SmackDown Spoilers: February 20 & 27, 2009

SmackDown has taped shows for the next two weeks, so stock up on spoilers below:

February 20th:

Michelle McCool & the returning Maryse defeated Eve Torres & Maria when Michelle pinned Eve.

February 27th:

Carlito & Primo Colon defeated Miz & John Morrison, then left with the Bella Twins.

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  • KiKi

    Well, it will be interesting to see how Mccool and Maryse co-exist as a team to say the least.

  • Christi84

    Other results say Maryse pinned Eve

  • sheLooksGud2me

    more bella twins! more bella twins! lol. haha i wish they have a storyline which a twin leaves her face career as a diva and transfer to be a heel because of her big ambition to be a top heel or maybe a confict with her another twin or sumthin like that,,,haha :P

  • thedream

    it’s been months where the hell is gail??? i really have no clue what is going on now.

    && i wonder if they’re givin the bellas spots @ mania. as long as they will only play as valet, ill live

  • Steven

    The Word on Gail is she won’t be debuting until after Mania. Sadness.

  • Mace

    well the smackdown divas division has truly gone downhill, and is still going down! a few months ago we had solid divas action every week, now all we have are filler/quick matches, plus theres way too much eye candy taking the spot light. Smackdown really needs some new talent. I seriously suggest bringing Mickie/Candice and Jillian over. There is no solid wrestling talent other than Michelle, since Natalya left and Maryse isnt about to fight Michelle anytime soon…

  • thedream

    i am going crazy, the divas now have so much potential but are never given the opportunities to live it up. smackdown divas would be solid if Michelle, Maryse, Gail, Mickie, Jillian, and Candice were over there in the diva title picture.

    maria should go into valet mode for awhile and build fueds as a manger and become the next stacy, eve should go to raw as well as natalya and build up some new fresh fueds and hire some fresh talent or try to rehire former divas with personality like Christy Hemme, Nidia, or Kristal

  • Rebecca

    So McCool teamed with the woman who took her title and started her heel turn? I bet she’s as friendly with her as she was when she came to the ring with Natalya for their tag match.


  • Brit Croft

    I can’t way to see Maryse … but isn’t it strange to put her in team with Michelle ? Even if they are both heel, Michelle shoud be hating Maryse … i thought WWE would have make a Michelle vs Maryse match with Eve and Maria coming after Michelle and then only Michelle and MAryse teaming up !

    Any way i can’t way to see if they can make a good team …

  • Erwin
  • nicorette

    yay! thanks erwin for posting that..yay gail kim..hopefully she shows up soon

  • Jordan

    Give it 2 weeks more of Gail promos, them Maryse calls (butchers the English language) her out.. match at Mania.. new champion..

  • thedream

    what exactly is that video, its not showing 4 me …


  • ashleigh

    The first set of spoilers are a tad incorrect as Maryse is actually the one who gets the pin but she gets the opportunity due to Michelle’s forceful kick to Eve’s face… I watched the match on youtube like 2 minutes ago :)