SmackDown Spoilers: May 4th, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

* WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Hunico and Canacho. Primo, Epico and Rosa (accompanied by AW) were out before the bell to watch the match. They “scouted” from chairs that were set up on the ramp.

* Eve was involved in a backstage segment with Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio.

* WWE Divas Champion Layla defeated Natalya. Layla won in less than a couple of minutes.

* Backstage, Eve directed the publicity photo shoot for Antonio Cesaro and Aksana and said something was missing. She said Cesaro looked too “dry” and asked for him to be oiled up. She told a staffer lady not to do it, instead demanding that Teddy apply the oil. He resisted at first, but after being told by Eve that he hadn’t done anything all day, he gave in and rubbed down Cesaro. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see the former Claudio Castagnoli in action.

* After the break, Kaitlyn told AJ she needed to stop having a pity party for herself. AJ delivered a hard slap to Kaitlyn that floored her. (Source)


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  • Bryana

    YAY for Layla wish the match was longer though, and i am loving this new aggresive AJ then there is Ms. EVE :)

  • Gleekout

    To be honest im not that excited

  • no rain

    sound cool

  • redsandman99

    It sucks that they didn’t give Layla and Natalya more time. These two are great in the ring together. I’m sure they made the most out of what time they were given. Hopefully on Raw they have some kind of decision who will be a contender for Layla’s title though I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    what the Hell i thought if Layla came back they would start caring again….what is this shit?? Her tittle run is going to SUCK if WWE does not make her some longer matches. Kharma is our only real savor and even she might not do anything if WWE just does not care sadly.

  • SigmaX

    Layla and Nattie
    Heel AJ

    Yep I am watching smackdown.

    And I pray that this keeps up because it is EXACTLY what not only Layla needs , but also the division as a whole…she worked ER , raw and now smackdown.

    the divas champion on a ppv and both shows.


    The perfect trinity of divas right now to be pushing and they are all in the perfect roles, please do not faulter WWE.


    What is WWE’s huge problem with giving Divas more then a few minutes in the ring, it’s getting more than pathetic. Before it was just a few occasionals on Raw, but now it’s day in and day out on EVERY show. Smh

    • redsandman99

      They act like their five million replays are more important. In my opinion, nobody cares about the things they replay as much as they think they do.

      • number1AngelinaLovefan

        exactly how many times did we see Brock Lesner hurt HHH?? I mean come one we saw it once we don’t need to see it 500 more times

  • redsandman99

    I am somewhat confused on the status of AJ though. The announcers play her off as a babyface that’s just heartbroken but smacking your best friend around two weeks in a row really isn’t a good thing. Definitely curious to see if she lashes out at Bryan himself and retains her babyface ways or if there is a legit heel turn in her future.

    • gl83

      Well from another report, after AJ slapped Kaitlyn, she ended up running away. So it sounds like she realized what she did was wrong. It definitely does play more into the whole “AJ being emotionally unstable due to her breakup” angle.

      I do wonder how this segment came off. Last week, it sounded as if Kaitlyn was rubbing it in to AJ’s face that Bryan never cared or loved her. I wonder if Kaitlyn stuck her own foot into her mouth in this segment as well.


    Also Layla needs an interview on raw or smackdown, otherwise fans will just be like, who the fuck is this bitch

    • TheLadySamantha

      I’m sure the majority of WWE fans have been watching for more than a year.

  • Raekon

    Same bullshit, different person again.

    Layla was fleeing the ring in the laycool times when Natalya was present and now she defeats Natalya in like a minute right?

    That makes sense. I guess her new gear must be blinding her opponents leaving them stunned or something. <_<

    I should had known after the bellas got rolled up in like 10 seconds already that even with layla nothing is gonna change
    Her championship run is already a filler and meaningless.

    I wonder if Kaitlyn will forgive AJ again or if she gonna beat some sense in her sometime soon. :p
    It smells like AJ heel turn and a feud between them. Would love that since their feud down in FCW was great and they delivered good matches together. :)

    • redsandman99

      I don’t think it helps that they have no real heels for her to feud with. Beth is written out, the Bellas are gone, and Eve has her role with Johnny Ace. WWE either needs to let Eve use her power to give herself a title match, turn AJ heel and let her feud with Layla, make Natalya halfway legitmate for a mini feud until they figure something else or debut someone for her to feud with.

    • mariah.

      Pretty much. I have this bad feeling that Layla is just a placeholder for Kharma and is only champion because their original plan of Kharma squashing the Bellas was “spoiled”….

    • TheGamergirl22

      I think Layla first feud would be Eve title or no title

      She can just drop it to Kharma anytime and say Eve screwed her over by booking the match and bam feud they wonteven need Ryder

      Then Kharma should feud with AJ or Kaitlyn (seeing the’re not jobbing and have screen time) I would love Tamina or Natalya.

    • Raekon

      Happy to read that you guys have the same feelings.
      In my opinion there are many ways they could go before Kharma returns to make Laylas title run actually MEAN something.
      Lack or heels or not, a face vs face “friendly” feud could work aswell.

      As example: Lita vs Chyna worked aswell and would had been great if they would had took it longer and WWF would had given Chyna the opportunity to drop the title to Lita as she wanted to.


      – Rosas team is currently in talks with Abraham Washington that want’s the to get back the Tag Team Titles.

      Why not say she want’s a title for her own, interfere in one of Laylas matches and start a small feud with her for the title to pave the way to a greater feud?

      Both Layla and Rosa are great on the mic and could deliver good promos, work well their characters and develop them further and if WWE FINALLY would let Rosa use her moveset which she is using in FCW and partially Houseshows as also enough time, we could had some good matches going on, with primo and epico interfering from the outside from time to time to add more heat for Rosa and more credibility for Layla when she still gets to win.

      – Aksana
      They could go the way that she and Antonio want to be champions together while watching each others back.

      She can be hilarious on the mic and segments as also a great deceiver while she can hold her own in the ring and put up good matches with Layla while Antonio gets to interfere as her manager from time to time to provide the same stuff I wrote above about epico and primo.

      She is a great tweener and that leads me to the current tweener which is:

      – Natalya
      They can high five or give hands in respect like she did with Kaitlyn in their first match on NXT and then pick up and be either nice or bad depending on her mood confusing Layla.
      In times Natalya needs a hand a Beth Phonix (while still “injured”) could provide some help for Natalya to pick up a win.

      – AJ
      Let her turn to real heel and say that she is indeed more worth than a Daniel Bryan believes, let her attack Layla while Layla is in a match or in a segment and tell her that the title will be hers and she will make sure it happens one way or another.

      Kaitlyn could still try to talk some sense to AJ, AJ don’t wanna hear it and starts a side feud with Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn helps Layla and builds a team with her having AJ feuding with both, trying to get her hands on the title while Kaitlyn is trying to help Layla OR Kaitlyn has enough of all of this and says to AJ that she is through with her, leaving AJ feud with Layla alone.

      – Kaitlyn, Alicia, Kelly, Tamina,
      Any of them could have a face vs face feud with Layla and make it work.

      – Maxine
      We all know she wants to reach the top and she is fantastic on the mic and segments. Her in ring skills might be a bit on her way but if Layla manages to carry her a bit and work with her, she could do wonders in a feud with her.

      – Eve
      She could go the way that the main reason why she put Layla on the title spot was because she thinks Layla is the “weakest diva” on the roster and the easiest to grab the title from (the Bellas had the twin magic after all ;p ).

      She interfers or changes the match rules whenever she feels like it to frustrate Layla so Layla will let her guard down and lose her title after a while to Eve or to Eves surprise in a triple threat match to a other Diva, letting Eves plans to grab the title blow up and fade away.

      After some of them or one of them are through with Layla, Beth could ask for her rematch and grab the title either from Layla or a other diva.

      Exact at that moment, Kharma comes out goes against Beth, they brawl a bit, Kharma nails Beth, takes the title and cuts a promo that this belt belong to her and only to her.

      They can continue from there…(my posting is already huge so sorry. :p )

  • mariah.

    Before people are quick to call Natalya a jobber as usual, note that she is the only active heel wrestler on the main roster right now, aside from Eve (who is now being used in more of a backstage capacity) and Beth (who is “out” on “injury”). Aksana and Rosa are both more or less valets and Maxine is stuck on NXT with the occasional Superstars appearance. Therefore, it kind of makes sense.

    • redsandman99

      Yeah. I would actually like it if that on Raw, Natalya avenges her loss with a victory in a tag match and they could build some kind of feud until they have some more heels lined up.

      • mariah.

        Don’t we all wish.

        • Bryana

          I was trying to predict a smackdown divas tag team match, tell me why Natalya is the only one who popped up in my head for the heel team, while partners for Layla can easily be named

        • redsandman99

          Natalya would have to be stuck with Rosa or Aksana unless they decide to just add Maxine to the main roster.

        • Bryana

          I remember the days where there used to be at least 16 or more wrestling divas on the roster

    • Bethinho

      they could have used one of those FCW´s girls.
      it seems it was a one sided match,if so i think even in defeat she could have been looked credible,but again ar this point for Natalya credibility is an oasis.

    • Raekon

      I already posted possibilities above in my other reply so I won’t do the same here but I think that if Natalya loses on Layla, it should be a long or at least medium time match, not a minute or a few seconds.

      Natalya is a tweener and it works well but any other diva could feud with Layla no matter if heel or face.

      They could aswell bring up Sofia and Paige as the anti diva movement having them start to appear in Laylas matches as viewers before they interfere and show their true colors, starting a feud with her.

      Layla could then get sympathy from Natalya and build a team while Natalya screws her in the right moment since she is a tweener and “felt like it”, building a stable with the anti divas paige and sofia, while Kaitlyn and Alicia (or Tamina) are coming to Laylas aid building their stable against them.

      Kaitlyn and Layla already worked together as a tag team in the houseshows in the past and did very well together after all.

      Put in there the Foxy Lady and you have the bubbly brawler Alicia, the speedy /technical Layla and the speedy Powerhouse Kaitlyn all in one.

      I’m more than sure that these 6 could put up amazing matches together if given the time and freedom(which I doubt but the hope dies last right? :/ ).

  • SigmaX

    LOL @ it not even being a week and people claiming HORRIBLE reign…seriously??

    THE DIVAS CHAMPION has been on every single show this week….IMO diva fans should be gawd damn thankful because that consistency is a very rare thing when it comes to the divas.

    I say give it a month atleast to see what they do with Layla as champion…I am betting come Monday we will get the ground work for Laylas real first feud as champion laid out.

    • redsandman99

      Hopefully. I think most people are too afraid to get their hopes up because WWE tends to crush them more often than not.

    • TheGamergirl22

      Eve, the most over and powerful female heel, I could see Eve abusing her power to bully Layla and cheat to get the belt off her.

      • redsandman99

        I would like to see an Eve/Layla feud honestly. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the divas involved in a feud with a power hungry authority figure. And Eve and Layla have had some decent matches when they were both pretty new. I would think now they could do a whole more with each other.

        • SigmaX

          AJ is gonna be feuding with Kaitlyn from all accounts so AJ is out of the equation.

          Unless they turn kelly heel or nattie makes a feud out of her match the Logical step…like I pointed out elsewhere is to feud with EVE.

          And the bonus it is a very simple feud to build …All that has to happen which I expect is for Layla and Ryder to exhange a few words maybe tease a little flityness and ..there you go the ground work will be laid out and just let it go from there.

          Also I have pointed this out THE BEST and most logical steps.

          Layla and EVE feud till about Late june..if possible spill over to early July.
          Have EVE bring back beth
          Eve screws over Layla and loses the title to beth
          Eve and Beth continue to screw over Layla as she fights back for the title.
          Que Kharmas return to not only save Layla but to immediately go into the feud with beth.

          Now what all of that does is.

          1. You now have 2 huge diva feuds going on
          2.Everyone gets the match between Beth and Kharma that they want
          3. The divison is not fed to Kharma in an effort to get to the match

          THAT is how it should be because you create a long term feud in Layla Vs Eve all while building her as the top face and EVE as the top heel , and you bring back Kharma in a very logical set up that immediately has her crossing paths with Beth.

        • revivingophelia

          Considering the matches they had when they were still fairly new to wrestling, I’d really like to see what Eve and Layla could do in a decent-length (maybe ppv) match now…

  • HeyChrissy

    The most exciting thing about this to me is the slap we get to see AJ deliver!

  • light_it_upAJ

    I think they may be trying to turn AJ, but to be honest, Kaitlyn hasn’t been portrayed as a caring best friend so much as trying a “tough love” approach. I know they want to showcase the after effects of AJ being in an abusive relationship, but the way fans have started to latch on to D-Bry since WM concerns me. It might end up turning into a mysoginistic “she deserved to be treated that way” type of mess, which is not a very good situation at all. They need to keep her face, and finally have her lash out at Bryan. And I don’t mean in a shunned stalker kind of way either, because that’s just going to make her look bad in the eyes of casual fans, IMO.

    • TheGamergirl22

      IDK they need a good heel like Eve and AJ has the story already to turn heel. I like her being either a psycho possessive GF if Bryan takes her back she can turn the table on him or a stalker if he doesn’t.

      If WWE wouldn’t insult out intelligence they could mention how Kaitlyn abandoned her when they lost in a tag team match and AJ ended up suffering from that bridged sharpshooter.

    • Raekon

      Their main mistake with AJ and Kaitlyn was that after AJ joined Daniel they were barely show with each other at all.

      You had AJ following him everywhere and Daniel using Kaitlyn so he can get the Big Show down.

      A month or two ago they had a segment with AJ and Kaitlyn in which Kaitlyn told her that Daniel is using her and she should let it be with a angry AJ shouting at her and leaving her behind.

      However, like Kaitlyns heel turn in the past, they cut this segment out aswell so we didn’t got to see it and the continuity of the whole thing was broken.

      Instead Kaitlyn was vanished and stuck into NXT with a appearance or two on SD without AJ, while AJ was busy with being alone with her Boyfriend Daniel 24/7.

      Now all of sudden revisiting their friendship with a huge gap to fill up in between so it’s not as impactful as it could had been before.

      If they keep it up with these segments it could work but they really need to keep it up this time instead of giving us a piece and dropping the ball again.

  • TheGamergirl22

    AJ should so turn heel on Natlya like Nattie turned heel on her last year. But since WWE think we forgot that Nattie was AJ mentor in her debut that won’t happen.

  • shannymac

    I don’t think I ever have or ever will be this jealous of Teddy Long.

  • #ThankYouBellas

    I want to see that unknown guy be oiled up. I don’t care for what else happens.

    • no rain


  • Choko

    Lol, it’d be cool to see Eve and Aksana teaming up soon.

  • Glen

    I think in all honesty that they are trying to build Layla by making her seem invincible. By making her have easy wins over other Divas, it makes her seem stronger. I know it sucks that they aren’t getting more times but I think these are supposed to be squash matches.

  • Kessuki

    well i dont mind nattie losing to layla but i was hoping it was longer than a couple of mins. tbh there needs to be at least 2 more heels now that the bellas have gone so i would have alicia fox turn heel or call maxine up but im sensing aj may turn heel.

    not that excited :/ i will wait for the redux.

    • gl83

      But, if they turn AJ Heel, that will leave us with a lack of Faces. I mean right now we have Beth, Rosa, Eve, Aksana, Natalya and Maxine as Heels while the Face side has Kelly, AJ, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Tamina and Layla. And if Alicia is associating herself with JTG, does that mean she’s turning Heel as well? Kharma will most likely return as a Heel or Tweener.

      • redsandman99

        It might mean their turning JTG face. Or it won’t matter at all and they’ll just keep Alicia face despite her association with JTG. The heels though, need another solid wrestler among them since Natalya is pretty much it.

        • gl83

          I don’t think Beth will be “out of action” for long and as someone mentioned they could have Eve abuse her authority to help her reclaim the Divas Ttile. And then there’s also Kharma, who could be back in the next few months.

  • clintocki

    I too wish there was some form of direction as to what Layla’s first title feud will be, but having the champion on TV three times in one week definitely works for me, so I’ll continue to remain hopeful…for now

  • no rain

    is Aksana heel or just stupid? xd


    WOW… Layla gets a huge push ;p
    She win WWE Divas Title at Extreme Rules, then she successfully defended the championship at Raw and this friday she will win aginst Natalya ;D

    She need to change her entrance music…. !!!

  • redsandman99

    Sadly Layla’s gotten more exposure this week than Beth did in the last few weeks of her title reign.

    • Choko

      Why is that a sad thing? you should be happy that a diva is getting exposure but you are jealous because of her exposure.

      • redsandman99

        Oh I’m happy for Layla and happy that the champion is getting the exposure. I just never understood why Beth wasn’t getting it.

      • redsandman99

        I’m hoping this means Creative got some of their head out of their ass and we might get a direction for the division soon.

        • melon2617

          Nikki Bella got more exposure in her six day reign than Beth got in the last 100 of hers.

          Layla is getting the same thing but I can’t get excited because it feels like 2010 where a member of Laycool has the title. Layla needs to develop a personality away from the belt. I get it’s a fine interim solution but let’s get a new champ soon. Don’t get me wrong, love Layla but I don’t want to see champ Layla, kwim?

    • SigmaX

      Why would you not want to see Layla as champ? if you’re not a fan thats all well and fine , but she can wrestle , is charismatic , can act sum it up she has ever single tool a diva needs to be the top diva.

      All they need to do is allow her to talk whether that is backstage or whatever , once she is allowed to project that same personallity from Laycool , it is gonna be nothing but good.

      • melon2617

        My not wanting her as champ has nothing to do with not loving Layla; I do, but Layla has never had a chance to come into her own without the belt and/or Michelle. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Layla the character can do without either of those things.

        Layla has a real chance to be “the” Diva, as she is the total package but she needs to demonstrate that fans care about her without Chelle or the Butterfly.

  • adifferentsame

    If we stop expecting instant gratification when it came to the Divas division, perhaps we wouldn’t feel disappointed all the time. I think there is a wealth of good things going on with the women right now; Eve’s character is developing immensely, while AJ continues to blossom into a top tier Diva. Give Layla some time to settle in before writing off her title run.

    • redsandman99

      Indeed. She’s on TV and looking strong so far. Hopefully things will keep getting better from here.

    • mariah.

      I do agree with you.

    • Jhonmarco