Impact Wrestling Spoilers: May 24, 2012

Spoilers for next week’s Impact:

1. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeated ODB and Eric Young to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles. (Source)


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  • javiousmckenzie

    Im getting annoyed Gail Kim is becoming the Michelle McCool of TNA no disrespect to Michelle right when Gail returned she said she wanted this that and the third weeks later she had all three she has been the champion for way to long with not one memorable feud or spectacular match ( something Michelle has several of with Beth Melina the list goes on) its become Gail Kim ft the Knockouts where is Angelina? Winter? Sarita? Where is Mickie? Tara? Wtf


      In MY OPINION, and I quote MY OPINION, I think she had great matches with Mickie James and Tara! And I´m really liking her title reign!

    • shameronstar

      Difference is that Michelle McCool had the Undertaker to help give her power while it seems Gail Kim obtained her own status on her own, so you can’t hate her for having enough seniority to have a high position.

      • Air-Bourne

        Exactly, Gail is one of the best women’s wrestlers alive today. She has been in the business for over 10 years and she had an anti-climatic last run with WWE. She helped to pioneer TNA’s Women’s division as well as the fact that she was their first ever champion. TNA would be stupid NOT to capitalize on Gail’s return.


      I think TNA is pushing Gail so much because she is one of the original knockouts, very talented and it’s sort of a middle finger to WWE for not using her properly

      • LadyGoDiva

        I feel like TNA is pushing Gail Kim is because of her mistreatment when she was in WWE and them giving her this big push as she returned was sort of like we’re sorry that WWE treated you like shit.

      • xx_swayme

        Honestly, I don’t think Vince even cares about the Knockouts, Gail Kim, or what message they are trying to send via Gail. Part of me thinks this is part of what they used to get Gail back, promise her more spotlight.

    • Raekon

      Angelina is probably busy taping the second season of Ring Ka king?
      Not quite sure about it but the last time I saw her she had married the indian hornswoogle and had feuds with Alisha Flash and Raisha. -.-

      As far as I remember Winter is already champion in the other company (forgot the name sorry) and is currently feuding with Maria and Melina.

      I still can’t understand WHY they don’t give the tag titles to either brooke and velvet or sarita and rosita.

      • Ed

        No second season of Ring Ka King has been announced. And the first one didn’t prevent anyone from appearing on iMPACT because of their taping schedule. Nothing was stopping them from using Angelina; they just didn’t want to. Same thing with Winter.

        I know it’s not a happy idea for some people, but I think it’s pretty clear by now that the new writers have chosen their favorite Knockouts that they want to focus on, and it’s obvious who’s on that list and who’s not.

    • VarsityBaseDude

      IMO, Gail Kim >>>>>>>> Michelle McCool. Look at the way WWE treats their women now without her influence. That just goes to show how much WWE wanted to please her and her man. Gail doesn’t have anyone but the company backing her up. She is the one that pushed for TNA to have a women division in the first place. I say she deserves this push. Also, I think they’re planning for Gail to lose the KO title and have her be the focus of the tag division. We shall see. Either way, her reign has been memorable at least to me! Go Gail.

    • soju81

      I can see why you might compare Gail to Michelle… but to be fair Michelle’s relationship with the Undertaker heavily influenced her pushes, whereas Gail has years of experience. Also you can’t say Gail got everything she demanded from TNA because we have no idea whether or not she “demanded” anything. If she did make demands and they are being met, then more power to her.

      In regards to Gail not having a “memorable feud” well I do agree with you if you’re talking about her current TNA run, but blame the writers for that.

      I think her feud with Awesome Kong was very memorable, and all of her matches when she was a face in TNA were exciting.

      • jcarcano12

        Michelle didn’t won all the titles because of the Undertaker she work her ass of.


    :S Really? So I didn´t get the point of taking the title from them… Let´s see what happens….

  • VelvetLoveFan

    IM SO DONE! I HATE GAIL SO MUCH! she can never be happy with what she has! God and she makes history again! I’m so done with her as champ, your the most boring champion in TNA history! All you do is cheat and I hate how WHAT GAIL WANTS, GAIL GETS! forget u Gail!

    • redsandman99

      Blame TNA’s booking team. They’re the ones that makes the decisions.

      • VelvetLoveFan

        Well I’m basically talking to them when I say, that there are more than just Gail on the roster!

        • VarsityBaseDude

          But Gail is awesome! :)

    • Londonboy

      Velvettlovefan either you are very young and have no idea how to talk properly or you have something wrong with you either way your comments annoy me.
      Let me start by saying Tna chooses who will champion not the wrestlers and neither do the fans.
      And i am happy Gail is being pushed like this because she is 1 of the best in the world and this might be the last superpush she ever gets in her career and she deserves it i bet this time next year someone else will be in the spotlight and unless its Velvet sky i am sure you will moan about them to .

  • Mickie-DT

    Whaaat?? Really?? I’m so behind right now.

  • Danni

    Hate the booking team, no one else.

    I am in complete shock over this ..even as a HUGE Gail fan, i think its not needed.

    • VarsityBaseDude

      I kind of agree in terms of the tag titles, but at the same time, I’m starting to think they’re going to take the KO title off Gail and have her and Madison be the face of the tag division for a while. Just imagine how exciting that will be. Gail can make the tag division entertaining… all by herself IMO.

  • Ouellet

    Gail Bitch! ¬¬

    • Ouellet

      After she will get a worse week.
      She will lost the TNA Knockouts Championship to Brooke Tessmacher and she and Madison will lost their TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship to TnT (Brooke and Tara).

  • jen07201

    Really? I wish the titles had the value they used to have and were fought for in PPVs. I really wish that the tag titles somehow regain value and that teams start fighting for them. I would like to see Mickie James win those titles since being tag champ is the only thing she has left to conquer. Maybe Mickie and Velvet Sky? Brooke and Tara?

    • VarsityBaseDude

      From what I heard it’s a non title match Jen, so they can still lose it to another team :).

  • Queen Bee

    I bet its a wedding present from Dizie to Gail. She’ll probably drop the KO Title soon.

    • VarsityBaseDude

      I’m thinking this is the case too.

  • TheFallenAngela

    Wait a minute in an interview wasn’t she like wwe divas get titles handed to them and then on her first match with Velvet she won the Championship then she won the tag title and now she has them back like….WITAF I think the titles should stay with Odb and eric their comedy gold wonder if there’s more after the match anyhow speaking of comedy did anyone see the john cena segment last night

    • fragile

      i’m also a fan of odb and eric. :)

  • VelvetLoveFan

    She better loose it very very soon! I’m so sick of her cheating to win every frekin time! Tna has too no we are sick of here, he’ll we were sick of her after the feud with Mickie, I just can’t understand why tna loves her so much -__- gosh >:0

  • redsandman99

    I wish ODB and Eric could have dropped them to a different team. Gail doesn’t need anymore gold. Her tag belt will go back to being an accessory though I guess that’s more exposure ODB and Young were getting with them.

  • Danni

    Gail tweeted saying the spoilers are incorrect.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Gail just tweeted, these spoilers are wrong!

  • jen07201

    Gail just said in Twitter: @gailkimITSME

    Spoilers are wrong so don’t get your panties in a bunch. It’s amazing how ppl believe everything they read makes me laugh

    • jen07201


      And if they were right, I would say, Get Over it!!!!

      • fragile

        gail, is thinking about fans panties.awesome… ;)

  • jen07201

    Maybe it was a non title match

  • Ed

    Thank God! Now someone please explain to me what the point of ODB/EY as the tag team champions was. Can we just get freaking Eric Young away from the Knockouts now?

    At any rate, I’m thinking this is a sign that Gail is about to lose the singles title, probably at Slammiversary. So all you people saying how much you hate Gail for something she has no control over, just chill out. She can’t possibly hold the title much longer. If she does, she’ll literally have ZERO fresh opponents left.

    • jen07201

      The heels are fresh competition.

      • Ed

        I agree, but the writers seem to have no interest in using Winter, Gail’s feuded with Angelina 100 times in the past, and Sarita and Rosita are hardly being pushed as title contenders right now. They would be fresh opponents, but I don’t see it happening.

  • Air-Bourne

    MY GOD you people are so overdramatic. The KO Tag titles mean absolutely nothing to TNA so why not put them on Gail and Madison? Sure Gail doesn’t need anymore gold right now but why not put it on your top Knockout who actually gets featured on a weekly basis and that will make the titles slightly relevant. It makes a lot more sense than randomly throwing the titles on a Knockout who hasn’t been featured on tv for weeks. As far as i remember Gail and Madison never had their rematch so this is probably the reason for them receiving one.

    • jen07201

      It’s just that some of us are sick of having Gail as champ.

      • Air-Bourne

        I understand that but that may be personal opinion. Gail has had the best KO’s title reign in a long long time. First of all she held it for longer than a few weeks, she has faced a number of different Knockout’s and she has been built up as a world class competitor who resorts to dirty tactics when her championship is in jeopardy. Bottom line is i’d rather see someone who is getting pushed very heavily ( as they should be when their champion) rather than have them flip flop between title reigns making them completely pointless. Velvet’s first and only title reign meant absolutely nothing as did a number of Angelina, ODB, Tara and Madison title reigns.

        • jen07201

          I would love to see Gail vs Sarita.

        • Air-Bourne

          Me too but i don’t see TNA putting her against any heel unless it’s Madison. Gail pretty much has defeated all of the faces so the only thing she has left is to enter into a proper program with Velvet Sky (Who has been continuously screwed over) and drop the title. Either that or she continues her feud with Brooke.

  • bromero329

    yea this def sounds wrong even before the tweet. a random tag title match? cmon i dont think tna is that stupid.

  • redsandman99

    So was it just a non-title match then?

  • Litaker61

    I wish they’d just reform the original Beautiful People to take the tag titles and have them feud with Rosita/Sarita. I’m just really dying for either an Angelina/Sarita push.

  • jeremycanrana

    After the way the wwe treated her talent , I will never feel hatred against Gail Kim …. We’re not even sure she asked to be treated that way …
    Her reign is not boring to me, she plays her heel character well
    Now when I see how people got mad at Michelle Mccool I just want to add that no matter what anyone think , she was an amazing wrestler ! And when she was still there We had solid wrestling matches.

    Tna never gave a crap about the tag team belts, so now that these belts were held by ODB and a man who can’t wrestle girls, what were you expecting ? They didn’t create a huge storyline when they gave ODB and Eric young a title shot , did they deserve it ?

    So hate on gail if you want but at least every time she gives us pure wrestling

  • jen07201

    What ever happened to Sarita?

  • Goodvibes

    AWESOME! Gail was on WWE’s backburner for years and everyone complained, the minute she’s used to her potential in TNA everyone complains.

    Eric young isn’t even a knockout people should be happy that the titles switched if they did. Gail will probably drop the Titles sooner than later to Sarita im guessing, thats a match we all want to see!

    • jeremycanrana

      amen to it all

    • DarknessRuler

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    • BillyGP

      There using talent then there is over using talent. Yes push Gail she deserves it but should also make her work for it too. But what ever that my opinion on the matter.

      • FrankNFurter

        Make her work for it? She IS working for it, week in and week out she performs in from of live crowds defending her championship title and her reputation as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

        You can’t really “over use” the world champions of your company, they are SUPPOSED to be seen and used regularly…unless you want Gail to be like say a….Beth Phoenix and fade into obscurity along with the credibility of the title.

        • TibarnEl


  • LadyGoDiva

    I’d never understood why TNA would put the KO’s tag team titles on a intergender tag team such as EY & ODB but I prefered to see Sarita&Rosita take the titles because they tried to stop the wedding and they had a match at Lockdown?

  •!/profile.php?__user= adifferentsame

    I love the vitriol. Because ODB sharing the tag titles with a male competitor was doing the division a lot of good.

    • Ed

      I know, right? lol Big picture, people. Eric Young not having one of the tag titles anymore is a step up.

    • perceval

      Yeah, a dude holding a Knockout’s belt is, well… To quote Lita: “Harvey Wippleman did nothing for the Women’s Championship.” I’m all for taking the title off of the Santina of 2012.

      That said, I don’t want it back on Gail, since the whole point of the Knockouts Tag Team Championship is to give the KOs not in the title picture something to do. Gail vs Hervina still leaves Angelina, Winter, Tara, Sarita, Rosita, etc, out in the cold.