fuck together.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    she hulk…? she would have went for Hawk Girl…lol jk…

  • Mr.3D

    And to think: at one time I actually thought she was perfect to play the She-Hulk!!!

    • Blowbangfan

      Turns out you were dead on and may I get some input on who you think some of my favorite sexy wrestlers would best play?

      Candice Michelle
      Eve Torres (I said Wonderwoman)
      Kaitlyn (I said Batgirl)
      Mickie James (I said Rogue)
      Natalya Neidhart
      Rosa Mendes (I said Invisible Woman)

      I ask you because you seem to be an expert since you nailed it with Chyna and since I’m a huge fan of comic book babes and Goddesses of wrestling, I find your input to be interesting…

      • Mr.3D

        Well, let’s see:

        Candice Michelle-Tygra

        Eve Torres-Firestar

        Kaitlyn-Stompa (one of the Female Furies) or Big Barda

        Maryse-Scarlet Witch, or Bella Donna Boudreaux

        Mickie James-Spider-Woman


        Rosa Mendes-Fire (the green fire woman from “Justice League: Unlimited), or Magma!!!

        And let me add:

        Kelly Kelly-Supergirl

        Beth Phoenix-Power Girl


        and lastly: as Granny Goodness-Vickie Guerrero!!!

  • JJ

    I think the style of the porn movies she is doing is actually pretty cool! I do not think there is anything wrong with porn at all! If you are a consenting adult who is not harming yourself or anyone else and isn’t destroying the community and you are truly happy with doing it then I say go for it!! I think the parody style she is doing is a good way of trying to do something different. I already own her first two movies and will definitely be buying the new parody ones as well!

    • Blowbangfan

      Exactly. Good for her, I say. I just wish it were a hotter former Diva but it’s all good as long as Chyna is happy and getting paid to please and be pleased…

  • mscandy

    I can’t even begin to tell you how disappointing this is..

  • Faye

    That’s an interesting concept, lol. Not for me, though. I’m not much into sci-fi porn.

    Do you, Chyna. She’s making a living & I’m not going to judge or look down on her for doing sex work. I believe there is nothing wrong with consenting adults choosing to make a living this way. There is a huge market for sex; always was, always will be. I am not going to vilify sex workers for supplying where there is endless demand for commercial sex.

    Make your money, girl.

  • Teri

    i’d watch it if i could get an erection for her

    • Teri

      ps, does anyone know who plays that cena wannabe in chyna’s next flick? i want him to sit on my face

      • mariah.


    • Blowbangfan

      That’s why we need to hope that Eve Torres or Rosa Mendes will follow Chyna’s lead one day. Obviously, Kaitlyn and Mickie James would be able to give you an erection no problem but they are their respective companies’ top talents…IMHO of course.

      • no rain

        kaitlyn is not being used as top talent and i dont think she wll anytime soon with eve heel turn, layla return and kharma on the way

        • Blowbangfan

          Fair enough but I feel that she IS a top talent although she’s not being used as one. Personally, I feel Natalya is the top wrestling talent, followed by Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Kaitlyn and lastly Tamina Snuka. That’s how I rank my Top 5 women wrestlers in the WWE and Kaitlyn is better looking (beauty talent) and better speaking (mic talent) than all of them (put together). I feel like Layla is vastly overrated and not very good in the ring and not very interesting to look at so I doubt she will have a major push. Obviously, Eve will be huge if they continue with her storyline and Kharma has arguably more wrestling talent than all the other women but only a limited sex appeal which figures to be more important with the WWE. Anyway, sorry for the superlong post but I feel like Kaitlyn is the most underrated women in wrestling history and that she should be pushed better and given her title shot that she earned by winning NXT 3…

        • no rain

          i think you overrate kaitlyn a bit, but well she’s our favorite and i also see alot of future for her, she has the talent and years to improve even more

      • Valese

        Lol I think he’s trying to say he’s gay.

        • Jhonmarco

          What does his sexual orientation have to do with anything?

        • Valese

          What? It has something to do in regards to the comments made above and not in the negative sense.

  • shannymac

    At least she’s actually making something of a career out of this. If it’s what she wants to do, then I’m glad she’s making some money. As long as she’s keeping herself heathy and happy, I’m not going to judge her.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    Not bashing her or anything but it is sad that once the 9th Wonder of the World is now doing born ): Man i wish she was still in TNA (She had a BADASS theme)

  • adifferentsame

    What’s the one thing that Chyna has always been about since hitting the mainstream? Empowerment. That’s why, in spite of any personal problems the press want to report she has, she herself has no hang ups about doing porn. I find the whole affair rather tongue in cheek and even though I’m hardly likely to get into this new branch of her career, I can’t help but smile at the fact she’s doing this unabashedly. Whatever turns her on, for lack of a finer phrase.

    • Blowbangfan

      Well said. Are you a professional writer or something? I ask because I find that you write the best comments and seem to have the most skill out of anybody on the site. Anyway, I always enjoy reading your comments and I appreciate the positive attitude that you always seem to bring. Thank you for your upbeat insight and look forward to what you have to say in the RAW response tonight…

  • no rain

    wow chyna is being succesful as a porn star xD
    mm i just googled alec knight woww just spechless ROFL

  • Krazyvickay

    Lmao I can’t. A she hulk ? Wanna do porn fine but why can’t she do anything normal like a sexy teacher? Is a she hulk even sexy?

    • Stuff

      she-hulk slept with 80% of the Male Marvel superheroes. Wolverine rejected her though. weird as it may sound….

  • Blowbangfan

    Way to go Chyna! Here’s hoping that Eve Torres, Mickie James and Rosa Mendes look up to Chyna and follow in her footsteps someday. Obviously, Kaitlyn would be the best for it but she’s the future WWE Diva Champion so we can’t think that she’ll appear in XXX as Batgirl or anybody when she’s got her title to defend. Anyway, Eve Torres as Wonderwoman, Mickie James as Rogue and Rosa Mendes as Invisible Woman (since her talent is transparent) would all be amazing XXX heroines if they could keep up with the awesomeness that is Chyna. I’d say Eve Torres and Mickie James would be extremely unlikely but Rosa Mendes could outrun Chyna in the hardcore sex department…

  • perceval

    They’re using copyrighted names owned by Disney?

    Can you say “lawsuit” boys and girls?

    • Stuff

      there had been a porn parody of X-men, Hulk and Spiderman, No lawsuit happened, Though she-hulk is fit for a porn parody cos she is the most sexually active superhero. You’ll be shock how sex is a normal part of a she-hulk comicbook.

      • perceval

        Parodies generally change the names a bit. This seems to be using the actual names.

  • Cj2010

    WWE employess should start doing porn flicks. That will be hot as hell.

    Just imagine..

    -Dolph Ziggler
    -John Cena
    -Randy Orton

    • art

      take kharma & cena out then im all good with it..imagine dolph & layla getting it on or 3 way adding zack ryder gets me hot just thinking about it LOL…jks..

  • art

    i like she hulk but i wont be watching this…not anything against her just not my thing….

  • wwe141

    MY OPINION: honestly i dont feel Diva Dirt should be covering wat pornos Chyna is doing next, i understand that she is part of the wrestling world & etc. but i dont feel that something like “Chynas next porno” should be discussed on here,save it for the other Wrestling News websites, just my view/opinion, no disrespect :-/

    • perceval

      Well, covering what Chyna’s up to is as legit as covering what other former Divas like Trish, Lita, & Stacy are doing. Granted, it always seems to be “drug addled trainwreck” stuff, but not everyone can be a positive role model. We’ve got Trish for that.

      Chyna falls into the category of “object lesson.”

      • _Bryan_

        wow. u really cant help yourself can you?

  • Aksana

    Call me small minded, but how is it right for women and men to be payed for having sex?

    • perceval

      I have nothing against it. I just think it’s not a good industry for someone with that history of substance abuse and psychological problems.

  • Stuff

    she-hulk is very different from her cousin, Unlike her cousin Hulk, she loves being she-hulk, she also doesnt turn dumb like her cousin. she practices Law in her Hulk form. she is a successful lawyer.

    She-hulk is the most sexually active superhero she had sex with Ironman, Manwolf,Juggernaut,Hercules, some random Male Model,Starfox,Luke Cage, Wyatt Wingfoot,Hawkeye,Dare Devil and more to mention.

    she tried to seduce Wolverine but he rejected her.

  • norisclouds


    I don’t care what anyone says “free choice” blah blah blah “consenting adults”.


    Hurts my childhood honestly.

    • perceval

      Yeah, you have to separate Chyna the character on Raw from the woman who played her, even if she can’t.

      • norisclouds

        I think this whole thing is disgusting. I respect her legacy and what she did in the business, but this is just horrible.

        She’s free to make her choices of course, but on the scale of how far people have fallen–ugh.

        • Faye

          I can understand why you are upset. I mentioned the “consenting adults” bit so I could make it clear what I do/don’t find problematic about the commercial sex industry.
          You are entitled to your opinion, reaction & feelings of disgust. However, Chyna does not owe people anything, least of all preserving the innocence of childhood memories. The WWF was never “child friendly” in the first place, especially with content that was, at best, highly suggestive & at worst, saturated with sexual violence.

          This is the same company that has featured numerous angles in which prominent stars employ violence, most often sexualized, against women in order to coerce them into submission and/or prove that they are the superior man & not to be messed with. Some examples: Kane stalking, kidnapping & coercing Lita into sex & impregnating her; Stacy Keibler being “owned” by Test; Trish Stratus barking like a dog, stripping down to her underwear while the audience cheers on her humiliation; Kurt Angle sexually assaulting Sharmell on live T.V. & threatening her with escalated abuse after defeating her husband; Dean Malenko’s “pursuit” of Lita; Stephanie’s abusive relationship with HHH; almost every woman being subjected to sexual harassment at some point in their career with the threat of job termination if they refused to do whatever sexual act was asked of them, mainly stripping or implied sex; women being kissed/groped by their co-workers without consent; anything featuring Eric Bischoff with women. Also, the disturbing fact that Vince once proposed an incest story line in which he or Shane would’ve impregnated Stephanie.

          You get the point. What’s highly disturbing about all of these angles is that they were justified in some way or framed in a manner that forced the audience to side with/cheer for the male personality. Thinking of the commentary during that time makes me so sick. These audiences were often desensitized to the violence/abuse of women characters & enjoyed it, so long as there was a sexual element.

          There are many parallels between WWF (& WWE before PG) and the commercial sex industry. They share(d) a similar target audience & just like a lot mainstream pornography, WWF made money from depicting women being brutalized, violated & humiliated by men, with the assumption that they enjoy that kind of treatment, because they operated from the idea that “sex and violence sell.” In the same way that mainstream “lesbian” porn is crafted for the pleasure of the male consumer, we had Bra & Panty matches, paddle-matches, mud wrestling, etc., in which female wrestlers humiliate each other to excite the audience. The difference is that while WWF/E only features mock sex or rape, they marketed their product to children while simultaneously trying to be scandalous enough for the 18-35 age group.

          If you really think about all the crap Vince McMahon has tried to sell to audiences in the past, it’s fundamentally coming from the same lens or perceptive as porn, sans the real sex. Porn is just more exclusive & marketed to a mature audience & not children (although that doesn’t stop children from accessing it) where wrestling has a huge audience & is a part of mainstream television (not so much, now).

          Something else that can’t be ignored is substance abuse problems, mental health issues, suicide rate of those exiting this business. People like to point fingers at the porn industry when it comes to this, but it’s a significant concern in this context, too.

          I find it interesting that you are critical of Chyna’s career in pornography & call it disgusting, without acknowledging that her former employer could be/has been criticized in the same way. WWE has a horrible history of sexually exploiting its women workers & considering the lewdness of their product in the past, I don’t think Chyna has fallen very far, to use your words.

          *Forgive me, I wrote more than I had intended.

        • norisclouds

          @FAYE there’s nothing interesting about it. I can be critical of both without having to mention it every time.

          Her Howard Stern interview demonstrated to me just how horribly out of sync with the reality of her life she is…the description of painful intercourse, bleeding, bruised vaginal wall, how uncomfortable some of the scenes were–it made me cringe. It sounded like a miserable, horrible experience, completely opposite of empowering.

          What does WWE mistreating women have to do with what Chyna is doing? Every time I criticize Chyna for engaging in disgusting behavior I have to bring up WWE?

          That makes no sense whatsoever. I’m not going to temper every discussion of something Chyna is doing with a “but WWE also did this” …because I have criticized WWE on separate occasions, but this post is about Chyna and her life.

          I think you are overly defensive on Chyna’s behalf, because believe me I find many things that WWE has done disgusting and abhorrent. I also find Chyna’s professional choices to be disgusting abhorrent and sad. Should I also mention the exploitative practices of the film industry every time I criticize Roman Polanski?

          Is your defense that if I watch WWE’s product I have no right to find Chyna’s profession disgusting and degrading? The equivocation here and assumptions made on how critical I am and how I view WWE’s product is ridiculous. I swear, diva dirt has some of the biggest apologists on the Internet. On some topics I find posters to be completely reasonable, on others I think they would make excuses for anything. Now I guess I can’t criticize pornography or Chyna without being unfair to women–I have to write an entire essay on what WWE does wrong in addition. Good to know.

          The next time I criticize something questionable that one of their former female employees does, I’ll make sure to also post a handy list of the bad things WWE does too, because you know, that has relevance in every conversation.

  • Caroline_Shea

    There would be a porn star named after my state -_- Well…. Good for Chyna? Haha

  • Crazy_J

    For all the haters, get a life.

    To anyone for this, well not FOR it but not against I say I love you because you are care free and you don’t like to tell people whats right or wrong.

    Good for Chyna, she seems to be doing well with this porn thing.

    • perceval

      Remember you said that when she pulls a Whitney.

      • _Bryan_

        are you kidding?
        you must be a complete loser to actually want someone to die, especially when you yourself have done nothing even remotely close to what she has accomplished in her life.
        get a life, hater.

        • perceval

          Find a dictionary. Look up “enabler.”

          Never mind, I’ll do it for you…

          : one that enables another to achieve an end; especially : one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior

          Then, look in the mirror.

          A few weeks back, Whitney Houston stumbled out of a nightclub, looking and behaving in a way that should have set off alarm bells with everyone. Yet, tons of people responded to the reports and photos with “Oh, these haters! They just want to make her look bad! They just want her to die!”

          I said, at the time, “Someone needs to act, and NOW.” By your definition, that made me a “hater,” right?

          Two days later, she was found dead in her hotel room.

          You want to know something else that set off alarm bells, recently? Chyna’s behavior at an awards show, followed immediately by a long series of twitter rants indicating either a complete meltdown, falling off the wagon hard, or both.

          Look THOSE up, then come back and provide the excuses enablers always find. Oh, do you know who her running buddy was during that HUGE trainwreck period a few years back? Porn star Mary Carey, who, now that she’s into porn, completely, is her main running buddy, NOW.

          If not wanting another human being to die before she’s 50 makes me a “hater” in your eyes, so be it. Better to be what you define as a hater than an enabler. If her “true” fans are defined as people who cheer on her self destruction, I think she needs better “true” fans.

        • _Bryan_

          i have never endorsed her career, but she can do what she likes.
          providing excuses is different to providing the facts, something you never have, hence you are a hater.
          whitney houston situation is still very unclear so for you to even relate that is laughable, someone who just wants to spread negativity on everything.
          chynas “behaviour” at the avn awards. ive seen the footage, ive seen all her interviews, and she seemed fine to me. “dazed look” alyways signals drugs right?again, haters not knowing facts.
          as far as her twitter rants, i dont know. its very possible she just had a meltdown. and when people have meltdowns, saying they are going to die is going to make it better right? right.
          as far as mary carey? i dont care and id love to see how this has any relevance?
          “If not wanting another human being to die before she’s 50 makes me a “hater” in your eyes, so be it. ” delete ‘not’ and you got it.
          like i said im not finding any excuses, i am providing facts. its people like you who always make assumptions about everythng and inspire negativity around people when its hasnt even been proven, nor do you even know any circumstances. its people like you who go out of there way to shit all over others. so, no its not “true fans”, its you, real haters. so do me a favour and go find something to do with your life instead of spreading false assumptions and wishing death on other people.