TNA Sacrifice Results: Gail Retains, Brooke Impresses

Knockouts Champion Gail Kim inches closer to making history as she retained the title tonight at TNA Sacrifice.

Just a week shy of taking the crown for single longest Knockouts Title reign, Gail picked off the young lion Brooke Tessmacher — but not on her own merit.

Brooke seemingly had Gail’s number on a number of occassions during the match, even hitting Kim’s own Eat Defeat finisher on Gail.

Ultimately, Gail used the top ropes to her advantage when pinning Brooke to the take the victory after a very good back-and-forth contest.

While Gail may leave with her title intact, it’s Brooke who emerges as a star in the Knockouts division, putting on one of her best matches yet.

Who wants to see a rematch? We do!

Rate the match below:

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  • DarknessRuler

    I was shocked at how high Gail got for the dirty pin

    Overall, the match was fantastic. Brooke in my eyes, is a wrestler. She did amazing and really showed her stuff out there. Rematch indeed!

  • E-Man

    Ugh, i would rather have another champ!! I’m tired of Gail retaining by CHEATING!! she needs to drop the title and give it to someone else!!! (i dunno who, maybe mickie????)

    • TheGamergirl22

      Velvet, or women who never held it like Sarita or Rosita, or Madison so she can keep her longest title reign record

    • LadyGoDiva

      I’m getting bored with Gail as champion and I’ll admite that I’m pretty pissed that Tessmacher didn’t win because after listening to that interview Melanie did I was really hoping for a new champion.

      Yes,Brooke deserves a rematch but I placed my predictions that ODB will be next in line for the title?

    • Joey_b_Badd

      I think this is the right thing to do. They’re forcing the fans to want Gail to drop the title this way it makes it that much sweeter when she does indeed drop it. Another aspect of this long and dirty reign of Gail’s is that I think they’re setting it up for Tara to be the one to beat her. This will not only give Tara another run, but it makes her look dominate as the one who beat the woman no one else could.

  • redsandman99

    Hopefully this feud continues and Brooke just doesn’t disappear again. The continuation of the Gail/Brooke feud sounds a lot more interesting than Gail getting another challenger fed to her.

  • Brandz785

    I can’t believe people rated this match a 1, like what the fuck is wrong with you guys ? Damn trolls.

  • Jhonmarco

    Good match, crap finish.

  • Cyndi

    I gotta admit im a Tess-Flocka she was really good here tonight so moxy and flair lol i love her new robe i half expected a wardrobe malfunction lol she was spilling out of that top lol but i like the fact that gail “Cheated” she still come off as strong as Brooke i like how there was no weaker then other tonight Gail throw down first and Brooke reciprocated i loved the “Springboard/Clothesline” Brooke does i think if she going to use Gail’s finisher to try to top her off i think she should use her opponents finishers more often that could be her niche

    • fragile

      “i think if she going to use Gail’s finisher to try to top her off i think she should use her opponents finishers more often that could be her niche”

      great idea,you’re now in charge of booking. :)

  • FrankNFurter

    Brooke and Gail did…EXCELLENTE! I had to say it Spanish, that’s how hard these two worked and how great the match was, great outing by both women. I’m definitely hoping for some more interactions between the pair, just lovely.

  • stchick

    It was a pretty good match, whomever is rating this a 1 star, smh at them, Brooke is surely coming onto her own as a wrestler. lol at the “wheewww glad Gail retained” please. Brooke, while not exactly there yet isn’t all that bad ya’ll lol! (that’s as if you were speaking in that manner, not just as a fan hehe)

  • shameronstar

    Damn I missed the match! but if Brooke’s performance is as impressive as everyone is saying then I have to say that Brooke should definitely be considered a candidate in my fav list along with Naomi because I love it when models/dancers turned wrestlers prove all the wrestling purist wrong!

  • DarknessRuler

    Wow there’s alot of TNA Haters. Hey Pro-WWE fans, these 2 were in WWE too. So get a grip!

  • GailKim95

    Who could possibly rate this a 1?????!!!!!!!! That is just insane! Brooke and Gail deserve the respect of giving them at least a three. I gave it a 5 because the crowd was into this match than anyother match in a long time. Brooke was amazing and proved she is a WRESTLER. Haters gonna hate what can you do? But if you got haters, that means your doing something right. GO BROOKE AND GAIL

    • Jhonmarco

      I agree a 1 is harsh, but a 5? For that to happen the match would need to be at least 10 minutes, contain multiple amazing spots, and plenty of near falls.

  • number1AngelinaLovefan

    A ONE really?…Fucking WWE marks. Come on I have not even seen this Match yet and i know it’s a good match just for having these Two Awesome KO’s in it. I am positive this match was WAY better than the Nicki v.s. Layla match yet you rate that a 4 or 5 star match but Not TNA really? ? SMFH

    Still Kind disappointed wanted Brooksie too win…o well. If Brooke does go MIA again after this (Hopefully Not) I Want to see Gail and Angelina go at it they always had great matches together in the past so I would love for Angelina to get a shot and WIN the title and bring her back to the Top again.. I miss her SO much!

    Sorry for the long post

    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      I meant Brooke (stupid auto correct)

    • LadyGoDiva

      I haven’t seen the match either but from what I’ve heard it sounds good but I guess that everyone is hating that the knockouts get all the better matches then the divas? But lets wait and see at OTL?

      • jeremycanrana

        I second the Angelina comment!!! soooo much!!!!

  • jen07201

    So Gail Kim has beaten all the faces. Who is next?

    • perceval


      Or, Angelina could turn face for a battle of the Toronto girls.

      • mariah.

        I don’t want Melina near the Knockouts. Angelina on the other hand would be a good choice. She is too talented to be this irrelevant. The whole “Angelina has already been in the spotlight and had 5 reigns,” argument is BS, in my opinion. She got all those reigns because she is arguably the best and most well rounded Knockout on the roster, not to mention loyal. She deserves to be in the title hunt and the one to pass the torch to girls like Brooke, instead of it being Gail.

    • xxBettyBoopxx

      Hopefully Angelina, Winter, or Sarita.

  • jcarcano12

    Y did she had to cheate???
    I give it a 3 I like Layla vs Nikkie.
    and I think Brooke is ready for a champion but I will love Angelina or sarita as champion too.
    Hopefully next Gail won’t cheat.

  • lucky1now

    im glad to see brooke really impress in her match she should go far in her career

  • mariah.

    The match was really great, but I rated it a 1 just for kicks.

    •!/RV_Megumi Megumi

      I did it just to see how many more people would get angry about it.
      Oh well, we’re cute, we can do things like that.

      • mariah.


    • fragile

      you two M’s cheat worse than gail. ;)

      • mariah.

        I wonder if it was as obvious as Gail leaning 180 degrees of the rope? Why TNA or Gail decided on that idea is beyond me. I mean, could the ref have been that stupid lol.

        • Taylor

          LOL at the feet on the very top rope. Apparently logic was thrown out the window.

        • fragile

          mariah, maybe he pretended not to see the legs on the ropes just for kicks ! ;)

        • mariah.

          @Taylor: LOL obviously it was

          @Fragile: LOL!

  • PrettyQuincess

    I enjoyed it.

  • Bethinho

    Brooke really impressed tonight,Gail,on the other hand was below her game,probably still with the wedding´s hangover but her reign hasn´t been anything great.
    I hope that now Sarita can have a chance,i want to see that sexy jiggling and that spanish accent every week. :)

  • art

    i gave it a four…lol @ 1 coming in third…..

  • charleshp

    It’s a 3.

    If Gail doesn’t have the belt, then Mickie should have it as she’s the other really good worker that can carry the division but given TNA favors heel champions, keeping it on Gail makes sense.

    And yes she needs a new challenge via Sarita or Rosita.

  • bromero329

    I.thought it was a great match. brooke did amazing. In my opinion all of the matches by the knockouts at ppvs this year have been great.way better than wwe

    thIs match definitely beats every divas match this year.

    ill rate it a 4.

  • Hassam

    Totally WWE jealous Freaks voted 1 or 2 this match was fantastic heads down TNA Knockouts

  • Hassam

    We have to Admit Brooke will be a much better wrestler then Kelly Kelly or Layla For sure.

    • gl83

      Currently Layla is the better wrestler. But Brooke is still fairly young so she has plenty of years left in her to grow and develop her in-ring skills. If she continues progressing like this, I wouldn;t be too surprised if she does surpass Layla in a coupe years. Kelly seems to have hit a plateau.

    • bromero329

      Will be ?????? No. Is better lol

      That running/flying hurricaran was impressive

  • fragile

    i gave the match a 3 (yes,i know it was better than that) because it was too short.if things just naturally happened this way/guess i can deal with it.however if tna only gave this two like five minutes or whatever to work with. i’ll stick with my score of 3 just out of spite/annoyance.

  • Raekon

    It was a between 3 and 4 for me so I gave it a 4.
    A 5 would be overrated and a 1 or 2 are definately out of place in my opinion.

    It was a good back and forth match with a good pace and lots of action.
    Additionaly the psychological part of Brooke trying to hit the eat defeat 3 times with getting the chance the third time and gail teasing Brooke by shaking her butt in front of Brookes face. :)

    Very well played by both ladies!

    • fragile

      “and gail teasing Brooke by shaking her butt in front of Brookes face. :)”

      but what we really want to know is what you thought about gail telling brooke to “eat my feet’ ? ;)