Women’s Wrestling Reality Show from GLOW Creator in the Works

TMZ is reporting that a reality show based on revival of defunct promotion Women of Wrestling is in the works and is being shopped around to networks.

Women of Wrestling, which aired in 2000, was created by David McLane, who in the 1980s was also behind Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW).

The reality show would follow the girls involved in Women of Wrestling and also provide a behind the scenes look at the promotion’s revival, according to the report.

TMZ reports that the reaction has been “strong and multiple networks are interested in picking it up”.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

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  • darkangels

    jenna buss is uber rich so the wow promotion will be on a major network

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    WOW, i loved WOW, i hope Lana STar, Poison, Ice Cold, Teri Gold, i loved it, cant wait

    • Raekon

      You know that Ice Cold is the current Angelina Love right? ^_^
      So I doubt she will be back as Ice Cold since she is in TNA now.

      I hope thought that they bring back Lotus cause she was very athletic and one of the better girls they had wrestlingwise.

      • http://www.thegrg91.webs.com The_Greg91

        Ice Cold was NOT Angelina Love. She was a model named (Inga Waggoner). I have interviewed some of the former WOW girls for my wrestling site before.

        • Raekon

          You are right greg, now that sherri told me I checked for infos and found out aswell. Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the confusion. :/

          Really thought its she because they are like twins.

  • No Holds Barred

    Loved WOW, Selina Majors and Asian Invasion!!

    It was a very popular promotion, they got crowds of 5,000 and their PPV got 9,500 people. The website got 10 million unique visitors in 1 month. They also got 6,000,000 viewers at one time, very impressive for a women’s promotion!!

    • Acid Rain

      I heard about it before but I didn’t think it was THAT successful.. Why’d they ever close down?

      • Raekon

        Lack of funds and the ratings had plummeted even the girls he had hired tried their best.

        He only had like two real wrestlers while the majority were girls that were new to wrestling and cared more about the “show” part of it.

        So after the show was cancelled only 2 of them went further into the wrestling while the others didnt stepped into a ring again. :/

        Even some of them were really talented and could had become great wrestlers.

        • http://www.thegrg91.webs.com The_Greg91

          A number of the WOW girls went on to perform for CRUSH a year later. So, many more than two kept up with wrestling. Malibu from Wrestlicious was in WOW as Lana Star, and JimmyZ Angels from Wrestlicious were also from WOW (Caged Heat and Lotus)..

        • Raekon

          You are right, I messed up there. Was meant to write “only like 2 of them” cause clearly most of them dropped wrestling afterwards.

          I know that summer even made it into OVW for the WWE in 2003 and got trained by ivory and jaqueline. She never made it further though.

          Selena wrestled till 2005 and dissappeared afterwards aswell.
          The only one I know that really still wrestles out of all of them is Angelina Love which was Ice Cold back then.

        • SherriShepherdWWE

          @Reakon, Ice Cold, wasnt Angelina love in WOW, Ice Cold was played by Inga Waggoner

        • Raekon

          Oh god… she really looked like a young angelina love.
          I should be checking wikies from now on and do some research instead of going by the looks only at times I guess. :/

  • MattyM

    i would watch it

  • Raekon

    The thing I really loved about WOW before were the many different gimmicks they had.

    Every single girl got their unique look/gimmicks instead of having them being just another face or another heel.

    Nice feuds and storylines took place and even most of the girls had no past experience, most of them were very talented and did a great job after the proper training they got. :)

    The promos were great and the most fun part was that they took advantage to be posting in character selling their gimmicks through sites and forums aswell(some infos also in the wiki if anyone is interested).

    Unfortunately some of the girls couldn’t sell properly to save their lifes, others were showed as “great, strong” competitors but jobbed in every single match (like heather steele as example) so that everyone knew at the point she enters the ring, she is gonna lose.

    Many episodes can be viewed on youtube if you type womens of wrestling aswell. I would recommend everyone to watch them.

    All in all it was a show that invested more than TNA or the WWE does for their womens divisions and that not because WOW was a all womens roster but rather because they tried to make every single girl to look unique and have them something to do.

    The closest thing one could find in comparison would be Winters gimmick in TNA, WWE grounded all her divas to being cut from the same mold (either face or heel and barely different from each other), while WOW used the past, present and future along with fantasy based gimmicks that made every girl to stood out.

    I really hope they will come back and that they will be far greater than they were before. Most of all interesting and successfull! :)

    • darkangels

      Not hope are coming back buss said the promotion will be bigger more intriging storyline and yes the champ terri Gold i think Knockout A love needs to join WOW as Ice cold once her contract ends if the original dont return

      • Raekon

        Well Angelina wasn’t the Ice Cold as greg and sherri told me but with make up and short hair she could really look like the real one. ^_^
        Unless Inga comes back but I doubt it since she is over 40 in the meantime.

  • Timalee

    I just recently found out that there are more womens wrestling shows like in the past year. YAY. Time to learn a new history of women

  • http://www.gailkimsource.com Danni

    Ooooo..ooo…somethings I’ve heard about make a little more sense now :) …

  • Marshy

    This time around that I hope that this doesn’t tank,cause the fans who watches Women Wrestling,who are fans of Women Wrestling and who are supportive of Women Wrestling are hungry and starving for some action.

  • darkangels

    check it out mgt already listed on WOW Facebook page a potential wrestler she look like tara/victoria just with blonde hair

    • Marshy

      Didn’t she had a tryout with WWE sometime ago?

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    WOW, announced that they have signed Jodi, to be on the show, she is veru hot haha, i can def her signing with WWE someday, but then again I always thought Lana Star would too, but she never did :(

  • Mr.3D

    I remember WOW!!! My favorite was Roxy Powers!!! She had a small role in the 1st “Spider-Man” movie as one of Bone Saw McGraw’s valets!!!


    I´m not understanding this, can someone explaning this to me? Is there gonna be a new WOW show with new wrestlers?

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    Since most of the TNA girls are paid per appearance, can’t WOW snatch them up, along with a few ex WWE girls. That alone would give them some credibility from the start. Plus, add on a few new girls and they will have a very impressive roster. Melina would be a big name they could get to be the main star of the show. Giving her the title first would add credibility to their title.

    • TheGunner

      NO since they have contracts and most wrestling companies do paid by appearance with a downside gurentee

  • TheGunner

    After WOW went belly up with its Awful PPV McClain tried to shop a reality show around under the same concept like a decade ago hell it wouldn’t shock me if that “Preview” was shot back than as well.

    • darkangels

      its real buss have been tweeting about it all week thay have learn from their mastakes tna and wwe should worry i like how the the champion of WOW is referred to world champion

      • TheGunner

        Wow you really think this little show should worry TNA and WWE that’s insane Dave has done like 5 companies they always fold quickly. And you think this beat WWE all they do is the shit that kills the divas division good looking girls with no wrestling talent.

        • darkangels

          yeah a show that focas on women as the stars of the show and have their on ppv’s tell me when is the last time a diva or KO got that kind of treatment. plus buss said this time around the girls have to earn thay way onto the roster

        • TheGunner

          Let me ask you fool name one company like GLOW, WOW that actually lasted dispute what some stupid documentary tells you GLOW never mad a big Impact compared to the big companies of the day.

          WOW had awful ratings and a PPV that only had about 700 people buy it won’t work

  • Kessuki

    would love for this to be picked up. i usually just watch divas and KOs and a few indy matches on youtube so i’ve never heard of WOW until now. Judging by the teaser trailer it looks awesome and certainly something i would invest my time watching.