TNA Sacrifice Preview: How Brooke Tessmacher Plans to Ruin Gail Kim’s Big Week!

TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim has had a fairytale week celebrating her nuptials to celebrity chef Robert Irvine, but come tonight’s Sacrifice pay per view, young lion Brooke Tessmacher is planning on putting a dampener on the fairytale — by taking the Knockouts Title from the champ!

Speaking to Diva Dirt earlier this week, Brooke said: “I hope she’s still in the honeymoon phase and still celebrating, or hasn’t worked off all that cake yet. I hope she’s distracted so I can come in there and whoop her ass!”

“It would be the greatest feeling in the world to finally go in there, step in the ring, take that belt from her… especially after she just got married. I’d definitely take her out of that honeymoon phase,” the feisty young Knockout added.

“I’d love that person to be me!”

Watch out, Mrs Irvine!

TNA Sacrifice airs tonight at 8pm ET live on pay per view. Stay tuned to Diva Dirt and our Twitter page, @divadirt, for live coverage.

- Listen to the full interview with Brooke Tessmacher

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  • jeremycanrana

    I’m so happy of the waythey built this match!! I’d like Gail to come out as Gail Irvine lol
    You know she brought her husband on Jeremy’s show on xplosion so I think that using it in the storyline could create great things … I’m don’t know I just like this idea

    • Poison_Ivory

      They already mentioned Robert once, saying something that Gail’s been arriving arrogantly to shows with her “celebrity chef boyfriend”.

      And lol, no offence, but Gail Irvine sounds awful. Like an asian redneck. Jimmy Wang Yang’s gf lol

  • EveLover

    Im honestly homing brooke wins. She’s becoming one of my favorites. Love the girl

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    i so want Brooke to win. She is so awesome and has improved a lot. She is becoming one of my new favorites next to Angelina. I really think she is going to win the way they keep building up Brooke…and keep talking about Gail getting married so i think Gail will drop the tittle and take a well deserved vacation. I would also like if Brooke goes Heel and fueds with Tara saying she is too good for her (pro) even if it means no more TNT ):

  • JJ

    I can’t believe I actually want Brooke to win!

  • Jhonmarco

    I’m rooting for Brooke, from there perhaps they could turn Velvet heel & have the BP reunited & torture poor Brooke. How the BP have yet to win the tag titles needs to be fixed. And as heels it’d be great.

    • josh101

      I want Heel BP back so much. I was watching their feud with Awesome Kong earlier. And they were too entertaining.

      • EveLover

        The BP’s were the ones that got me into watching TNA. So them getting back together would be great.


    Definitely don’t want Brooke to take the title just yet.
    The build up still isn’t good enough in my opinion, and with Velvet Sky still in the picture, I can’t help but expect a Triple Threat for the title, then Gail can drop it.
    Hopefully Velvet somehow costs Brooke the match, which means it’ll be a Triple Threat, with non of them being friends.
    Then again, I can’t help but expect Gail will lose the belt so she can go on honeymoon, but I don’t know what Gail and Robert have planned, maybe after the next taping? I don’t know!

  •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    Brooke should lose, in my opinion, and go on to face Gail again in a triple threat with Velvet. Tension should be created between the faces as Gail retains, before Velvet turns heel and wages war against Brooke.

    Velvet calls Angelina for back up and then we have TNT and the Beautiful People highlighting the tag division for the next couple of months.

    • Flybytre

      Good Idea I Would Love To See The Beautiful People Reunited

  • Flybytre

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    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Hell yeah I’m with ya 100% I really hope she Wins