Beth Phoenix Confronts the Bella Twins, Offers Nikki a Title Match

It looks like Nikki Bella may be next in line for a Divas Title shot after both she and twin, Brie, were confronted by champion Beth Phoenix in a video on

In said video, Nikki is asked if she has heard about any sort of title shot after pinning Phoenix a few weeks ago on SmackDown, which escalates into a small argument between both she and Brie about where they stood in the Team Teddy/Team Johnny war leading up to WrestleMania.

Needless to say, the twins quickly side together as Brie pokes fun at the Divas Champion for being constantly pinned by celebrity guest, Maria Menounos — although things take a turn for the worst when Phoenix walks right into the equation.

Speaking to Nikki, Phoenix states: “You want a title match? You want a rematch against the Glamazon? Well, you’re in luck because I’ll go see John Laurinaitis right now and make sure that you get what you want.”

Could the match take place at Extreme Rules in just under two weeks?

Watch the clip below:

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  • Thaila

    I’m probably the only one who did but I LOLd at Nikki whacking Brie. #Nikki4DivasChampeen

    • Rhawk

      Ugh, people who hashtag when they aren’t on twitter… even more so people who hashtag and spell the hashtag wrong! If your going to be an idiot, do it with proper grammer at least.

      • norisclouds


      • mojodoom

        Not to be pedantic but it’s grammar not

        • NurseBetty

          Where’s the like button? Lol

        • Jake


        • unscripted & flawless

          LOL! This was worth logging in to comment on. Thank you MOJODOOM xD You made my night. This is why being a douche publicly should be illegal. “grammer” ….lol.

      • totallynecessary

        People who complain about grammar and hash-tags who don’t understand basic sentence formation…. are lame…. Now thats how you complete a thought…. j/k AWESOME reply!!!

  • Evans Chazz

    GO NIKKI! <3

    • Charlie-K2

      Hell Yeah! I prfer to have Nikki As Divas Champ than Beth, also Kelly KElly & Eve’s feud must go on.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    I hope Nikki does get a title shot. I would NOT be upset if Nikki won. If she wins it would clear up if The Bellas are leaving or not. I would go on to say maybe Nikki will get a title shot and win because of Kharma returning sometime soon but who knows with wwe and what they want to do. Next week this could just vanish….

    I do want The Bellas As Champs again and hopefully Nikki has a better regin then Brie if she wins. I was so annoyed when The Bellas lost over and over again during Brie’s title regin. -_-

  • DAFereldan91

    I have a really bad feeling about this… I hope Beth doesn’t lose her championship because that would hurt her already broken credibility as “The Most Dominant Champion” and apparently Nikki has yet to prove herself to be a worthy contender…

    • TheGamergirl22

      Yeah I rather have Eve or Nattie because we already know their worthy. Besides Nattie and Alicia already won against the Belle a few weeks ago

    • norisclouds

      lol I know…to go what…4 months without dropping the title to every diva on the roster and loses it to a Bella? That would make me think that they played hardball at negotiation time and Nikki demanded a title because she’s the Bella that hasn’t held it (I think).

      Oi. This division.

  • shameronstar

    I love how the twins got mad at the cameraman !

  • Lanoom

    There is no way this will end well.

    • DAFereldan91

      That is how I see it. Even if Nikki does win the title, I still don’t see how will that is going to help the division. I say let Beth keeps the gold until they build up a worthy opponent to dethrone the Glamazon…. Or from the way the division goes, I doubt there will be any decent storyline in the future. How about Beth keeps on holding the championship until she gets immensely pissed off and pulls a Madusa’s act, that is throw the butterfly shit into a rubbish bin. How is that?


    For god sakes! Could something like this happen….. Oh I don’t know, ON TV!?

    • Poison_Ivory

      A Divas segment on TV? LMAOO

  • Kaledrina

    it’ll be intresting to see whether they’ll have beth completely destroy them and write them off tv so they can.. ya know.. get released =/

    i hope they actually are sticking around. wouldn’t even mind nikki taking the title from beth. it’s gotten way too stale, feels like phoenix has had the title for a year already and not in a good way.

  • melon2617

    I’m still thinking that this “release” rumour was simply the twins playing hardball to get what they wanted; they have done it before.

    I think Nikki will win the title & then successfully retain against Beth, setting up a feud with Eve (remember, WWE has hinted that Nikki has a crush on Ryder).

    • mykel1990

      Or have Kharma come back and destroy them like she said she would last year. I see it as Nikki and Beth at Extreme Rules, and Beth retains and kharma comes back and exacts revenge on the Bellas for dissing her last year. That way they leave with dignity if they are indeed on their way out, or at least give their feud some closure.

      • melon2617

        I just can’t see WWE investing in them @ all if they were leaving. Usually they are relegated to jobbing on Superstars & then vanish. They wouldn’t be flown to London & part of a huge Twitter campaign to get the belt on Nikki.

        The Bellas are probably the most business savvy women on the roster & have pulled stunts like this before. Remember when they threatened to quit if they didn’t get put on TV? It worked. They’re receiving mainstream exposure through that short film & Maxim espanol and the fans are tweeting WWE begging them to resign the twins. Add in the fact that Daniel Bryan is skyrocketing to fame (& is dating Brie in real life), all of these things help them. I can see them winning the title from Beth as a way to sweeten the deal for them to stay. Remember, Vince wants to build the division around them & they know that. Why not play a little hardball to ensure talk becomes action?

        • Tamms

          Vince McMahon will do what he has to do to try and get people to stay. He has done it before. He figures that if you get a push or you see an inking of hope you will resign and stay

        • norisclouds

          @MELON2617 @TAMMS this is very true. Multiple wrestlers have said this. The Bellas are very savvy and Vince will give you a title etc if he thinks you’re worth it. All you have to do is look at how often the Bellas are used for publicity, promo charity etc… special segments. WWE likes them, and they should. They’re unique, they look good, they are memorable. A set of gorgeous twins is just going to have an advantage.

        • Mr.3D

          Remember, the Bella Twins said on their Twitter page “Don’t believe what you hear”!!! Also, K2 was rumored to be leaving the WWE last year after she did her Maxim Magazine cover, and that didn’t happen!!!

    • LadyGoDiva

      I do believe that Kharma does deserve some revenge against the Bellas after what they said last year.

      @Melon2617 I find it funny that Vince saw potential in the Bellas and now the rumors of them leaving makes me wonder about Vince and his way of building a womens divsion?

      • melon2617

        Well, seeing as the fans are crying foul & campaigning for the twins & for Nikki to win the title, it’s pretty sound reasoning tbh. Obviously, the fans are high on the twins, why wouldn’t Vince be too? If the twins were leaving, why would WWE be orchestrating a Twitter campaign to put the belt on Nikki? Why build up a title match on the website & on Twitter?

        As far as I’m concerned, the twins aren’t leaving as Nikki refuted these rumours on Twitter. Whether she was lying or not rains to be seen but IMO a personal denial > dirtsheet reports. If anything, it looks more & more like the twins used their savvy to position themselves in the spotlight by working the Internet.

        • Kaledrina

          i don’t know how things really work in the wwe, but i’m assuming if they were leaving/fired, there’s likely something in their contracts that stops them from speaking about it until wwe were to make it official? nikki denying it rather than just refusing to acknowledge the rumours does give me hope they’ll be sticking around though?

    • Kaledrina

      “I’m still thinking that this “release” rumour was simply the twins playing hardball to get what they wanted; they have done it before.”

      i was thinking that earlier today! wasn’t it said before how they threatened to quit FCW if they weren’t called up to the main WWE roster ASAP? i totally believe they could have leaked this leaving WWE story themselves just for negotiating purposes.. extra salary, title run, etc! regardless, only time will tell, i guess! :)

      • redsandman99

        Yeah that’s what’s been said. Colt Cabana told that story during an interview a couple years back.

  • richies88


    • Kessuki

      you shouldnt take it too seriously.. i doubt beth does but i understand your frustration.

  • AliciaLaylaLover


  • TheGamergirl22

    A win or loose would prove if the Belles are staying or not.

    If Beth wins Kharma could probably destroy the Belles (then get released) then have a stare down with Beth,


    If the Belles win then a feud with Eve (I’m confused are they face or one of each)


    Beth could win and destroy them both for calling her a joke and ending their careers she could go back to being a serious threat. And most of the roster will fear her.

    Also if Kharma does feud with the Belles it’s going to be uncomfortable because they made fun of her pregnancy and we all know what happened

  • Goodvibes

    Nikki VS Beth VS Kelly Vs Eve at Extreme rules, Beth wins, Kharma returns and destroys the Bella’s writing them out of the WWE, starts a programme with Beth Phoenix or Eve who will most likely get the title.

    • Teri

      ^ This, pretty much.

    • RR45

      Yea and with multi-person match Beth could lose the title without being pinned and keep her “credibility” as a “dominant” champion.


    i think the Bella’s are tweeners or just Nikki but it will probably be @ Extreme Rules & Eve was ”talking” to John Laurinitis & David Otunga or in my terms is using her assets to find her way into a divas title match & maybe with this Layla will return soon

  • JJ

    I would love to see Nikki win the title! I really do not want the Bellas to leave WWE. If WWE would just start investing some time in the Diva’s things would turn around. I am a little surprised well (maybe not that surprised) at how WWE has already dropped the ball with Eve’s storyline. They were really starting to build her up as a heel and even starting a Eve and Kelly feud but alas nothing has come of it and the storyline to me seems to already be fading into obscurity!

    • Tamms

      they had the prefect opportunity for Kelly vs Eve but they didnt capitalize on it. Im sorry and if people bitch at me then its cool but with Eve she doesnt get any heat unless it concerns ZACK RYDER and this is what was going to make or break her complete turn was if when she was broken from Ryder if she could hold the heat and really she doesnt. The only time she holds the heat is when the fans are chanting Hoeski at her. Other then that she gets ZERO reaction.

      • Choko

        that is true. She has been horrible at trying to hold the heat.

  • Nostalgia

    Actually John Morrison was prominently featured on TV and PPVS the month of his release

    • Tamms

      so was Jeff Hardy as well. He was featured on SD the day his contract expired I believe. I mean Vince dangles things in front of you to try to get you to re up your contract.

      Basically Lita said when her contract was ready to expire they do negotiations and Vince could say well Ill give Nikki a title run if you stay? I dunno I dont see Nikki winning it though

      • norisclouds

        They also offered CM Punk a movie when he said he was going to leave.

        • melon2617

          Exactly. Vince will do what it takes to keep those he feels will make him money. The Bellas have received quite a bit of mainstream exposure & Twitter went nuts with fans wanting them to stay. That’s enough for Brie & Nikki to position themselves as the stars of the Divas division, Butterfly & all. They are smart girls who know that they have a unique gimmick & that management loves them. Why not use it to your advantage?

  • Bethinho

    if the match really occurs and happens at ER i see two things:
    Beth wins against Nikki or against both to try to make her a little more credible,and then it´s a good chance for Kharma to return,getting her revenge against the Bellas in their goodbye.
    Nikki or both wins,Beth´s credibility stops existing anymore with Kharma still returning and feuding the Bellas with them resigning.
    but even if Beth loses she can have her rematch at the following Raw which is Bella´s last day of contract.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I’ll be honest now that we barely see our divas champion on TV I’ll all for it but it makes me wonder what do Layla and Kharma have a saying in this?

  • jonboi

    if the bellas have stated they will stay if they get the title Then whats to say beth wont do the same and threating to quit? the sad thing is knowing the wwe they prob would get rid of beth for the bellas and if that happens then we all need to stop and think that the wwe is going to get rid of the divas division alltogether which is what i can see coming such a shame if they do but it is the wwe we all know they dont care about the divas or there diva fans

    • norisclouds

      The WWE would be in a tough situation then, similar to the Bret/HBK battle, but Beth would never threaten to do that because she is passionate about wrestling down to her bones…so for that reason she’ll always be in the losing end of the situation. They know they can pretty much do whatever they want with her character and the wrestler won’t leave. It’s a good and bad thing.

  • velvelove

    Nikki wins gets karma smashed and the Bella twins are released because of the attack. That’s my guess

  • redsandman99

    One of four things can happen. 1. Beth will beat Nikki at Extreme Rules (assuming they just don’t throw the match on Raw and Smackdown), beat her and Kharma will come out to finally get her revenge on Kharma. 2. Bellas are staying and Nikki will win the title and the majority of people will bitch like there’s no tomorrow. 3. Beth wins and just destorys the Bellas, building back some credibility and goes back to being a dominant champion. 4. Beth wins but then goes back to being not promoted and it’s more business as ususal.

  • melon2617

    I think there is just more story with Nikki as champ right now. She’s being picked on because she chose team Teddy, so there’s the idea that she’s the underdog, not to mention they’ve hinted that Nikki has a crush on Ryder, through her telling Eve he’s a really great guy & her backstage segments with Ryder.

    Having Eve use her wiles to get a match against Nikki would make sense. Nikki wins, Eve attacks Nikki while Otunga holds Brie back, prompting Ryder to make the save for the twins while winning the heart of Nikki in the process. Have Johnny continue to stack the deck against the twins & Ryder to help Eve & have them somehow overcome helps establish the Bellas as legit contenders & pairing the Divas champ with the beloved Ryder gives the belt some spotlight.

    • mariah.

      This would all be great, but the thing at the back of my mind is what will Layla be doing? It is widely known that her return is right around the corner, so wouldn’t these plans conflict with a Layla return…

      • melon2617

        we don’t really know what Layla will be doing. Websites claim she’ll be with Ryder, but we don’t know. WWE has hinted @ a Nikki/Ryder pairing so that makes a lot of sense.

        Maybe Layla could return as a new GF for D Bryan, giving AJ someone to feud with?

  • No Holds Barred

    How bad has the division got that they have to have challenges online?

  • MiPiMafia

    I think it will end up having beth vs nikki whether it’s on raw or smackdown next week or at Extreme Rules.
    If so, to make Beth seem ‘dominate’ still, i’d have the bella twins pulling off the switch around 3/4 times and beth kicks out of all of them.
    Then for the 5th switch, just have her hit beth with the bella buster for the title win.

    If Nikki does win the title back, i see her feuding with AJ until Kharma returns.

  • MiPiMafia

    i’m no fan of either divas but i’d rather see the twins as champions because it gives something different.
    I know there aren’t many bella fans but you have to admit, from all of the divas over the past 15 years, they have stood out because they are twins.

    • Kessuki

      i wouldnt know i find nothing interesting about twins and they dont have much of a personality.