Six More Names for Shine Wrestling Debut

Six more names have been announced for the debut of Shine Wrestling, SHIMMER’s sister promotion, which airs on Internet pay per view on July 20th.

Last week, the company announced WWE and ECW icon Jazz, Leva Bates and Christina Von Eerie for the show.

Now, we can reveal that joining them will be former WWE developmental talent Su Yung, WSU star Rain and SHIMMER/ROH star Veda Scott.

Previously announced were Sara Del Rey, Reby Sky and Santana Garrett.

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  • Danni

    Wooohooo Su!! :D :D

    • Marshy

      Now Su Yung can display her wrestling skills inside the ring.With that her relationship with Lawler that it just him trying to be like Hef of professional wrestling to always have a young woman on his arm.Good Luck to Su Yung on her journey,sorry that I didn’t get to see her wrestle in the WWE.

      • Londonboy

        you did not bother to comment on maybe a Sara Del Rey vs Jazz match most real wrestling fans would off ???.
        But as for Su yung she is very beautiful but in my opion thats about it
        lets face it she is no Gail Kim when is comes to wrestling skills .
        I think this Shine show is becoming more about beautiful women rather than women who can wrestle i mean the only good wrestlers on the roster right now are Sara Del Rey Jazz Christina Von Erie the rest are just Eye Candy i hope they add more wrestlers to the roster like Mellisa Lufisto and Mercedez Martinez .

        • JJ

          “Real wrestling fans”? Oh lord…

        • Danni

          I’m a big Su fan have been for years now so seeing her getting a change to shine [pun intended ;) ] has made me really happy! She was solely an ‘old school’ style wrestler until recently, so she’s still getting to grips with high flying and what not but she’s definitely got a lot better in the ring since she’s gained more experience, plus she’s only 22 ..she’s got a looonng career ahead of her, lots of time to get better in the ring :) she already has tons of charisma and she’s well liked on the indie scene by other wrestlers & promoters ..girl is going to be something big in the future :)
          [I also run her official fansite so i am going to be biased haha]

          Sara Del Ray vs Jazz has me very excited, as does the fact that Bate’s is part of this but Su is one of my favorites, always will be :)

        • French.One

          [i]“I think this Shine show is becoming more about beautiful women rather than women who can wrestle”[/I]

          The keyword is florida.
          And let’s face it, you need known name to attract people.

        • xxQOXxx


          I assume that you’ve never seen Veda Scott or Leva Bates wrestle. because you idea of ‘good wrestlers’ seems to be just ‘well known’

          Christina Von Eerie, Jazz, Leva Bates, Rain , Sara Del Rey & Veda Scott are all ‘good wrestlers’
          6 out of 9 doesn’t sound bad to me.

        • capricornscott

          This was a really really crappy thing to say. Out of the women announced already, there are over half that have established themselves as solid competitors on the independent scene.

        • Raekon

          Out of all the announced names the only one that is rather only eye candy is matt hardys girlfriend. All the other girls announced are already good wrestlers in my opinion with Su improving with every match more and more.

  • Londonboy

    I hope we get to see Sara Del Rey vs Jazz that would be a great match.

  • shameronstar

    That’s Beyton Banks! and these pictures look better than the first set!

  • Rhawk

    More and more interesting names are appearing for sure. I’m especially pleased to hear that Leva, Christina and Veda will be appearing. The more less talked about up and coming talents out there the better I say. Now if only they can bring along Courtney Rush, Athena, Mia Yim, Allysin Kay or Lexxus, any of these would make things that much better for all involved.

  • bxradimus

    I hope Lacey manages Rain!

  • xxQOXxx

    I’d love to see Jessicka Havok &/or Allysin Kay on the shows.

  • Acid Rain

    Jessie McKay and Saraya Knight maybe?

    Great line-up so far.

  • Jhonmarco

    Veda <3

    Can't wait to order this show. Hoping for Jazz/SDR & Veda/Yung.

  • Homewrecker.Stu

    Surprised Rain was announced, I was under the impression that she wasn’t a fan of Shimmer anymore. However, I am really excited she is back working with them in some capacity. This is scheduled after Rain’s ultimatum performance with WSU – so I hope it means that if she loses the rumble that she won’t be retiring from pro wrestling completely.

    Looking forward to this anyway

    • Acid Rain

      Unless she wins. With their past history, I wouldn’t mind seeing Rain winning the rumble and taking the title from Havok.

      • Homewrecker.Stu

        Yeah, thats what I meant by ultimatum – if she loses she leaves, if she wins she stays. I would love her to go on and take that belt from Havok. Rain’s a great entertainer.

        I hope she is used well in Shine.

  • No Holds Barred

    Jazz vs Del Rey!

  • ahlanthony

    For some reasons, I’d like to see Anglea Fong ad the bellas here.

  • Raekon

    Great roster so far! :)

    Can’t wait to watch their shows whenever possible.
    I really hope that this promotion rises to the tops till it comes in television with good shows and high ratings! :)

  • Londonboy

    You should not assume anything of course i have watched Veda Scott she is still a bit green but she is full of potential and she gets better everytime she steps in the ring and i am a big fan of Shimmer so i def know who Leva Bates she is a good wrestler i like her
    I am sorry if i came across as rude Su Yung is very beautiful but i have not seen enough of her to really care that much about her
    maybe in due time when i see more of her my thoughts towards her will change :)

  • DivasHQ

    Can’t Wait Me And My BFF Going To Watch It !!