TNA Sacrifice in Review: Brooke Tessmacher Shines, But Pays the Ultimate Sacrifice

Hello there everybody, and welcome to your official TNA Sacrifice review! Heading into tonight’s big show, the match booked was none other than Knockouts Champion, Gail Kim defending against the ever improving, Brooke Tessmacher. Tessmacher has scored three wins against the champion, but can she make it a clean sweep with the gold on the line? Or will Gail continue to prove why her reign has been so dominant? To find out, let us get to recapping and put a stop to all of this side chatter.

Before the bout, we are treated to a dandy video package promoting Brooke’s rise up the ranks to the status she’s at today. Once the clip comes to a finish, we then go over the tale of the tape as this odd catchy theme song plays behind it that causes me to become distracted to learn the lyrics. The tale of the tape closes, and we all soon live a mixture of both Taz’s and my own fantasies as the pan up shot of Christy Hemme (his fantasy), mixes in with the theme song of Brooke Tessmacher (my fantasy). Christy announces the Knockouts Title match, and out walks Brooke giving me even more Candice Michelle vibes than before… and I love it!

Brooke slides up onto the ring apron and removes the Candice coat to reveal a new version of her Texas gear, but she is soon cut off by the STILL addicting, yet STILL lyricless theme song of our Knockouts Champion. Gail does not look amused tonight, but she still grants the crowd with her ring apron pose and taunts them with her championship and an evil scowl. The referee tries to raise the title up in the air, but he can barely separate these two as Gail takes Tessmacher down early on. She drags Brooke to the corner and kicks away at her stomach, before dropping her with a snapmare and a kick. Gail then sends Brooke off the ropes, but Brooke comes back with a nice monkey flip and a… wow! Amazing hurricanrana.

Okay, after a lengthy number of replays of that beautiful move, Tessmacher goes for the Eat Defeat, but Gail slides out. Brooke proceeds to flip Kim and level her with some punches and a dropkick. Gail throws her into the corner, but Brooke fights back with a springboard clothesline for a two count! Brooke attempts the Eat Defeat again, but Gail rolls out and jumps onto Brooke’s back. After a stiff kick to the head, Gail continues to control Brooke with a huge clothesline, but only scores a near fall. Tessmacher tries to fight out but falls victim to a knee to the abdomen. Kim hits her elastic move in the corner and slams Brooke down by the hair, before blowing a kiss to her fans!

She proceeds to choke Brooke out and scream “EAT MY FOOT”, which of course riles Taz up. The crowd gets behind Tessmacher, but it doesn’t seem to help out as Gail drops her with a backbreaker and stretches her out in a submission attempt. Finally, Brooke fights out with some knees to the head, however this comeback is short lived as Kim decks her with a clothesline. She then shakes her bottom in Brooke’s face and continues this dominance until Brooke ducks a clothesline and scores with a huge forearm! Both women are down, but they reach a vertical base near simultaneously and Brooke is the one to capitalize.

A series of clotheslines strike with Tessmacher then hitting a huge faceplant out of the corner! She does a little Sarita salsa dance briefly, before heading to the top rope and LEAPING off with a huge elbow drop! Only a two count for Tessmacher, but the crowd is still rooting for the asstastic female from Houston. Brooke sets up for the Tess-Shocker, but no avail. Kim then goes for the Eat Defeat, but Brooke counters out and hits the Eat Defeat herself! A “Yes” chant breaks out, as Brooke slides Gail in and goes for the cover. Too much time was wasted though, as Gail kicks out. Brooke tries to keep the momentum in her favor, but Gail quickly rolls her up and uses the ropes to retain her title.

Thoughts: Wow! This was one of the best Knockout matches in some time, and they don’t really ever have any that even qualify as being less than good. Brooke was on fire in her moments of control, especially that hurricanrana which I think mustered about ten replays before I could move forward. The two really showed what they can do in the ring, and I think this is one of the matches of Gail’s reign I will remember most along with the main event on Impact she had with Mickie James and the one from Against All Odds against Tara. Really hope this continues on, and oddly enough, it does seem like it will considering we have a triple threat between the two and Velvet Sky scheduled for this week’s Impact with the gold on the line. Pretty anxious to see what will come of that.

If I had to pick one fault (which I only do because I don’t want to appear too positive for everyone), it would be the finish. Gail has used dirty tactics in the past for some of her title defenses, but the difference is that I bought it being that they are all women who have been wrestling just as long as she has, if not longer. Gail has what, eight years on Tessmacher? I know Brooke trained in DSW, but I’m referring to her training and wrestling on a consistent basis since joining TNA. I didn’t really buy seeing someone who is so experienced over their opponent having to result to the ropes to beat them. Well, scratch that… I guess I do understand a little bit of it because it builds to the triple threat match scheduled for Impact since Gail defeated both Sky and Tessmacher through the same type of underhanded result, but I don’t know. I’m kind of torn on how I feel about it. I think I’ll be able to form a better judgement when I see how the triple threat goes down this week. All in all though, I really really liked this match and I can’t wait to see where things go from here.

Match Rating: 4/5

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  • No Holds Barred

    How in the blue hell did the ref not see Gail’s legs up that high? LOLTNA

  • Nostalgia

    I just realized that! Brooke’s slowly becoming Candice Michelle. Love Brooke either way. The match was kinda blah

    • mykel1990

      Yeah, she is Candice-esque, if she breaks out a spinning heel kick, I’ll fall out lol

    • Jhonmarco

      I think she has DEFINITELY surpassed Candice, but I agree.

      • Nostalgia

        wrestling wise? Yes, character tho? Not just yet

        • Choko

          lol, how has she surpassed Candice. You are just delusional now. Watch Candice’s 2007 matches against Melina and Beth and then watch one of Brookes matches and you will be proved wrong. Also Candice didn’t even need to be carried in matches after she improved, but watching this match showed that Gail carried Brooke the whole time.

        • Lita-Sault-666

          Melina & Beth both lead their matches with Candice as did Gail to Brooke in this, 99% of the time the more experienced girl will take control of the match and make sure it has that natural flow to it.

          Don’t get me wrong, loved Candice…but i disagree, Brooke has surpassed her in a wrestling capacity for sure. Character wise, I’d say Brooke is behind but catching up rather quickly :).

          Great match btw, loved the hurricanrana, Eat Defeat, diving elbow, everything! I liked the ending as it does keep Brooke in the title picture for a little longer xD.

        • Jhonmarco

          Well what character did Candice have? Underdog?

          Choko, I beg your pardon? Candice improved from being crap to becoming decent, but Brooke has become golden in the last year or so. Her match with Gail was not her being carried, neither were her matches in the past. If anything Candice was carried more than Brooke was. How someone can say that Candice wasn’t carried, but Brooke was is baffling.

        • Choko

          Well, Candice took a lot of bumps and was able to sell her opponent and make them look good and that is why she is better than Brooke. Also how has Brooke surpassed Candice? how? in what way?

        • Jhonmarco

          Brooke can take bumps, sell, execute moves very well, & has even gotten better with her mic skills. For someone who has been training for what 2 years or so? It’s VERY impressive. Candice started to show progression after training for a few years. Brooke has a good moveset & not to mention, in her matches I have NOT once thought she was carried. I remember her tag title match at Hardcore Justice, she’s really better than she has any right to be with her given experience. IMO this makes her better than Candice. Who knows how good she’ll be in one year’s time?

        • gl83

          Candice was able to show what she was capable of within 2 years as well. And she too developed a good, varied moveset as well. The key thing for Brooke moving forward is to avoid injuries. That is the thing that really kept Candice from reaching her full potential. Otherwise who knows how good Candice could’ve become.

      • Nostalgia

        Candice’s character did some evolving from the go daddy ho, to the playboy ho, to the seductress in Vince’s Angels then being built up as an actual wrestler who actually froze Beth in her tracks on her return

        • Jhonmarco

          I think I may have interperted your comment wrong. I agree…

  • xtrahote

    I thought this match was pretty awesome! I’m good with Gail cheating to win…she’s a heel, and for her to finish clean probably would of been more random considering Brooke has beat her, what, 3 times already. One of the coolest things I saw after the match was a wrestling site i go to frequently basically crapped on Brooke before the match started, and by the end of the match, the writer admitted that this match surpassed his expectations and commended Brooke on kicking it up a notch. Both women should be proud of this match.

  • Choko

    The match wasn’t really special.

  • gavin harvey

    sick fed up of gail being the champ does my head in out it on someone new ! once we see the match on thurs there probs be a new number one contender

  • mykel1990

    I LOVED that jacket Brooke rocked on her way to the ring. Sickening! But on to the match itself, they turned it out! I liked how both women had time to shine and show some offense. Brooke has really come into her own, and she showed us in that match. And kudos to Gail for making Brooke look even better than she already did. That running Hurricanrana and diving elbow were my favorite spots in the match, but that Eat Defeat was sickening as well! They did really well and kudos to them!

  • melon2617

    Good match but it’s more of the same. Gail uses a dirty pin to retain and she moves on to another challenger and the constant cheat to win tactics lead to…nothing.

    I know there’s a triple threat match coming up, hopefully something more will come of this.

  • Jhonmarco

    A star was born last night. Fantastic job by Brooke, who is already proving to be 5 times the worker Velvet is. Great match, crappy finish. Thumbs up TNA, especially with the simple yet effective build.

  • lucky1now

    im loving brooke even more now i can see her holding the title and being great real soon
    tna should keep this ball rolling with her
    i do miss tara though and thought she will have fued with gail but its ok i was wrong lol

  • TaraFan19

    I actually really enjoyed the match and love the fact that Gail retained. Gail deserves to be the longest reigning champ after how she was treated in the WWE. Now onto this triple threat match, I really hope Gail retains because I am dying to see her go up against Sarita, or even Rosita for that matter, because I think they would put on a great match. But if Gail does lose the title I hope that it will be to Brooke & not Velvet cause to be honest Brooke is better. I mean Velvet is like the John Cena of the TNA Knockouts, well as far as in-ring ability is concerned, #sameoldshit.

  • Poison_Ivory

    Aww Gail was wearing a ring on her ring ringer <3 I'd love her to beat Madison's reign, but if she doesn't – which most likely will happen – it will make sense especially if Maddie'll be involved in the outcome of the triple threat.

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      I wanna see her beat Madison’s reign aswell! So that’s why i’m glad she retained. Brooke is getting better but i don’t think she should be champion yet! Turn Sarita face & let her fued with Gail :)

  • BillyGP

    Poor Brooke i wanted her to win i was holding up my Brooke banner i brought (got it signed by Brooke last night also she a total sweetheart).

    Gail has how many clean wins since returning to TNA a total of ZERO i believe. Cheatin Kim is her new nickname LOL.

    Ok i see Velvet name in some posts and her in ring ability may not be great but she is entertaining and well in wrestling now and these days in ring ability isnt the only thing to make you a star.

    • Choko

      she defeated Madison cleanly.

      • BillyGP

        ok one win clean since returning sorry

        • fragile

          well,she also got a clean win over tara at against all odds.


    I am the only one that’s happy Gail retained?
    I still don’t think the build up was good enough for a title switch and Brooke has dominated Gail too much.
    How did Gail beat Kong but not Rookie Tessmacher? Brooke has improved a lot, and I hope she gets a title reign at some point soon, but Gail’s title run needs something big to end it, a big feud, big matches with stipulations and backstage scenes/brawls!

    • Kaledrina

      nah, i’m happy, too. and i love how she cheats to win. it annoys and frustrates people, evidently, which i’m pleased with as i was a little bit sceptical when i first read gail was returning as a heel. she’s doing it well.

  • Morris Muffin

    Unrelated but a bit nasty of Stacy to not go to Gails wedding :/

    • Choko

      Agree totally.

      She ditched her BFF’s wedding for her boyfriend who will obviously dump her sometime in the future.

  • dunk20

    What I like the most in these feud is how Brooke is continuously “stealing” Gail’s finisher! It’s just something that was forgotten and finally they are bringing it back, it’s the famous “Adding insult to injury” and I just love it!

    Brooke was always great in my opinion, when she was in Extreme Esposé (sp?) she was great. She and Layla were the only actual dancers in the group. Too bad WWE didn’t capitalized on her talent. They should start taking notes.

  • Choko

    It was really cool how Gail had the feets on the third rope. Really original.

  • kristalmelinafan

    I was hoping for Brooke to win. Gail is a horrible heel and her title reign is boring. It’s like Eve two reigns as the divas champion, no charisma, bland in character, and just awful on the mic. I prefer her as a face, because she really don’t need to speak, just have an awesome heel for her to go up against and the fans will cheer for her. Mickie needs to turn heel along with tara, two psycho chicks as a team. Scrap the knockout tag titles. Have Brooke win this thursday and turn her heel.

  • Spike7000

    Good match. Very impressed by Brooke. I’m sure she’ll have the big payoff at Slammversary

    Brooke has definitely surpassed since her days down at Deep South Wrestling (although she really did not train much there since she was put quick with Daniel Rodimer before her call up to ECW). I always wonder where did she get wrestling training before TNA signed her after I saw a clip of her at a Independent show doing a Hurricarana.

  • Ryan

    DAAYUUMMM!! GREAT MATCH!! hahahha!! Maybe they dont have Roxxi Awesome Kong Taylkor Wilde and maybe Gail Kim isnt like she was…But they have BROOKE TESSMACHER!!! Seriouslly this match was sick!! Great hardhitting action!! And AHHHHHHHH!! BROOKE IS SO SEXY!!!!
    Brooke needs that belt around her sexy slim waist!! No Diva or Knockout right now is as smooth as Brooke!!

    Dont get me wrong..just cant help say how sexy n fine Brooke is and that hot ass of hers!! WOWZERS BRO!!
    But shes pretty great in the ring too!! Mad love and respect for Brooke!
    Just because shes good in the ring doesnt mean she CANT be hot!!! Or a strange Man-hating female like Eve haha! Brooke loves to show it off like Candice Michelle or Maxine! You girls rock!!

  • bxradimus

    The Knockouts used to be so exciting to watch.

    Now they’re just painfully average. It’s kind of sad.

    • Kaledrina

      i think we were spoiled a lot in the beginning of the division. the matches we do get still, for the most part, are on par with what we used to get.. it’s just not as exciting for us as we’ve seen it all before?

      the knockouts used to get ‘HOLY SHIT!’ chants for something as ordinary as a top rope suplex, now they don’t.. but on the flipside, if a diva did a top rope move, it’s great/exciting, as unlike the KOs, we’ve unfortunately had to watch a lot of… crap =/

      which, for similar reasons is why i always get worried when a ‘newbie’ debuts (kong in wwe or layla’s recent return for example) as the companies seem to overexpose them so quickly that we get bored a lot sooner.. we’ve had layla wrestle every show since her return? if that keeps up, people will likely find her less exciting ASAP, too…. boy i went off on a tangent lol

  • wweandtnadivafan

    Does anyone else hate the fact that it was in the impact zone .___.?

  • MrJCena

    i know this is off topic but who thinks bobby rhoode is so much better looking since his hair cut sorry about the off topic
    not seen match yet but love reading the write ups

    • fragile

      he looks a lot younger too.

      • MrJCena

        He does

  • ShimmerSupport211

    and now off wwe this is the problem with tna’s female division. when gail got the title did she deserve it ? yes, because she is 1 of 2 best female wrestlers in the company ( the other being sarita ). who deserves the title next…. Sarah stock aka Sarita. and please stop booking ppv female championship matches to end in non clean finishes because if you do it once maybe we’ll forgive you, do too many times and its just like “boy i don’t care about gail kim” and you should never think that! at least in wwe when nattie neidhart and beth phoenix did win there ppv matches that won them in legit clean finishes and at the same time retained there heel attitude ( glam slam off the top rope ). book sarita and gail now and put sarita over tna… its time!

    • Jhonmarco

      Being the top wrestler in your division doesn’t mean you should be champion.

      • ShimmerSupport211

        are you kidding me ? yes it is. look at shimmer. who has held the title in that company ? sara del rey, mschif, madison eagles, cheerleader melissa. why ? because they proved they were the best wrestlers today ? to truly give a title strap meaning you have to put it on the best wrestlers in your company and have amazing matches. thats what wwe and tna fail to realize. you had beth and nattie as champion and who has the strap now ? layla of all fucking people. gail kim is champion and is being booked very wrong and what is Sarita doing ? nothing but rotting away while velvet sky and brooke whatever get multiple title shots…. people need to realize that! this is the same tna that turned away sara del fucking rey because she didn’t look like velvet and angelina…. come on now.

        • Jhonmarco

          Yeah and that was two years ago, trying getting over it please. Actually, it is the full package, the character, the hard work put into the company, etc. MsChif? When she won the title, many people thought it was random & she wasn’t on par with some of the other girls, but she proved herself. Why shouldn’t others in mainstream get the same?

          And what is wrong with Layla? Great worker & personality. Step off your pedestal & join the rest of the world.

        • Ryan

          I think its different in each promotion. WWE for instance..idk WHAT they reward anymore…it puzzles me it seems sometimes its whoever Vince’s or Corporate has as a favorite IE Eve Torres or Maryse yet sometimes they reward hard work, girls like Natalya and this case Layla
          So it isnt safe to assume anything in WWE

          While TNA has more on a Work based recognition also on whos more popular with the crowd too which makes sense as well

          IDK about Shimmer..never seen it

  • perceval

    I couldn’t help but picture Beth running into the ring, Glam Slamming them both, and sayiing, “When I say ‘No more booty popping, no more stinkfaces,’ I MEAN it!”

    If WWE & TNA did a cross promotion thing, it would have worked. :)

    • Ryan

      Beth can go to hell! Brooke rocks and is sexy as fuck bro!! =D
      That would just prove women have jealousy issues with hotter women!!

      Sorry Beth if its too hot for you than get the F out of the kitchen sweetheart

      TNA much like Dr Pepper TEN…its NOT FOR WOMEN!!

      • Jhonmarco

        I don’t know why Beth would be jealous of Brooke. Beth has 10 times the body Brooke has.

      • redsandman99


      • Spike7000

        and this is not America’s Next Top Model :I :)

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Good match. Brooke has come a long way in a short amount of time.

    But what now? Who steps up as the next challenger?