Bella Twins’ First Post-WWE Appearance is Back On

The now former Bella Twins, Nicole and Brianna Garcia, are once again being advertised for a May 19th autograph session in San Jose Valley, California. This was the very appearance that leaked prematurely a few weeks ago and lead to Diva Dirt’s discovery that the twins were leaving WWE.

The advertising was quickly pulled (likely due to the news of their departure getting out too soon), but with their contracts expiring yesterday, they are being advertised again.

The event takes place at the Frank & Son Collectible Show. The twins will be signing from 11am to 12.30pm.

For more information on the signing click here.

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  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    doesn’t look like a “work” to me they are gone…. But for some reason i will kinda miss them never thought i would say that

    • JillianHallTNA

      Me too! I always wanted Bellas out, now I will miss them.

      • Choko

        Bellas had become a permanent part of the division. Everyone was so used to seeing them. I think that’s why you will miss them.

        Heck, those extreme Michelle McCool haters missed Michelle when she left.

        • jen07201

          So true

    • jen07201

      I’m sad that they left without properly ending their feud with Kharma

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        Oo I know I am so pissed KHARMA did not come out and beat them down and I don’t know why I mean she is ready to return… She was at Extreme Rules for God sakes

  • B1G_FaN

    Totally off topic, but how will Kharma ever be a “heel” Diva? The fans cheer for Kharma more so than most Divas in history, and certainly more so than any current Diva on the roster except for maybe Kelly Kelly.

    If Kharma destroyed Kelly Kelly, I think the fans would still go nuts and cheer for her! Kharma might have to be a “face” Diva if we have to stick with traditional good guy/bad guy matchups.

    I just don’t see anyone booing Kharma any point soon.

    • art

      Kharma will get cheered whatever she does LOL…

      • Choko

        She might have to attack the most over face in the WWE CM Punk to get booed maybe.

        • Kessuki

          i doubt that will get her over as a heel. personally i think @Art is right, sometimes wwe can not influence its audience when the talent has the unique factor.

    • Raekon

      It was the same with Chyna. Even though at parts she got booed as a heel, at some points they still cheered for her because people would follow her no matter what she would do.

      She was like Kharma different and a “Wrestling Attraction” in JRs own words.

      That’s what makes it a bit more difficult but as long as the people care, it’s not a biggie.

      Check Daniel Bryan as example, a heel and people still cheer for him because they like his “triple yes” motto. :p

  • nitesaver

    So the site wont get sued? lol

  • Nostalgia

    Just Like with Daniel Bryan. He’s a heel yet he gets cheered

  • jonboi

    ON a side note to anyone who wants to see the winter vs melina match with lita its on youtube all 3 have not lost any momentum since wwe well lita melina any way winters on TNA and the fans still love lita its safe to say they have forgiven her

    • Choko

      <3 these 3 are like memories of when the division didn't consist of 30 second matches and no storylines.

      • Choko

        I only liked Katie Lea during the debut of her carreer to the NOC match with Mickie though.

    • Raekon

      Only the entrances are there anymore cause the user that uploaded the video removed it again. :(

      • MELshocked

        The user removed the video because FWE contacted her to remove it. I have the video in full and it is an amazing match.

        The three of them absolutely killed it and the crowd was very into the match.

        • Choko

          Lita came out to the team extreme theme song!!! FLASHBACKS!!!!!!!!

          Melina and Lita chatting with each other was a good thing. Looks like they’ve finally put their differences aside. There were reports that Lita threw Melina out of the divas lockerroom once.

        • norisclouds

          I flipped out when I saw Lita do her DDT again. It was a fun match, except for the obnoxious drunk fan in the crowd.

  • 4everpinupstrong

    I’m gonna miss them the bella’s were 2 of the 5 divas that I would watch when it came to the diva matchs