SmackDown Spoilers: June 22nd, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan – AJ is the special guest time keeper. Great reaction for Bryan. On the floor Bruan drop kicks Kane into ring post. Running drop kick gets 1 count. Kane hits a few power moves for a two. Kane to top rope. Bryan hits mid air drop kicks. Lots of Yes chants during Bryan’s kicks. Bryan to top, but slips, comes up short. Hits top rope missile drop kick (expect an edit in post production. Big boot takes Bryan down. Bryan with big kick to side of Kane’s head. Bryan back to top. Goes for headbut, but Kane punters into choke. Bryan goes for yes lock, Kane counters into chile slam but. Ryan counters into guillotine. Kane escapes, Bryan rolls through, applies Yes Lock. Kane fights for rope, but doesn’t make it. AJ rings the bell and Bryan celebrates. The ref says he match isn’t over and Kane hits chokeslam for pin in 7 minutes. AJ skips out. Good match! Man, Bryan is good. (Source)


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  • BillyGP

    AJ playing mind games with Kane and Bryan love it.

  • Kaledrina

    obviously i would prefer it if they had actual diva matches but it’s great seeing a lady involved in a storyline that isn’t boring or predictable for a change !

  • Queen Bee

    I would like to have a real match on SD Instead of AJ Taking up time every week.

    • chrislandee

      “instead of aj taking up time”

      um…stop right here. i would take this great storyline that has CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT for a diva (something that hasnt happened in a very long time) over a 30 second match with no entrances between beth phoenix and _________

      • samd

        I like the AJ story and am glad she is getting a push, however I agree with queen bee. By real match, I assume she/he meant, you know, an actual match with divas getting ring time and a chance to work on developing personalities instead of 30 second pointless matches with no entrance for diva 2. WWE needs to focus on more than one diva at once, and can easily book a 5 minute match on Smackdown or Raw while still giving AJ’s non-diva division storyline a good amount of time.

        Yes I want character development too and an end to the 30 second crap, but this whole only truly focusing on one diva at once crap is getting old. People wil say “It’s just for now, things will change, just sit back cause this is entertainment and wait and see.” Then months later, they are still saying that, and yet nothing has really changed for the better. Not that saying it on a diva site will make any changes, but at least someone is saying something instead of “it will be what it will be” which is the attitude that is why the current produce as a whole lacks in many places.

        Remember how the Divas of Doom story was going to save the division? Or Eve’s heel turn? Or Layla’s return and winning the belt?

        None did that.

        As much as I like AJ, she isn’t going to save the division. Nor Kharma. Only a different mindset from WWE will produce change.

    • perceval

      How is AJ taking up time?

      Say, you got what you wanted, and AJ wasn’t part of this. It was just Kane vs Bryan. Same length, only without the Diva present…

      That would have helped the other Divas how, exactly? Please explain.

      • defineinsanity

        Perceval what she means is she’d like to see a decent match and your asking “That would have helped the other Divas how, exactly?” can be answered with another question “How is AJ helping the other divas already? She doesn’t mention or interact with them”.

        • perceval

          She declared that AJ was taking up time that could have gone to the other Divas. So, this would mean that, if you removed AJ, they were going to cut Bryan vs Kane in favor of a Diva match.

          Sorry, but that wasn’t going to happen, AJ or no AJ.

    • lelloo7

      FINALLY !! someone who agrees !! AJ has been in the spotlight for way too long.. i like the storyline.. but come on !!
      You guys say kelly kelly , eve, layla, beth always take the spotlights….
      Kelly’s spotlight was for 3 months , eve’s for 2… layla’s spotlight is hidden by AJ’s and no1 cared about beth ! so it’s about time to end the storyline, or just give us some diva matches !!

      • gl83

        AJ or no AJ it makes no difference. Take her out of the storyline and the Divas still will get no focus at all and if they do have a match it will only last 1-2 minutes at best. So I don’t get the idea that removing AJ from this angle is going to benefit the Divas at all. If anything it hurts them. At least a Diva is actually getting some focus. Because without this angle the Divas would still get nothing and instead of a Diva stealing the show, we would get more recaps from Raw, or comedy segments, or a Diva amtch that the fans could care less about. The Divas are the lowest rung on the WWE ladder, so if you think removing AJ from this angle is going to help the Diva division at all, you are delusional.

        How did Trish and Lita get over with the crowd in the first place? By interacting with the guys, with main-eventers. How did Vickie Guerrero get over with the crowd? By interacting with main-eventers. How did Eve FINALLY get over with the crowd? By interacting with main-eventers.

        We all complain about how Divas get no storylines and get no angles or character development to get the fans to care about them, yet the instant that we do get that, we all whine and complain about it. There’s just no pleasing people is there.

  • koshiro

    Can’t wait to see what Vickie is going to do next week *-*
    So happy for AJ. She deserves it!

  • 2kute4tv

    Im proud of aj too…….but let’s not forget we have a divas division as well..,,, well already we get Paige vs Sofia on nxt this week #bittersweet

  • Cheetara86

    AJ paling mind games with all her men.

  • Lanoom

    I sure can’t wait until Layla vs Beth gets announced the Saturday before Money in the Bank!





  • Kessuki

    for once i never clicked on the spoiler tag after reading the previous comments. no divas wwe? booooo!

  • WWFoverWWE

    I hope they know their are other divas on the roster. Putting Layla in a match wouldn’t have hurt. It feels like the only time we see her wrestle is on PPV’s.

    • Looking Glass

      Or shoe-horned in to pointless segments as we saw on Monday. I mean c’mon, the SmackDown roster has numerous Divas on it – I actually miss the endless repeats of Kaitlyn, Natalya and A.J. vs Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes and Tamina – at least we were getting somewhere then. Layla’s still technically a SD Diva, yet she hasn’t appeared on her own brand in ages….ridiculous.

  • ahlanthony

    I love AJ but the divas division ain’t going nowhere without any matches. They got Divas who they can use. They can have Aksana vs. Tamina or whatever. I just want to see a match. It’s really disappointing me. :/

  • bromero329

    AJ and Eve have had the most success this year. Eve became a hated heel. got a big wrestlemania moment and now AJ is somewhat the biggest face in the division

    other divas… uhm just wins in 30 second matches. only layla and nikki have had an ok moment. winning the title. doesnt mean much really

    • Eve4Life

      Agree! & Isn’t it ironic, how Eve was named ” Diva to Watch in 2012? ” & look at her…she was in a major storyline with John Cena/Zack Ryder/Kane…she got her Wrestlemania moment..& has become a top heel in the divas division.

      • Ed

        How exactly has Eve become a top heel in the divas division? She hasn’t wrestled or even been involved with the other divas in months. Sure, she got a Wrestlemania moment, but so what? It’s not like it ever went anywhere, and she hasn’t done anything interesting since then. She stopped wrestling and became Laurinaitis’ toadie, a role that amounted to nothing more than her getting thrown into random segments, cutting promos on random people with no story and no rhyme or reason to them. Any momentum she got as a heel from screwing over Ryder was completely wasted.

        • lelloo7

          yes… but do people boo beth as much as they boo eve ?
          Do (DID ?) hoeski chants or wtv chants come to life when beth walked in ?
          Thats how you get the top heel… it’s about how much people hate them… just like the faces, it’s about who they’re pushing…. it’s about who’s over !!

  • VarsityBaseDude

    AJ defeats Layla? JK, dang, wouldn’t that be a nice match to watch.

  • ShimmerSupport211

    Im kind of done with the Aj storyline. its too boring and clustered and takes off of giving other good female wrestlers a chance in the ring. its almost like Aj is bigger then the divas title which is kind of sad.

    • ShimmerSupport211

      Aj is a good female wrestler…. she can’t get over like that ? in the days of ufc when wrestling needs to be taken more seriously.

      • perceval

        Yeah, because putting Divas in storylines with guys does nothing for the Championship, like when they involved Lita & Trish in the Matt-Kane feud *cough*RawMainEventForTheWomen’sChampionship*cough*.

        High profile programs get Divas over. It just depends on what you do with them once they ARE over. If AJ starts a program with Layla, now, the butterfly belt suddenly finds itself in the middle of the main storyline of the show.

  • jcarcano12

    No match -!-
    I hope tna has 1
    but I’m ok for this week cuz Cindy n Wendy

  • DarkMaverick87

    I’m sorry guys, but I’m just not buying any of this. Yeah, AJ is featured on almost every episode now, but I still feel like the segments in which she is featured are limited and have no real direction. I can’t help but watch all of these moments as if WWE is just thinking last minute on how to throw her in, and it’s just conveniently working out storyline wise. I mean, the girl is playing a psycho-crazy chick, so WWE has no reason or need to ever justify her actions. Do you honestly believe they know where they are going with this? Do you honestly think we are ever going to get a pay-off for AJ that lasts longer than 1-2 minutes? Even in that awesome SmackDown! opening from last week, which should have been all about AJ, was still limiting. She didn’t cut loose on the mic as much as she should have been able to.

    I don’t know… I still think this whole thing is again WWE just being lazy and not investing much time in the women, even with the recent success AJ has found. Meanwhile, we celebrate as if she’s becoming as huge as a singles breakout star (who has broken the male dominated barriers) as Sable (90s), Trish Stratus, and Lita did in their prime.

    I hope I’m wrong… I just find it hard to get so wrapped up in this when WWE has done nothing but continue to neglect its divas and diva fans for the past 2 years.

    • DarkMaverick87

      To further support my point, on RAW all she did was run around a ring. This week it looks like she will be ringing a bell. But it keeps us guessing!!! Woo…

    • Jhonmarco

      So we’re gonna ignore the fact that AJ has gotten promo time? Hell last week on RAW she was booked in a match with main eventers. What does that tell you? The girl has even gotten a PPV poster. When was the last time a diva got that? The way her push is being treated I doubt this is being poorly put together. If anything, they’ve done plenty of swerves I would have never expected. Some weeks are better than others and yes the point of skipping around was to distract Kane away from the ring. If WWE really didn’t want to push their women, they wouldn’t have. That should be crystal clear.

      • KellyKellyAJFan

        Erm. While I respect your opinion,I don’t know how anyone can look at the current storyline AJ is involved in and feel that WWE are being “lazy,” with her. More character development is being built with AJ than CM Punk,Kane and Daniel Bryan. She’s the spotlight of their current feud. They’re doing a lot with her honestly and they didn’t have to throw a Diva in the mix AND make her the star player of the mix. So,I don’t see anything complain worthy about AJ’s storyline. Now Layla’s title reign is a different story. THAT is WWE being lazy :|

  • DAFereldan91

    And people think Layla could bring something interesting to the table? From what I see, she is as boring, if not drabber than Beth is. Beth actually has a character, and what does Layla have? Generic babyface that is!

    • ShimmerSupport211

      Well beth is a great wrestler and still has hidden abilities that she can’t showcase. To me she works best with females that can go in the ring on her level like nattie and paige. you know stride for stride. like say sara del rey

  • Nostalgia

    THERE was a mystery woman with Santino who is supposedly his new love interest. Perhaps a new diva??

    •!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

      I heard somewhere it was Raquel Diaz ??!! but i”m not sure ! it would make sense to pair her up with Santino though !

      • Nostalgia

        That’d be funny

  • AdrianRay

    Eh. At least we will get PLENTY of zoomed in camera shots of A.J. smiling like a creeper at ringside!

  • wweandtnadivafan

    Diva dirt also forgot to mention that Vicki guerrero will be the current General Manager of both raw and smackdown until a new one is appointed

    • light_it_upAJ

      Actually, as per the storyline started on RAW, Vickie will only be the GM next week. The following week will be another past GM, son and so forth until they find a permanent GM for Raw and SD.

      • wweandtnadivafan

        ohh thanks for the clarification ^.^

  • LilShannon

    I know it wont do much, but it could wake up the wwe a bit, but we should get something trending on twitter like #WeWantDivas #MoreDivaTime just to show people care about the divas!!! they might think that people actually care then =/

  • xxQOXxx

    Did anyone else see this:

    * Santino Marella comes out looking for the best fan signs in the crowd. A woman comes into the ring wearing a Santino t-shirt. She’s obviously a plant as she reveals a Cobra on her hand. Their Cobras kiss then they kiss and Santino passes out. Santino has found a new love*

    I’m wondering if this is someone from FCW/NXT. A diva debut?

    • xoxoRKOxoxo

      we can only hope!!!!

  • Felipe

    As much as I love AJ, this storyline seems to just drag on and on. I wouldn’t mind it if the story got chaotic and crazier each weak building up to the huge climax, but I’m not getting that feeling. Hopefully they wrap it up around Summerslam and start to reveal what direction they permanently wan’t AJ in.

    And we are back to seeing Layla doing nothing, creative refuses to put effort behind her. I think Layla needs to go back to the more sexed up version of herself that we saw earlier in her career. She was spicy & sassy and had one of the hottest entrances since Melina & Stacy. I wouldn’t her having a more revealing attire(but of course not slutty) and doing a sexy dance during her entrance. We all know creative wont do anything, but her being generic baby face # 4 isn’t doing her any favors.

  • WhalenX12


    • Looking Glass

      It means they’re either holding off until the WWE Network launches or they’re looking for somewhere to air it instead online…

  • Marlon Eric

    I’m all for the AJ push/character development. But is it hard to focus on the divas division too? Or atleast put another girl (Alicia Fox) with a guy? Or just bring back Kharma to kill every bitch since they aren’t even trying to use them?

  •!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

    any idea whose the mystery woman??